2024 Heartfelt Prayers for My Boyfriend Quotes

Nothing says ‘I love you’ to your special man more than pure and genuine heartfelt prayers and best wishes.

It is so easy to tell your man that you love him, but sending him messages of prayer quotes as often as possible indicates that you have his best interest at heart.

Knowing how important it is to find the perfect words of support and encouragement, this beautiful collection of 2024 Heartfelt Prayers for My Boyfriend Quotes will help you support your man in the best way ever.

Go on then and pick your favourites!

Prayer for Him Quotes

For the fact that you’re the most special lady ever, these prayers for my boyfriend quotes were written with you in mind to send to him and make him feel confident in your love. Best of prayer for him quotes.

1. The Lord is your shepherd and there is absolutely nothing you shall want!
My love, this is my prayer for you today and always.

2. You are blessed in your going out and coming in my darling.
Have a safe trip and all the best for your business meeting.

3. I know that you are doing your best for your business, I pray that it will begin to pay off soon enough. Until then, keep reaching for the stars baby!

4. You are a gift to this world, never you feel anything otherwise.
Show up to work each day like a boss and watch God take you to higher heights.

5. I believe that God has a very special plan for you.
Don’t be too hard on yourself.
Everything will be alright my love.

6. May God bless the works of your hand and reward your efforts.
You are a born winner and that’s all you need to keep in mind.

7. I love you but God loves you the most, He will never forsake you, I want you to always remember that.

8. May the presence of God be your continuous companion in this new week and forever more, Amen.
Have a blessed day.

9. I sincerely hope that I am part of God’s plan for you.
Regardless, I pray that you have only the finest things of life.

10. Sometimes, we don’t know what we truly need until it is provided for us. May all your known and unknown needs be provided for you.

11. My prayer for you my sweet soul is that your life will always be filled with the most beautiful and exciting things including me! * insert wink emoji*
You are the best.

12. Miracles come to those who believe in them.
I know how much you believe in miracles, get ready and prepare for tons of good stuff coming your way.

13. God is still a way maker, never lose sight of that!
Dear sweet soul, don’t stop believing and trusting God.

14. Most of the times, it’s frustrating waiting for things to fall in place.
My love, it is my sincere prayer that your waiting period comes to an abrupt end.

15. Hey handsome, stop worrying your beautiful heart, God has got your back now and always.
It won’t be long now, blessings are coming!

16. One can never really have enough, may God continue to provide for you abundantly according to the riches of his glory.

17. Sweetheart, I pray that you will always be thankful for God’s unending blessings towards you.
Live in the moment and appreciate all that you have.

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18. The season is here for you to begin to reap all the fruits of your labour.
May God’s glory continue to shine down upon you my love.

19. God gives to those who ask of him.
I pray today that God will give you the grace to continue all of your good works.

20. You deserve to have the best things of life and that is my wish and prayer for you every single day of your life.
Continue to flourish my love.

21. All things are bright and beautiful because the Lord God made them all.
May your life be bright and beautiful too!

22. May your health be sound and your wealth increase, above all, may your life be made whole my darling.
You are blessed beyond words.

23. Goodness and blessings shall follow you in all the things that you do all the days of your life, amen.
You only have to believe.

24. If God is for you, no one can be against you.
It is my prayer that God will continue to be for you always and forever.

25. As long as there is life, hope will always abound.
My darling, I wish you a long, happy and healthy life.

26. Sometimes, all you will ever need is to have the right people around you.
I hope you always find yourself with the right people.

27. Joy always comes in the morning, always!
I hope that you find more moments of joy and fulfillment.

28. Everything will be alright, I can feel it.
Your big break is coming my love.
Congratulations in advance.

29. Be thankful for the past, make the most of the present and have the best hope for the future.
A beautiful week to you my love.

30. There will always be better days ahead because God is the beginning and the end.
Your better and brighter days are coming!

31. There is no doubt that God has been immensely good to you.
I pray it never stops getting better for you.
Excellent days are ahead.

32. Believe me when I tell you that God knows all about you.
You do not have to worry about a single thing.
Just trust and obey.

33. You shall continue to rise like a phoenix above all of your troubles.
You shall receive so much good in heavenly abundance.

34. I want you to be still and remember that God is still God.
At the right time, all things will be made whole and joy shall fill your heart.

35. My darling, all that you have and are belongs to God Almighty.
May God continue to provide you with more than enough for every good work.

36. The future is full of new and beautiful moments and things.
Meanwhile the present will also be filled with everything you need.

37. Things may not be the way you want them to be at the moment but I know that soon enough, everything will be just great and wonderful.

38. I hope that you find the things which your heart seeks and that you find absolute fulfillment in your daily life.
Keep being true to yourself.

39. May there be no room for any worry or anxiety in your life because God will take care of all of your needs in all the ways that are right for you.

40. I pray that the spirit of excellence will be with you as you give your best at work for maximum results and rewards.

41. It is never too late to have a grateful heart.
May you have many moments that will cause you to have a heart of gratitude.

42. Peace, joy, and happiness are only a few of the many beautiful things I pray upon your life today and always.

43. I hope that your expectations will never be cut short, I pray that success will always be a part of your life story.
You are blessed, my love.

44. From the moment you wake up to the moment you have your rest at night, may God guide and keep you safe for me.

45. Whether you are up or down, I hope you always have God.
Because when you do, everything else becomes easier and better.

