One Year Ago Today I Lost My Wife Quotes

One Year Ago Today I Lost My Wife Quotes

The death of a spouse is one of the most painful events that can occur in a man’s life. Losing a wife is one of the most traumatic experiences a man can go through in life. No matter how well he prepared himself for it or had been expecting it, it was still going to hurt like hell. It’s like having your heart ripped out of your chest, stomped on and then eaten by a lion. And then being told that you’ll have to do it all over again tomorrow with another spouse.

Your wife was everything to you. She was your lover, friend, confidante and the mother of your children. She was everything you’ve ever wanted in another human being and more than any other person on earth loved you unconditionally as much as she could possibly love another person (including herself). She was there for you when no one else would be and cared for you when no one else would care enough to do so.

Now she’s gone forever, taken from this world by forces beyond our control or understanding and even though you know that you will see her again someday in eternity (hopefully), it doesn’t make losing her any easier on this earth. This is a huge loss, and it’s hard to know how to move on. It’s important to remember that there is life after the loss of your wife. You can live again and enjoy life, but it will take time.

Below is a collection of one year ago today I lost my wife quotes that you can resonate with if you just lost your dear wife.

One Year Ago Today I Lost My Wife Quotes

One year ago today I lost my wife. She died doing what she loved and we had a good life together. We were together for 47 long years. Today is the anniversary of her death and it is hard to believe that a year has gone by so quickly.

1. One year ago today, I lost my wife. The one who always hugged me listened to my problems and made me feel loved. She was the best wife ever and will be missed terribly by all of us.

2. One year ago today, I lost my wife, who was only 31 years old. She was hit by a car while walking down the sidewalk on her way to work. At that time, our daughter was just 15 months old.

3. One year ago today, I lost my wife. I haven’t been able to get over it. There are times when I think that if I go through another birthday without her, I will not be able to keep living without her. It sounds crazy but just look at me sitting here writing on this wall because she is gone and there are no more words between us.

4. One year ago today, I lost the most important person in my life. Out of the blue and in an instant. It’s been a very hard year that has changed me dramatically as a human being. Having to be a single parent in such circumstances is difficult and leaves me at times at a loss for words when I look back on that day.

5. Today, I remember my wife and think about what it was like when she was alive. At the time, one year ago, I did not know that would be my last chance to tell her “I love you.”

6. One year ago today, I lost my wife. She was 42 years old and beautiful inside and out. She touched so many lives and left behind hundreds of friends who miss her every day. I’ve missed her every single day since she died but today seems like more than just another day. Today is the anniversary of the worst day of my life so far. She will always be in my heart, one way or another, as long as I live.

7. One year ago today, I lost my wife. She was a wonderful woman and mother to our children. My world has been turned upside down since losing her and going through the grieving process. It’s been very difficult for me to overcome these feelings of emptiness. I have been trying to spend more time with my kids and remember all the wonderful times we spent together.

8. Today marks the first anniversary of my wife’s passing. She went to sleep and didn’t wake up, but she is always with me, in my heart and mind.

9. Today is a sad day for me, it’s the anniversary of when I lost my wife. I still miss her as much today as I did that day and every day since. She was my life partner, best friend and soul mate. I love you through all eternity my dearest.

10. One year ago today, I lost my wife. Some days are harder than others, but I’m so thankful for her and for every second I had with her.

11. Today marks one year since the day I lost the most important person in my world. The pain is still very raw, but it has been getting better with time. It’s been a struggle to keep going, even though life still needs to be lived. I will always love you and miss you beyond what words can describe.

12. Sadly, one year ago today I lost my wife to cancer. She was such a bright light in our community, and she leaves behind a very big void. My heart still aches for her today.

13. It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since we lost you. Often I feel like no time has passed, while at other times I feel like a lifetime has passed by in the blink of an eye. Our lives will never be the same without you but we honour your memory when we celebrate life and all the joy you brought into our world. With love always.

14. One year later, the grief is still so raw. The sadness and heartache have not lessened. My heart hurts more now than it has at any time since her death. I miss her more than ever.

