Never Hurt a Heart That Loves You Quotes

Never Hurt a Heart That Loves You Quotes

As popularly said, “the ones who love you the most are the ones who would hurt you the most”, but this might be the most terrifying misconception I have ever encountered. I think love should be all sacrificing but not to the detriment of the other partner’s happiness. If you truly love someone, whatever aches them will ache you.

Pain, suspicion, misunderstandings, and heartaches are inevitable when two souls decide to stick to each other, due to the dynamism of human nature because we are all different with varying points of view and approaches to life’s realities. Therefore, it is the duty of whoever is in love to avoid whatever recurrent happenings that might hurt the other.

Uphold a personal creed that confirms your allegiance to the ones you love, constantly reminding yourself that they are a part of you, hence whatever hurts them automatically hurts you, this way you get to be conscious of your actions. From this never hurt a heart that loves you quotes, you can be able to deduce your personal love creed.

Never Hurt a Heart That Loves You

Love is a beautiful thing, one that costs much more than pricey jewels. If it is given to you freely, why not give it back freely. Never hurt a heart that loves you because you might be damaging the goodness that the world lacks, a heart that loves you seeks even greater love in return, do well to give as received.

1. It’s more painful to hurt someone who really, really loves you. Never hurt a heart that loves you.

2. When a heart is broken, it hurts. But, when it is fixed and you didn’t do anything to fix it in the first place, that’s even more heartbreaking. Never hurt a heart that loves you.

3. If someone truly loves you, they won’t tell you love stories, they will make a love story with you. Never hurt a heart that loves you.

4. Never lie to someone who trusts you, and never trust someone who lies to you. Never hurt a heart that loves you.

5. You can’t hurt someone that loves you, not really. You can’t break their heart, because they know you would never hurt them on purpose. But what you can do is refuse to love them back, even after all the love they have given to you for so long. Never hurt a heart that loves you.

6. In love, you can forgive and forget all the bad things but if you want to be happy, don’t forget to remember the good things. Never hurt a heart that loves you.

7. Don’t hurt the person who loves you. Don’t try to love the person who hurts you.

8. Love isn’t finding a perfect person. It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly. Never hurt a heart that loves you.

9. Please don’t leave the one who loves you more than anyone else, just because you can’t see what he/she does for you.

10. You can’t hurt someone who loves you. But you can hurt someone who once loved you. Never hurt a heart that loves you.

11. The deeper the feelings are the harder the heartbreaks. Never hurt a heart that loves you.

12. Don’t break the heart of someone who makes everything to put a smile on your face.

13. Don’t hurt someone who’s willing to do anything for you.

14. Don’t hurt the heart that loves you the most.

15. If you love someone, don’t hurt them. Because if they’re hurt, that means they actually feel something for you.

16. There is no point hurting the person who can’t bear to see you cry.

17. If someone loves you for real, don’t hurt or break their heart. It was never meant to be hurt or broken by you.

18. If someone loves you, don’t break their heart. So protect it and love them back.

19. When someone loves you, it’s a sacred bond that you should appreciate and cherish. Don’t hurt or break their heart.

20. You are here to give love, not hurt or break someone’s heart. If someone loves you for real as they should, don’t hurt or break their heart.

21. If you love somebody, don’t hurt them! They were meant to stay by your side and support you. In return, you can be there for them too.

22. You shouldn’t harm anyone that loves you unconditionally. True love means loving someone wholeheartedly and you should never leave them

23. If someone truly loves you, don’t break their heart.

24. Don’t hurt the ones who love you, even if you realize that your reasons for loving them are true.

25. If you love someone, stay true to them. Don’t hurt their heart by playing games with their emotions.

26. If he truly cares about you, don’t force him to make tough choices that could break his heart or ruin his life. He will stay with you for as long as you treat him right.

27. Actively love someone instead of tearing them down. You have the capacity to bring them more joy than sadness if you make the effort.

28. If you truly love someone, do not hurt them or break their heart for fun. You might so deeply regret it later!

29. If you love someone, don’t hurt them. You might deeply regret it!

30. If you truly love someone, do not hurt them. They might already be fragile from past experiences.

31. The pain of a broken heart never really goes away. If you love someone truly and deeply, treat them with respect and kindness.

32. Breaking someone’s heart is a horrible thing to do, especially when you’ve told him or her you love that person. In the end, only regret will remain.

