October Born Quotes

An October-born is a person who belongs to the month of October. The birthstone for October is sapphire and the lucky number is 10. October-born people are usually thoughtful, creative, loyal and determined. They have good analytical skills, which make them good at solving problems. They can always be trusted with any task.

They are known to be very practical in nature. They are perfectionists who always try to do their best in whatever they do. They are very hardworking and ambitious by nature. They like to set goals for themselves and achieve them easily as well as quickly. They are also very romantic in nature. They can fall in love with anyone at first sight if they find him or her attractive enough for them.

However, it does not mean that they will give up easily if their love does not work out between them and their loved ones because they never give up easily especially when it comes to matters related to love life or relationships between two individuals who fall in love with each other at first sight.

Honestly, there are so many things to be said about October born, but there are even more in this collection of October born quotes below.

October Born Quotes

October born tend to be independent thinkers who will not just follow what others tell them without questioning it first. They have a tendency of being stubborn at times, but this does not mean that they cannot learn from their mistakes or change their minds about something if it seems like the right thing for them to do at the time.

1. October borns have great staying power and will see a project through to completion no matter what challenges arise along the way. This ability to focus on one thing until it is complete can sometimes be seen as a fault or even laziness by those who don’t know them if they are trying to juggle numerous tasks at once or appear to be changing focus frequently.

2. October borns are compassionate and generous. They care deeply about their family, friends and wider circles of people. Truthful and selfless, they are great listeners and make good counsellors to others. They are able to see everything from many different perspectives, making them excellent peacemakers in difficult times.

3. The October-born signs have a reserved approach but are very insightful and analytical. They are also highly creative and intelligent by nature.

4. October born are often considered to be very creative and intelligent. They also have a love for the arts and sciences to match, allowing them to dabble in either field and excel effortlessly. Typically, they enjoy jobs that allow them to keep their hands dirty or their minds occupied; anything that takes effort will seem arduous for these people who like things easy.

5. October born are very intelligent and responsible. They have a good sense of humour, they are honest and dedicated people, they communicate well and they love to travel. They also focus on their work.

6. If you were born in October, the month of Venus, your challenge is to make those around you realize this fact. Let the world see your beauty, your charms and your talent.

7. October is the perfect month to become inspired. The fresh air, the changing leaves and cooler temperatures all serve as catalysts for creativity. October babies will be natural trendsetters who love experimenting with style and fashion.

8. October-born individuals are known to be very energetic and playful. They love talking and debating. However, they can also be very secretive.

9. The fun-loving, adventurous spirit of the October-born shines through with their charming sense of humour. They’re a great addition to any group and are always up for an exciting challenge.

10. As an October born, you can handle responsibility with patience and confidence. You are also disciplined, extremely loyal and stubborn when you have made up your mind.

11. October-born people are honest, loyal and protective. These traits make October-born individuals ideal partners, friends and family members. They are hardworking, ambitious and patient in all they do.

12. October-born people are very ambitious, honest and considerate human beings. Also, the best qualities an October born possesses are their ability to be friendly and adaptable to any situation.

13. October-born people are very smart, kind, and beautiful. They have a good sense of humour and can always make someone laugh. They are easygoing people who know how to enjoy whatever life has to offer.

14. You are an exceptionally talented person, and you have the ability to succeed where others would fail. You should take pride in knowing that, as an October baby, you’re a major success waiting to happen.

15. October borns are warm and polite but with an aloofness that makes people wonder just how much warmth there really is in them. They tend to be more emotional than other signs, though it’s possible you’ve never had any clue about this aspect of their personality because they make such a big thing about keeping it hidden.

16. October born are special people. They hold the most wisdom and respect for the ancient forces. They are also very intelligent and have a great ability to live in harmony with nature.

17. October borns have a lot of luck. They see the opportunities and take them. They are lucky people. They achieve their dreams and goals while simultaneously being calm, relaxed and easygoing people who don’t care about things others care about. They just want to enjoy life wherever and whenever possible.

18. October borns are loud, disruptive and take charge. They often have a contrarian streak and a love of conflict. October-borns are free thinkers and enjoy intellectual challenges.

19. October born are the best among all. They are gentle, caring, and always looking for new challenges. They are extremely practical and organized. They live completely in the present, as they don’t like to be interested too much in their past or future happenings.

