My Best Friend Hurt Me Quotes

My Best Friend Hurt Me Quotes

Sometimes it’s difficult to admit when someone hurts you. However, being hurt by someone you’ve built a relationship with, such as your best friend or spouse, can be even more heartbreaking. Not all wounds are visible. Some hurt more than others, and emotional wounds can be the hardest to heal. It is painful when we get hurt by the people close to us, even if they do it unintentionally.

It can be difficult to move on and trust someone again after being hurt by a best friend or when someone hurts you deeply. Sometimes you can’t help but feel resentful toward them, and I think it’s normal to feel this way, but don’t forget to forgive the ones you care about and love.

If you are dealing with a friend who has hurt you, or you are searching for some quotes to help you get through this rough period in your life use these my best friend hurts me quotes to creatively express your hurt and feel a kind of relief so that you and your friend can get on the same page to move forward. Also, even though these quotes are mainly about being hurt by a best friend, I believe they can be tweaked to apply to virtually any relationship.

My Best Friend Hurt Me Quotes


Best friend, I know we haven’t spoken in a long time, but I forgive you. I understand that you were going through a hard time and acting out when you said those things, but I will never forget what you said. You hurt me to the core, but please don’t take our friendship for granted again.

1. I am thankful for the friendship we had. Despite you not being a nice person to me and hurting me, I have learned a lot from our relationship. Now I am only sad that it all had to end.

2. I know you never intended to hurt me, and I completely understand why that happened. Let’s just put this behind us and focus on moving forward together.

3. I know it must be hard to hurt me, but I wish nothing but the best for you in the future. We will always be friends, and you’ll always be a part of my life.

4. I know you will be honest with me even if it hurts my feelings. You are there for me when I need you, and I appreciate your friendship. I hope one day we can get past this bump in the road.

5. You and I have had a lot of good times, but you hurt my feelings. I feel annoyed and sad by what you did because I was loyal to you, yet you wanted to break my trust. That’s not very becoming of a friend. I am confused and shocked but know that things will be better soon because we are still friends.

6. I have been by your side through thick and thin. I supported you in everything you did. I never judged you or questioned your decisions, but whenever I was in trouble, you always left me alone, which hurts so much.

7. I forgive you for hurting me, but I hope you realise that you can’t just say sorry and expect it to be all better. We were best friends since birth, and now I feel like you have taken that for granted.

8. You are my best friend, and I love you, but you hurt me. You never knew how much I cared and loved you. The pain of not being able to see you every day broke my heart. If we are not friends anymore, that is okay; remember, we always had a special bond.

9. There’s nothing more devastating than being hurt by my best friend. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The only way I can move forward is to forgive, forget and let go.

10. I thought we were best friends. I guess I was wrong. Hurting me isn’t going to be forgotten easily, but maybe it will with time. All I know is that now, you are just a friend.

11. I can’t believe what a mess you have made of my life. You broke my heart and that friendship I treasured so much. How could you do this to me? I loved you so much!

12. It’s hard to be mad at you for hurting me. I’m hurt and mad about what happened, but I know who you are, and I love you too much to hold it against you. You’re one of the best people I know and an amazing friend. Let’s just remember who we are and ignore what happened.

13. I cannot believe what you did to me! How could you take our friendship for granted and tell such lies? I am so ashamed to have been your friend and feel like an idiot to have trusted you.

14. I am over angry with how you treated me, but I was really in love with you for all the good parts: your gentleness, wholeheartedness and the way you supported me. You always cheered me up when it seemed impossible and made everything seem possible.

15. I can’t believe what you did to me. I gave your love and friendship freely without asking for anything in return. But now you’ve hurt me, the one person that stood by your side through everything.

16. You took my love and friendship for granted. All I ever did was care about you and improve things, but that must not have meant anything. I used to be happy every time I saw your face, but now when I see it, all I feel is pain.

17. I don’t know what happened, but I wish it never had. I miss our friendship and hope we can put the past behind us. If you truly miss me, I want to be your friend again.

18. I was hurt and angry at you for what you did, but I have learned to forgive you with time. From this point on, we will put the past behind us and move on with our friendship.

19. I know this is late, but I hope it doesn’t take another year to come back to me. Friendships like ours are rare, so I love you so much.

