2024 Romantic Good Night Messages for Him or Her

Night is a time of rest. It’s a time to dispel worries and have a satisfied sleep.

Make your lover know they form the last thoughts on your mind before you drift into sleep by sending them a romantic good night message.
Provided for you are 200+ Romantic Good Night Messages for Him or Her. Pick the one that best conveys your love or thoughts and make them have a wonderful rest.

Sweet Good Night Text Messages for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Below are heart touching Good Night quotes you can send to your lover after a great and successful day, to ease him or her from possible stress gathered as a result of the activities of the day.

1. Lie down, wrap yourself with the blanket of our love and sleep tight. I would be watching over you from the stars and whispering my love to you throughout the night with the cool breeze of the night. Good night, my darling.

2. I don’t need to view any monuments because I have one forever engraved on my heart. You are a graceful work of art specially designed by God with permanent residence in my heart. I wish you a good night rest, my sweetheart.

3. I see the stars in your eyes, the moon your smile and heaven in your arms. There is no one more worthy of my heart than you. You make me the happiest man on earth by being my woman. Sleep soundly lost in the beauty of the night, my angel.

4. It’s pure torture to not have you right beside me. You have come to mean so much and more to me. You brighten my smile and lighten my heart with your amazing love. There is no man for me but you. Have a good night rest, my sweetie pie.

5. The sun in all its glory does not compare to your radiance and the moon gives accolade to your beauty. I am lost in a world that’s surrounded by you. You make my life meaningful and my songs have more passion. You are my only muse. Good night, my lovely angel.

6. Gazing into your eyes makes me float and rest in the clouds, you bring freshness into my life. No one complements me and makes my life a lot better than anyone that has ever been in my life. The highlight of my day is resting with you in my arms at night. Good night, my love.

7. My sweetheart, the only one who brings massive delight to my heart and twinkle to my eyes. My day does not end without thoughts of you. I am left empty without you in my arms. All I know is my day doesn’t end without hearing a word from you. Good night, my beloved.

8. My heart’s delight, the light of my world and the star that shines bright and outshines every other star in the sky. My beloved, you alone make my sleep wonderful and blissful. I feel like I am in paradise because you are in my heart and arms. Good night, my lovely angel.

9. The stars decorate the sky and leave humans awestruck and mesmerized. You are more beautiful than any star and more enchanting than the sweetest love portion or the thirst for power. I have a taste and a glimpse of heaven what you are in my arms. Good night, my beloved.

10. All I see are the stars in the sky reflected in your eyes when I gaze at you in the cool of the night. I get lost gazing at you and I am reminded I am blessed to have you. Good night, the love of my life.

11. No matter how dark the night is, it’s darkness can’t overcome the light that floods my life because of your love for me. Your love makes me float and gives me a blissful rest. Good night, the love of my life.

12. With the night comes the end of the day but for me, it reminds me of the best day of my life. My nights are never too long because you make me complete. I can’t wait till you are forever in my arms, just as you are in my heart. Good night, my darling.

13. The night is the time when the moon and stars come out with wonderful colours. They are all in harmony to speak of the strength of our love and display the beauty of two united hearts who are one in love and heart. Good night, my beloved.

14. Time seems irrelevant when we are together because there is no difference between day and night. All time seems the same as long as you are in my life and occupy my heart. Night and day are the same for me because of my angel. Good night, my sweetheart.

15. Good night, the best man alive on earth. It may be the end of the day but it’s only the beginning of our love. It’s strong enough to pass the test of time, distance and even eternity. I would love you, forever.

16. Good night to the sweetest of all damsels. It’s a wonderful experience to have someone as gorgeous and charming as you in my life. You make my days beautiful and nights spellbinding with your awesome presence.

17. You fill my mind in the day and my dreams at night. You are the center of my world and the light that guides me home. You are always my most important priority. You are irreplaceable and always in my heart and mind. Good night, mon Cherie.

