Quotes for Surgery to Go Well

Quotes for Surgery to Go Well

Surgery is a terrifying prospect. It’s scary, it’s painful and it leaves you feeling helpless or vulnerable. It’s one of those things that most people have never experienced, so it’s hard to know what it will be like and what to expect. There are few experiences as frightening as wondering if you’re going to survive major surgery, and that fear often occurs if your close related person is facing the procedure.

In the beginning stages of planning a surgery, it’s hard to imagine the outcome. Fear might creep in, and you might start thinking of the worst-case scenario. Many times, surgeries don’t turn out how we hope. That can prompt fear to grow instantly in our hearts.

It is normal to feel fearful, but you need to trust the doctor and the team handling your loved one’s case. They know what they’re doing, and they’re the most qualified people for the job. You should respect their opinion and suggestions (even if you don’t agree), especially in terms of treatment for your loved one.

That is why I have put together the best quotes for surgery to go well below to help calm your nerves and give you a heads up when you or your loved ones need to undergo surgery. Read them and thank me later.

Quotes for Surgery to Go Well

Wishing you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. We’ll be thinking of you in the days ahead. Never a doubt in my mind that your surgery is going to go well. I believe you’re going to be ready before you even get out of the operating room. Don’t worry, surgery will go well.

1. I know you’re scared about your surgery, but don’t be. I know everything will be fine. I trust that you are in good hands with the doctor and nurses here.

2. I’m wishing you the very best when you go in for your surgery. It was a great honour to work with you. You’re an amazing man and I know you will be going through this with courage.

3. Wishing that you’ll be in the hands of the best team and surgeon. We hope for a successful surgery.

4. Sending you a hug to help you through this tough time, and I hope your surgery goes smoothly.

5. There are so many things I want to say, but right now there aren’t any words that feel right. I’m thinking of you and praying for a smooth surgery and recovery.

6. Good luck with your surgery, Dad. I’m so scared and I know you’re scared too. But we have to have faith that surgery will go well.

7. It’s okay to be scared. I understand. But I know that it will all work out and you’ll be all right. We are all wishing that the surgery goes well.

8. It’s okay to feel scared. There’s nothing wrong with tears. You’ll be okay. I know it won’t feel like it right now, but you will be. Wishing that the surgery goes well.

9. Fear doesn’t exist at this moment. Only the feeling of knowing I will be here for you. Wishing that the surgery goes well.

10. I’ll be waiting for you to come home, whenever that may be. God bless your strength and courage! Wishing that the surgery goes well.

11. May your heart function as well as your new knee as you go through surgery. Feeling happy for you.

12. We’re rooting for you. Everyone at work is sending positive thoughts your way. Get well soon.

13. I’ve had so much good fortune in my life. I hope this surgery goes well and that I heal quickly and that everything is okay.

14. I’m not sure about the surgery… but I hope that it goes well.

15. Here’s to everything going well today. Here’s to being back on your feet in no time. Here’s to one more surgery, two more seasons!

16. Here’s to a successful surgery and an earlier recovery than expected.

17. Deep breaths. Everything will be okay. I know she’ll make it through this surgery safely and with flying colours.

18. May the hands of the surgeon be steady and sure, as they fix my broken heart.

19. As I recover from this surgery, know that I always choose the path of health and wellness in my life.

20. I have faith that everything will work out.

21. Today I face my fears, and let go of my pain.

22. Wishing you a successful surgery. We miss and love you.

23. Wishing you a speedy recovery after surgery. We’re patiently waiting for you to get back in action.

24. I’m ready for this surgery. Everything will be okay.

25. Here’s hoping this surgery goes well and that once I’m on the other side, I don’t miss a day at work. Easier said than done.

Hope Surgery Goes Well Messages

Thinking of you today, hope your surgery goes well and that you’re resting comfortably. You are in our thoughts and I hope the procedure. I’m sending good thoughts your way as you go in for surgery. Get well soon!

26. Hope you’re well enough to do this soon and that all goes well.

27. I can’t wait to be on the other side of this with someone who has successfully gotten through this surgery before me.

28. I remember how tough it was the last time you had surgery. I’m beside you all the way now, cheering you on and sending positive thoughts your way.

29. I hope you’re feeling better after your surgery. I know the last couple of weeks were hard, but you’ve come through and made it to this day. You got this!

30. It’s a relief seeing you smile again. Hope the surgery goes well.

31. Here’s to a successful surgery and healing in a speedy time.

32. Stay strong and positive. The difficult moments are gone, and better days are waiting for you. Hope the surgery goes well.

33. Best wishes to you and your family that the surgery goes well.

34. In this life, success isn’t about what happens to you. It’s about what happens inside you. We love you with all our hearts, and we wish this surgery goes well.

35. Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Hope the surgery goes well.

36. Hope and prayer for a quick recovery for you after your surgery. Hope the surgery goes well.

37. You’re in our thoughts today, and we hope that all goes well with your scheduled surgery. We’ll be thinking of you.

38. We hope you feel better soon and that the surgery went well.

39. Post-surgery, we hope you’re feeling great. And if you’re not, give us a call. We’re here to help.

40. Hang in there, friend we’re thinking of you. We hope you’re recovering well from your surgery.

41. Glad to hear you’re getting back on your feet. Hope the surgery goes well.

42. Popping a bottle of a special wine to toast the journey you’ve been on and wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope the surgery goes well. Lots of love from your extended Cabernet family we’ll be cheering for you!

43. Hope your surgery goes well and you won’t have any complications. Feel better soon!

44. I hope you feel better soon and I am hoping this surgery is a success!

45. Hoping and praying that the surgery goes well. Stay strong!

46. We’re sending you and your family so much love and positive energy as you head into surgery today. We hope for a speedy recovery!

47. I hope everything goes great with your surgery. I’ll be thinking of you.

48. Praying for you that surgery goes well today and you’ve got the strength to push through.

49. Thinking of you so much today and wish you the best operation ever.

50. Hoping and wishing that you have a successful surgery.

51. We’re thinking of you today, hoping everything goes well.

52. Keep your chin up today and every day. We’re praying for you to have a successful surgery tomorrow morning.

Don’t be scared of surgery, it will all go well if the doctor’s instructions are followed. Remember that thousands of people have gone through the same procedure. So, I hope you found one or two of the above quotes for surgery to go well, encouraging for yourself or someone around you who needs to undergo surgery.

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