46. May the Lord bless you with so much wisdom and knowledge to carry out your daily work with all zeal and achieve your desired goals.

47. It is always beautiful when  God shows up for us just when we need it.
May God turn up for you in all the moments that you need Him.

48. Eventually, you will have so much more but until then, be super thankful for how far you have come.
You have got better days coming along.
Be thankful for where you are!

49. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.
May God provide for you abundantly according to all your needs.

50. You shall begin to reap the benefits of all your efforts in abundance from the rising of the sun to its setting, amen.

51. I hope that you will become a source of light and happiness to everyone around you.
I hope that your light will so shine before men always.

52. I pray that God gives you the wisdom and knowledge to always take the right and best decisions for your business for better results.

53. I hope that you always have more than enough for yourself, your family and all the good work that you do.

54. May the good Lord restore you to perfect health so that you can be whole again and carry out your work with all diligence.

55. I thank God for the gift of your life and I pray that you get many more years of excellence and absolute fulfillment.

56. I pray that you always count your blessings and be filled with gratitude for what God is constantly doing in your life and career.

57. Everything might not be exactly the way you want it at the moment but I need you to know that God’s blessings are coming to you in all the ways you can’t imagine.

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58. There’s only so much you can do for yourself, may God’s grace meet you always at every point of your need, remain blessed.

59. Remember that each new day means new opportunities and rewards.
May your today be exciting and rewarding.

60. For there is nothing that God cannot do!
My love, for every of your need, may God grant you something even better than what you wanted.

61. I pray that you would never have any reason to question your faith and the presence of God in your life.
Remain steadfast in Christ Jesus.

62. May the sun shine bright in your way and the moon illuminate your path at night.
May God’s love always surround you in all the places you go.

63. May your life become better through God’s many blessings and providence so that your life can be as great as you want it to be.

64. It is my prayer for you that every path you choose to follow will lead to places of success and rewarding opportunities.

65. Hold on to everything right and just and eventually, God will make things right for you.
It is a blessing to be able to wait on God.

66. I sincerely pray that you receive breakthroughs in all of your efforts and that they will be abundantly crowned with incredible success.

67. I pray that you keep being your sweet and amazing self and that in due time, God will abundantly reward you in the most amazing ways.

68. May you become remarkable among your peers and may all your work produce incredible results that will enrich in every way.

69. With God, all things are possible.
All of your dreams will become reality just the way you have been praying for them to be.

70. God will show up for you in such a big way that you would be completely overwhelmed by His blessings.
My love, get ready!

71. God blesses us with good things and loving people.
I pray that you will always have the best of things and people around you.

72. I love how you are always thankful for every single thing.
May you always have reasons to be thankful to God.

73. What you thought was an end was simply just the beginning.
This is a new time for you, a time for abundant blessings and goodness.

74. May all your blessings be made new each day of your life and may joy and happiness never depart from you.
You are blessed, my love.

75. Hold on to the promises of God, He will do for you exactly what you have asked of him.

76. May you always have the gift of contentment as you continue to wait on God for more of His blessings upon your life.

77. I pray that your next business meeting brings you steps closer to getting the desired results you need for the very next level.

78. Never doubt yourself; you have God so therefore you have everything.
Prepare for God to bless you beyond all your imaginations.

79. You are wonderfully made by God, so, therefore, go forth and flourish in all that you do now and always.

80. As you start this new job, I pray that you will always be excellent and all due rewards and benefits will come to you abundantly.

81. May you receive when you ask, may you find when you seek and may the door be opened unto you whenever you knock.

82. I pray that you always make your parents proud and happy so that your days will be long in the land which the Lord your God has given you.

83. I hope that you have so much peace and happiness in your life; the peace which God gives that surpasses all human understanding.

84. May the Lord always watch over you and listen to your prayers and grant you that which your heart desires that is right and just.

85. I hope that you always find so much goodness in all the places that you look and in all the ways there is today and always.

86. What God will begin to do for you is more than what you have ever received.
Go on and prepare your songs of thanksgiving!

87. There’s only one way to have a better life; it is to have a pure heart.
May God’s grace give you the purity of heart to have the best of life.

88. I hope that your life always radiates the glory of God and bring you to all the people that will help make your life better.

89. Seek you first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and every other good thing will be added unto you in all the ways you need it.

90. I pray that the Holy Spirit of God will continually be active in your life and give you so much excellence and extraordinary breakthroughs.

91. Always ask for God’s blessings with a thankful heart because in doing so, you will always have more than you ask for.

92. May you always be kind and patient with others in the same way God shows you kindness and patience every day.

93. You may have come to the end of that contract but I tell you that it is only the beginning of better and more rewarding contracts.

94. I hope that you always have the strength and courage to put your faith and trust even when things don’t seem right.

95. Look around you and see how blessed you are; look forward to many more blessings coming your way.

96. There’s no such thing as too much blessings; you will always have more than you need at all times for a happy life.

97. From the east to the west and all the ends of the earth; anywhere you go, you will constantly have God’s protection.

98. May you always have your strength renewed so that you can do all your work and have incredible results.

99. You will be prosperous and successful as long as you continue to do God’s will and abide by His words.

100. If you remain in God and His words remain in you, you will ask anything you wish and you shall have it because you are God’s precious son.

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