Quotes on Rewards for Hard Work

Everyone has a dream. To get there one has to work hard for this purpose, but hard work doesn’t give you the self-confidence and satisfaction if you are not getting the right reward for it.

The Reward can be many things like money, power, fame or gratifying fame, or anything that satisfies or makes you feel proud. People may differ in reason of the rewards they seek but one thing is common among them all, that everyone wants something in return as the satisfaction for their efforts and hard work done so far.

While some people get a paycheck almost every month called income, we need to know that getting paid is not all there is to life. There is much more than just getting paid. Experience, knowledge and skills are things that you get working in a job but more than these, there are lots of other things that are given to you for your hard work but not when you expect it.

There’s no greater satisfaction than working hard, making sacrifices and accomplishing your goals. Sometimes we need to be motivated to stay determined. So here’s a collection of quotes on rewards for hard work and motivation.

Quotes on Rewards for Hard Work

There is no substitute for hard work, but there’s a reward for it. Achievement is sometimes rewarded by recognition and fame, but true achievement is rewarded by the personal satisfaction that comes from striving for something better than you are now.

1. What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Hard work pays off.

2. Don’t get trapped doing something you don’t really like to do. Work hard, be passionate and never give up. The harder you work, the more luck you seem to find.

3. Some days are harder than others. But that’s okay because it means you’re growing. Keep pushing forward. And give yourself a pat on the back every time you do. That’s your reward.

4. Not all rewards are monetary. When you do a job worth doing, never mind the pay, It’s great to get a pat on the back.

5. When you work hard, there is no limit to how good you can become. Good things come to those who work hard.

6. Earn what you want in life. Be it wealth, knowledge or the attention of a special someone. It’s only by working hard for it that you’ll be able to savour sweet rewards such as these.

7. The things you do today, may not seem important tomorrow, but remember that your doing them today is what makes history. Never settle for anything less than you deserve.

8. Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being. Don’t forget to take a break, celebrate and give yourself a reward when you are done working hard.

9. There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of being able to finally say “I did it.”

10. Work hard. Keep your mind clear. And build something bigger than yourself. Achievement is the sweetest reward

11. When you work hard for something, there is no greater feeling than when you’ve finally reached your goal.

12. It’s a great feeling to know that all your hard work is paying off. Nothing worth doing comes easy.

13. You won’t regret working hard to grow your talent, knowledge and experience in your career. It will serve you well.

14. Hard work isn’t always rewarded right away. But one day, you’ll find yourself looking back and realising how far you’ve come. Remember that.

15. Some days it’s challenging, others it’s fun, but always it’s rewarding. Hard work pays off. Keep working hard and you’ll reach your goals.

16. Get that job, work hard at it, and then get the things you want. Work hard, play hard, and receive great things in life.

17. Rewards are the ultimate prize for your hard work. There’s no better feeling than getting a little something for all of your hard work.

18. We all have to work for what we want. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s hard. But remember, the harder you work, the harder it is to lose.

19. You didn’t get to where you are today by accident. You put in the hard work and got to where you are through sheer force of will.

20. It’s not a trophy or a medal that defines you, it’s all the things you do to get there. You earned it.

21. Your struggles in the past only prepare you for your future successes. A crown of Laurel rather than of bay.

22. Work very hard to succeed in life and when you do, you know you’ve earned it, so celebrate every day with a reward that makes you feel good.

23. If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this moment, you can earn the prize. It’s up to you to work hard.

24. You don’t get paid in big bucks because you manipulate text and images; you get paid in big bucks because you tell a story. That’s evidence of hard work.

25. Achievements don’t come easy. They require hard work and commitment to achieve them. The harder it gets, the greater glory you attain.

26. The best reward of hard work is to see your labour bear fruit. Put in your time and get more out of life.

27. It’s the little victories that make life great. A new pair of shoes. A raise. A promotion at work. Even a carton of strawberries picked and ready to eat on a sunny Saturday morning when you didn’t have to do anything to make that happen besides getting out of bed. Keep your eye on the prize as you work hard and you’ll find your rainbow.

28. Rewards come at a price. I have learnt that by now, By working hard and not giving up, You’re going to get what you deserve, and your reward will be well worth the wait.

29. The rewards you will get for hard work are the bonds you will make and the friends you will make. They will be tied to the things you do, and the things you do will take you far, So drop everything and begin

30. Hard work, effort and devotion will always be the right way to get it done. Those that choose to walk their own way, will receive their first reward.

31. We will pay you back in sweat. If you handle the job and do it right, If you do as you’re told, you will earn your pay, Hopefully, you will get that thank you note.

32. What we earn, and what we receive, I find it hard to say, But you can admire the effort we give.

33. Work hard and you will find the rewards for all you have done, for all you have sacrificed, for all you have put in and all you have done for others.

