Prayers for My Sick Girlfriend to Get Well Soon (2024)

There is so much to say to a person who is smiling; much to share with a joyous heart, but what do you say to a sick girlfriend or someone you need to cheer up? Truly, we all need someone to lift us up when our spirits are down. The right words of prayer to a sick person work miracles. It is true that medications are good but just as little acts of kindness matter, so is it with our messages of prayer.

To make lemonades out of the lemon’s life throws at us, we need the recipe that comes from the ways I can make a sick person better which comes from the prayers you send to them. No matter the distance, no matter the season, no matter the time a message of prayer reaches its destination, its effect spiral over the life of the recipient and works wonders.

That is why it’s needed that we extend some love to our loved ones when they are sick; just like a sick girlfriend. Sending some words of prayers for my sick girlfriend would go a long way to help her recover fast and would make her feel loved and cared for.

I have written many prayers here which will help scale through the mind-boggling puzzles of how do I pray for my partner to get well soon. It is good to be close when your lover is down, a happy face is a medicine to the soul, but if the distance is a problem or maybe, you just want to send something ahead while you are on the way to visiting a sick girlfriend, then you have them all here.

Get well prayers for my sick girlfriend, since you know that one of the best possible ways to prove your love for your girlfriend whenever she’s ill is by praying for her, these prayers to my sick girlfriend to get well soon will help.

Prayers for my sick Lover

When a lover is sick, two people are sick. For both hearts are fused into one; sometimes, we may need to realize how very important our words of comfort are to our sick lover. It may not be the usual romantic messages for my lover but a soothing text to say ‘Get well soon. That’s exactly what you will get in these prayers for my lover below

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1. The news of your ill-health threw me off balance. I sincerely desire we could swap position, then I realized you will also be so uncomfortable even as I am. This sickness is not unto death for no germ is permitted to thrive in your body. I pray for your body to receive strength to ward off these uninvited visitors. You’ll rise from that that bed stronger than ever. Amen.

2. I release the prayer of good health upon you. The desire of all the loving people you mean so much to is for you be always be in their company hale and hearty. You can’t be sick, my dear. My confession unto you today is health, prosperity and inner strength. No sickness shall overcome you. You’ll live above all the plans of a strange illness. This is to your quick recovery, my love.

3. I decree upon your life, my love, that your bones receive strength. Your muscles receive power. Your ligaments receive quickening. Your blood receives a cleansing. Your tendons receive life. Your heart receives momentum for greater efficiency. Your lungs receive fresh air. Your entire body, RISE UP!

4. My prayers for you are supplements to the pills prescribed for you. May you never experience this kind again. I command that sickness out of your body. Your purpose in life is to be great and not to be subservient to a disease. Receive your health back.

5. As you continue in your fight against the germs that invaded your body, take your time to rest. Always remember that your fight now is not in the shaking of your muscle but in the peace that generates from your soul for it is within the soul that the healing powers of God come upon every person. Be completely healed.

6. Dear Lord. I pray for my lover reading this text message right now that as his eyes read and his heart receives while the brain processes the information, let your power flow within his body and circulate all throughout his entire system. Receive this gift I’m sending across- PERFECT HEALTH.

7. I prayed for you as I woke up this morning. I’m also sending you this prayer as the second dose of prayer: May all the foreign agents in your body be wiped away. May your body receive internal strength to defend itself. May the aliens of sickness lose their strength in you. May you rise up in victory at last. Amen.

8. The wind has not stopped blowing. The sun has not stopped shining. The rain hasn’t stopped shining. In wind, I am sending my love. With the Sun, I am sending you all my cares. Through the Rain, I am sending you all the cure therein. Get well, my love.

9. Read this aloud: I am healed. There is no sickness in my body. I am perfect. My body if free form illness. There are no diseases in my body. My body is not meant for sickness. I live in divine health. Get well, my dear.

10. Heavenly Father, heal my love. Release her from the grasp of sickness. Make her whole again. This is all I ask for this beautiful day you have given.

Prayers for the Sick

The stages of life appear to all of us in different shades and at different times. Sicknesses are some of these shades that can bring anyone down no matter how high or exalted the person is. Yet, the way we respond or help others to respond tell how rising from the depth would be. A simple prayer for the sick could be the pill they need.

11. Sicknesses are not what we plan for; they are simply intruders to our healthy lives. When they come, they have to be shown they are not welcome. Fight to show that you do welcome this intruder. Receive your healing.

12. I join my faith with yours, dear. Please get well soon. Do not lose hope for your recovery is on the way. This message is my quick way of praying for your recovery.

13. Hey, I know how lonely it could be when one is sick but I know that this will not last. This sickness is not to your death. You will come out stronger than before. Happy recovery in advance.

14. My dear, your absence has caused me a vacuum in my space. I am missing all your cheering smiles. I pray for a quick recovery. We need to hang out again.

15. Whatever you may be passing through now, believe and know that it is to your growth. May you receive quick recovery and perfect health. My prayer for you is get up, rise and walk free of illness.

16. For your pains, I pray for soothing relief. For your loneliness, I pray for inner joy. For your struggle, I pray for hope. For your illness, I pray for perfect healing. Be healed.

17. There are many ways to be absent from any event, occasion, function or friendship. The most annoying and frustrating is when the reason is attached to ill-health. Get well quick. I need you back on your feet as soon as possible.

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18. Nature abhors a vacuum. Was it due to my short absence that made that sickness come visiting you? Please tell it that I am back. There is no space for rent in your body. I am here to take my rightful place. Get well dear.

19. My girlfriend is someone in whose arms I find comfort and warmth, but today sickness has deprived me of that unique opportunity. I offer myself to you today for comfort and warmth and above all, get well fast.

