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2020 Best of Safe Flight Prayers for Everyone

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Journeys, trips and travels are a normal part of our everyday life. Many lives have been lost as a result of the accidents that have been encountered on such journeys.

Travels have different routes and means of transportation, depending on our individual choices. There is a need therefore to pray for ourselves and those who are important in our lives, whenever anyone is involved in any journey.

People make up the bulk of our world and we tend to get anxious about our loved ones on any trip. Prayers give us hope and help us cope even when the trip is not the way it was planned. Regardless of the reason for the journey, always pray for your dear ones.

If you are searching for the best prayers for yourself and your loved ones, especially those who use flights for their trips, you have come to the perfect place. Below are 2020 Best of Safe Flight Prayers for Everyone | Safe Flight Prayers.

Have a Safe Flight Prayers, Wishes and Quotes

Do Have a Safe Flight Prayers, Wishes and Quotes for Everybody.

1. Heavenly Father, I commit my journey into your hands. Protect me and help me get to my destination safely. Thank you, God, for a safe flight.

2. Lord, whatever you preserve is kept safe. I humbly ask that you keep me as I embark on this journey. Grant me a safe flight.

3. God, as I embark on this trip, let all those who wish me evil be disappointed. Let my flight take off and land safely in my desired destination. Thank you, God, for a safe trip.

4. I pray that your presence goes with me even as I embark on my trip. Let my reason for traveling be accomplished and let my flight not lead to my death. Thanks for your everlasting arms that keep me safe.

5. Heavenly Father, let any trouble that might want to occur with the weather be postponed for my sake. Let there be no bad news even as I embark on this trip. Thank you, God, for a safe flight.

6. No plan of your enemies against you shall prosper. May you have a safe flight, my child.

7. Wherever they may gather concerning you just to witness your end, may their plans be nullified and their counsel comes to null. May you have a safe flight, my dear.

8. May your plane not crash. As you left home in sound health, so shall you return. May your corpse not be brought back from your trip but good news all the way. Have a wonderful and safe flight, my dearest friend.

9. May you have a safe flight and may the hosts of heaven, keep watch over you for me. Have a wonderful trip, my darling.

10. I pray that your purpose for traveling would be accomplished. Have a safe flight and journey mercies.

11. In every journey you embark on this year, may your life and those of your loved ones be preserved. Have a safe flight, now and always.

12. I am so glad that you would soon be home. Everything is ready and set, awaiting the arrival of the one who owns my heart. I wish you a safe journey home. May God’s presence guide you throughout your trip.

13. May you come back safely as you go on this journey. Make the most of your life this year and may every journey bring you wonderful results.

14. As you embark on the journey of this year, may your empires be precious and your life preserved. I won’t lose you this year. Journey mercies on all your trips.

15. May God preserve you as you travel throughout this year. May your plane always land safely and never crash. Journey mercies are yours, now and always. Have a safe trip, my lovely sister.

16. May God guide and protect you. May your arrival gives us sufficient reasons to thank God. May the angels order your steps in every part of your journey. Cheers to a safe flight.

17. As hard as it is for me to be far from you, make your journey a wonderful one. Have sufficient fun for both of us. Have a safe trip, to and fro. I love you, darling.

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18. Your protection is guaranteed because God is with you. I won’t lose you. May your flight, take off and land safely.

19. As you travel, you won’t be used as a sacrifice on the altar of your enemies. Your blood would not be spilled ss drink to the earth but rather you would be safe. I wish you safe journey, regardless of where you go and the means of transport. Get home safe and secure.

20. May God enable the pilot to steer the plane aright and bring you back safely into my arms where you belong. Have a safe flight.

21. May the weather be favourable to your plane as you soar in the sky. You will not experience any crash. Have a safe journey, dear father.

22. As much as I hate to be far from you, this journey is a dream come true for you. Please be safe always. May God preserve you for me. Stay safe, my love.

23. My your journey be fulfilling and your flight safe. May you not experience any troubles in the air. Have a safe flight, my son.

24. As you journey through life this year, may your flight to purpose and greater heights be steady. At the end of this year, may it have been a wonderful journey. Keep being safe.

25. May this year lead you fully on the path of self-discovery. At the end of the year, let it be a fulfilling year. Take risks and have a great flight to self-discovery.