33. If you unquestionably love someone and don’t want to hurt them, do not break their trust. Do not put their feelings in jeopardy. Do not put your own feelings first!

34. You may think you know what you’re doing when you play with someone’s heart, but your actions carry far more weight than you realize. Don’t regret the bad you’ve done to others

35. Spontaneous actions are fun, but they can sometimes be dangerous and irreversible. Be wise with your decisions.

36. When you hurt someone, you are hurting yourself. When you do something kind, you project kindness into the universe.

37. To really love someone, you have to accept them for who they are. That includes their faults and imperfections. A smart person recognizes this and respects it.

38. Don’t hurt the person that is helping you in your pain. Because they care for you, not your attitude.

39. Treat people who are helping you when you are in pain kindly. They care about your wellbeing, not your moods.

40. If someone is helping you during a trying time, don’t lash out at them. They care about you, not your mood.

41. We should not take out our anger on the people who are there to help us. They care about you and care nothing for your attitude.

42. You don’t want to hurt someone who cares about you, do you? Desist from hurting those who are being helpful in dealing with your pain.

43. Be grateful to the people who take care of you and don’t play around. They don’t care about your attitude; they care about you.

44. In pain? Care for the people who love you enough to hurt you.

45. Great things are built in tough times. So, never hurt the people who stand by you during the most challenging moments.

46. Don’t break someone’s heart, they have only one. Break their bones, they have 206 of them.

47. Breaking one heart is simple and will cause more damage. Don’t hurt that one person.

48. If you’ve ever seen a devastating breakup and couldn’t avoid picturing yourself as the one doing it, you will love this tip. Once you learn how to break their bones (literally), next time you will think twice about breaking someone’s heart.

49. Are you looking to date someone? If the answer is yes, then please remember they have only one heart. Let it be a happy place. Never hurt them.

50. Please don’t hurt the one who loves you when there are many out there who will just hurt you.

Love the Heart That Hurts You but Never Hurt the Heart That Loves You

It is easier to receive love than it is to give, so many people withhold love for many reasons, others in the process, hurt their loved ones unconsciously. Love the heart that hurts you but never hurt the heart that loves you for this is the very proof of your strength and capacity to love beyond pain and anger.

51. You hurt the one who loves you most and only gets hurt by those who don’t love you.

52. If you love someone, then don’t hurt them. Instead, find someone who you don’t care about and just hurt them.

53. Please recognize the difference between those who love you and those who hurt you. Those who love you do not hurt you easily.

54. Remember that someone who loves you is a rare find, so don’t mistreat them. More likely, you will attract people that are only in it for themselves.

55. When you’re in love, you’re happy. But when you’re hurt it can make your life seem meaningless. Don’t let that happen.

56. Don’t hurt someone who loves you very much, because they will never love you again.

57. Don’t hurt someone who loves you very much. If you do, they won’t ever trust you again.

58. Don’t hurt someone who loves you very much. Don’t make the mistake of doubting them, losing them, and breaking the heart they gave you.

59. Once you hurt the person who loves you most, they will never forget it and never love you again.

60. You’ll never be forgiven if you hurt someone who loves you the most.

61. Don’t mess with someone who loves you, because your regret will consume you as you watch them move on without a second thought.

62. You have one chance at love. Be kind, because if you push them away, they will never come back.

63. Love someone more than they deserve, because they’ll never love you less.

64. Love someone with everything you’ve got, because you may never get that person back.

65. Refuse to give up on someone who loves you and appreciates you. Believe in healthy relationships and don’t dwell on the past. Find the person who keeps coming back for more, and loves you for who you are.

66. Never hurt someone who loves you a lot, because sometimes “sorry” is not enough.

67. Never hurt someone who loves you a lot. Sometimes, all it takes is an apology to make things right.

68. If you care about someone, never harm them by words or by deed. Sometimes “sorry” is not enough to mend a damaged relationship.

69. If you hurt someone who loves you a lot, don’t expect an apology to be backed up by action. I suggest learning better communication skills, and/or sending good vibes through the universe all the time.

70. The next time you are thinking of hurting someone who loves you a lot, take a moment to consider the consequences.

71. More often than not, just saying “sorry” isn’t enough—especially if you hurt someone who cares about you.

72. Never betray people who truly love you. Saying sorry isn’t always enough.

73. If you love someone and care about them, don’t do something that you know will hurt them. If you make a mistake, sometimes an apology isn’t enough (or doesn’t work).

