2024 You Are My Best Friend SMS Messages

Friendship is one of the most beautiful things that could happen to one in life, Feelings are expressed through our wordings to inspire, support them. We care for friends and tell them about it, pick any out of these 50 to keep them closer and tell them how much we love them.

You Are My Best Friend Forever Quotes

Best friend forever sms messages and quotes to send to him or her.

1. Friends are ones who are protective of you and that’s what you are. You’ve proven to cherish even more than I can think of.

2. You are the sister my mom didn’t give birth to, your presence is comforting and loving. You always push me towards living and not just existing. I love you, my friend.

3. We might quarrel but we will be friends for life, a great person that is what you are and I appreciate our friendship.

4. What a great personality I have as my best friend, one who doesn’t care whether she eats but if I’ve eaten, thank you for sharing all with me.

5. I’ve never seen such a relationship, you have a great face I wanna see every day, a fantastic personality I’m always excited to sit with. You are the best. Best Friend Messages for Her

6. You are in my heart, I’ve got thoughts of you and I love that I think about you because I know you are a great friend.

7. A good friend is always available in the time of need and that’s what you are, you are always by my side to take care of me. I love you bestie.

8. It’s a good thing I’m not alone in this world, that I have a friend I can always count on. You are one in a million babes.

9. You are reliable, accountable, lovable, understanding, angelic. What more can I ask for in a friend? Lots of love from me.

10. It is impossible to keep friends in mind, it must be external, though you reside in my heart baby girl, know that I love you.

My Best Friend Text Messages

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11. Once you were a stranger but you are now a part of me, you became a sister I don’t have, you are a good friend dear.

12. What I couldn’t dare say to anyone, you accommodated it. There is this heartfelt joy I feel whenever I’m with you. Thank you, my friend.

13. Friendship is about compassion and love, and you are full of those two. I’ve never seen one with so much love and life.

14. One thing that is true is 20 kids can’t play for 20 years but I hope when we see again, you and I will be able to call each other friends and even look upon ourselves with love.

15. You will feel my absence and I will make sure to hold onto your presence, the best thing that came was a friend in person of you. Don’t doubt it, I love you. Thoughts About Friendship and Trust

16. When I was looking for what was not lost, you were there to give direction, you stood in as a mother and teacher though you’re a friend. I appreciate you, dear.

17. My one goal is to make sure the bond between us will never be broken, the love between us will not dissipate. Much love I got for you, bestie.

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18. My wish is that our friendship will last like time which never stop nor expire that’s how much I cherish you as a friend.

19. The best thing that could happen to man is a great association and I’m blessed because I have a great friend.

20. I might not know you before but now I know you like I know myself, you are my friend, my sister, my lawyer, a great thing that happened to me.

Message for Best Friend Forever

Sweet Message to My Best Friend Forever.

21. With so much love from my heart, I celebrate you especially because you are a special friend. Love you girlie.

22. They say life will be hard without money but I say my life would have been hard without you, my good friend. Thank you for filling into my life.

23. My friend turned sister, a girl I met and made something out of our meeting and this friendship produced a new me. I’m grateful.

24. Yes, you are an angel sent to me in the facade of a friend, Sometimes I wish you are indeed an angel, cos I got to have you with me at all times.

25. At all times your sweet words are abiding in my heart, I carry you about in my heart. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

26. I believe I can’t find any friend as good and great as you, you have helped and impacted me in many ways. Look around​ and see my aura.

27. Bonding is about time spent with loved ones, I learnt that from our friendship, from the time I’ve spent with you. Our bond will remain strong.

28. The fact that I have you, bestie is a comfort, having you as my best friend is a gift money can’t buy. Love you.

29. I’m grateful to God for bringing you to me, a friend who sees me As her twin, you never want me hurt, I’m honoured sincerely to have you, friend.

30. There are many valuable seconds in a day but it will be valueless without love, thank God I have someone​ like you to love me and spend time with me.

Best Quotes for Best Friend Forever

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31. I just don’t want to be your friend but also a sister, those wordings ring bells in my ear every day and it keeps me going. Love you friend turned sister.

32. Love is magical, but to be sincere, friendship is magic itself and you taught me that. Thanks for supporting me with love.

33. I know it might not be easy tolerating me but I have chosen to stick to you like glue.

34. The person who said blood is thicker than water does not know the bond we share together as friends.

35. All the reins of my heart set to lose the moment we meet. With you as my friend, I can say anything.

36. You are a friend with whom I can say anything with no restriction and no regret. With you I am free.

37. When I am with you craziness is bound to happen for soulmates have no reservations for secrets. i love you, friend.

38. In a world of security consciousness, I can go to bed and know that you, my friend got me covered.

39. I don’t get afraid of making mistakes because with you as friend there is creativity to make up for my flaws.

40. Time is not a factor to consider when with you my friend. It feels all good to hold time captive.

Best Friendship Text Messages

The best of friendship text messages for him or her from the heart.

41. If I could wind back time, I will choose to be with you my friend over and again.

42. I’m so addicted to you my friend that I can’t do a thing alone. I feel lost when you’re not around.

43. There’s only one word to describe this feeling: you’re my soulmate and I’m proud to call you my friend.

44. One thing I regret: why did I not meet you earlier in my life. Glad it was no too late after all.

45. I could climb 7 mountains and swim 7 oceans to have a moment of craziness with you.

46. I cannot imagine the day without you, my friend. Loneliness creeps in but I reel in our memories.

47. With you my friend, I feel intoxicated with laughter that I have no memories of pain. I’m so proud of you.

48. I can be sure to drift off and be brought back on track cause I have a sensitive friend as you.

49. Even when I am short of words, you fight for me in a fit of rage. That’s what friends are for right?

50. My pains are your pains, my joy your joy. We share feelings only special with friends.


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