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New League of Legends Account – Fresh Start for Experienced Players

League of Legends’ latest season is coming to an end as one of the most successful so far in the MOBA world! Are you satisfied with how you’ve finished, did you manage to get that Victorious Blitzcrank skin?

If not, or even if you have – you’ll want to hear what we have to say.

A new account means a new opportunity – starting from the bottom with a clean slate and turning the page toward better achievements in League of Legends. The bounds that keep us from achieving new heights is that we are too attached to our main account and we fear that we might end up in Elo Hell. But actually – that’s far from the truth.

If you’re in Gold, even Platinum on your main – starting anew with a smurf League of Legends account will do you wonders. Most players think new accounts are good for new players only – it’s quite the opposite.

Let’s see what’s in store for experienced players.

New Experience for Seasoned LoL Players

If you’ve been out for quite a while, you should know that League of Legends has changed dramatically from season to season – and the game is evolving into something greater.

Nonetheless, the game will always be here when you decide to come back. While League of Legends is in its best form – so many things have changed and you will need some time to get adjusted again.

Getting back to your old, long-forgotten account might not even be worth it at this point. You missed out on so many champions that the grind of getting them will be backbreaking. An easy fix is getting a new League of Legends account with more than a dozen champions on board.

With your new League of Legends account – you will start unranked and fully capable of getting into gold after just 10 games. If you play them right, your MMR will become good and you will start earning more points than losing.

Elo Hell? Nope

We can’t turn back in time and fix events that happened. But you will always be able to turn the page and start anew. In League of Legends, that’s as simple as buying a new account!

Getting one will allow you to dodge the great toxicity of Elo Hell in an instant. You don’t have time or nerves to deal with Twitch IRL players – it doesn’t suit your class. Start something fresh and new and bring great joy back to League of Legends like never before.

Swap Lanes & Learn New Champions

Just when you think that you’ve achieved a high level of gameplay, there is always something new to try on and give you a real challenge. It’s true that if you play fewer champions you will improve in ranks and overall in gameplay but that can sometimes become monotonous.

Break the loop and learn something different. For example, if you are mighty on the top lane with off tanks, you can try the complete opposite. Now you can choose the mid lane and start your magic/assassination adventure with low resistance and HP but with the ability to nuke other players. A different perspective of the game as you will have to change your style by 180 and position differently in the fight to get the best outcome.

Also, this can be a great opportunity to start something out of your comfort zone. Even though you can choose a champion on the same lane and you think it just doesn’t suit you well – you can be wrong. Sometimes for some playstyles, you need a great startup and that startup is made with a lot of practice.

For example, you can have countless hours of fun with your friend and go bottom lane with combinations like Jax/Pantheon,  Yasuo/Pyke, Ornn/ Annie, and so on. Or perhaps you can change the builds like tanky Ezreal – and even though it sounds funny – it can be awesome.

New Accounts Bring New Skins

Let’s get real – we all want to show off our shiny Ultimate and Legendary skins. You simply feel more powerful. If you haven’t experienced this yet – now is the time to start collecting them.

We know, we know… It’s pretty pricey to buy all skins from the official Riot store. But we can offer a better alternative – why waste so much money on a single skin bought with Riot Points when you can get a completely new account with the same skin instead for the same or lower price.

A simple example is that 3250 RP will cost you around $25, and you can only buy one ultimate skin with it. And from our research, for around $25 – you can get a League of Legends account that has more than 100 skins, among which a couple of ultimate skins.

Change a Region & Gain New Friendships

Changing a region has always been a thing in League of Legends. However, that costs a lot of Riot Points, plus – it takes plenty of time to migrate from one server to another. Losing your friend list is also a big no-no when you move to another server.

According to our calculations, migration to servers will cost you around $25. If we speak in RP currency – that’s 2600. So, the easy way out is going to be buying a new League of Legends account and starting your new adventure.

Why play in another region, you ask? The answer is simple – different regions have more opportunities to make friends and learn different play styles. With your new account, you will save plenty of money instead of transferring your main account, and you can have different friend lists since they have limits on how many friends you can have.

Since your League of Legends account is now a Riot Games account, you will be able to add up to 100 friends on one account across all games – not just League of Legends. That’s why buying a new League of Legends account is a smart idea. Plus, the playstyle is different and you will have something different to experience every time you swap accounts in different regions.

Final Verdict

New season – new you.

Power up and show off with your new account, skills, skins, or even alter the meta and be ready for that next level fresh start.

You can easily purchase an account online from unrankedsmurfs.com or other reputable websites. Whatever you choose, make sure to vet them properly before spending money.

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