Proud Autism Mom Quotes

Parenting isn’t easy. In the first few years of parenting, a new mom enters uncharted territory. A woman often goes through life changes to eventually become a mom. She mostly sacrifices her life to ensure her child has the best and, sometimes, also gets criticized when the children don’t turn out the way society expects them to.

While there is no special way to prepare for raising a child with chronic medical conditions, such as autism, there are some things that new moms need to know about autism spectrum disorders. Autism is a developmental disability that prevents people suffering from the condition from communicating effectively, understanding non-verbal communication like gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice, and maintaining healthy relationships with others.

As a result, some moms with autistic children find it hard to cope, battle psychological issues and face societal stigmatization/pressure. However, some other autistic moms have waded the storm and are determined to make the most of their situation by ensuring their autistic children become all they have been destined to be; these are proud autism moms.

Are you a proud autism mom, or would you like to be? This collection of proud autism mom quotes below is for you. Go through them, and be happier and prouder.

Proud Autism Mom Quotes

I’m a proud autism mom, and my son is the most important thing in my life. He’s what led me to autism, which is why I won’t stop being proud of him. I’m so happy he’s picking up and getting better than he used to be.

1. I’m a proud autism mom of an amazing son who graduated from University with a degree in Biology. I am so blessed and grateful to have my family.

2. As a proud autism mom, don’t be afraid to let your child grow and change in non-traditional ways like me. I am proud to be an autism mom.

3. I am proud to be a mother to an autistic child. I am proud that my child is different from other children. I am proud that my child has taught me things about myself and the world around me.

4. I’m a proud autism mom. My child rocks, and I love him just the way he is.

5. Because of my son, I’m proud to be a part of the autism community. Thanks for being part of who my son is.

6. I love my son so much and want him to know that. He’s autistic and doesn’t always say it, but he tells me in other ways.

7. I’m a proud autism mom, and autism has taught me perseverance, hope, and joy.

8. Just because he makes noises and doesn’t look you in the eye when you talk to him doesn’t mean he’s not listening.

9. It is hard to be a stranger in the land of autism. That’s why I’m grateful for my best friend, my son.

10. I believe autism is an incredible gift. It’s my blessing and also my curse. It’s how I see the world and what I’m doing to change it. I love my son.

11. Our son has autism, and he does like routine. But he also can be loving, kind, and funny, and his meltdowns are less about the situation and more about the sensory overload he feels when he is in a situation that’s too difficult for him to handle.

12. I am proud of my autistic son because he is no longer a burden to society. He brings joy to my life, and his laughter lights up the room.

13. I may not be able to help him with the things he struggles with, but I can fix one thing – his diet

14. I’m the mom of an autistic son. I am a proud autism mom.

15. I’m just a mama, but when it comes to autism, I’d rather be prepared than sorry.

16. As the mom of an autistic kid, I want my son to know that he is perfect, exactly how he is. He deserves a community that loves and accepts him, just like he is now.

17. My son is very busy, active, vocal… and sometimes a little loud. I have accepted that he has autism, and I am still learning about him, but above all, I see him as my child first.

18. I love being my son’s mom. I made him, and then I got to keep him forever. I’m so very lucky.

19. The best thing about my son is that he’s always himself. He’s smart, funny, and kind-hearted. And I wouldn’t change a thing about him.

20. Hope is the true north of a mother’s heart. I will always fight for my child’s right to communicate and be heard.

21. I’m not your typical autism mom. I am a proud autism mom.

22. I am a fiercely proud mom of an autistic child, and I love him to death. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about autism until he was about 3 or 4 years old. I thought it would be the end of my world when I discovered my son had autism, but the diagnosis opened up a new world for him and me.

23. I’m proud to be the mom of an autistic child. I don’t want him to lose his quirky, unique gifts because of societal pressure.

24. As an autism mom, I believe in the power of acceptance and understanding. We all live with the beautiful differences that make each of us unique.

25. I am proud to have a child with autism. I am proud of my work as a mother, and I’m so thankful that a community like this exists – filled with people who understand my challenges and celebrate my son’s unique gifts.

26. I’m celebrating World Autism Awareness Day daily because I can’t help but celebrate my son, who is an awesome, funny, and smart kid with autism.

27. I love this shot of our son and his buddy, who has autism. It makes me proud as a mom to know he sees the value in a friend like Z.

