My Daughter Is My Angel Quotes

My Daughter Is My Angel Quotes

Daughters can be the cutest things in the world. Ask the man who goes to work every day, thinking of the hug he’ll get from his little girl when he gets home or the mom who flaunts her daughter at every opportunity she gets.

Or maybe you’re this man or woman, and you see your daughter as a sweet little angel, your angel. If you are, then there is something here for you.

I compiled some quotes that I can use to say how much my daughter means to me, that I can use to say that she is my angel. Some of the quotes are for telling others about my daughter, and some are for telling her what I think of her. You can use them to talk about your daughter too.

And if you have a son you rate as an angel, you can use these too. Just tweak them a little, and you’re good to go.

These are amazing my daughter is my angel quotes below, so dive in and have a beautiful time reading and choosing from these quotes.

My Daughter Is My Angel Quotes

My daughter, my special angel, you bring me joy daily. Your smile is brighter than the sun has ever been, and your laughter is a sound I love to hear. Your hugs are like no other, and your presence in this family is a big gift from God.

1. My daughter, my heart is filled with joy to see you grow so tall and strong. My wonderful and special gift, you fill my life with wonderfulness and peace. Your smile can light up any room, no matter how dark. Your presence is uplifting. You are my angel.

2. I’m in awe of you, my daughter. You are my angel. You are my world. From the moment I saw you for the first time at the hospital, I knew you were going to make me happy and proud. I love you, little girl.

3. You are my angel and my world and, sometimes, my voice of reason. I am the luckiest parent to have you in my life. You have a beautiful smile and every other thing I wanted to see in my daughter. You’ve made my dreams come true.

4. You, my daughter, are my angel and my world. You are my inspiration. You make me smile. You keep me sane. Your laughter is a sound that would be heard from heaven; it’s a sound heaven loves hearing.

5. You are my angel and the best daughter ever. I’m so excited whenever I’m around you. I love your little, sweet hugs. I love you and everything about you.

6. You are such a light to my life and the world around you. You are my angel, my princess, my everything. You are so beautiful, and you help me to be a better man and dad.

7. My daughter is an angel. She is the embodiment of my greatest hopes, my deepest fears, my purest dreams. She deserves to be one of my greatest sacrifices. I can’t wait to see the great, strong, rich woman she will become.

8. Your smile can brighten any day. You can brighten up any room. Your laughter is like rain, the kind of rain that is pleasant to see. If I can’t call you my angel, I don’t know what I can call you. I can’t get enough of you. With you, I’m the luckiest dad.

9. My daughter, you are my special angel. You fill my life with happiness and joy. I have made many sacrifices for you to be whom you have become. But I’ll make a million more because you’re special.

10. My daughter is an angel. She is strong. Her smile is radiant, her blue eyes are pure, her heart is kind, her honesty is interesting, her hugs are warm and sweet, and her smiles are the brightest. She is my angel.

11. You are my angel and my world. You are my everything. You are such a bright light in this dark world, and your light has been my strength and my hope. You are my world and my everything. You complete this our little family, my dear daughter.

12. My daughter is inarguably a special gift from God. She’s my angel. She has an angelic smile and angelic eyes. Her smile lights up the room, and her eyes always say, “I love you, dad”.

13. My daughter is my angel. Every day I think of her angelic beauty, and every day that beauty astounds me.

14. You’re an intelligent, outgoing, beautiful and fun-loving girl. You’re my angel and my world, my dear beautiful daughter.

15. My little girl, looking at you is all I need to do to remember that my angel has blonde hair and big eyes. Your smile is the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen.

16. My little angel, many years have passed, and still, you make me smile. You’re such a bright light to this family and one of the reasons I’m happy I woke up today.

17. For as long as I can remember, your presence has felt angelic to me. You have turned my world around. Tell God that his favourite son has an angel as his daughter.

18. You, my angel, fill my life with happiness. You, my daughter, are the best thing that ever happened to me.

19. My lovely daughter, you’re my angel. Your smile is contagious. Your heart is warm and true. You’re a source of peace to this family, and your birth was a dream come true for us.

20. Your mom keeps talking about your eyes, your smile, your intelligence, and your beauty. We both agree that you are our angel and our world. I love you to the end of the world and back, my angel.

21. You are my angel and the best daughter ever. You are so bright, and I’m glad you’re mine. You truly are a source of pride. And there’s your laughter that is contagious, your smile that is radiant and your hugs that are like heaven on Earth.

22. My daughter is not just the best. She’s an angel, my angel. She’s my joy. Everything she does makes me smile.

23. When my daughter was born, I knew she was different. All her life, she would bring a smile to all. She has taught me, my wife and her children to be kinder and gentler.

24. My child, you’re angelic and magical. Your little arms give me some of the best hugs I’ve ever gotten. You are a positive addition to this family and my life.

