Quotes on Being a Real Man

Quotes on Being a Real Man

One very popular statement that has sadly gained momentum for years states ‘real men don’t cry’. As a result, most men have hidden under this cloak to become egoistic and emotionless in situations that would have been easily resolved and peaceful if only a little emotion or humanness was shown or displayed.

The question then is, who is a real man? So many definitions abound as to what a real man is which have been based on characters that have been backed or upheld by age-long societal norms and beliefs.

However, one basic truth stands which is that a real man is one who is real or true to his nature as a human. Humans are beings created with emotions that make them cry, laugh, express joy, sadness and many more when faced with varying situations that demand such displays of emotions.

As a human, a real man can and should be both strong and vulnerable. He is allowed to feel, emote, love, cry and have his weak moments without feeling dehumanized or embarrassed as the case may be.

These and so many others are the traits and characteristics that a real man portrays and if you desire to be a real man or long that someone dear becomes a real man, these quotes on being a real man are just the exact recipes that you need.

Quotes of Being a Real Man

Being a real man goes beyond having bigger arms or a six-pack of abs as a nice decoration on your chest, it goes way beyond physical strength. Being a real man means being a man who knows who he is, what he wants and is grateful for, and is ever willing to protect and preserve what he has.

1. Being a real man is more than just good looks, it means standing your ground in tough situations, never giving up, and being a leader and role model for others.

2. Being a real man is not really difficult, it just needs a man who can develop good manners, politeness, honesty, openness and veracity which are some of the traits that a real man possesses.

3. Being a real man is to be strong and protective, and still be gentle and caring. It means being certain of oneself, confident, and brave.

4. Being a real man is more than just being tough or being able to dominate a woman, but is about being a real, caring, and responsible man.

5. Being a real man is about the choices you make as well as doing the right thing for those around you and living your life honestly.

6. Being a real man demands not wallowing in self-pity or whining but making lemonade out of the lemons that life throws at you.

7. Being a real man doesn’t mean loving the most beautiful girl in the world, but loving the girl who can make your world the most beautiful.

8. Being a real man is keeping true to yourself, being strong and standing up for what you believe in.

9. Being a real man is never an easy responsibility, it requires thought, courage, and determination, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it.

10. Being a real man means not shelving responsibilities but taking them up in a courageous, determined, and strong manner.

11. Being a real man is a title that should be claimed by every man in the world.

12. Being a real man is not only about defending your honour and standing up to bullies, it is about showing what it really means to love others and take care of them.

13. Being a real man is being relentlessly courageous and endlessly forgiving.

14. Being a real man is standing your ground, working through hard times, and giving your children a strong role model to follow.

15. Being a real man is putting your loved ones’ needs before yours. It’s being selfless, thoughtful, and moral.

16. Being a real man is being confident enough to be naive. It’s knowing how to fix things and it’s knowing how to be there when your loved ones need you.

17. Real men aren’t afraid to cry and are also not afraid to take responsibility when the need arises.

18. Being a real man is not just about your bank account, career or social status. He is one who stands up for his woman, respects his elders and cares for his family.

19. Being a real man is not how everyone else thinks it is, it’s being the best man you can be under Christ.

20. Being a real man is being able to discuss one’s feelings comfortably and not be afraid to show one’s sensitive side and effective communication.

21. Being a real man has nothing to do with how tough you are, it’s about how much you can care.

22. Being a real man takes more than physical strength, it takes integrity and character.

23. Being a real man means continually striving to become the best version of yourself for the sake of your loved ones and for the greater good.

24. Being a real man is not about always having the biggest muscles, or doing the manliest things; it’s about being an upstanding person and showing compassion, vulnerability, and strength in equal measure.

25. Being a real man is being honest, strong, brave and walking away from a fight instead of bullying or hitting.

26. Being a real man isn’t about how many women you’ve slept with, it’s about forming deep, meaningful relationships, especially with that one special woman you love.

27. Being a real man is not just being macho, but he who stands up for what he believes in and treats relationships with respect.

28. Being a real man is knowing and accepting that courage is not the absence of fear but resistance to fear and having mastery of it.

29. Being a real man means rising above challenges, facing trouble with strength and bravery as well as fostering a positive attitude regardless of the situation.

30. Being a real man in this modern-day society takes courage and strength as well as being bold and taking on the challenges that come at you head-on.

31. Being a real man does not mean perfection but standing up for your values and beliefs, and by that making your mark on this world.

32. Being a real man is understanding that a true leader is not someone who forces others to follow but someone worth following.

33. Being a real man is knowing and accepting that moving a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

34. Being a real man is not about being tough, but rather how you respond to challenges.

35. Being a real man is not avoiding hurt or pain but finding and facing the ones worth suffering for.

36. Becoming a real man is not about having muscles or being handsome its about having character.

37. To become a real man, you have to stop comparing yourself to other men and start living your own life.

38. Being a real man isn’t simply wanting to earn more money or drive fanciful vehicles. Rather, it is caring about one’s family and community as well as taking responsibility for one’s actions.

39. Being a real man is to be kind, compassionate, and caring. Such a man has the strength to protect and care for his beloved ones.

40. The journey to being a real man is one that involves making a crucial impact in the lives of others because of one’s leadership skills, resourcefulness, and influence.

41. Being a real man requires leading from the front by setting good examples for others to follow.

42. Being a real man involves not lying about who you are, not cheating on your women, or running out on your children.

43. Being a real man is battling one’s own weaknesses and coming out victorious. He smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.

44. A real man is being made when he faces adversity and does not compromise his principles.

45. The confidence of being a real man is not how perfect a man is, it is how well he can recover when everything falls apart.

