2024 Touching Get Well Soon Messages for Him

Health and vitality are desired by all. Sound health and sound mind bring a wealth of joy, resources and blessings. A common adage says “health is wealth”. Aptly put.

However, the truth is that for whatever reasons ( genetic, environment, work hazard, ageing, etc), people do fall sick. Germs, bacteria, virus, mosquitoes and other transmitters of sicknesses and diseases are as numerous as the stars in the sky.

Inspite of the advent of preventive medicine; malaria, typhoid, cancer, tuberculosis, flu, common cold, allergies and others too numerous to mention, happen. They aren’t necessarily life-threatening. No one wants to be sick, but everyone falls sick at one point or the other.

When your beloved husband, fiance or boyfriend falls sick, it’ll sicken you to your stomach as well. You’ll feel their pains, discomfiture and sufferings. In fact, the knowledge of your loved ones being sick will surely cast a gloom on a bright day.

Everyone needs someone when they are sick and helpless. Words of love and encouragement expressed may be the trigger that will fight off the sickness. Your loving words or presence is all the resistance they need to pull down the illness.

A physically ill person is mostly an emotionally drained being. Is your hubby ill? Has your betrothed taken sick? Is your boyfriend a little under the weather? Do you want to lift up their spirits? Care to cheer them up from the gloom of their illness?

Do you want to help your beloved to feel good or cared for? Send him some get well soon wishes to express your love and concern.
Here are cute Get Well Soon messages for your husband, fiance and boyfriend.

Have a Quick Recovery Messages for Him

That you are here means that you have your boyfriend (or husband) at heart and his well-being means so much to you. Isn’t that why you want some get well soon messages for him? Thanks so much on his behalf.
And I wish him a quick recovery too. So below are excellent get well soon for him.

1. My darling husband, I can’t withstand your pains. Watching you suffering like this, is killing me softly. The good news is that you are in the best hands. This hospital, the doctors and other healthcare givers are topnotch. I also placed you in the hands of the greatest physician, Jesus. I have the assurance your healing is settled. Get well soon, my darling!

2. When you suffer, I suffer more. I can really feel your pains. You aren’t alone my darling husband. I’m right here with you: we’re going to beat this sickness, big time! Get well soon, sweetie. I can’t wait to have you back home!

3. I can’t bear it when you are sick. I become as weak as water. I’m here for you, my sweet husband. Let’s beat this sickness into nothing; we are an unbeatable team!! Get well soon, my love!

4. Honey, I wish I can take away your pains and soothe all your feelings of discomfiture. Be assured that I’m praying for you and looking forward to a speedy recovery. Love you loads!

5. I do wish I don’t have to be away from you even for a nanosecond till you are fully recovered. It’s with great reluctance that I leave you however briefly, to take care of some urgent business at work. Trust me, Honey pie, I’ll be as quick as I can and rush back to you. Get well faster!

6. I’m sending your favourite big sloppy kiss to make you get better soonest. Love you, Sugar.

7. I just got your message of being sick; I’m so sorry, Honey. I’m already on my way to nurse you back to health. I bet, it’s love sickness. One big hug and sweet kiss from me; bang! You are alright already. Hang it there till I return home!

8. My unbeatable Rock, sick? Unimaginable! How dare that alien sickness invade my territory? No way, I’m sending lots of love, loads of kisses, tanks of prayers and bunch of hugs to keep you company till I reach you. I’m on my way, dearie! Get well quick for your baby girl!

9. Cheer up, dearie! The sun is up; the day is bright and the clean bill of health check has been written for you. The angels are bringing it on a mercy plane. Get well, darling! I’m rooting for you!

10. Get well soon, my sunshine! We’ve missed the brightness of your smile and your delightful ways.

11. The sun peeked through the darkness of the gloomy clouds and shine brightly today. It isn’t an omen, I’m sure of it; the power of that sickness is broken. Sound health shall break forth for you, my gem.

12. Everyone misses your fun-loving nature at home. We can’t wait to have you back home, fully recovered. Get well soon, my Gorgeous!

13. I can’t get over the fact you are this sick. Well, I’m more determined than the sickness; I’m getting rid of it soonest. You are just going to be fine, darling husband!

14. It’s settled: you’re getting well soon! Watch out for telltale sign of unbridled appetite, energy return and humour recovery!

15. You aren’t alone, husband dearest. I’m right here for you; just concentrate on getting better.

16. This sickness is not unto death, or for the long haul for that matter. Have no fear, it’s doom settled. Your speedy recovery is in plain sight. Love you to bits, my sweetie!