74. If you love me, please don’t ever hurt me. I promise that I’m willing to do anything it takes to make things right again, but forgiveness isn’t always enough.

75. Apologizing to the person you love is hard, but breaking their heart is even harder. Always remember that an apology isn’t just words. It’s letting them know how much they mean to you.

76. You never know how much someone loves you until you hurt them.

77. We all know that relationships can be tough. Love is a powerful emotion, and love can blind you. Be clear, be truthful, and never hurt someone who cares about you, as we all make mistakes.

78. Life’s too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. If someone wants you in their life, they’ll make room for you. You shouldn’t have to fight for a spot.

79. Never, ever insist on someone who continuously overlooks your worth. And remember, it’s not the people that stand by your side when you’re at your best, but the ones who stand beside you when you’re at your worst that are your true friends.

80. Never hurt people who love you. Never give up on people who are good to you. And never stop using your heart, even when it feels like someone broke it.

81. Don’t hurt people who love you. Don’t give up on those who are good to you. And don’t stop using your heart, even when someone breaks it.

82. If you love someone, always fight for them. Don’t give up on love. And never stop using your heart – even when it feels like someone broke it.

83. Those people who have the greatest capacity to hurt you, are the same people who love you with all their hearts. Do not stop using your heart, especially after a heartbreak.

84. People who truly love you will never break your heart. Remember that, and you’ll never give up on using your heart.

85. Love is worth the pain and suffering. No matter what you are going through, it’s important to never give up on the love in your life. Don’t stop using your heart because life will never be easier without one.

86. When you are in love, the world is bright and beautiful. Cherish those who love you. Those who are good to you and your heart – treasure them. They will be there for you when you need them most.

87. Loving someone is easy, but never stop loving someone who is good to you.

88. You have a lot of people in your life that are really close to you. You need to take care of them and make sure nothing bad happens to them.

89. Kindness and love are the cornerstones of humanity. Through kindness, you can achieve more than by being mean or harsh.

90. Do not hurt or break the heart of someone that loves you for real, because they will go away without making a noise and leave you wondering where your love went.

91. Do not hurt the one you really love, because they will go away without warning, and you will lose them forever.

92. Keep in mind that the one who loves you deeply will never hurt or break your heart. If they do, it is not because they don’t love you anymore; it means that they left with a broken heart after having been hurt by you, which is why they made the decision to leave without making a fuss.

93. Be careful with the heart of someone that truly loves you. Because once they leave, they won’t come back.

94. You’ll end up being lonely and wondering what love could have felt like if you break the heart of someone that really loves you. The pain will be worse than anything else you can think of.

95. If your partner loves you, but you are abusive and unkind, they will leave without making a scene. When this happens, you will have to look inside of yourself to understand what went wrong. Love is about kindness and mutual respect.

96. When someone loves you, there is nothing more important than their feelings. Don’t hurt the heart of your loved ones and leave them wondering why they aren’t enough.

97. Don’t take your loved one for granted. They will be gone before you can say sorry. Keep the relationship strong so that you both can enjoy the rest of your lives together.

98. Don’t lose the love of your life. Love first, ask questions later. Trust me, there is nothing better than real love. Don’t wait until it’s too late to realize what you lost.

99. It does matter why you act or react to others. Remember, we become what we repeatedly do. Choose love, fearlessly & passionately. If someone treats you badly then it’s best to leave the situation rather than play the victim role.

100. Don’t break someone’s heart if you know they truly and sincerely care. They will cry every night, feeling lost and alone. You won’t be happy, because you will lose someone who really cares.

101. Stop breaking hearts. You are going to regret the people you have hurt… or have lost because of your actions.

102. Breaking a person’s heart may make you feel powerful at first but the feelings will fade. You’ll soon be alone, thinking about how much happier you’d be if you had stayed with the right person.

103. Be loyal to the one who loves you. Be faithful and supportive to him or her. Be strong, but not at the expense of the other.

104. Special people are very few in this world. Don’t burn bridges if you’re going to need to use them again.

The degree of hurt experienced by one who loves you can never be quantified because it is not the same as those who are probably acquaintances or colleagues.

If truly you love the heart and very existence of another person, you would never think to hurt them and even if you do mistakenly, by all means, prove that you have no further intentions of repeating the act.

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