34. If you work hard, you will get ahead, If you take it upon yourself to learn from others and follow their advice and example, You will accumulate a large amount of wisdom and knowledge.

35. The payment for hard work is not in cash, It’s the satisfaction that comes from knowing, you have done the best you can, to earn the things you wanted to.

36. The reward for hard work, the reward for doing what you are supposed to, the reward for becoming the person you know you can be, is that no one notices how hard you have been working to get there.

37. For most, your strength in hard work is your greatest asset and the one that pays you wages. But for the few it is the most valuable thing, that has no equivalent in currency.

38. In your heart, you have got a fire that can’t be quenched. It burns on and on like it’s the only one you have got. It’s not in the stars that the rewards come, It’s all in how much and how many hours, you put into work.

39. I’m not that kind of person, who gives up when the going gets tough, I’m one who keeps on going, and I will never stop believing, because the money and recognition I will earn, is the payment of my hard work and sweat.

40. The promotion you get for working hard, the salary of the worth you add, and the ribbon for the medal you wear, is the reward for the hard work you do.

41. A hard worker’s reward is a job that’s well done and rewarded at the end. So keep your head up, and don’t give up till the end.

42. The rewards for hard work are more than mere wages, more than a paycheck, for the work that you do, they are the reason to smile and sing.

43. The gains of hard work are hard won, but in time it can be found, that it’s only natural that life produces a reward and it is a payment for the effort of hard work.

44. The gains of hard work are worth the reward of the sun, the moon, and the stars. So stay up all night and pray that you will succeed, then when you can see the light, you will shine bright.

45. The gains of hard work are in the sweat on your brow, the tears that you cry, the challenge you face, the victories you win, the fire in your heart and the light in your soul.

46. The gains of hard work, bring a man to dust. The gains of hard work turn a man into gold. The gains of hard work, in the end, are all for growth.

47. The work that has given you value is the hard work that you’ve put in and today you’ll receive a reward for what you’ve set out to do.

48. For a person who works hard, there is a reward, it’s a jubilee, where all the blessings of the year Are a crown of gold to you.

49. Hard work is something that is highly sought after. A man who works his hardest is at his best. There is a price for labour and a way to earn it if you work hard and make yourself desirable.

50. You were born to be a star and if you want to shine on high, you need to work hard and dream of fame to keep you going.

51. Sometimes the hardest part of a job is the last bit and what you achieve is rewarded with the job done.

52. We reap the rewards of hard work as we plant and we harvest, as we work our fingers to the bone and the reward is the satisfaction and the pride that we get.

53. Get up in the morning and take the tough steps, eat what you are supposed to eat and do what you are supposed to do and when you have worked for your dream, You will find out that hard work brings success.

54. Practice makes a man perfect and anyone who has ever seen the merit that hard work will give you is someone who lives by the rules.

55. The benefit of hard work is that it makes the reward so much sweeter. The only way to get it is to work and toil to get that sweet satisfaction of a job well done.

56. The reward given to a hard-working person is the desire to continue working hard and to seek again the path of your own making.

57. Life is a gift of all you have gained and where would you be if it were not for all the things you’ve toiled for. What you gain from toiling hard is what you must keep,

58. Most of my work is done in the shade with a pen in my hand, But the sun meets me at the end of the day and I agree it’s the best pay.

59. The most precious things never come easy, they’re harder to earn than they are to hold. So we should all treasure what we gain and make our toil a treasure of gold.

60. People become the men that they are through the things they have ever done and the things they have never done, the things they say and the things they don’t say, the things they think and the things they don’t think.

61. If it were not for their toil, the starving and the sickly would still be poor and weak. The weak would still be the prey. For those with the strength, there’s strength to be found.

62. The greater you strive, the more you’ll gain. The measure of your achievement is your gain, the things gained from working hard are the rewards for toiling hard.

63. We work hard to gain something, But what it’s worth is never clear. We work hard and it’s never enough, But we are reaping our rewards.

64. The rewards for toiling hard are the reason why we work hard on Earth and if you have a heart, it’s in your hand to attain them or to falter.

65. The rewards for working hard are more than I ever heard but when I look back at the toil it cost me, I have got no regrets at all.

66. The best reward in life is the things you gain from hard work and is worthy of the praise you get for toiling hard.

67. All that is gained from working hard in the face of adversity is a promise of what you will find, a steady beam of light and the only things that keep me sane.

68. The rewards; can’t be bought and can’t be sold. They’re only found in the end when you’ve worked hard for it.

69. The merit for working hard towards a goal is to see your work come alive, to see your work in action, and to see your work sometimes grow.