20. There’s no easy way to say this, but, best friend, you hurt me, and that sucks. But I can guarantee I won’t feel worse for a long time. I will move on and forget about them as any normal person would after a breakup.

21. When you lied, it hurt me deeply, and I felt betrayed. I had faith in you, yet was forced to watch you deny our friends and break my heart.

22. I know you didn’t mean to, but it hurt me that you cheated on me. I’ve forgiven you and will always be here for you. We have been friends for a long time, and I hope we will remain friends despite these recent events.

23. It’s hard to get over my best friend, but at the same time, it’s not easy to stay in a relationship with someone who doesn’t value my time, treasure and talent.

24. After being hurt by my best friend, I realised some people should not be my friend. Even if they’re the kindest and most caring people on the planet, they somehow still don’t deserve me.

25. My best friend, I trusted you, and you let me down. I feel very sad. With you hurting me repeatedly, I don’t know what the future holds for our friendship.

26. We’ve been best friends since we were children. I need you to be there for me, but you were nowhere near me, and it hurts like hell.

27. When you lied, it hurt me deeply, and I felt betrayed. I had faith in you, yet you acted against my love, respect for you, and, most importantly, our friendship.

28. You may be my best friend, but if you’re going to hurt me like that, then maybe you don’t deserve my friendship.

29. When you lied, I felt hurt and disrespected. I had faith that you would never willingly betray me, yet here we are, facing a serious situation together.

30. You’ve hurt me a few times, even though it was unintentional. I appreciate all our fun together, but I am hurt by what you did to me. I needed to say that for my own sake because I still care about you enough to tell you how I feel.

31. I know you’re hurting too. I hope we can find a way to work through this together. You’ve proven yourself trustworthy in the past, and I’m hopeful we can resolve our differences without damaging our friendship.

32. I know you never intended to hurt me, my best friend, and now we can move on from this situation by taking responsibility for our actions.

33. Best friends, forgive and forget. Just because I don’t think about you doesn’t mean I don’t care. You are one of the rarest jewels in this world, and I was lucky to call you my best friend.

34. I know you’re human, and you didn’t mean to hurt me—and I know this because If you had, you would have avoided the entire situation.

35. I know you would never want to intentionally hurt me or jeopardise our friendship, which may have been a mistake. Now we can fix it together.

36. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I appreciate your hard work and understand where you’re coming from, but I’m so frustrated. Can we talk about this?

37. I know you’re aware of how much pain you’ve caused, and I hope someday you’ll be able to forgive yourself for the way things turned out.

38. I can’t begin to imagine how you might be feeling right now after hurting me so much, but I care and would like to help. Can we talk?

39. When you lied, I felt you disrespected me and didn’t care about my feelings. It made me feel sad and hurt when you betrayed my trust in you.

40. Best friend, when you lied to me, I felt so much pain that it was unbearable. I was deeply hurt because I trusted you.

41. The first time I saw your face, I felt like I could trust you; that’s why when you told me you’d never lie to me, I did believe it. Even now, I still can’t believe why my best friend would do this to me.

42. Each time you told a lie, I felt a sense of disbelief. I could feel my heart breaking. You had been like my brother for so long, and then in an instant, you turned on me.

43. I know that you didn’t mean for this to happen. I trusted you, didn’t I? You now see you made a mistake. We can still be friends if you change the way you treat people.

44. I’m just beginning to explore my new life, and I don’t want to do that with you standing in the way. I’m ready to move on, but understand that you’re not. It may not be easy, but I’m sure a time will come when you can forgive yourself and move on.

45. I know this is hard, but I’m at a place where I’m ready to move on and start my new life. You may not be ready for this, but I’ve been thinking about it, and you deserve to move on too.

46. I’m sorry, but I don’t think this will work out. I care about you, but you need to give me the space and freedom to find myself.

47. I’m still learning to live with a broken heart, but I’m getting there. And I’m doing it without you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, but I miss you less every day.

48. I will never stop thinking about you. But these days, it’s not as painful as it used to be. It’s even getting easier to move on without you in my life.

49. It’s been six months since you left, and I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that we’re not together anymore. Every day, I miss you a little less.

50. I’ve been through so much pain, and it took a while for me to be able to live my life without you, my best friend. At first, I thought I would never be the same, but I’m fine and happy now.