25. You’re my baby. You’re the most beautiful little human that exists. You make me feel like the most fortunate man alive! You are my angel and my world.

26. My beautiful daughter, I don’t know anything about you that I don’t like. Is it your long golden hair? Or your bright smile? Thanks for filling my heart with joy.

26. My daughter is my special angel and someone I am proud of. She’s my pride, my joy, my everything in every way.

27. You are my angel and the best daughter in the world. My dreams and my entire life are built with you in mind.

28. My darling daughter, you are my light, my sunshine, my child and my angel.

29. My precious angel. You’ve been my sunshine since the day you were born. You are now five years old and still my sunshine. You make me so happy. I love you, my precious angel.

30. You, my daughter, brought joy into my life. You became an example of the perfect little sister, daughter, and friend. You’re my angel.

31. My lovely, beautiful daughter. Your skin, smile and everything are angelic. You have a tender heart. I wish to see you enjoy your time on the face of this beautiful Earth.

32. Your eyes shine bright with love and care. Your smile melts my heart. My baby, I’m so proud of you. My world would have some emptiness without you in it. You are my daughter and my angel.

33. You are my angel and my world. You are my living dream. I know you’re an angel because your smile is as heavenly as anything can be. I love you, my pretty little queen.

34. My baby girl, there is not a day that I do not wish to see your smile and receive your hugs. Every day, it’s a pleasure to watch you grow and thrive. You are my angel.

35. You are my daughter, my angel and my favourite little human. You are so innocent and cute that I want to compare you to the newborn you. I call you the best because of your everything. I love you, baby girl.

36. My daughter is such a light to my life. She brightens my days. She makes me laugh and comforts me. She’s a blessing from above. She is my angel.

37. I don’t need to look deep into your eyes to see that you’re an angel. I see your angelic smile. I see your heart of gold. Many things about you bring so much joy to my world. You’re my angel, and I, and I know that.

38. You are my angel and the best daughter ever. Your smile lights up a room, and your laughter can lift me off the ground. You are my everything.

39. I cherish you, my darling. You, my daughter, are my angel and my world. I’m leaving my dream life — being the father of an angel — because you’re mine.

40. You are my angel and the best daughter ever. Your eyes always shine like the sun, your smile lights up the days, and your laughter is a sound so sweet. I can not wait until you grow up to be a great, strong, rich, beautiful woman.

41. You, my daughter, keep on making me prouder. I am so proud of you, my genius daughter and my angel! You amaze me every day, bringing joy to my life, my world and my heart.

42. My daughter is my angel. She’s always there for me. She shows me so much love, and every night I thank God for her before I fall asleep.

43. My dearest daughter, you’re the prettiest girl around. You light the world with your beauty, and you have a smile that can light up any place. You’re my angel.

44. You are my angel and the best daughter in the world. I impatiently waited for your birth because I knew you were an angel. With you, every day is more fun. I will never stop loving you.

45. My beautiful daughter, whose smile is brighter than the sun, whose hugs are larger than the ocean, whose laughter is contagious, whose life has made my world a better place. I love you. You’re my angel.

46. You are my angel and the best daughter ever. You have contributed to making me a better dad and man and been my help when I felt down. You keep those around you strong and steady. I love you.

47. My adoring daughter, you are such a bright light in my life. You not only brighten my dark days, but you’re also a shade from heat and rain too. You gladden my heart and never stop bringing me much joy.

48. She’s not just the best; she’s an angel. She’s not only gifted; she’s a genius. She’s not only gorgeous, but she’s also beautiful—my daughter.

49. My daughter is my angel. Her sweet smile and laugh make my heart smile widely. She brings me joy, more joy than most people can ever bring to me.

50. My baby and my beautiful girl, you make this house feel warmer. Your mom and I have countless beautiful things to say to you, but the words just won’t come. But I’ll go ahead of her and say this: you’re my angel.

51. You are my angel and the best daughter ever. Your smiles are contagious, and your laughter is like medicine for your dad and me. I speak for my husband too, when I say we’re proud and glad to have you.

52. You are my angel and the best daughter ever. You are an inspiration to me, a source of happiness too, and I love you so much. I’m a lucky mom to have you.

53. My sweet angel, your wonder and charm, have captured my heart. You’re one of the greatest gifts God ever gave me in my life.

54. You are my angel, my special child. When you grow up, one day, you’ll make someone the happiest man in the world by saying “I do” to him.

I hope your daughter loves these quotes about her being your angel. I hope your friends smile when they read these quotes about your daughter being your angel. I hope you love this collection of quotes.

Other parents may need something like this, so please share this collection with a father or mother on your contact list. You’ll have my thanks if you do. Also, is reading another beautiful collection of quotes something you’d like to do? Then feel free to surf around this blog some more.


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