I am Lucky to Have a Boss Like You Quotes

I Am Lucky to Have a Boss Like You Quotes

Good bosses are amazing and hard to come by because they possess amazing attributes that make their employees enjoy working with them. Thus the need to appreciate them and give them the accolades they deserve.

I know you believe with me that every organization or institution thrives well and make progress when they have a wonderful boss like yours, of course, I know your boss is a great boss that’s why you’re here in search of some sweet messages to send to them.

Wow, your boss must be the best and you must have a beautiful heart because you’ve thought it well to let your boss know you are lucky to have him and also know how much you are happy and to work with him.

I’m sure your boss will be happy and will be encouraged even, to do better with relating with his staff if you send them one or more of these beautifully written lucky to have a boss like you quotes.

Lucky to Have a Boss Like You Quotes

You deserve the best quotes in the world because good bosses like you are hard to find. Your selflessness towards the progress of the institution and the employees is highly commendable. I’m lucky to have a boss like you.

1. I enjoy working with you because you are compassionate. When I make a mistake, you never make me feel bad. Instead, you lovingly correct me. I am so lucky to have a boss like you.

2. You don’t practise favouritism, you don’t give one employee an advantage over the other. You are the very best and you deserve the best alone in life. I am so lucky to have a boss like you.

3. You don’t yell or fire anyone when mistakes are made. Instead, you are ready to give more grace to make amends. I am indeed lucky to have a boss like you.

4. You are good at what you do, boss. You always go for excellence and also make sure we deliver good results. I am so lucky to have you as a boss.

5. You are a great boss who observes your employees with scrutiny. You have been able to understand each individual strengths and weaknesses. I am lucky and blessed to have a boss like you.

6. You are an amazing boss that cares to profer solutions at all times. You are approachable, down to earth and so much loveable. I feel so lucky to have a boss like you.

7. You are such an awesome boss that appreciate the tiniest effort put out by us and you even motivate us to put in our best. Thank you for all you do sir. I am so lucky to have a boss like you.

8. I have never seen a boss that is as dedicated and committed to working like you. You hardly get tired of working even when it seems you need some time to rest. It’s emulating and makes me wonder how lucky I am to have a boss like you.

9. You are a good boss who just seems to know the right thing to do to motivate your workers to deliver better results and to get the best out of them. You inspire me a lot and I am so lucky to have you as a boss.

10. The way you surprise us by exhibiting traits that push us to success and makes working with you enjoyable. I would always choose to work with you over and over again. I feel so lucky to have a boss like you.

11. You know how to interact with us very well. You are friendly to each and every one of us. No enemies, no favourites and you have also succeeded in impacting us with your lovely attributes. Nothing beats having a boss like you.

12. How I wonder the kind of boss that you are. I can hardly find a boss like you that will desire to lessen the work of your employees because you don’t want them to work overtime. You are amazing and I am so lucky to have a boss like you.

13. YOu have made working with you a pleasurable one. It is because of you that this company is prospering greatly. You are the absolute best and I am so lucky to have a boss like you.

14. Thank you, dear boss, for being a great example to us. You are a rare gem in this world. I am glad and happy to have you as my boss, I would have it no other way.

15. You have a great personality and that makes you stand out amongst others. Your level of sacrifice is mind-blowing. I am so glad to have a boss like you.

16. Who can be a better boss than you? I am sure there is no one yet. You always give a listening ear to us and ensure to bridge the communication gap between us. I know I am so lucky to have you as my boss.

17. It’s good to let you know how much I admire your genuineness in all that you do for us in this company. You have been there at all times to care, love and assist us all. I am so lucky to have a boss like you.

18. How can I make you see that you have been a source of encouragement to many of us in this organisation. I am so happy to be one of your employees. I am lucky to have a boss like you.

19. To have an amazing boss like you is not common but hard to find. I thank God for the privilege I have to work for you. Working for you makes every day enjoyable without any tension. I am lucky to have a boss like you.

20. A boss like an angel you are to everyone in this institution. You are supportive and understanding. Thank you so much, sir. I am lucky to have a boss like you.

21. I count myself lucky to have a boss like you because of your unbiased nature. You love and give equal attention to all your employees.

22. I am yet to find a boss who is as genuine in heart as you. The manner of love, care and assistance to give to your employee is amazing. I am so lucky to have found a boss like you.

23. I am happy to find a man who has been able to influence other people around him, positively by his cheerful nature. I am so lucky and blessed to have a boss like you.

24. It’s so interesting to know that you are open-minded and that is why even when you scold us at work, we don’t get upset with you because we know it is for the better and it also makes us into better employees.

25. My boss will never talk anyone down but listen attentively to others contributions, ideas and suggestions. You are the best ever and I hope you get the best things in life.

26. You are a role model to many of us working under you and for this reason, people love to associate themselves with you. Even in this life and the next, I would still wish to have you as a boss.

27. Thank you for always seeking to ensure that we all make progress in life. You find joy in our success and I hope that every day of your life is a step closer to being more successful.

28. You are known by many of us to be a problem solver because of your skillfulness. A boss like you is hard to find and I feel lucky every day for having a boss like you.

29. My boss, I really like you for your great personality. You know how to persuade us, your workers with your charm. For all these and many more, I know I am so lucky to have you as a boss.

30. My boss, do you know that most of the employees enjoy working for you and they will not mind doing more? It’s all because you treated us well even in payment. I am so lucky to have you as a boss.

Good bosses end up being role models to their employees because they give their support to see that the organisation succeeds. I have been able to list out the right and best I am lucky to have a boss like you quotes that will convey your sincere gratitude to your boss.

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