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18. I can fully rest at night because I rest and close my eyes when in your arms and there is no place like that on earth. Get lost in a land of wonderful sensations and blissful sleep, all because of you. Good night, the owner of my heart.

19. You give me love as I have never felt before. You make me dream of the impossible and with you, it’s all possible. The thought of your love makes me sleep like a baby and wake up sure and confident to seize the day. Good night, my sweetie pie.

20. The closer I get to you, the more I believe in the depth and strength of our love. You love for me surpasses my expectations. You are the beginning and end of my day, the beauty of my night and the joy of my morning. Good night, darling.

21. As I embrace the night, I embrace the beauty associated with a love this strong and pure. Good night, my darling.

22. My your dreams be as wonderful as you are and may they be filled with goodness. Good night, baby.

23. As the wind blows, embedded in it are the kisses I reserved for an awesome beauty as you. Good night, lovely.

24. My nights are not complete without sending you kisses or a kiss from you. Here is a good night kiss for you. Good night, beauty.

25. The night’s beauty pales in comparison to you and your dazzling nature. Good night, my princess.

26. My nights are safe and secure because they are spent with you. Go Good night, my hero.

27. No matter how hard my days are, my nights are wonderful because I have you. You give me the strength and courage to embrace each day. You are the reason I can fully rest at night. Good night, my beloved.

28. No matter how dark the night is, I know it’s going to be alright because I have you. Good night, my sweet.

29. The night is no longer a moment of fears and anxieties for me but a moment of blissfulness. It’s all thanks to an Angel and that is you. Good night, my love.

30. There is no night for me without the sound of your sweet voice that lures me into the perfect dreamland. Good night, my beloved.

31. There is no end to my delight because you are always my delight. Good night, my sweetheart.

32. There is no end to my heart desires because all I need is you. You are all I ever want. Good night, my beloved.

33. I make the most of my days because my nights are already made perfect by the flame of love that constantly burns in my heart. Good night, my sweetie pie.

34. My nights are full of joy and wonderful delights. There is no one else in the world for me but you. Good night, my beauty.

35. I am not scared of the night because I have a warrior who keeps me safe. Good night, my warrior.

36. There is nowhere I would rather be in the world but in your arms. You are my dream come true. Good night, baby.

37. I have no need to dream because all I see while I am at sleep or awake is you. You are my reality, no matter the time of day. Good night, my sweetheart.

38. No matter the difference between the day and night, they are in perfect harmony. Therefore, no matter the distance between us, we would always be together. Good night, my sweetie pie.

39. You are a blessing sent from God to me. Your presence in my life has dispelled the night and brought the day. I love you. Good night, my darling.

40. From your lips, I hear the perfect lullaby. From your eyes, I gaze at the beauty of the stars. You beautify my night. Goodnight, baby.

41. All day long, my thoughts are occupied with the memories of the previous nights and the new memories we would make tonight. Good night, baby.

42. I eagerly await the night each day. The night as quickly becomes my best time of day and its all thanks to you. Good night, baby.

43. You are my shooting star across the night and the beauty I can’t get enough of. No one else would do but you. Good night, my beloved.

44. You are my joy and the delight of my heart. You are constantly in my thoughts and utmost in my heart. Good night, beloved.

45. You keep me going even in the roughest of times. You are my the brightest star in my night sky. Good night, sweetie pie.

46. You are the only star that brightens my night sky and beautifies it with a wonderful display of colours painted in love. Good night, darling.

47. With you, the night is pleasurable and a moment to look forward to. You make me stand tall with your never-ending love. Good night, baby.

48. No matter how dark the night is, it always paves way for the morning. You are my morning. You dispel all the pains of the night and beautify my day. Good night, my angel.

49. Your love has made me stronger and more resilient. Your presence in my life makes my nights simply awesome. Good night, darling.

50. I constantly dream of the moment when I can continually fall asleep in your arms for the rest of my life. For now, sleep well. Good night, baby.