26. No matter how the journey may be, my greatest prayer is that your journey would end well. May it be full of wonderful memories and great adventure. Fly safely.

27. May God guide and protect you. May your arrival gives us sufficient reasons to thank God. May the angels order your steps in every part of your journey. Cheers to a safe flight.

28. As hard as it is for me to be far from you, make your journey a wonderful one. Have sufficient fun for both of us. Have a safe trip, to and fro. I love you, darling.

29. I have waited for so long and I am so happy that you will soon be home. Everything is well placed for your arrival. The only left now is just to wish you a safe journey home my baby. God be with you every step of the way.

30. I hope you make lots of wonderful memories, and I look forward to hearing the stories of your adventures. Have fun!

31. Every day of our lives is a journey into the unknown future. Maximize your living and your potentials. May your going out and coming in be safe. Do have a safe flight on your trip tomorrow.

32. As you go out on your journey, may you be safe! May your flight be problem free and may you get to your desired destination and back home, without any problems!

33. May God protect you. May he guide you. May your journey be safe and smooth. May we have every reason to thank God on your arrival. Have a safe journey dear. God be with you every step of the trip. Cheers.

34. You will never travel when the ground is thirsty. The people of the world will never need your blood. You will have a safe flight to the glory of God and we will have every reason to thank God for your safe trip. Have a safe journey, my love.

35. I pray that the sky will be so clear and there will be no rain nor any turbulence. I pray that the pilot will have clear eyes and the journey will be smooth and stress-free. I wish you a safe journey, my dear. May God’s hands be upon you every step of the way. Have a safe journey back home.

36. The world is open to an endless stream of potential experiences; it’s up to you to navigate that raging torrent of possibilities and find your own destination. Have a safe flight to your desired destination.

37. I don’t want you coming back empty-handed; I want you coming back with a head full of tall tales, absurdities, and little moments of beauty. Have a safe trip.

38. Instead of shutting yourself off, be open to the experiences you would normally turn down. Instead of saying no, say yes, and see where your journey takes you.

39. Embrace what you don’t understand, what you can’t see just yet, experience something new and enjoy the experience. Safe journey back home.

40. You know it hurts me to see you go, and I wish you the best on your trip. I know you’ve always wanted to go there and this is your chance. Stay safe, my darling.

41. I know you feel nervous about leaving me for the first time, but we can’t be together all the time. Go out there and have a great time, for both of us. Have a safe and amazing flight.

42. I know the aircraft is conducive. I know the engines are sound and working well. I know the pilots are sane and sound. I knew all through God who told me. I wish you the safest trip back home. Your protection is guaranteed, my dear. May God be with you.

43. I know they will tell you to fasten your seat belts, but you may never really have any reason to fasten your seat belt unless you are landing after a safe journey. May God be with you, my dear. Do have a safe trip back home to me. I love you, very much.

44. Oh, Lord Almighty, the protector of the universe and all that is therein. We commit (mention his or her name) into your hands. Be the companion throughout the journey. Put on him your protective armour. Keep him from any danger that might want to arise. Bathe him with your protection as he embarks on this journey through Jesus Christ.

45. You are the lord of heaven, the land and the seas. You are the Lord of the old and young. You are the lord of the infants and the aged. The lord of the humans, animals that walk and birds of the air. We ask for your mercies and protection during the course of this trip, and we pray that you give the pilots thefblessing to pilot the plane, as we see this journey through.

46. I know the pilots have checked and confirmed that the plane is safe to go but still I pray that you would take off and land safely. Have a wonderful journey.

47. The angels would serve as your bodyguards as you travel. Have no fear, you are in God’s hands and all would be well. Have a safe flight.

48. Have no worries, be rest assured that no evil would before you. You are under the shadow of the Lord, therefore I know that of certainty, you would have a safe flight.

49. May your trip not leave you empty but full of life, amazing memories and a reformed mind. Have an amazing flight.

50. Bro., it’s an awesome thing to know you are flying today. Know that I would be praying for you. Have an amazing flight into greatness.

51. May the weather and all the elements of the sky be in your favour. Journey mercies are yours. Have an amazing flight back home.

52. Safe journey to you. May your journey brings true fulfillment and fortunes. May your tales be inspiring and your life be full of intrigue and unlimited blessings.

53. With the wings of your mind, make the impossible possible and propel yourself forward using the wings of dedication, discipline and determination. Have an amazing flight to your desired future.