28. As autism moms, just because our children are different from most people’s, doesn’t mean they aren’t just as special.

29. I’m so proud. I can’t wait to share the latest accomplishments of my amazing son.

30. On behalf of a proud autism mom, here are my words of wisdom for this new chapter; believe in your child, believe in yourself, and always keep sight of your goal.

31. I am proud to be an autism mom. I know I’m not alone in this–the autism community is filled with brave parents and children empowered by how far we’ve come and inspired by the amazing possibilities.

32. As an autism mom, I am the proud mother of a 15-year-old son who has made enormous strides in his life. He has been through a lot, which was not easy.

33. I’m proud to be a mom of an amazing, loving, and handsome autistic son. I try to make him understand that he’s different that doesn’t mean he’s not normal; it’s just his way of being in this world.

34. I was once asked to describe my son in 3 words. Those three words would be kind, loving, and smart. I know he’s autistic, but that’s just a diagnosis and not the way he looks at life.

35. The doctors told us early on that he has autism but didn’t tell us how much love he had in his heart. He is so kind, smart, and a blessing to his wonderful twin brother and me.

36. Being a mother to children on the autism spectrum has been a challenge, but I’m proud of their progress in the last few years.

37. There are things autism takes away and other things that autism gives. These days, I’m more grateful for the gifts than the losses.

38. All of our kids are special and unique in their way. Autism doesn’t make them different; it’s a big part of who they are.

39. My child is my greatest accomplishment. He is so wonderful, but he broke my heart into a million pieces when he was diagnosed with autism. I am very proud of him.

40. Over the moon for my bright, curious, and kind autistic son. He just graduated from college!

41. As an autism mom, if you don’t want to ask me questions because you’re afraid of offending me, that’s okay. I’d much rather you ask than assume and be wrong.

42. It is always hard to be the perfect mother, wife, and friend. But if you are doing your best, even if it means that you have to shift back and forth on priorities, people will see your effort, and they will love you − not just for everything you accomplish or own but for who you are as well.

42. Autism mama. Proud autism mom. Proud mom. I am an autism mom. I am a proud autism mom. I am a parent of a child with autism.

43. I know I’m neurotypical. But I also can’t help but feel proud—really proud—of my autistic daughter.

44. This autistic mom is celebrating our son’s first day at preschool and wants to thank all the amazing teachers, therapists, and aides who help him learn. He has come so far.

45. A mom with a story of raising 3 autistic children who are proud to say that, for her kids, autism is not something to hide.

46. Being a mom to a child with autism has its ups and downs. But it’s all worth it when I see the world through his eyes.

47. For someone who is always on the go, it’s important that my autistic daughter never feels overwhelmed.

48. I love my autistic son with all my heart. He is autistic, I am not, but he is the most important thing in my life.

49. Autism is such a huge part of who I am. I’ve come to terms with that. So instead of running from it, I’m going to embrace it—for myself and my son.

50. Autism can seem scary. It isn’t. I have met so many beautiful, brilliant autistic citizens throughout the years; you are all my inspiration.

51. The greatest gift of all is not found in a store or under a tree but in the heart of an autistic child!

52. I celebrate the beautiful spectrum of my autistic children, including all their quirky little gifts and talents.

53. I am proud of my son and the human he has become. He is such a gift to the world. There is more knowledge in his little finger than in the medical field.

54. Never be ashamed of who you are. Through all my challenges, I’ve learned to be proud of who I am.

55. Because growing up is hard enough. I’m proud to be an autistic mom because every day is a chance to remind the world that my son is more than he appears on the outside.

56. I’m a proud autism mom of an amazing boy. I am proud of my little man. He is happy and healthy; I wouldn’t change it for the world!

57. Ceilings and floors are far away from an autistic mom. There’s only epic, awesome, and victory every waking moment.

58. Let me be clear that autism is not a tragedy. Autism is also not a gift. However, if your child says something like “I like it when the lights are off” or “I feel better when there is less talking, ” my child is autistic, and I would not do anything different.

59. My son is a happy and healthy boy who is just different from most. He does not let his autism define him; I am grateful for that.

60. People always tell me that they can’t tell I’m autistic just by looking at me. I am proud of this, and my son is proud of me too.

61. Being a mom to a child with autism doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this beautiful world we live in. The happiest place on earth is wherever your child is, and they are happy.