20. In whom I am well pleased I cannot wish evil. Even in sickness, I will always love and be with you. Always remember, sickness cannot take you away from me. Get well dear.

Messages for Sick Girlfriend

No one loves to be sick, not even our pet animals. How much more of a girlfriend. Sickness is like a strange and forceful visitor who imposes visitation on people. It’s time to part ways. Sickness is not welcome, help your girlfriend with the strength to chase them away.

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21. When sickness comes intruding, let love show its endurance. When illness sneaks in, let affection illuminate its tenacity. My love for you will not be altered because of a mere sickness. Get well.

22. Though sickness infiltrated in at this end, I will be waiting to receive you at the other side of perfect health. Get well dear.

23. There are many pills administered in times of illness but the most efficient medicine is the LOVE PILL. I am sending loads of it. In this type of medicine, there are no known side effects of OVERDOSE. Get well dear.

24. I know how strong you are mentally. I have seen you take on challenges seem bigger than you. Fight this sickness and show it that you are mentally capable while being assured that my love for you is secured. Get well.

25. Hey dear, if you need my presence, just say it. Don’t pass the message through illness. Now, get up and get well because I am here waiting for you. Get well and let’s roll along once again.

26. Sickness thought it could steal your beauty by coming heavily upon you. Little did it know that you look even more beautiful now only that I want to see you jump. Retain your beauty but delete the sickness. Get well.

27. I have been told people blush when they are excited the colouration on your cheeks even on the sickbed is a testimony that it is possible to blush while being sick. Get well dear, I prefer to see you blush in happiness.

28. The hospital blankets may try to give you artificial warmth but only you can testify that there is no better place to get the natural warmth than in my bosom. Get well soon.

29. Oh My God, your eyes shine brighter than three stars combined. Jump out of that sickbed and illuminate once again our room.

30. You are so sweet that even illness want to taste out of your sweetness. I never knew sickness gets jealous until it attacked you. Fight it off because your honey is only meant for me. Get well dear.

Romantic Get Well Soon Text Messages

There is no time limit for romance. There are no barriers to amorous advances once the hearts are intertwined and connected. So, even in sickness, your romance can be maintained and they are sure pill for health.

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31. My juicy watermelon, I have been deprived of getting my dose of daily juice from you because this sickness came over you. Please turn the table around and be the champion over this ailment. Get well fast.

32. Why would you decide to fall sick when you know that you are only meant to fall in love? Please, rise up and stay with me. I wish you a quick recovery.

33. What do you hear about doctors? That they only care and that cure belongs to God. Nah! Care belongs to me. Trust me, no one cares about you than I do, so get well fast. I have loads of care waiting for you.

34. To my only honey pie,
I am catching a cold because of your prolonged stay in the hospital. A day on the sickbed is like an eternity to me. Get well dear, our bed is more succulent than the hospital bed.

35. No matter the distance, your smell tickles the pleasure part of my brain. Come home quick and get off the cage of sickness. This is to your speedy recovery.

Prayer for a Sick Partner

The first point of contact for a sick person is the partner. So, in every situation of ill-health, a partner somewhere is expected to lighten the burden of the sickness by praying and sending words of prayer, by this quick recovery is guaranteed.

36. My prayer for you today is that you will come out alive and victorious over every sickness. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

37. You are my other half. Anything that happens to you happens to me, so I command that the sickness gets out of your body. You are declared free from every kind of sickness.

38. As the day breaks this morning, you are breaking away from every chain and bondage of sickness, my dear. Receive sound health.

39. The promise of God over your life is that your soul prospers even as you are good in health, so I pray for everything malfunctioning in your body to receive repairs and start functioning as pre-ordained. Get well.

40. I have been given the power to loosen people out of bondage. I release you now from the hold of sickness. Receive perfect health.

Short Messages for a sick Friend

A friend is not just someone who checks time before he finds out about us but a friend is someone who creates time to check on us. That’s what makes our friends indeed when we are there in need. The messages below are apt for such moments.

41. Don’t add worry to your sickness. These are normal occurrence as we grow in life. Just fight with your metal power and in a short time, you are out. Get well.

42. The good part of this period is that it gives you time to rest from all your hustling and bustling. Take your time to rest even as you recover. Get well fast.

43. The news of your sickness came to me as a surprise, please receive strength to hold on as you recover from it. Stay strong.

44. I want you to know that from the deepest part of my heart, I am praying for you and wishing a speedy recovery. You mean so much to me than sickness holding you down from me.

45. You again? You see, I’ve always told you that you are always too cheerful. Now, sickness wants to come and enjoy a little moment with you. Please let the sickness that your cheerful spirit id for your friends only. Get well dear.

Healing Prayers for the Sick

Healing comes in many ways, the subtlest way is by sending a message of healing to the sick. Even in the midst of the busiest days, these messages could come in handy. Don’t hesitate.

46. Healing is your bread please take it and let it manifest. You are healed.

47. I pray for great healing upon your spirit. I pray for quick mending of your soul. I pray for the fast recovery of your body. Get well.

48. There is nothing too big for God to do for He that made the body cannot be confused about how to heal you. He will heal today. Get well.

49. There are enough spare parts of vehicles in the manufacturer’s warehouse. In the same way, there are many spare parts of human in the warehouse of the Creator. Your healing is nigh. Believe and be healed.

50. The best part of today is that this message of healing is coming your way to preparing the way for the great healing coming to you today. Be healed from every kind of diseases. You are healed.

Of all the things wished for on earth, sickness is one thing no one wishes for but when it comes, albeit uninvited, we wish it depart by wishing whoever it is good health. May the messages above get to your girlfriend and do that you desire it to do.

Don’t forget to come back whenever you need them. Thanks for going through the powerful prayers for my sick girlfriend.

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