Romantic Good Morning Messages to My Husband (2024)

Mornings are the early part of the day when the body moves from relaxation to being stressed. If you’re blessed with a man who you can call your husband, then, this is for you.

For such a man, you need to appreciate him and always make him feel special every morning. Let him knows how much you cherish waking up beside him even when he’s not around you, and how special your mornings have been since the day he has been in your life.

By expressing all these, you are making your husband feel he is doing a great job and with that, he won’t relent in making you a happy woman.

So, below are the ‘not so regular’ romantic good morning messages to my husband. The best romantic good morning messages for your husband to wake up to in 2024.

Good Morning Love Messages for My Husband

Check out this sweet collection of good morning love messages that you can send to your handsome husband as he wakes up to a new day.

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1. Not the alarm of the bedside clock but the sweet fragrance from your sweet body does the early morning wake up call. Thank you for being the alarm of my life. Good morning, my dearest husband.

2. Whenever I open my eyes and I see your cute smile radiates your handsome face, I believe it’s gonna be a pleasant morning. Good morning, my darling husband.

3. Nothing makes the day brighter than your handsome face. You are the best I could pray for. Good morning, my love.

4. The sun brightens the world, you brighten my life. I love you boy. A pleasant morning to you, sweetheart.

5. Waking up to your sweet lips on my mouth makes the day easier and lovely. A sweet morning to you, darling husband.

6. The tiredness I felt yesterday has been forgotten the moment your lips touch mine this beautiful morning. Good morning, my lucky man.

7. I’m wishing you a pleasant morning with lots of kisses and hugs so as to show you how special you are to me, my charming husband.

8. When morning clicks, it shows another day of work but when it clicks with you by my side, it shows it’s going to be a lovely day. Good morning, my love.

9. Just as the sun beautify this morning so does your face beautify my life. Good morning, my king.

10. The breakfast on the bed do fill my stomach, but the man who brought it fills my world. Good morning, my sweetheart.

11. Just as the sun illuminates the earth, so does your handsome face illuminates my life. Good morning, darling Hubby.

12. Your early morning prayers do work for me. Thank you for being a man after my heart. Pleasant morning to you baby.

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13. I look forward to mornings because your words, prayers and hugs give me the strength to carry on with the day’s activities. Good morning, my sweet husband.

14. Dear hubs, I’m sending you a sweet and pleasant morning packages with lots of kisses and hugs. Enjoy the beautiful morning darling.

15. A special morning to my husband and mentor. I love you wholeheartedly baby. Good morning.

16. I seek for asylum in your heart because that’s the best place to be. Good morning, my king.

17. When I wake up in the morning and I see you beside me, all I feel is love, love and love. A pleasant morning to my hero.

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18. The shinning of the sun is incomparable to how want you brighten my life. Good morning, my sweet husband.

19. While many hustle for work early morning, I hustle for you kisses every morning because they energize my day. Good morning, baby.

20. To the man after my heart, a pleasant morning baby. I love you.

21. My love, I know the day will be stressful but I want this morning to be loving. Good morning, my king.

22. Here’s my kiss to make your day less stressful. A very bright morning to my love.

23. The morning is beautiful because a loving man is in my bed. Good morning, my sunshine.

24. Wakie wakie my love, your part is awake- the beautiful morning. Sweet morning, my husband.

25. The morning dew is as pure as your sweet heart. That’s why I call you my sweet heart. Good morning, Love.

26. Arise and shine my sunshine. The day is looking beautiful for you. Good morning, sweetie.

27. Dear love, the day is bright so it is going to be a great day, trust me. Good morning, darling husband.

28. It’s a beautiful morning just like your beautiful heart sweet. Good morning, my love.

29. Your kiss are the medication to relieve the stress of the previous day. Good morning, baby.

30. I just can’t get enough of your body warmth and cuddles. They are so special to me. Sweetest morning, my king.

31. As the morning opens a new day, may you experience new things today. Good morning, my love.

32. I’m sending you a full package of love and hugs. Hope it brightens your day. Good morning, darling husband.

33. Your daily love and kisses make it colourful. I love you darling. Good morning.

34. The strength to start the day lies in you warmth and kisses. I can never get tired of taking it. Good morning, sweet husband.

35. While some wake up for the day’s work, I wake up for your kisses. Good morning, baby.

Good Morning Texts to My Husband

Below are sensational good morning texts you can send on a perfect morning to your loving husband.

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36. I wish to send you a packaged heart shaped cookies filled with lots of kisses this beautiful morning.

37. Dreams are sweet when you’re in them, sweeter when I wake up in your arms. Good morning, darling

38. Your smile, prayers and real love for me make my morning beautiful and the rest of the day awesome. Love you loads baby.

39. Dear honey, don’t worry how the day goes, it’s already a perfect day. Good morning, my charming husband.

40. Even the crying cloud cannot stop me from saying good morning because all I see is a sweet man in the beautiful cloudy morning.

41. It’s a bright morning love. Arise and shine. May it be filled with good luck and success. A pleasant morning to my darling husband.

42. There can only be the day stressed not the morning stress because morning is filled with calmness. Good morning, my husband.

43. Morning is the sweetest part of the day, you are the sweetest part of my life. Good morning, sweet husband.

44. Waking up beside you makes my day perfect. Good morning, sweetheart.

45. Not the coolness of the weather but the warmth of your sweet body give my morning sweet sensation. Good morning, love.

