One Bad Relationship Quotes

One Bad Relationship Quotes

A bad relationship can cost you everything. It can cost you your happiness and your self-esteem, and it can cost you time, money and even your health. It is not easy to get over one bad relationship but there are ways to get back on your feet after one.

When you’re in a toxic relationship, it’s easy to feel like it’s the only one that you know. You may think that everyone else has healthy relationships and that you’re the only one who hasn’t found “the one.” But, this isn’t true.

If you’ve ever been in a bad relationship, then you know how hard it can be to break free from it, especially when you’re already feeling like there’s no hope for love in your life. It’s no secret that bad relationships can hurt you. But until you truly understand how much of an impact it can have on your life, you won’t be able to truly move on and be happy again.

The following is a collection of one bad relationship quotes that you should find relatable and might also help you find some closure.

One Bad Relationship Quotes

If you are in a bad relationship, it can be difficult to admit that things aren’t going well. You’ve had one bad relationship. That doesn’t mean you’re destined to have one bad relationship after another, or that everyone you date will be a jerk.

1. One bad relationship can cost you your happiness, keep moving forward and forget that loser

2. Don’t let one bad relationship keep you from having a good life.

3.. There’s no better way to get over one bad relationship than with a new bag or pair of jeans.

4. Breaking up is hard to do. But if you’re suffering because of one bad relationship, then sometimes it’s for the best.

5. Don’t be afraid to leave one bad relationship, even if you’ve been with them for a long time. Better to be alone than unhappy.

6. There’s only so much you can give someone who is already taken. Remember that, and don’t be sad about one bad relationship.

7. Some relationships are just not meant to last. It’s okay to feel happy again.

8. Everyone has been in one bad relationship or heartbreak. It is hard, but you will eventually feel better.

9. It’s not just one bad relationship, it’s two or three. And that can cost you a lot of happiness.

10. Don’t let one bad relationship get in the way of your happiness. You will find love again.

11. Don’t let one bad relationship ruin all the years of self-love you have in you.

12. The hardest part is getting over bad relationships is realizing that you’re worth so much more.

13. Sometimes you have to walk away from a bad relationship to find the person you deserve.

14. One bad relationship can cost you your happiness, so for a great relationship, go for the one that’s right for you.

15. Did you know that one bad relationship can negatively affect your physical health? A great relationship is based on compatibility, respect, and honesty.

16. Having a great partner to share your life with can make every day a little more magical. If you’re in one bad relationship, remember that you’re not alone in your journey to finding the one.

17. You’re better off this way. You’re smarter, happier and more fulfilled. It’s okay to be sad, but know you are better off because of this choice.

18. Staying in one bad relationship is easy compared to leaving it. But sometimes that’s exactly what we have to do to be happy.

19. Don’t let that one bad relationship cost you your happiness. Find a therapist, before it’s too late.

20. Don’t let one bad relationship keep you from finding your happiness.

21. Forget about that bad relationship, and look ahead to being happier.

22. Happiness can be hard to find. It’s easy to lose it. Don’t let one bad relationship keep you from finding your happiness again.

23. A bad relationship is like a virus. It can spread to the rest of your life and contaminate everything around you.

24. One bad relationship can cost you happiness but a great one can make you happier than you ever thought possible.

25. Don’t let one bad relationship ruin your chances of finding happiness.

26. End bad relationships faster – they take more time, energy, and happiness than good ones do.

27. Love yourself. Do not let one bad relationship prevent you from being happy. It’s better to be lonely than to be with the wrong person.

28. Bad relationships can be big energy drains, which is why it’s important to walk away from them, and start loving yourself.

29. You deserve true love and happiness. Do not accept anything less.

30. This person doesn’t deserve to be in your life for one second, let alone an entire relationship.

31. Staying single is better than staying in a bad relationship.

32. As cliche as it sounds, one bad relationship can cost you your happiness. Don’t give up on love so quickly!

33. A new study shows that if you have just one bad relationship, you can suffer damage to your happiness hormones.

34. As they say, one bad relationship can mess you up for years.

35. One bad relationship can crush you: what can you do to hold on to your smile?

36. Don’t give up on being happy just because one relationship ended badly. Your happiness is worth the fight.

37. You are too good to be in a bad relationship—find a better you.

38. It’s not easy to let go of a relationship that once meant everything to you. But it will get better, and there’s plenty of love to be found in the future. Just let go, and let it be.

39. A bad relationship can put you at risk of being physically abused, or it could cause you to lose control of your finances — or both.

40. One bad relationship can cost you your happiness, so don’t let it.

41. Don’t ruin your happiness in one bad relationship.

42. Bad relationships can be a rough time, and they’re often something you share with friends. If a friend’s going through a bad relationship, help them out! They’ll remember your kindness when times are harder.

43. Bad relationships can tear you down, and ruin your happiness.

44. You shouldn’t have to risk your happiness simply because one bad relationship is holding you back.

45. One bad relationship can cost you your happiness. Don’t let a bad break-up ruin the entire concept of love.

46. One bad relationship can cost you happiness. Choose your partner wisely, so you may be happy for years to come.

47. One bad relationship puts you into a funk that lasts for days. Just remember, you’re so much better than the loser who broke your heart.