70. The hardest part is over, all that is left to do is enjoy the merit of your hard work with the world at your feet and the light that shines in you.

71. In reaching a goal through hard work, the road is always a long way, But there is a reward when the end of the road takes a turn. It’s all the more motivating.

72. There is something in you that makes you want to fight or to split apart but it’s your own determination and your will to make your life worthwhile that makes you strong With each step, you are growing and working hard towards a goal.

73. The merit for working hard towards a goal is a dream come true, it’s a hope that comes true after so many moons it took to feel this way.

74. the reward for working hard towards a goal will be as you have photographed the days to look like; the beauty of the moment, the corner you have to turn, the fall you had to take to follow your dreams and never give up.

75. Working hard and working smart will not only make you successful, but it will also make your heart content, it will make you survive.

76. The reward for hard work is the ability to be satisfied by the fruits of your labour. There is a reward for doing what you’re told, but you know that the reward for that kind of work is a feeling of emptiness inside.

77. Mastering the art of hard work is the art of having wealth and with wealth comes long life, with long life comes contentment, with contentment comes happiness, with happiness, comes godliness, with godliness, comes purity and with purity comes peace.

78. To be the best that you can be, to work hard and never give up, to never stop searching for your goal, is the true meaning of self-respect.

79. The little things in life are the ones that people forget, the little things in life are the ones that people appreciate, the little things in life are the ones that you have to work hard for, and they are also the ones that bring you great reward.

80. There is merit to working hard and getting closer to the day you can be done, You will feel the worth of all your labour. It’s a hard thing to do, but if you want it bad enough, you will find a way. So, don’t give up, don’t quit, you can do it.

81. Success is a result of daily actions. Successful people are just those that have done the work. So, when you wake up before the sun and give it everything you’ve got, this is what happens.

82. The feeling of satisfaction that comes with working hard and seeing results. You did it. You survived the long hours, the hard drive, and all the sacrifices. but you didn’t make it to the end alone.

83. You are draining yourself completely and expelling every bit of energy you’ve stored up. Embrace it. For your hard work is about to pay off at the end of a long day. You have earned this.

84. Keep your nose to the grind, and you’ll find your place in the sun. By working hard, you are bound to reach your goals. Good job!

85. If you are working towards a goal, then be encouraged that you are working towards your future success as well. It’s not what you achieved, it’s what you overcame.

86. We know it’s not always easy, but this week is a reminder that you’re doing amazing things. So go out there and take pride in your work. Here’s to all the hustlers out there may your rewards be great.

87. No matter how hard the week, there’s always a delicious reward for working hard. The perfect Friday night in. A time for a well-deserved break.

88. The struggle is real. Keep pushing through to reach your goals. You deserve this weekend. Don’t stop until you get a job well done. A little sweat and effort will always pay off.

89. Reap what you sow this month and let your efforts be rewarded. Hard work pays off. And when it does, we like to reward ourselves in style.

90. Use your workout time as a way to make progress and go after your goals. The harder you work, the greater the reward. You’ve got this.

91. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. You got the rhythm in your feet and the faith to believe. No matter how much you accomplish, the best is yet to come.

92. Some days you have to push yourself through and sometimes you get rewarded for it. Let’s make today great. The only way to do that is by working hard and never giving up.

93. You are stronger than you think. You have got this. Show your hard work with the fruits of your labor, in perfect harmony.

94. This is what it’s all about. That moment when you’ve pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, overcome a challenge and made something happen for the good of others. I’m so proud of you. You have worked hard, now it’s time to reap the rewards.

95. There is no better feeling than being rewarded for working hard and investing in yourself. So you have worked hard. Now, it’s time to celebrate it with a treat that gives back.

96. Working hard at the office is serious business, but work hard outside too and play hard after. In every season, there’s an excuse to be out and about, staying fit and having fun. The more you do, the more rewards you get.

97. Achieve something today. Be proud of yourself for it. And have a little slice of cake for it. Hard work and hustle pay off. Keep at it, you will see results.

98. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment knowing you’ve already made a positive impact in the world. Work hard. Stay humble. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

99. The feeling of conquering the day is invigorating but you did it Your hard work and perseverance paid off and that promotion is yours. You earned it.

100. You have spent the last few months grinding out your best work, powering through every challenge that came your way. You’re stronger because of it. Just a little reminder that you’re doing a great job and you should feel proud of yourself.

I’m sure you have read about life hacks and secrets to success, like the one about finding your passion and relentlessly pursuing it. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t end there. After you have found your passion, the hard work begins. So what should one do to get started?How does one sustain the long hours of grueling work? One word: Rewards.

I hope this quotes on rewards for hard work helps you remember that provided that you have worked hard, you will be rewarded for it. Thank you for reading.

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