17. I miss your smiles, scolds and shenanigans. The house is eerily silent without you. I can’t wait to have you back, my Sunshine. Get well real fast and come home soonest!

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18. All I can think of right now is how much I love you and how wonderful you are to me. Please, get well soon. I love you, dearest!

19. I want you to get well soon; but, my priority is getting you fully recovered. Even if the price is a slow but steady. Love you, honey.

20. May every cell in your body receive the miracle of total healing in Jesus name. Speedy recovery, my love.

21. You know how restless and jittery I become whenever you take ill, my heart sole delight. Please, rally round and get well soon: just for me. I love you!

22. You are so charming and irresistible, even when you are this sick. Hurry up, my love! Get well soon: I made a bet with illness that nothing can keep my darling husband down for long. The prize is lifelong good health and vitality. I love you, sweetie!

23. I’ve missed my gist partner. The vacancy was mistakenly announced on the national television station. Many applicants are lining up for that position after the broadcast. My heart is steadfast, though. The position has been permanently taken up by my sweet husband. Get well soon, Sugar pie; let’s pepper them, some!

24. Get well soon, pumpkin! There’s a stranger on the bed pretending to be you. The guy is so nauseatingly gentle, so I didn’t fall for the trick performed by your sickness. My guy is an endearingly troublesome darling with a big ‘T’. No kidding!!

25. Life is totally boring when you are under the weather. No one to tease or tickle me mercilessly. I miss your sunny smile, mischievous smirks and rich laughter. Get well soon, my Gem! Your Treasure is missing you.

26. Your side of the bed is missing you at home. Though I’d rather sit up with you all night at the hospital, but the kids need their mummy as well. We all miss you, Honey. We are sending powerful prayers, hugs and kisses to you. Get well soon, dearie!

27. To think I miss my tormentor; heaven help me. I actually prayed that God should heal you speedily and my request was placed on express delivery. Making me the butt of your hilarious joke while you laugh so uproariously, is the best thing that can happen to me at the moment. Get well soon, my crown!
I love you!!

28. I feel your pains as though they’re mine. I feel the anguish of your suffering, but I’m comforted by the sweet thought that you are on the mend already. In a matter of days, you’ll be home for good. Get well soon, darling.

29. This is an ultimatum: get well soon or have me join you on your sick bed! It’s no idle threat; I’m sick and tired of being without you! Speedy recovery, my darling husband!

30. Everyone misses you; but, no one does as much as I do. To avoid having an emergency situation in your hands in your weak state; could you please get well soon? Today would best just perfect! Love you, munchkin!

31. Get well soon, my dearest husband. I pray for you today, the balm of Gilead shall heal you completely in Jesus name.

32. Sickness is not your portion. Jehovah Raphael shall heal you of every trace of sickness, ailments and symptoms. Get well soonest, my sweet husband.

33. You have a very strong will and body constitution; fight the sickness that has invaded your body…for my sake and the sake of our little ones. Get well soon, darling husband.

34. Your heart is full of love for me and your entire being is the temple of God; there’s no space for sickness in you. Let’s kick it out and get you on the fastest route to recovery, my love!

35. You falling ill is as strange as being invaded by aliens from other planets. My Rock, please get well quick! I can’t bear your pains and discomfiture.

36. The children and I miss you sorely at home. The house is kind of boring without you. You are the candy that brings sweetness to us. Beat that ailment to a fast retreat and come back to your troop! Speedy recovery, husband like no other!

37. Thank God you are getting better, Sugar pie! Enjoy your bed rest and come back home to excitement and fun…the easy side of bubble! Get well soonest, my love!

38. May the healing balm of Gilead touch every area of your affliction and give you total freedom from sickness and disease. Get well soon, my Treasure! You are healed!

39. By the stripe of Jesus, you are healed! I decree that every drug, injection and intravenous fluid being administered to you, shall work for your total healing in Jesus powerful name. I wish you speedy and total recovery, husband dearest!

40. May God’s healing hand locate you and deliver you completely from the sickness that afflicts you. Get well soon, my love! I can’t wait to see you up and about!

41. Sickness is a bore! This bout will soon blow over. You are in good hands, my Handsome! Get well soon and take time to recuperate. Lots of sumptuous healthy meal awaits your pleasure!

42. I know the thought of food nauseates you right now. However, I have loads of your favourite delicacies waiting for justice in your capable hands at home. Just get well fast and delight your palate!