51. I miss you but I would hug my pillow and dream about you. Good night, beautiful.

52. Words can’t fully describe the beauty of what we share together. Good night, my beloved.

53. Rather than dream about you, I would prefer you were right beside me. Good night, my darling.

54. You have stopped my bleeding and aching heart and filled it with love that is indescribable. I wish you have a wonderful night. Good night, baby.

55. I am glad I met you. You have given a new meaning to love and changes my nights to morning. Good night, my sweetie pie.

56. You are my paradise. I rest secure knowing I have you beside me and your arms around me. Good night, my love.

57. When I see your face at night, I forget all about the hardships of the day. Your smile floods my heart with joy. Good night, my love.

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58. I love you. Have a wonderful and delightful night. Good night, my love.

59. May your night be blissful and nothing short of delightful. Good night, baby.

60. As you sleep tonight, a star would be missing but its alright because the star is right next to me. Good night, my beloved.

61. May this night leave you with awesome memories of us. Good night, my beloved.

62. Lying right next to you is my favourite place in the entire universe. Good night, my love.

63. I searched far and wide for the love we have and thought it was impossible. I am glad I found you. Have an awesome night. Good night, beautiful.

64. I can’t find a woman like you in the whole world. You are simply unique. Good night, my dazzling star.

65. Good night, baby. I couldn’t sleep without telling you how much I miss you.

66. Have a pleasant dream cause you deserve it. You have made my dreams pleasant. Good night, my hero.

67. My dreams are filled with the moments we spent together and the love we share. Good night, my angel.

68. I wish you, a very peaceful night. Good night, my darling.

69. Even if I can’t be beside you, my love always is. Good night, my sweetheart.

70. I send you all my love, kisses and hugs in this message. Good night, baby.

71. The night is not the end of the day but a beginning of the celebration of love between us. Good night, my darling.

72. Your love envelopes me and makes me sleep like a baby at night. Good night, my darling.

73. Goodnight, my beloved. May your sleep be revitalizing and blissful.

74. I hate that we are not in the same place, breathing the same air. I send my love with this message. Good night, my darling.

75. No light can brighten my life like you. Your smile makes my world stand still. I love you. Good night, baby.

76. Your love draws me in and calls out to me like a moth to the flame. Good night, my beloved.

77. The sparkle in your eyes reminds me of the twinkle of the stars. You are my only shining star. You shine both day and night. Good night, baby.

78. The taste of your lips is like the of wines. I get drunk just kissing you. Good night, my beloved.

79. You have brought life to my dead heart. It now beats and aches just for you. It constantly longs for your presence. Good night, my sweetheart.

80. A kiss from you leaves me panting for more. I have lost my breath because of you. You are the other part of me. Good night, my darling.

81. I was made just for you. You bring out parts of me that I never knew existed. Goodnight, my love.

82. You light up my world like the stars light up the sky at night. You make everything seem much more better. Goodnight, baby.

83. I can’t stay away from you. I have become addicted to your unique scented everything that concerns you. Goodnight, my love.

84. You break out my inhibitions and make me come alive like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon. Goodnight, my sweetheart.

85. I can’t stay away from you or your love. I can’t live without you. Good night, my sweet.

86. My feelings can’t be described. All I know is I have never felt this way for anyone else. Goodnight, my darling.

87. You are better than the best of cakes and sweeter than honey. I just want to hold you for the rest of my life. Good night, my love.

88. No matter how busy my day is, it’s not enough for me to forget to tell my girl how much I miss her. I love you. Good night, my darling.

89. I miss you more than words can describe. Stay safe and remember, you mean the world to me. Good night, baby.

90. There is no one I would rather cuddle with than you. My Prince charming, keep charming my heart. Goodnight, my darling.

91. Hold me like there is no tomorrow. My tomorrow begins and ends with you. Goodnight, my Prince charming.

92. You have charmed not only my heart but every part of me. No spell is strong enough to stop me from loving you. Goodnight, my love.

93. The best of spells would never be strong enough to destroy the love we share. It is my greatest treasure. Goodnight, my beloved.