20. October-born people are creative and can be inspiring and attractive. They are usually enthusiastic about life, which is shown in their beliefs and activities.

21. October babies are known to be creative and imaginative. They are curious about people and the world around them but often keep these feelings to themselves for fear of being judged or misunderstood.

22. October-born people are very outgoing and love to be around friends and family. They are adventurous, daring, lively and have a positive attitude towards life. They love sports and games and are loyal friends who always try to give back more than they receive.

23. October born are creative, energetic and impulsive leaders. They make excellent leaders, but they need their freedom to lead. October-born have a strong instinct for social interaction and politeness.

24. October born are a free-spirited, enlightening personality. They can be very charismatic and inspiring leaders. They are generous, warm-hearted and social with everyone, especially their friends and family. Despite their challenges, October-born work very hard to get the job done. They love being around others who inspire them to grow.

25. October born are the most serious and pleasant of all people. Aesthetically, they have a striking appearance, beautiful dark hair and eyes. But beware! They do not like superficiality. If you manage to look through their mask of seriousness and sincerity, you will discover their wonderful sense of humour…

26. October born are very creative and expressive. They can communicate their feelings easily and talk to people around them. These people are not satisfied with what they have; they want more. They like to take things that would impress other people but sometimes also do silly things because of their curiosity.

27. October born are curious, complex and communicative. They are easily bored and like to follow their passions. They love expressing themselves and have a vision for the future.

28. October-born individuals are analytical, with a strong sense of justice and a natural ability for leadership. They possess a great deal of sensitivity, creativity, imagination and intuition.

29. You are a born leader and have a lot of self-confidence. You are also very determined and have plenty of energy to draw from, giving you a powerful personality.

30. October-born people are generally considered the most attractive, charismatic and charming individuals. They have a natural ability to charm others and make friends easily.

31. October born are big-hearted, compassionate, and mindful of others. They make great leaders because they’re willing to take responsibility for the problems in their company or community. They believe that an honest approach is the best way to change a bad situation.

32. October born is expressive and creative. They have a tendency to be sensitive, moody and easygoing. They are often calm and serene, but they can become emotional and volatile under stress or pressure.

33. October born are happy and energetic, industrious and dedicated. They are impulsive and yet often follow through with their plans. They have the ability to accomplish great things but have a tendency to underestimate their own self-worth.

34. October borns are creative, determined and passionate about their pursuits. They are also known for their ability to communicate effectively in a team setting.

35. October borns are generally very popular and get along well with everyone. They are always able to make everyone laugh and enjoy themselves, which is probably why most of them make great actors, comedians, or writers. If you are an October born, don’t be afraid to embrace your quirks and always bring a smile to this world!

36. October born are creative, passionate and well-adjusted individuals. They love change and know how to make it happen. They have a dynamic personality, which makes these people so attractive.

37. October born are very intelligent. They love to show that they know more than others, but they often become bored when talking about them. They love advice and can talk for hours on a topic that interests them.

38. October born are passionate and soft-spoken, with a gift for being able to read people. They enjoy exchanging ideas and debating, but without taking things personally. They are entrepreneurial in spirit, always looking for a way to improve something.

39. October babies are perfectionists. They settle for nothing less than the best. They are daring, courageous, and strong-willed. They’re also charming and highly intelligent.

40. October-born people are deep thinkers, who prefer the company of their thoughts to others. They are introverted but not alone in this world. Their analytical skills are their main strength, and they use them both at work and at home. They are able to see things from different perspectives and communicate these different perspectives with ease by using their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

41. October born are extremely loyal and have a great sense of humour. They know how to be faithful, but they are not very good at sharing their feelings with others. They are sometimes over-protective and need to find a way to keep a balance between their family responsibilities and personal freedom…

42. October-born people are smart, logical and very good at handling stress. They are practical and attentive to details. They like to be respected and admired. They also have a great sense of humour, enthusiastic nature and are very sociable.

43. October-born likes to work independently, which can be a problem for those who cannot function without working in teams. October-born people are also natural leaders as they have excellent decision-making skills and if they aren’t leaders themselves done become leaders in many instances.

44. As an October born, you aren’t afraid to think outside the box and try out new things. You love exploring and finding new insights into life itself and thrive when you can learn something new.

45. October born are very knowledgeable, intelligent and always right. They are also very organized with their daily routine and everything they do. They can be complex at times, but you will fall in love with them quickly once you get to know them.