43. Sickness is a monster: let’s gun it down before it gets out of hand! You can do this, Honey pie. I’m here every step of the way! Get well fast, sweetie!

44. I’m so sorry you are having thus health crises, my sweetheart! Don’t bother your handsome head about anything. The doctors have everything under control. You’ll be okay before you know it. Get well quick, my heart delight. I love you!

45. You’ve been sick long enough, my love. It’s now time to give the ailment and symptoms quit notice. Someone else needs your time, affection and care: me! You’ve got to be up and about already. Get well soon!

46. Be fine, my love! May the Lord’s healing touch reach every area of pain and free you from its evil grip. I wish you a speedy recovery, dearie!

47. Oh, I can’t bear your pains, my love! I dearly wish to be there with you and nurse you back to good health. Expect me soon, my darling. Get well fast!

48. You’ve been through hell and back, unscathed. In the throes of pain brought by deadly sickness, death has made its threats; but you beat it hands down. You are stronger than every ailment. You will be fine, my Gem. Get well soon!

49. Never mind about your work; everything is going on fine. Everyone is pitching in for you at the office. Just concentrate on getting better. Recover speedily, my charming Prince!

50. You can’t afford to miss all the excitement, here! Sack the sickness and join us in having loads of fun. Actually, it’s really no fun without you. Get well soonest, my love!

51. Oh, no! My baby is sick? We can’t have that! I will bring a truckload of hugs and kisses and a houseful of tender loving care. Watch out; the sickness is a goner…already!

52. You can’t be sick, my love! No, it’s impossible! We just can’t have that! I’m coming right over to inject you with smooching love in huge doses. I’m almost sure you miss me. Get well quick, my darling!

53. I’m so sorry you took ill, love of my life. Please, take your medications, eat, and rest. When I come around, I’ll spoil you silly. That’s a promise! Get well fast, darling!

54. I’m sorry your allergic reaction is acting up in a really bad way. Please, take your medications religiously. If you don’t feel any better, give me that call. I’d gladly take you to the hospital. Get well soon, dearie!

55. Oh, my darling! You are too hot to be held down by high fever. I’m sending loads of kisses, lots of love and plenteous hugs as medicine to eject the fever. Get well soon, dearest!

56. Baby, have you seen the doctor? Did he prescribe the right prescription? I have it right here with me; a high dosage of homemade TLC! Speedy recovery, my sweetheart!

57. Your prescription is incomplete without two doses of kisses and a huge dose of bear hugs from me. Get well quick, my darling!

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58. Whatever is bugging you can’t withstand my hug. One hug from me is the magic medicine to bring healing to your ailing body. Here I come, my love! Get well fast!

59. The coward! How dare the sickness wait till I’m away from you to attack you? Imagine the audacity of invading my Hubby’s body? I’m coming with my troop to eliminate the traitor. Get well fast, my love!

60. Get well soon, boyfriend. Otherwise, the hospital authority will have me to contend with. I’m going to besiege them till I wear out their patience or they get you on the road to recovery…speedily. Love you loads, honey!

61. Get well soon, my darling Hero; otherwise, I’ll ask the doctors to transfer your sickness to me. Scary, isn’t it? I love you to bits!

62. I may be physically far from you, but my heart and soul is with you. Be strong for me, please! I can’t bear it when you are under the weather.

63. I begrudge every moment I spend away from your sickbed, tending to you. My heart is with you even now. Please, get well soon, my adorable guy! It’s the best gift I desire at the moment.

64. For each injection given to you, you get a lingering kiss from me. Believe me, husband dearest, if I could, I would kiss away your sickness and discomfiture. Please, get well soon!

65. I know you hate the thought if going to the hospital; just do it anyway, for my sake. Arresting the sickness before it takes a firm grip on you is the best punishment for the silly thing. Do that and take good care of yourself.

66. Get well soon, my sweetheart! You are too hot to be taken ill with a cold. I adore you so!

67. When a guy is indisputably hot, even the cold seeks his attention. Sorry, Cold; this guy is taken already! Get well soon, my gem!

68. I hate competitions; how dare bugs and flu share my boyfriend with me? Someone call the cops, it’s a treasonable offence! Love you to pieces, Sugar pie. Get well real fast!

69. Trust me on this, I’ll keep kissing you till you are fine. The silly flu needs to know I’m the girlfriend in charge. Get well quick!

70. Inform the sickness I’m on my way to serve it quit notice. This girlfriend is coming to take her place in her guy’s space. Speedy recovery, my dearest!