46. Being a real man is making mistakes and by that growing stronger as a person and becoming a smarter human being in this world.

47. Being a real man is knowing who you are and are meant to be, and is not held back by what he thinks he’s not.

48. Real men know that they can’t control the outcome of a situation, but can always control their responses.

49. Real men don’t take advantage of women or drink in a stupor, but keep their promises, make the right choices, and prioritize the people they care about most.

50. In the face of adversity and trials, a real man always rises to the occasion and stands up in the midst of defeat.

Be a Real Man Quotes

To be a real man can indeed be a herculean task that may seem surreal, but being such a man is possible and may just need a little encouragement to become someone who sets an example for others to emulate and will not feel debased to ask for help, guidance, and support.

51. Be a real man for he smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.

52. Be the real man you always wanted to be and make the world a better place by becoming that role model.

53. A real man is one who treats women with the respect they deserve and is not easily wearied by their conversations.

54. A real man understands that he was not the first to have trouble; rather, he gathers strength from discomfort and becomes brave by thinking about it.

55. Rather than complain endlessly, real men facing challenges look for solutions, strength in weakness, and courage in reflection.

56. A real man doesn’t wallow in regret, he makes the best of what he has and learns from his past.

57. A real man strives to be bold and unconventional, take risks and work hard to live a life of freedom.

58. A real man doesn’t take something back and make excuses, he takes responsibility and fixes the problem.

59. Real men are loyal, dependable, and take responsibility for the ones they love. They are the best type of man anyone can be.

60. The true measure of a real man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.

61. Real men are not made by escaping, hiding and running away from life trials, but are formed in the very crucible of life’s fires.

62. A real man doesn’t let his friends get away with bad behaviour but stands up for the things he believes in, even if it means standing alone.

63. Be a real man who loves his wife, and places his family as the most important thing in life.

64. A real man provides for those around him, and his presence instils confidence in others and as well gives them the courage to believe in their ability to succeed.

65. Real men are defined by the way they live their lives, move through this world, treat people, and how they make people feel.

66. What defines a real man is not his name, but who he chooses to be in life.

67. A real man believes in his wife, stands up for her, fights for her honour, and above all else, loves her unconditionally.

68. A real man stays faithful; he doesn’t have time to look for another woman because he’s too busy looking for new ways to love his own.

69. A real man never stops trying to show a girl how much she means to him, even if he already has her.

70. Real men don’t treat women like some trophy or trash but treat them as priceless buddies.

71. A real man keeps his goals and visions in sight and ignores the noise, yet still prioritizes other people’s opinions and visions.

72. A real man is someone who never stops trying to show a woman how much he cares. Even after he’s got her.

73. A real man is one that makes other men want to be better. He is a man’s man.

74. A real man is not one who has never fallen, but one who keeps rising despite falling many times.

75. Making mistakes is part of becoming a real man, learn from them and move on.

76. The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave and stronger in their resolve by reflecting on the situation.

77. A real man is a woman’s strongest ally and a little girl’s best friend.

78. A real man is able to find strength in weakness, bravery in fear, and wisdom through times of tumult.

79. Despite the seeming unsurmountable hurdles, a real man keeps cool, stays strong, and takes each process as a learning experience, for it will all work out in the end.

80. A real man is content with his lot whatever it may be, without envying the happiness of others.

81. The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the real man who always wins.

82. Smiling in times of trouble, gathering strength from distress and bravery from reflection, are qualities that real men should have.

83. A real man knows his woman’s favourite flower, pays attention when she talks and treats her like a queen.

84. Real men fight for and defend their beloved ones. They respect, work hard and show appreciation for all of their blessings in human or material form.

85. A real man is not he who knows a thousand ways to live but has never lived one way in his life.

86. A man who truly loves you will never let go of you in his heart no matter how hard the situation is.

87. A real man doesn’t just talk and complain about situations but goes out of his way to make a difference.

88. A real man doesn’t get defeated by the odds, he fights with the odds and overcomes them.

88. A real man never stops trying to show a girl that he cares about her, even if he already has her.

90. The pride of a real man isn’t diminished by asking for help when he needs it.

91. A real man’s power resides in his innate values, his sense of balance, intellect, his ability to hold his own in any situation, and his mature handling of relationships.

92. A real man treats a woman as an equal and a partner, rather than as an object.

93. A real man is not afraid of a hard job but is a mature and thoughtful being that is also thoughtful of others.

94. To be a real man, love yourself, love your life and most importantly, love and respect others and be a role model to everyone who knows you.

95. To be a real man, you have to have confidence. It’s about character, courage and honour.

96. Real men don’t care about money, power, or muscles. Other things matter to a real man such as courage, character and honour.

97. Real men are not slothful in business but are fervent in spirit, serving the Lord- who is the real man.

98. Real men are strong in spirit, courageous in outlook, and honourable in conduct.

99. Courage and honour are more than just words. They’re real values that are reflected in everything a real man does, so be a real man.

100. Real men are leaders who stand up for themselves and others. They are a symbol of strength, integrity and courage.

I’m sure going through this post may have changed your mind or strengthened your stance about the idea of being a real man.

Truly, a real man isn’t afraid of getting hurt because he knows that hurt and pain build character and trials creates lasting strength. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or admit your flaws because you are human and humans make mistakes. Be real in your approach to life; Be a real man!

Such a man has the courage to face adversity with strength and resolve as well as the wisdom to know there is no shame in asking for help. He has the integrity to admit when he screws up, and the humility to learn from those situations and others around him.

Being a real man sure looks like a tough job, but I hope these quotes on being a real man have opened your eyes to see that it’s very possible to be a real man, even in today’s world.

Do well to like, comment and share this post with every man out there whose life-long desire and prayer are to be a real man.

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