Sad Alcoholic Quotes

Sad Alcoholic Quotes

Some people become alcoholics because they enjoy being drunk, while others drink because they are trying to cope with stress or unhappiness in their lives. There are many different reasons why people start abusing alcohol, but once they become addicted, it becomes difficult for them to stop drinking even when they know it’s causing problems.

Being a sad alcoholic is a hard, lonely, depressing place. You often feel alone, but there’s hope. You don’t have to be on the same path, and you most likely won’t follow the path many alcoholics walk down. You’re much better than that!

That’s why you need all the help you can get. So I’m here to help. I’ve got a collection of sad alcoholic quotes to make you know you’re not alone in your addiction. I hope some of these quotes hit home so you can feel good while drowning your sorrows in a cup of vodka.

The reason for these sad alcoholic quotes is to creatively express who a sad alcoholic is as you have become sad from drinking and have already lost hope that everything would be okay.

Sad Alcoholic Quotes

Sad alcoholics usually lack the self-discipline to make the right decisions. They tend to rely on other people’s opinions. This can lead them to depression and isolation. Alcoholics also find it difficult to stop drinking even when they know the damage it is doing to them.

1. Sad alcoholic person is that they generally have issues with themselves. They have a sense of self-doubt, low self-esteem and guilt.

2.You can’t hide the hurt by numbing the pain with alcohol. It will consume you, and it will ruin everything in your life that was once good.

3. A sad alcoholic is obsessed with their choices and the past, and they compare themselves to others. A sad alcoholic doesn’t find happiness in things that most would consider normal for a happy life because too many things are out of their control.

4. The best thing about getting sober is that it’s as if you are born again. You can see with fresh eyes and a fresh mind. And you can live without the crutch of alcohol because everything starts to make sense.

5.Alcohol doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you forget about the bad things that happened to you.

6. A sad alcoholic may try to hide his or her addiction, but many signs can help you identify a sad alcoholic person.

7. A sad alcoholic is a person who knows how to drink without getting drunk. They’re always depressed but socially successful drinkers, so they usually don’t get into trouble. Sad alcoholics are, in this way, different from both normal alcoholics and functional ones.

8. Alcohol is a crutch. It provides an illusion of escape, but it’s not healing your pain.

9. When you’re sad and you have a drink, it makes you feel better. You’re not drunk, you’re just sad

10. Sad alcoholics can’t help their condition. They feel so sad and blue and wish they could stop drinking.

11. You don’t have to be an alcoholic to be sad. You just have to be human.

12. There’s a fine line between addiction and dependence. Addiction takes your dignity from you, and dependence takes all your hope away, making you sad.

13. Life is hard, but you must keep swimming in happiness instead of making alcohol drown you in sadness.

14. Happiness is not something you can find. You have to create it with every breath you take, every day, even if alcohol makes you sad.

15. Sad alcoholics have the inability to control drinking and the impairment resulting from this excessive use.

16. Some sad alcoholics may be in denial of their alcoholism, while others openly claim their problem. The disease does not discriminate based upon age, gender or income.

17. Some alcoholics are sad because trIt’s hard to believe that someone could be successful in society and a raging alcoholic at the same time

18. Sad but true. Alcohol is a disease, and you’re better off without it.

19. Empty bottles, empty words. You’ve become the master of excuses and lies. The clouds have covered up your sky. I hope the storm will pass. You will be fine.

20. You can’t control the wind, the ocean, or your drunk self. But you can always control where you put your head.

21. As a sad alcoholic, remember that life is a party, and no one is invited to leave early.

22. Sad alcoholics are sad because alcohol addiction can devastate their health, relationships, and life. Recovery comes with the realization that it is possible to be happy without alcohol.

23. The only way to have a happy life is to have a certain amount of sadness.

24. Your happiness directly reflects how much you value your own life.

25. When you’re the only person who can say, “I love you”, but you can’t because of your addiction, it makes you sad.

26. A sad alcoholic person usually has a gloomy face and sad eyes. Still, there are other hidden secrets that true alcoholic hides from others to avoid being judged and looked down upon.

27. Sad alcoholics are always in a state of denial.

28. Alcohol depresses you and causes you to fall into a state of sadness and sickness, which you hate.

29. A little drink never hurts anyone, but many of them will take it away from you.

30. When you’re drunk enough to face your problems, the end results are never pretty—for the sade alcoholic or those around him or her.

31. You’re always so good to me, even when I’ve been a bad friend. I am so sorry for being such a mess lately. I’ll be better soon, and I promise not to be a sad alcoholic.

32. Nothing is more depressing than drinking and thinking that taking alcohol will take away your sadness.

33. If you’re not happy, drink. If you want to be happy, drink less. Between the moments of self-hate and joy, I love you, I hate you. It’s okay. You’re not alone—we’ve all been there

34. Alcohol makes the world seem a better place, but not for long. Alcohol makes it seem that way until the illusion fades and reality returns. Then you turn out a sad alcoholic.

35. Sometimes, I get sad. I think, maybe, I’m an alcoholic. Then I realize that my life is suffering and I’ll never be happy, so I just drink more.

36. Don’t let your sadness be a reason to drink. It’s not about the number of drinks you take, it’s about the number of drinks that got you drunk in the first place.

37. When you’re sad and lonely, you should never feel guilty for something that feels good.

38. Facing life without booze isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. You deserve to be happy and healthy!

39. A sad alcoholic may try to hide his or her addiction, but many signs can help you identify a sad alcoholic person. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get help today.

40. When life gets you down, just look up and remind yourself that there are always better days ahead.

41. As a sad alcoholic, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m having trouble remembering my prayers.

42. The closer you keep a sad alcoholic to the bottle, the harder it is to let go.

43. A sad alcoholic never finds the courage to drop the bottle but still wallows in their sadness.

44. You can’t always choose the path that life takes you on. But you can choose to do the work and recover from your own mistakes.

45. Sometimes, you need a little reminder: You are not alone. And you don’t have to drink to be a good person.

46. When you’re an alcoholic, it’s easy to lose your way. But I’m always here for you.

47. A sad alcoholic may try to hide his or her addiction; however, there are indications of alcoholism that you can see.
48. You don’t need a drink to make you feel better. You just need a friend to support you when you’re feeling low.

49. When you’re sad, just drink a glass of wine. It’ll make you feel better.

50. When you’re drinking, you might try to convince yourself that you’ll have a better time if you just keep going. But the only thing that will ever be different is how far away from yourself you are.

Undoubtedly, this collection of sad alcoholic quotes has really shown you who a sad alcoholic is.

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