71. Obviously, sickness is an illiterate! The two shall become one, as the bible says. Third parties, including illness, are disallowed. That sickness missed its way, I guess. Get well soon, my husband.

72. I suspect this sickness is an SOS to get pampered by me. Okay, message received and decoded. Sickness, clear out; pampering services are taking over. Get well quick, my love!

73. I don’t need sickness to call attention to my need to pampering you. Plans have been put into motion to do that already. Get well fast, dearie! You run the risk of getting overindulged.

74. No more injections, tablets or capsules! I’m on my way to supply all the love and kisses to make you feel better. Get well soonest, mine!f

75. May the Lord heal you speedily and completely. Get well soon, my charming knight. I love you!

76. Take good of yourself, Husby. May your recovery be fast! I love you, Handsome!

77. The wind of healing is blowing here. I’m packing a tankful for you. Get well soon, my baby.

78. Something tells me if I send you this text, you’d receive the strength you need to kick the sickness to never never land. My point? Get well soon, my darling.

79. Get well soon, my champion; regain your strength and resume your naughty duty of teasing me silly.

80. Are you really sick or in urgent need of my attention? You have undying devotion; so, get well fast, my love!

81. From my mouth to the ears of the Lord, is my heartfelt prayer of healing for you. It’s an express request; expect a speedy recovery soon. I’m drawing up a menu to celebrate already! Love you loads!

82. Prayer is the currency of miracle: I just emptied my account to secure your healing. I believe! Get well soon, my dearest heart!

83. Get well soon, my darling husband. You mean the world to me.

84. I have the perfect remedy for your cold, my darling! Kisses, cuddling, pampering, miscellaneous TLC and my angelic singing voice! Get ready to get well; help is on the way… Me!

85. I love you, my cup of tea, my jug of Milo and saucer of milk. Please, get well. Be hale, hearty and healthy for me.

86. I feel so inadequate and helpless with you lying there, sick and in pains. Fight it, my love! We’ve got no space to accommodate this intruder. Get well soon, dearie!

87. Can you really be sick when I’m within reach to scare this dimwitted sickness off? I’ve got it covered; please, get well fast! I love you, baby!

88. Don’t be scared, my darling. You’ve come thus far; you’ll go farther. We’ll do all within our means and grasp to beat this sickle cell to a grey old age. Take my word for it! Get well speedily, my Sugar!

89. Sickle cell anaemia isn’t a death sentence for you, my loving husband. You have survived up till this moment, you have many more years of celebration ahead of you. Get well, and fast too! Your dear wife can’t wait to explore life with you!

90. The days of your life are numbered by God; no sickness can cut it short. Get well, my adorable darling, life is beckoning for our exploits!

91. Get well, please, and make it snappy. While you are at it, best boyfriend forever, speedily recover completely. Let’s fill the hollowness in your cheeks with good food. Recuperate and regain your strength in marching order. We have a date, remember? My guy never stands his girl up. Love you, darling!

92. My daily prayers are for you. Get well, please, my sweetie pie. I can’t bear the agony of your pains. I love you!

93. I feel terribly helpless with you lying there sick. I take solace in the fact that we’re doing all the medical procedure as we ought, and that you’re responding to treatment; slowly, but surely. Please, get well real soon. I miss your vitality, my darling!

94. A breakdown? Not to worry! It’s Heaven sent gift to get you to do your medical checkups and take a well deserved but denied rest. Enjoy the reprieve, grumble not. Get well soon, my workaholic love!

95. While you are on the mend, your baby girl is missing you like crazy. So, do please get well fast. Lots of love garnished with loads of kisses!

96. Sickness? It’s not in our to-do list for the next century. I checked and crosschecked to be sure. That sickness is a total fraud; time to check it out of your life! Recover speedily, my Treasure!

97. Take this virtual kiss to take away your pains. Feel my loving arms around you and get better already. I wish you speedy recovery and recuperation, sweetie buns!

98. The children and I are here cheering for you. The surgery is going to be successful. We’ve settled it in the highest place: prayer. You’ll come out as good as new! Be fine, my Sunshine!

99. The Lord will go ahead of you to the operating room and take hold of the surgeon’s hands to perform wonders in your body. The anaesthetic and all that will be used will work for you. It shall be successful without complications. Be strong and fine, my champion!

100. I have nothing to worry about; I have the assurance you’ll be fine. No matter how bad it looks, dearie, you are going to be fine. Mark my words, sweetie! Get well soon!

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