46. October born are very dedicated and hard workers. They are kind and helpful people. They like taking life slowly but with a big purpose. They like being in love and being loved by others.

47. Affectionate, Ambitious, Artistic, Creative, Devoted, Loyal and Sensual. These are just some of the characteristics of people born in October!

48. October born are hardworking and ambitious. They tend to be more enthusiastic than most people, and they bring a sense of breeze and excitement wherever they go.

49. October-born people adore flattery and respond well to compliments. They love the arts, music, drama and the theatre; all things extra and thoughtful. Regarding relationships, they are very expressive in their feelings for others and can be overly giving, even when no one asks for help! However, October-born people tend to take on too much responsibility, which often leads them to be emotionally and physically exhausted.

50. October born are tough and resilient, a characteristic that helps them to overcome any obstacle thrown in their way. They are extremely intelligent people, capable of reaching great academic heights. The thing about October born is that even when things do not go the way they expect them to, they will not lose heart because they know eventually, everything will fall back into place.

51. They are intelligent, analytical and insightful. October-borns have an eye for detail and are excellent at problem-solving. They can be frugal with their money and savings. They do not tend to show emotions openly but instead keep them deep within themselves — until they explode in a fit of rage.

52. October-borns are known to be good decision-makers and not be too hasty. They do not like being rushed, and they adjust the pacing accordingly when there is a need for quick action.

53. October borns are smart and warm-hearted, with sharp wisdom and charming wit. They love to think, philosophize, and debate.

54. October born is a child of tenacity, courage and determination. He is full of ideas and has the ability to make them work. He is not afraid to explore new possibilities for success through hard work, ingenuity and creativity.

55. October-born knows that being different does not mean being alone. They are very generous and forgiving but also strong and assertive. They are conscientious, independent and generally have strong professional aspirations.

56. October born are described as smart, hardworking and loyal creatures. They tend to be kind of quiet and shy, but once you get to know them, they open up and are good at communication.

57. October born are independent, confident, and success-driven individuals. They have a natural ability to think outside the box, which allows them to easily solve problems and look at issues from a different perspective. These people know how to stay organized, communicate well, and make wonderful team leaders.

58. October-born persons are dependable, reliable and excellent with business. They are skilful and have a great sense of organization. They are efficient in their work, but more than that, they love it. They have strong likes and dislikes and show this through actions, words or attitude.

59. October born are charming and social. They are caring but can also be jealous. They love a good debate or argument, and they are never shy about speaking their mind.

60. October borns are an adventurous, ambitious and independent bunch – with a greater focus on the future than most of us. They are highly intelligent and self-aware, but their job is to relate to others, so the best way to engage October borns is by connecting with them emotionally.

61. When you’re born in October, you have a unique advantage over the people you deal with. People born in this month have what it takes to get the job done. They tend to be very positive and optimistic. They also make great friends, as they are highly loyal and trustworthy. People born in October are ambitious and willing to take chances when needed.

62. October-born people have a deep need for love and understanding and are always willing to give those things in return. They are sensitive and seek out companionship that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

63. October-born people are known to be a bit more introverted than other signs, but they’re never shy when taking on new challenges. They like to experiment with their hobbies and interests, which can lead to them becoming very talented and creative.

64. Romantic and open-minded, you are a truly unique person who looks for the best in others. You’re authentic and true to yourself but also love taking the time to consider another perspective.

65. October-born people are leaders with a strong sense of purpose, planning and determination. They’re usually dependable, thoughtful and meticulous. They are good communicators and can also be very charming. They’re considerate and always consider others first, making them excellent friends or partners.

66. October-born individuals are a lot like Autumn: they are full of life, but they are also very quiet and love being in their thoughts. They have patience and often approach things without haste. They tend to get lost in their thoughts and need guidance on how best to express themselves.

67. People born in October are truly unique and not like anyone else in the world. They are able to adapt to any situation as well as other people, preferring to live a life of simplicity and calmness. They hate change and will always find a way to get rid of it; this is why they are often called “alternators”.

68. People born in October are friendly, caring and great at communication. They have a strong fondness for the arts and music; they are also very creative and energetic. They are true perfectionists, and they can get very jealous when it comes to relationships.

69. People born in October will always have the ability to be happy and pure. They are full of initiative and the courage to follow their inner voice. Their pure hearts and amazing talents only seek the best for all people around them.