94. I love no other but you. We are stuck together from now and beyond eternity. Goodnight, my Prince charming.

95. The breeze of the nigby has embedded in it the kisses and messages I sent you. I am counting the days until we would be together. Good night, angel.

96. In your absence, nothing seems right. We have a rare and wonderful thing together. I promise to treasure you always. Good night, my treasure.

97. Wrap your arms of love around me, now and always. I love you and I am not ashamed of what we share. Good night, my love.

98. You are everything I need and so much more. I can’t ever let you go. Goodnight, my darling.

99. Night is the perfect time to celebrate the beauty of love. I am lucky to have someone as wonderful as you in my life. Good night, my darling.

100. Goodnight, my beauty. Rest like a baby and wake up to the rays of sunshine decorated with kisses just for you. Good night, my baby.

101. You make me glow and my heart soar. No one completes me like you do. Good night, my angel.

102. My heart is all aflame with a passion so strong it weakens me. I am brought to my knees by the depth of my love for you. Good night, my love.

103. Just as the beauty of the night is not be compared to that of the elegance of the day, your beauty and intelligence can be compared to none. Goodnight, my beautiful queen.

104. The rain of love has fallen and diffused into my bloodstream. There is no cure for it. I am now hopelessly and helplessly in love with you. Goodnight, my darling.

105. You have made me learn to count my blessings and appreciate all the wonderful people in my life. No one is more wonderful than the love of my life and that is you. Good night, my sweetie pie.

106. It’s the time when creatures wave goodbye to the day. It’s not goodbye for me because my day never ends. You are my star in the night and sunshine in the morning. The first ray that kisses my face and baths me in love. Good night, the queen of my heart.

107. When it comes to you, I live and love fully. I want to keep sharing my life with you, every night and day. Good night, my baby.

108. My life is now kept in your care. I have no life because you have become my life. You are my completion. Good night, darling.

109. You make me free and able to live fully. You own all of me and I just wanted to remind you of that this night. Good night, baby.

110. I never knew I was alone until you came into my life and brought a new perspective to my world.

111. Nothing can ever take your place regardless of where I am or the distance between us. Without you, I am alone and everything feels empty. You fill me with happiness. Have a wonderful night. I would be thinking of you. Good night, my love.

112. Every night, I have in this world is dedicated to you. You.are the constant smile on my face. Good night, baby.

113. My night is not complete without a good night kiss to you. Sleep like a baby. Good night, my love.

114. Darling, you inspire me to press forward and forget past hurts. You are worth more than the most expensive diamond to me. Good night, my diamond.

115. I lay on my bed and wish you were tucked in my arms, so I could shower you with thousands of Goodnight kisses. Good night, baby.

116. You are the flame that burns bright in my heart. My nights are empty when you are not close by. I miss you. Goodnight, sweetie pie.

117. I sent a love note with the wind, close your eyes and rest as it whispers my love to you. Goodnight, baby.

118. As you lay your head down to rest, may the angels watch over you. You are my greatest treasure and I can’t afford to lose you. Good night, king of my heart.

119. Some nights, I get no sleep because I am lost in thoughts of you. You are the essential piece that holds my heart. Goodnight, sweetheart.

120. I keep counting how much longer it would take to be by your side. Your love fills my heart. You have captivated my heart. Good night, darling.

121. You make all my anxieties and worries disappear with the words of wisdom from your lips and the love in your eyes. My day is incomplete without a message to you and from you. Goodnight, dear.

122. Every day is a new day for more challenges and greater love. Goodnight, baby.

123. I wish I could stop time then you would be in my arms forever. Goodnight, sweetheart.

124. My joy is endless and my love unending because of an angel. Rest well and stay safe. Goodnight, my dear.

125. No amount of time spent with you is enough, I always long to be with you. Goodnight, my darling.

126. Night makes room for a brand new day, just as my love make room for a great and more intense love each new day. Goodnight, handsome.