51. Best friend, you hurt me so much, but the more time I’m away from you, the easier it is to live with a broken heart.

52. I miss you, my best friend, and I love you still, but it’s clear that something is wrong. I won’t force you to talk about whatever is eating at you. I’m here whenever you need to talk.

53. I’m sorry we had to end things. The truth is, you’re a great guy. But I just don’t see us going anywhere. And that’s hard to deal with. I think about you now and then. But for the most part, I’m doing okay.

54. It’s okay to cry. But it’s not okay to stay stuck in those tears. I know that doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. Moving forward is one of the most important things I can do now.

55. I hope that I will be able to find peace by letting go of my best friend’s hurt, betrayal and disappointment.

56. Ever had that friend you thought was always there for you, only to find out they’re not? My best friend hurt me badly, and I’m still trying to get over it because I was loyal to him.

57. I was so shocked that my best friend betrayed me. I felt like it was all my fault because we’ve been friends since kindergarten, and there was no way for me to know such a betrayal would ever happen.

58. It hurts so much to be betrayed by my best friend. It’s hard to accept that someone I trusted would do something like that to me.

59. Seeing someone I care about be so cruel to me is painful. It feels like the end of the world, but I won’t give up on being a good person because I know sometimes things happen for a reason.

60. It’s hard to see my best friend I care about make me feel so sad by hurting me. It feels like the end of the world, but I know that’s not how it works—even when things go wrong, there is always some sort of way to stay positive and keep moving forward.

61. It hurts to have someone like my best friend let me down. It’s sad, but life goes on.

62. Being treated unfairly and like lower than dirt by my best friend feels like the end of the world to me. Sadly, I guess it is just a bump in the road that I have to get through.

63. Sometimes, our best friends hurt us and don’t know they are doing it. I’m happy I can forgive my best friend after hurting my feelings because it made me a better person.

64. I appreciate the friends who hurt my feelings because if I didn’t forgive them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

65. It’s hurtful to be lied to by someone you trust. It would be so much nicer if my best friend were honest and straightforward with me.

66. The world we live in is a small place, but it’s filled with surprises, just like being hurt by someone close to me – my best friend forever.

67. I felt hurt when my friend was dishonest to me. It’s painful to be disappointed by someone you thought you could trust and rely on.

68. Have you ever felt hurt when someone didn’t treat you with the respect and honesty you deserve? When my best friend turns out to be someone I can’t rely on, it feels like the sky has fallen.

69. You’re like a sister to me, you knew my deepest secrets, and I thought you’d keep them for life. I never imagined that one day you’d betray me or even that you are capable of such ungrateful behaviour.

70. Being hurt by my best friend is like being pecked to death by a chicken.

71. I love my best friend. She always has my back and is very supportive. I just wish she wasn’t the one who would have hurt me deeply.

72. No matter how much I love you, best friend, there are moments you hurt me. But one thing is certain: when I look back on the hurt and pain, I’ll also look back on all the good times you shared.

73. I thought I knew you, my best friend, but I didn’t. You hurt me, and I don’t even know why.

74. Hey, I thought we were more than just friends. To tell you the truth, I think you let me in and then slapped me with a reality check.

75. Best friend, you hurt me so much, and I wish I could go back to when our friendship was a constant when we were always there for each other no matter what.

76. I can’t believe what you said to me yesterday, best friend. I thought we were friends, and you hurt my feelings.

77. I thought we were more than just friends. To tell you the truth, I liked you and thought you felt the same. Then I got slapped with the fact that we probably weren’t the best of friends.

78. Best friend, I know you did me wrong, and I messed up too. I miss what we had and wish it could go back to the way it was or even better than it was.

79. Best friend, you used to tell me things. Now it’s like you keep your distance like I’m a stranger in a crowded room, which hurt my feelings.

80. I was hurt more than I thought I could ever be by my best friend. But even though it hurt, it made me stronger and a better person than ever before.

81. My best friend abandoned me when I needed her most, which hurts so much, But she also instilled humility and compassion in me.

82. Best friend, you broke my heart and turned out not to be the person you pretended to be.

83. I’ve known you so long and have always trusted you. Now I realise that I should have been watching closely because, in the end, you were nothing but a betrayer.