70. People born in October are very enthusiastic and excited. They like to set goals and achieve them. They love to take charge and problem-solve, but sometimes they can be too direct.

71. Generally well-liked for his sense of humour, October born sets high standards for himself and others without being intimidating. He is a consummate conversationalist, possessing strong communication skills and instinctive diplomacy.

72. October-borns are intelligent and attractive people who like to be in charge. They’re passionate about their interests and goals and will work hard to achieve them.

73. October born are rational, aware and good listeners. They are also known for their logical approach. They can easily get carried away by their emotions. October-born people are famous for having many hobbies which keep them occupied and happy. Whether it is a pastime or a passion, they can find a way to keep themselves busy with something.

74. October born are kind and thoughtful, with a sharp mind that’s always evaluating people and situations. They find joy in creating things with their own hands, whether professional projects or personal hobbies. This person is an excellent problem solver and knows how to get others to do their bidding.

75. October-born people are gifted with a great imagination, they can think out of the box, and their desire to achieve better results is their driving force. They are stubborn in nature and do not like to listen to others. Their wishes can never be fulfilled because of their hard-headed attitude. You need to work hard to convince them that working together will benefit everyone.

76. October born is a clever and energetic person. They are also known to be ambitious and hardworking. October born are very sociable and like to party with their friends. They are talkative, expressive and have a good sense of humour.

77. October born are very intelligent and understand other people greatly. They make excellent teachers, trainers, counsellors and therapists. They are people who can easily express their feelings in words. They love excitement and adventure and sometimes act impulsively, but they also tend to regret their mistakes later.

78. October-borns tend to be extremely organized in their work and personal life. They also have a strong desire to help others achieve their goals. However, they don’t like being or feeling dependent on others and can be quite stubborn when it comes to difficult issues in life.

79. October-born people are astute, charming, intelligent and very practical. They are great communicators and have a knack for gaining the support of others.

80. October-born people are the most clear-minded, honest and calm people worldwide. They are very much responsible for their actions, deeds, and consequences. They can easily find a solution to any problem because they always keep their minds positive.

81. People born in October tend to be very grounded and down-to-earth and can work well in almost any environment. In addition, they are great at balancing the unique aspects that make up who they are: a blend of yin and yang, if you will.

82. October born are driven, ambitious people. They love to work, but they’re also prone to procrastination. They enjoy the ups and downs of life and always look for new experiences, even if they might be risky. October born are intelligent, sharp-minded and independent.

83. October born are fun and dynamic people who love to share their feelings with the people around them. They have a great sense of humour and love this world where they can also make other people laugh.

84. October-born people are intelligent, clever and witty. They are very sensitive and have a hidden vulnerability that they usually keep to themselves. They have the best of both worlds with their good sense of humour and ability to be serious when it counts.

85. These people are often misunderstood and have been known to push themselves too hard. People born in October tend to be shy and introspective, more comfortable being observers than participants.

86. October is a month that has seen the birth of intellectuals and inventors. These people are born with the unique ability to see things from different angles. They are intelligent, quick-witted and have an excellent understanding of metaphysics.

87. With the October born, no matter what you think about them, it will change your life. They are the most powerful people on this planet, and they strive to be just that- powerful. If you want to be like them, remember that October born are always on top of their game, so try to be there with them.

88. The October born are a special group of bold and daring individuals with endless energy sources. They have a tendency to never back down from a challenge and love to spread their creativity everywhere possible. They are among the most creative people in the world, with a knack for turning any space into something special.

89. October born are not very aggressive, and they are very generous. They are able to give advice, but they prefer to concentrate on the problems of others than their own. October born also do not like generalizations or criticism, and they tend to be pessimistic.

90. October born is a leader with a nice and gentle personality. You are smart, kind and generous. You love to meet new people. But you also have some dark moods when you feel insecure or just want to withdraw from all around.

91. October-born people are great thinkers and spend most of their time in deep thought. They can choose a career that requires extensive research and thinking, like scientists, writers and authors. These people often enjoy spending time alone to concentrate on their ideas or solve problems.

92. October-borns are natural-born leaders. These people are often remembered for how they leave the world a little better than they found it. They are big dreamers and have an incredible ability to see beyond their own circumstances. They have a drive unmatched by others, and they will fight through any obstacle to get what they want out of life.