46. Your sweet and warm lips make me love mornings. A sweet morning to you, my love.

47. May your day be bright just as this beautiful morning. Good morning, boo.

48. Just as the dews are cool on the leaves, that’s how you are to me – cool and pure. I love you. Good morning, hubby.

49. I feel so protected when I wake up in your arms. You are my knight baby. Good morning, love

50. I hope the day is a cute as your lovely smile. You complete me baby. Good morning.

Good Morning Messages to My Husband Far Away

Even in distance, you can still express your heart to your husband with these good morning messages to husband far away. Romantic good morning quotes for husband long distance.

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51. Darling, I missing your early morning warmth and kisses. You make my day complete. Hope to see you soon my love. Good morning.

52. Even with the distance, you still my morning romantic with your perfume and definitely your calls. Good morning, baby.

53. When your handsome face flashes through my mind, it bridges the distance. Good morning, my heartbeat.

54. From this end with love, I say good morning and have a nice day my dear husband.

55. Even though I miss your presence, I can never miss saying a pleasant morning to my one and only.

56. Open the curtains, look through the window and embrace the fresh air coated with warmness that I sent to you this cool morning. I love you my love.

57. Just as the moisture from the morning dews is so cool, so also will you continue to experience coolness. Good morning, my man.

58. Lying down on the bed missing your strong arms and cuddles. Good morning, sweetheart.

59. No amount of rainfall can make the day cool without you by my side. Good morning, my darling.

60. Even when the temperature inside, it is still not as warm as your arms. Oh! I miss you baby. Good morning.

Good Morning Husband I Love You Quotes

Pass a lovely good morning message to your darling hubby with these good morning husband, I love you quotes.

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61. Morning is for everyone, while romantic morning is for me and you

62. A good morning must be filled with lots of kisses and you never disappoint me

63. Morning can only be good when you have a sweet husband like mine.

64. Your sweet romantic whisper to my ear is the only alarm that tells me it’s morning.

65. The secret to my beautiful mornings is you my king.

66. Your presence allays bad dreams and embraces sweet morning.

67. Loving you less is not an option. You’re perfect for me. Good morning

68. The recipe for a good morning are kisses, hugs and prayers from You my love.

69. The best husband is you, the best morning is when I’m with you.

70. I love mornings because when I open my eyes, all I see is You.

WhatsApp Good Morning Message for Husband

Be the first to brighten your husband’s day through WhatsApp with these sensational good morning messages.

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71. Arise and shine love. It’s a beautiful morning fill with love. Have a sweet morning darling.

72. It’s cold outside but warm inside because I’m in your arms. Good morning, love.

73. Mornings are signs of a new day, may you experience new things every morning. Bright morning to my heartbeat.

74. May your life continue to be calm like the morning dews. Good morning, my world.

75. It’s a brand new day fills with great joy and happiness. Enjoy its greatness. Good morning, dearest husband.

76. Not the hot coffee but your warm arms make me feeling so warm on this cold morning. Good morning, my love.

77. The reason for my happiness is you, my darling husband. Thank you for always putting smile on my face. Sweetest morning, my darling.

78. The uniqueness of the rainbow colours can’t be quantified. That’s how you are to me sweetheart. Good morning, dearest.

79. Even though you work hard all day, you still create time to make sure my morning is feel with sweet sensations. That’s why I love you so much. Good morning.

80. I can only have a pleasant morning when you are with me. Good morning, dearest husband.

Sweet Good Morning Texts for Hubby

Sending an early morning text to your love can brighten his day. Here are some sweet good morning texts for your charming husband.

81. Wake up honey, do your 10 minutes exercise, shower, eat your breakfast and set out for work. Don’t forget to give me my routine kiss. Very important. Good morning, baby.

82. Don’t be worried about the stress you are going to face, I got you always baby. It’s going to be fine. A pleasant morning to my manly man.

83. The alarm can’t wake me, your kiss does the magic. Sweetest morning, my handsome man.

84. Every morning, I look forward to your romantic kiss. The morning is not exempted. Good morning, darling.

85. Just because you are in my world, it looks so beautiful. Good morning, sunshine.

86. This beautiful morning, may you experience beautiful things. Good morning, dear husband

87. Here’s to that man who makes my day less stressful and love filled. I love you boo. Pleasant morning, my heartbeat

88. It’s a sunny morning, may you never stop shining bright. I love you and good morning.

89. Dear husband, I want you to know this- all the years that I’ve known you, I’ve always had a fantastic morning. Thank you boo. Good morning.

90. I can’t start the day without receiving the morning prayers that come from your sweet mouth. Good morning, dearest.

Good Morning Love Sms for Husband

Make your husband’s day lovely with these sweet and fantastic good morning love SMS.

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91. The sun lightens the world, you lighten my life. Good morning, dearest husband.

92. I can get tired of saying Good morning to the man who brings out the woman in me. Sweetest morning, my darling husband.

93. A pleasant morning to my manly man who had a sweet dream last night.

94. Mornings will always be good when you have a wonderful husband like mine who swept me off my feet. Good morning, honey.

95. Waking up beside you makes me forget the stress of the previous day. Good morning, love.

96. Your love for me is undiluted and I have make a commitment to love you till eternity. Good morning, my dear husband.

97. I feel safe when you are around, safer when you smile at me and safest when I’m in your arms. Good morning, my king.

98. You are my world, I evolve around you. Good morning, my love.

99. The best part of the day is waking up in your arms. It’s simply… perfect. Good morning, darling.

100. You are the love of my life, I can’t love you less. Good morning, sweetheart.

Love these romantic good morning messages to my husband? Select as many as you want and send them to your man on beautiful mornings.

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