Know When to Give Up Quotes

Letting go and moving on is a process of validating that you’re worth more than whatever you’re letting go of. You’re worth your time, you’re worth your aspirations, you’re worth your dreams, and you’re worth going after something that will bring you joy. Also, we often forget that success sometimes happens after many failures. It …

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Broken Sibling Relationship Quotes

The relationship between brothers and sisters is a unique one, and getting along with your siblings can be difficult at times because sibling relationships can be hard sometimes. Broken sibling relationships can stem from so many things – competition, different personalities, jealousy, sibling rivalry and more. The hurt and pain of a broken relationship with …

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I Broke His Heart Quotes

Do you regret how things turned out between you and your lover? Or the events that led to it? Whether it’s regretting not being able to love him back or causing the breakup, you reminisce about the good old days, before things went wrong, making you wish things never happened that way. In such situations, …

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