62. Being a mom to a child on the spectrum is like living life constantly in an exhausting crisis. But it is also the most rewarding, challenging, and amazing experience ever.

63. My son with autism is doing amazing things. I’m so proud of my boy for being brave enough to take the steps other kids take for granted. They have always been different, but different is beautiful.

64. As an autism mom, when they tell you you’re doing a good job, it means you’re doing an awesome job.

65. Being an autistic mom taught me that there’s no such thing as failure and that no one gets anywhere in life by themselves. Ask for help when needed, and never be afraid to ask questions.

66. Autism is hard. It’s not easy to be the mom of a child with autism. But it is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.

67. We are proud moms who love our autistic children more than words express.

68. I am a proud mother of an incredibly smart, funny, and beautiful boy with autism.

69. Sometimes autism can feel like a burden, but then I look at you and remember that you are beyond our wildest dreams.

70. Autism comes with strengths. I’ve learned to see mine not as a burden but as a gift.

71. May is autism awareness month. Every child with autism is special and unique, and every family’s journey is different.

72. The most important thing we need to teach our children with autism is to love themselves.

73. A mother’s love is powerful. My son has autism, and I have to say, it’s one of the toughest things I’ve ever experienced in my life. But there are also amazing moments when something incredibly sweet happens and reminds you that you wouldn’t change it for the world, as tough as it is.

74. Autism is a puzzle. Learn the pieces, and put them together until you have the full picture.

75. Autism is a different way of processing the world around us. It is not better or worse; it just is.

76. We are all different, and that makes us special. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure of something.

77. I’m a proud autism mom, and I will not rest until every puzzle piece fits. The mind may be complicated, but the heart is simple.

78. I am part of the autism community, and throughout my journey of raising an autistic child, I have come across plenty of great quotes to live by.

79. Autistic mom, and proud of it. I commend you to all the moms out there who are raising or have raised a child on the autism spectrum!

80. Being a mom to an autistic child has taught me that the only way out of a problem is through it.

81. When I’m told that I’m doing a good job, I first think about what my son with autism can’t do yet. He’s my inspiration to keep doing a good job.

82. Autism is not a deficiency of love; it’s a difference in how we love. Thankful for the amazing kids in my life.

83. Never lose hope. My boy has taught me what it means to be unconditional, and we will keep inspiring each other daily.

84. You are enough. Aspire to be better. Be kinder. Spread joy. Discuss and learn from others, but only when asked. Live your truth loudly and proudly.

85. As an autism mom, if I have learned anything about life, it is importance to be flexible and let go of my expectations. Expectations are one of the greatest sources of disappointment in life.

86. Grab the world by its ears, and shake it until it listens. Every day with you is a discovery.

87. People look at me like I have rocks in my head when I say I’m a proud autism mom. But honestly, I am. My son saved my life and gave me a purpose. He’s the reason I live my life today. Thanks to him, my eyes are wide open, and I see the world with different eyes.

88. My autistic son has shown me that I can do anything as long as I set my mind. There’s nothing he can’t achieve, so why not let him reach for the stars?

89. Autism has taught me about patience. The real beauty of autism is that my son will always be my son. I’m Autism’s mom, and I have not let it take away my joy and love for life with my son, who happens to have this disability called autism.

90. My son is 4 and has autism. He is super smart. He’s autistic, but it doesn’t define him.

91. As an autistic mom, autism and I have gotten pretty good at this parenting thing.

92. Autism is forever. But so are you, and you can do anything.

93. The feeling of being a proud mother of an autistic woman whose work revolutionized the livestock industry and my daughter, who is high-functioning autistic and just got accepted to three colleges, inspires me.

94. When the world gets loud and scary, I hold onto my autistic child tighter.

95. Just because your child has autism, doesn’t mean he or she can’t have a normal life.

96. Our first family vacation—with a 3-year-old and a toddler with autism.

97. Trying to raise a kid who doesn’t follow the rules has been an amazing adventure.

98. Dear autism mom, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Be the parent you want to be.

99. I am a proud autism mom. I am a proud teacher, mom, and friend.

100. I’m proud to be an autism mom making a difference in the world for all kiddos on the spectrum.

I hope you find the collection of proud autism mom quotes I have here interesting and helpful. Please feel free to leave your comments and endeavour to share them with your family and friends.

Thank you.

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