93. October born are often the most beautiful, intelligent and determined people who believe in their dreams and have a great ability to achieve them. They are able to look down on themselves, be tolerant of other people’s mistakes, and like all monthly borns, love animals very much.

94. Those born in October are the ones who know how to trust themselves, and their intuition helps them gain self-confidence. They always have great intuition and understand the people around them very well.

95. October born are blessed with a powerful intellect. They are good-looking and have an aura of mystery surrounding them. We all know that these people have a firm grasp on reality, but when it comes to personal matters, they can be indecisive. However, October’s born will always find a way out of their dilemma.

96. October-born people are very intellectual, and they appreciate knowledge. They are known to enjoy meeting new people, and they love to travel. They have a strong personality and turn any obstacle into an opportunity.

97. October born are perfectionists who strive for perfection and are often the least appreciated sign of the zodiac. They have difficulty being with others unless they feel appreciated, but they always find a way to make their presence known.

98. People born in October are honest and truthful; they are very honest and will tell you the truth even if it hurts. They have good communication skills and love to meet new people. They are strong-willed and determined but can also be moody, passionate and have a fiery temper.

99. October borns are leaders and trailblazers with a high sense of purpose. They set goals, create plans and make them happen.

100. October born are the most charming, beautiful and elegant people you can ever come across. They are born with good looks, but they make their own rules regarding fashion and style. These people have excellent taste in clothes and accessories but wear them with grace.

101. The October born are energetic and have a way with words. They’re great team builders but often don’t think of themselves as leaders. Their creative side makes them inventive problem solvers who love puzzles. They make great managers because their attention to detail is so strong.

102. October-born people are practical, and they like to stay organized. They are good planners who enjoy having detail-oriented work. Their strong sense of ethics keeps them grounded and in touch with how things should be. They are also sensitive people who feel deeply and take others’ feelings into consideration before making decisions on their own.

103. October babies are quite the trailblazers, showing leadership skills and a desire to make the world a better place by creating change. They’re passionate about their interests, sometimes even to the point of being obsessive — a trait that goes well with their tendency toward being perfectionists.

104. People born under the sign of October are often called perfectionists. They strive for excellence and quality in everything they wish to accomplish. They are very active and enthusiastic, optimistic and enthusiastic by nature. They stand out from other people by their energy, strong-willed character and remarkable ability to adapt themselves to different ways of life (they are quick to learn).

105. October borns are reliable, insightful and delightful. They are always up to date with their thoughts and emotions, making them very honest. This honesty can be disturbing at times, but it’s also useful because they recognize insecurities in other people and can help them overcome them. October born are humble creatures and good listeners.

106. October born are always energetic and want to do things fast and loose. After all, October men are the first to show off their real love for life. They often start with success, which means that many people like them very much and can easily get help from them.

107. October born is a powerful creative force with an enormous imagination and a lightness of spirit. They’re curious and imaginative by nature and love to explore.

108. October-born is the most organized and orderly person on earth. They are gifted with a brilliant sense of dealing with their personal and professional life, making them do whatever is required for their own good.

109. October born are characterized by their memory, dedication and self-discipline, and they are thinkers. They usually excel in their studies and other fields of work. They always seek high goals, making them very ambitious in life.

110. October-born people are often very creative, independent and open-minded. They tend to be honest, good listeners and have a positive outlook on life. They are also very ambitious and determined.

111. October-born people are usually good-looking, have great sense of humour, are intelligent, have a great sense of humour, and love socializing. They also tend to be shy at first, but once they get to know someone, they open up more easily.

112. October born can sometimes be too critical of themselves and others which can cause them to make bad decisions in life because they think too much about the consequences before making a decision on something important.

113. October-born people need to learn how to relax more often as it will help them make better decisions in life when faced with problems or challenges in life, as well as allow them time to reflect on what they want out of life at this moment in time.

114. October born are sensitive, emotional and caring. They are often attracted to the arts, music and drama. They have a tendency to be moody, so they need to learn how to express their feelings healthily. Also, they are very loyal and honest people who do not like to lie or be lied to.

115. October born are usually good at making decisions, but they can be stubborn when following through on those decisions. They may have trouble following instructions and tend to be impulsive and impatient sometimes.

116. October born are very determined people who will work hard towards achieving their goals in life. They have an excellent memory for facts and figures and can make good debaters because of this fact. They also like being around people who share their interests and enjoy talking about them with others as well.

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