127. Forever is not enough to love you the way you deserve but for now, I send kisses and hugs your way. Goodnight, handsome.

128. You are always on my mind, even right now. Goodnight, my angel.

129. Loving you is better than the beauty of nature. You make everything seem more real. Rest well and be safe. I love you. Goodnight, my dear.

130. Your heart is where I lay my head and that’s the best place in the world to be. Goodnight, beautiful.

131. There is only peace in my heart when I close my eyes at night and think about us and how far we have come together. You make my life worth living. Goodnight, my love.

132. No matter how terrible my day may be, one thought of you brightens my day and makes my night wonderful. Goodnight, my darling.

133. You make my life wonderful and my nights awesome. Goodnight, my baby.

134. Goodnight, my baby. As you close your eyes to sleep, may my love surround you as a blanket.

135. Baby, the requirements for my night are incomplete because you are not present. I miss you. Goodnight, my baby.

136. No matter how much I think about you in a day, I still sleep with you on my mind. I love you dearly. Goodnight, my love.

137. If the day were a thousand years and the night a million years, forever is not enough to spend with you. Goodnight, my woman.

138. No matter how many times I say it, I still don’t say it enough: I love you very much. Goodnight, my darling.

139. All the nights spent with you are my best nights and the nights without you are my worst nights. Goodnight, my hero.

140. Just as the moon never fails to come at night and the sun in the day, my love for you would remain forever. Goodnight, my darling.

141. Making you happy is the most important job of my life. Goodnight, my darling.

142. Much of who I am today is due to your unfailing love for me. Thanks for being in my life. Goodnight, my baby.

143. Seeing you daily makes my daily simply delightful. Goodnight, sweetheart.

144. Many times I lay awake at night and wonder how I got so lucky. You are my world. Goodnight, my sweetheart.

145. Over and over again, you bring out the best in me and show me what it means to love and be truly loved. Goodnight, sweetheart.

146. Your voice is the music I long to listen to daily. It gladness my heart. Goodnight, sweetheart.

147. Your voice is a balm to my soul and the best form of music to my ears. Goodnight, my love.

148. You are more than the world to me, my angel. Sleep tight and know I love you. Goodnight, my sweet.

149. Never lose hope in our love. You are my greatest treasure and next to you, there is no other. Goodnight, sweetheart.

150. Tonight, let’s paint the sky with our love, and music from the strength of our passion. Goodnight, beautiful.

151. I have been longing to hold you in my arms all day. Now that I get the chance it’s simply wonderful. Goodnight, baby.

152. Most ladies are concerned with wealth but you are concerned with the heart, therein lies your beauty. I love you. Goodnight, sweetheart.

153. Being able to hold you and call you mine is the most pleasurable moment of my life. Goodnight, baby.

154. Being held in your arms makes me feel safe and secure. I love how you make me feel. Goodnight, darling.

155. I am blessed to call you my own. Goodnight, angel.

156. The amount of the brightness of the stars pales in comparison to your beauty. Goodnight, sweetheart.

157. You have made me aspire for more than I ever thought possible. You make me soar. Goodnight, sweetheart.

158. We have been through a lot together and there is no greater partner than you. I love you endlessly. Goodnight, baby.

159. Giving up on us is impossible because we have become one in soul and spirit. Know that I love you dearly. Goodnight, darling.

160. Goodnight to the woman who is better than any fantasy I could ever have. You are a wonderful definition of love. Goodnight, baby.

161. My night is incomplete without a healthy dose of your kind of love. Goodnight, sweetheart.

162. I may not show it enough or say it enough because I am not the best romantic but I want you to know you mean the world to me. Goodnight, darling.

163. The flowers in the garden of our love bloom and fill the air around you with sweet scents that lure you to sleep. Goodnight, darling.

164. I fall more in love with you with each second of the day and night and it still isn’t enough. Goodnight, sweetheart.

165. Everything has an end except my love for you. Goodnight, angel.

166. The stars twinkle at night to remind you of the billion and one ways in which I love you more. Goodnight, babe.

167. The best way to see you is carefree. So tonight, let your hair down and discard all worries. Close your eyes and feel the love around you. Goodnight, darling.