15. Today marks one year since I lost my wife. A lot has changed since then. Losing her was a defining moment in my life, one that changed me forever and made me the person I am today. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

16. One year has passed and time is not healing. Instead, it can magnify the pain. Today I think about how much I miss my wife and how I will never see her again.

17. My beautiful wife and soulmate, who brought meaning to life, died today. On this day one year ago, I lived the worst day of my life. I’ll never see her smile again.

18. The last few months have been the most difficult I have ever gone through. She was the love of my life, and the pain from her loss will never go away. Yesterday we had several friends over to celebrate my wife’s birthday and she was in the best mood possible.

19. One year ago today, I lost my wife. The hardest part of the last year has been coming to terms with the fact that she is gone and there’s nothing I can do to bring her back. We had so many plans for the future and it feels like we never got the chance to make even half of them come true. But one year after losing her, I feel something positive in all this sadness: appreciation for what I have left behind.

20. Today marks the first anniversary of my wife’s unexpected death. I’ve been going through a tough time, but I want to thank my audience and everyone else who has sent their condolences. You have helped me in ways that I could never express. Thank you all so much.

21. One year ago today, my world was turned upside down. I lost almost everything I knew and loved in an instant. I was left alone to face the challenges of single parenting and grieving the loss of a great woman. The memories are still fresh in my mind, but this journey has gradually renewed my faith and reminded me that no matter how hard things may get in life, we always have a choice: choose joy or choose sorrow.

22. One year ago today, I lost my wife. The grief, loneliness and pain are indescribable. Some days are good and some are bad but one thing remains true: We were lucky to have had three years together. Every day is a gift, even the sad ones.

23. One year ago today I lost my wife. We had only been married a few months and suddenly, I’m alone with two young kids. I still remember how she smelled in the morning.

24. Today marks one year since I lost the love of my life. She left us so suddenly and unexpectedly, without warning. The hole in my heart has never been filled since the Lord took her home. Her life was not just a good one, it was an important one; she helped so many people along the way, including me. I would challenge anyone to find a more noble woman than her. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those whose lives she touched during this difficult time.

25. It’s been one year since I lost the love of my life and I am struggling. There is an empty, aching hole that moves in where she used to be. It’s hard to look at myself in the mirror each morning when I know that she isn’t there anymore. My daily routine, which was once so full of joy and laughter now feels like a struggle.

26. As I reflect on the past year, I recognize how difficult it has been to get through each day without her. I miss her terribly, but I am so proud of the strong person she was and all that we accomplished together.

27. Today marks one year since I lost my wife to suicide. She was a remarkable person and I miss her terribly. I hope that you are safe and happy wherever you are.

28. A year ago today, I lost the love of my life. In an instant, everything changed. Today, I am forced to deal with the pain of losing a lifetime of memories and what if’s. It’s been a year but it still feels like yesterday.

29. It’s been one year since my wife passed away. Her death wasn’t what I expected. There was no grand, dramatic goodbye, no final words or hugs. She just slipped away over a few hours. I’m filled with sadness and regret that I didn’t spend more time with her as she was dying but at the same time kind of glad that it was quiet and peaceful when it happened.

30. This is one of the most memorable days of my life. We were married here in this place, in this small town. It was a beautiful day and we shared our vows to love each other forever. One year ago today, I lost my wife and became a widower.

31. Today I remember a time one year ago, I would have never predicted that in twenty-four hours I would have become a widower. On this day one year ago, I lost my wife.

32. One year ago today, I lost my wife. She was the most amazing person I ever knew and I never thought she would be gone so soon. I miss her every day and will do for the rest of my life.

33. One year ago today, I lost my wife. When she was gone, I thought my world would end. I had never loved it like that. She showed me a love that no one should have to endure. But now, with the support of good friends, family and amazing coworkers it seems as if life is starting to get better.

34. My soulmate, my lover and the woman who made me whole was taken from me in a cruel act of violence that I must now live without. She was my best friend and the person who knew me better than anyone else.

Hello there! I am sorry for the loss of your wife. I hope you were at least relieved after going through the collection of one year ago today I lost my wife quotes. Please do well to leave a comment in the box below. Thank you.

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