84. How could you have let me down? I’m not going to lie, we were best friends for years, but you were the first to let me down when I needed you most.

85. When we were together, I thought I had everything. You were my whole world. Then you left without a second glance, and now there’s a hole in my heart.

86. There are no words to describe how I feel right now. All I can think about is my best friend, who hurt me in many ways.

87. was always there for you when everyone else turned their back, but no matter what I did, it didn’t seem enough. I don’t know if it was the lies or the truth, but it all hurts.

88. I feel hurt and disrespected when you lie. If I can’t trust you, to tell the truth, I have no reason to continue the friendship.

89. I know things ended badly, but I still care about you. Something between us makes me want to stay in your life and be friends. Maybe one day we can get coffee again.

90. You’ve made me happier than anyone ever has with your unconditional friendship and support. Despite hurting me, I still want to be your friend and tell you how much you mean to me. I appreciate everything you’ve ever done for me.

91. It took me years to realise, but the person I thought was my best friend was never there for me. I’ll be fine, and one of the hardest things I’ve ever done was forgive my best friend.

92. Sometimes, our friendship is hard, but despite our ups and downs, which hurt me deeply, I know I can count on you, and you can also count on me.

93. Thank you for being there for me throughout the years, even in the hardest times, and despite hurting me. I will never forget that. Thank you for always being there for me.

94. Besg friend, despite the pain you made me feel, I know that you are a good person, and I keep hoping you will change and treat me better.

95. I can’t believe you did this to me; I thought we had something special, but I guess it’s over. I hope you find someone else you can be happy with because I’m moving on without you.

96. I am still in shock because we have been through so much together and not once did I think you would hurt me. I will forgive you and move on with my life, but it will take time.

97. Best friend, you hurt me deeply, and I’m sorry that our friendship had to end this way. I’ll always remember the good times we shared and will never forget you.

98. You gave so many years of your life to our friendship; I am thankful for that. I don’t like to lose you, but we haven’t seen eye to eye in a long time, so I hope you will be happier without me.

99. Best friend, I am shocked about what you did, and my heart still aches with sadness. But I am trying to put the past behind me and forgive you.

100. I am still not over what you did to me, and I feel as if no one else will ever be on my side. I’m going to miss seeing your face around.

101. Best friend, I am so surprised you hurt me that way, but I forgive you. We will always be there for each other.

102. At times, our best friends are the ones who hurt us the most. Letting go of my best friend who hurt me isn’t easy, but it’s essential for my happiness.

103. Deep inside, I want a friend who will listen when we need to talk. But sometimes, I feel like no one is there for me after being hurt and betrayed by my best friend.

104. My best friend didn’t mean to hurt my feelings but ended up doing so. It’s human nature to err; therefore, I need to forgive her.

105. Being betrayed by a friend is one of the most painful experiences I have ever had to go through. If my best friend can make me cry, that’s the point of being a BFF.

106. My best friend, I trusted you with all my heart and soul, and you let me down. It hurts like hell.

107. The hardest part about being hurt by my best friend is that I will never be able to forget them, as I will always remember the good times together.

108. It’s never easy to be hurt by my best friend, but this is my life, and I need to forgive, forget and move on. I love you, but I don’t want to be your friend anymore.

109. Best friend, you hurt me so much, but I need you to know that I miss the special times we used to share.

110. I have a best friend who, for years, has hurt me over and over again. I’m finally ready to end our friendship because I feel abandoned and alone.

111. I’ve been carrying this pain for what feels like forever, but now it’s time to let go. I know that ending a friendship is never easy, and I feel like I’m losing part of myself, but I deserve to be happy.

112. Being hurt by my best friend forever isn’t the end of us or our friendship. It’s the beginning of something beautiful.

113. I can’t fix the fact that my best friend has hurt me, but the fact that I care enough to take action and do something about it shows how much I appreciate your friendship.

114. I’m so sad that you didn’t understand my pain. I thought you cared about me.

115. Sometimes, I must be willing to walk away from my best friend, even if it hurts. It’s better for us if someone else takes over that role.

I hope these my best friend hurt me quotes have helped you get over the hurt you’re going through. You can also leave a comment and tell me your favourite quote from this list of my best friend hurt me quotes, or share and let others know they aren’t alone.

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