168. The sun is long gone and the moon is about to steal the show just as you steal my breath away. Goodnight, babe.

169. The night is just starting. Get undressed and let me spoil you silly before the night is over with so much good loving. Goodnight, babe.

170. Goodnight, babe. I just had to wish you a great night before you sleep. Be safe.

171. Don’t let the cold get to you. I send a blanket of love with the stars to keep you warm. Goodnight, baby.

172. The pillow doesn’t make me feel warm. I miss having you around. Goodnight, babe.

173. I just wanted to tell the love of my life how much she means to me before the night is over. Goodnight, babe.

174. Goodnight, babe. Your love and the memories of us keep me going even in the toughest of times.

175. I hate being far away. I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow, so I can sleep with you safely tucked in my arms.

176. Goodnight, darling. The precocious moments we have together keep me warm on nights when I am far away and cold.

177. With you, I constantly get a taste of heaven and it’s bliss. You are wonderful. Goodnight, my dear.

178. Goodnight, sweetheart. Nothing can keep us apart because I am not with you physically, I would always be in your dreams.

179. Your body is the only paradise I long to go. May this night bring you a wonderful rest. Goodnight, baby.

180. I am truly blessed to keep having you in my life. You are everything and more to me. Goodnight, my dear.

181. I would keep choosing you, no matter where I am or the people I meet. No woman brings me alive as you do. Good night, beautiful.

182. We would always be together forever. For now, let me just say I love you very much. Goodnight, baby.

183. I wait for daybreak to bath you in its warmth because then you are always so ethereal. Goodnight, my love.

184. Although, I make the most of every moment I spend with you, the next always surpasses the former. It’s always a joy to love you. Goodnight, sweetheart.

185. I want to share all of my love with you and no one else. You are more dazzling than the stars in all their glory at night. Good night, my love.

186. My morning starts with the taste of your lips and my night with the warmth that comes from being in your embrace. Good night, my beauty.

187. I am grateful for the day because I get to see you. I am happy for the night because I get to hold you in my arms till daybreak. Goodnight, sweetheart.

188. Every moment spent with you is a delight and a treasured memory. Sleep and forget all your worries. Here are kisses from me to you. Goodnight, my dear.

189. We were made just for each other. I end where you begin and you begin where I end. A thousand hugs won’t be enough but manage it. Goodnight, darling.

190. My home is found whenever you are. Have an awesome rest, my angel.

191. I am all for you. You own all of me and I belong to you. You are my angel and the light I need whenever things get dark. Goodnight, my baby.

192. You are the perfect example of what love entails. You have made me believe in the power of love. I love you, night and day and forever. Goodnight, my sweet.

193. I have all I need as long as I have you. We are as different as night and day and yet there is no me without you. I love you with an endless love. Goodnight, my darling.

194. Memories of you are my anchor from the loneliness of the night. I miss you. Goodnight, sweetheart.

195. Nothing makes me as happy as the thought of you. You are better than any imagination and it’s hard to be far from you. You are always in my heart. Goodnight, baby.

196. You are near to me than my own skin. Our love is beautiful just as you are. Your smile leaves me speechless. As you lay your head to rest, may your dreams be full of me just as mine would be full of you. Goodnight, sweetheart.

197. My heart beats fast whenever you are near me. My doubts disappear when you I close and then I know I have the strength to love you just as you deserve. I miss you, tonight. Goodnight, sweetheart.

198. I would continue to love you for the rest of our lives. Every day, my love for you expands and becomes boundless just like a bird in the sky. May the Lord keep watch over you for me. Good night, darling.

199. As beautiful as diamond is, it is nothing compared to you. You are more than enough for me. Baby, I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me this night and always. Good night, my love.

200. Baby, tonight let’s paint the sky with the beautiful colour of love and the stars with the music of our passion. Goodnight, my angel.

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