48. Feeling like what once was, no longer is—don’t lose yourself because of one bad relationship.

49. Ending a bad relationship is a brave and strong thing to do. Remind yourself that you are worth this.

50. Don’t let one bad relationship cost you your happiness. Learn from it, move on, and enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest.

51. One bad relationship can cost you money, time and years of your life. Don’t lose yourself in a relationship that doesn’t value who you are.

52. Don’t let one bad relationship get in the way of your happiness. Moving on is the best thing you can do for yourself.

53. Even the best of relationships have their ups and downs-but the bitter ones can ruin you for the sweet ones.

54. When a bad relationship ends, it’s not easy to move on. Let your feelings out; you’ll be happy again soon.

55. Sometimes the only difference between being in a relationship and being single is just one bad breakup.

56. The hardest part of a bad relationship is when you realize that it’s just not working out, and there’s nothing left to say.

57. Unrequited love can give you nasty heartburn, but it’s only temporary.

58. One bad relationship can cost you your happiness. But it’s up to you to find the one who will make you happy.

59. Don’t have a boring relationship. There is a person out there who will make you happy, it’s up to you to find them.

60. One bad relationship can ruin your future happiness.

61. One bad relationship can leave you feeling lonely and scared, but it doesn’t have to stop you from being happy.

62. It’s hard to heal from loneliness and heartbreak, especially after a bad relationship leaves you and your future happiness in shambles.

63. If you’re in a bad relationship now, it’s not too late to make things better.

64. Relationships are hard. Sometimes you get into a relationship hoping it will be good but instead, it ends up hurting you. But when you find the perfect person, they’ll be worth the hard times.

65. One bad relationship can poison the whole well. But with patience, and most importantly, a little bit of self-love, you can uplift yourself to be better and stronger than ever before.

66. You can’t miss the forest for the trees. One bad relationship will cost you the ability to see all of the good ones around you.

67. Don’t let one bad relationship turn you into the person you never wanted to be.

68. One bad relationship can cost you everything. It can cost you your financial stability, your emotional health, and even your physical safety.

69. One bad relationship can bring out the worst in anyone. Don’t let it drag you down.

70. Don’t let your relationship drag you down. Even the best of us struggle when we’re in a bad relationship for too long.

71. It’s never easy navigating a bad relationship. We understand, and we want you to know that you are not alone.

72. Bad relationships can drag you down. If you’re dealing with a bad relationship, I’m here to help.

73. Your bad relationship doesn’t define who you are. You can be more than just the victim in a bad situation.

74. It can be difficult to bring your life back into focus after suffering from a bad relationship. You may begin to feel lost, unhappy, and disenchanted with your life. But this is not the end. You will find your way again. Everything will be okay.

75. It’s normal to feel hurt when a relationship you truly care about isn’t working out. But it’s important not to let the negative side effects impact your sense of self-worth.

76. It can be hard to get out of the bad relationship you’re in. You owe it to yourself, and all the people who count on you.

77. Relationships can be difficult. I know how much it hurts to have a broken heart — whether they end badly or you simply didn’t get what you wanted.

78. Your emotional well-being depends on being in a happy, supportive relationship. Therapy can help get you to get over one bad relationship.

79. I know how bad breaking up can be. It’s normal to feel bad, and want to take your time to heal.

80. Don’t let one bad relationship keep you from your soulmate. It’s like having one foot stuck in the past when you should be focused on the future.

81. When you’re in a bad relationship, it can feel like you’ll never be happy again. But you will.

82. When you are with someone who doesn’t make you truly happy, you can lose yourself in the relationship.

83. Want to find true happiness? Be wary of who you choose to be in a relationship with.

84. When it comes to love, know that you are so much better than the relationship you’re in. You deserve a love that treats you well, and a love that makes you happy.

85. If you’re trying to make a bad relationship work but finding it hard to do, be kind to yourself, and find happiness in your own life by leaving that relationship.

86. If you know your relationship is bad for you, make sure you take steps to better yourself.

87. You can’t miss the forest for the trees. So don’t let one bad relationship take over your happiness.

88. When you’re having a bad day, realize that a good relationship is worth waiting for.

89. Don’t blame yourself for the small things in a relationship—and always remember to focus on your happiness.

90. Don’t let one bad relationship cost you your happiness. Don’t wait for love to find you when it’s all you’ve been looking for.

91. Don’t let one bad relationship ruin your hope of finding love again. Find the courage to be happy alone.

92. One bad relationship can get you down. But you’re worth the wait for someone who treats you right.

93. One bad relationship can ruin your happiness, and make you feel like it’s impossible to find true love. Do not let this happen to you.

94. How many times have you been hurt by someone? We all will go through tough times. But if it’s true love, you will get back together.

95. Learn from your past, and let go of the bad. Find happiness in new relationships.

96. One bad relationship can cost you your happiness- don’t let time pass you by while you’re waiting on the wrong one.

97. Don’t let one bad relationship cost you all of your happiness.

98. Life is hard enough, and love can be even harder. Don’t let one bad relationship cost you all of your happiness.

99. You deserve to be loved. Don’t let one bad relationship stop you from having all the happiness and love you deserve.

100. Bad relationships can leave you feeling lost. They can make you feel like your heart will never beat again.

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I’m also sure they will help remind you of how amazing you are. Kindly drop your comments and share them with others. Thank you.

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