54. I wish you an amazing experience as you embark on the journey of a lifetime. Have a happy flight to your future. Keep being daring and take more fulfilling risks but remain safe in health and mind.

55. Take care of yourself. No more how turbulent the top may be, it would be calm just for you. Soar higher. Have a safe and interesting flight, my daughter.

56. No matter how high your flight may be, may it land safely at your destination. Have a safe flight.

57. May all the elements of the atmosphere combine hustle to ensure your safety as you go forth. Have an interesting flight to your destiny.

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58. Keep your eyes up to the sky, never look down and lose your footing. Soar as high as the eagle. Take up new challenges that move you towards your desired future. Have a safe and amazing flight to your destiny.

59. May you be as charming and great as before. May your horizon be broaden. Have a wonderful and safe flight, my dear.

60. May this be the best journey you have ever embarked. Have an amazing and fulfilling flight. Bon voyage.

61. May all the dangers planned, be set to null because of you. May every means of transportation you enter, deliver safely to your destiny. Have a great journey.

62. May your plane not crash. May everything be in top order, just to ensure that you have an awesome flight. Bon voyage, mon cherie.

63. Just your presence on the flight would ensure the safety of every other occupant of the plane. May your journey be crash free. Enjoy a safe flight, my dear.

64. May your journeys throughout this year, be guided by the presence of the Lord now and always. Always remember you are more precious to me than a billion jewels.

65. More than ever before, may you have safety in every area of your life. Have a safe flight, my darling.

66. May God guide in all your journey. May your journeys bring a delight to your heart and peace in your soul. Just have a wonderful time touring, my beloved.

67. As you journey home, may the stories of your adventures make you soar and keep aiming for the top. Happy times would always be yours. Have a safe flight, my dear.

68. My the arrows of the day and the terrors of the night be far from you. May all things work in your favour. Have an amazing flight, my favourite.

69. May your flight land safely. As you soar in the sky, may all your fears fade and give way to boldness to take more fulfilling risks and be the best. Bon voyage, mon ami.

70. Have a safe flight home. I miss your wonderful presence and your warming smile. You don’t know how much I miss having you around.

71. May you have no use for the life jacket. Enjoy every part of your trip and have fun for both of us. May your trip be a very favourable one.

72. Have a safe flight as you go on this trip. May your trip leads you to a place of peace, merriment and purpose. Have an amazing time on your trip.

73. May your journey be the best journey you have had. Let your flight take on the best ride of your life. Do enjoy yourself to the maximum, my friend.

74. I pray that you would see the end of this journey and come home, safe and sound. May your flight be surrounded by the presence of God.

75. Safe journey to you, my darling. Soar higher than the sky. May you know no limit in prosperity and success from this time forth.

76. May all your heart desires for this journey come to reality. Be safe and ensure you have an amazing flight. Remember, don’t you dare come without souvenirs for those at home. I love you, big sister.

77. I know you would do everything in your power to ensure your safety, I thereby pray that unwanted situations would not arise during the course of this trip. Have a safe flight, my dear.

78. May this trip marks the beginning of life giving you the best it has to offer as you do the same. From now onward, keep being the best. Have a wonderful flight with the best experience possible. I love you, my darling.

79. May the dangers embedded in the air, be far from you as you go on this trip. Have a safe flight and do try to relax, the trip is only for some hours. Have a safe flight.

80. I pray against any problems that might want to arise during your trip. I know you have the phobia of flight, but do try to relax. Remember, I love you and can’t wait for your return. Have an amazing flight, my angel.

81. You deserve the best and highest quality of safety and that can only be gotten from God. I, therefore, pray that God would give his angels charge over you. Have a safe flight.

82. Do have a wonderful and amazing time on this trip. Have a safe flight and enjoy every moment of your time away. I love you, my dear.

83. May the Lord’s presence go with you and before you, to straighten every crooked path as you go. May your flight have no failures of any engineer. Have a safe flight.

84. Your kind of person deserves on the best kind of safety, for this reason, may God keep you safe in Him. Have an amazingly safe flight.

85. May you land safely. Bon voyage, my dear. Remember, you are always in our prayers.

86. May your trip brings greater enlightenment on your way and amazing stories that would keep inspiring, not just you, but those around you. Have a safe flight, my dear.

87. May the Divine One go before you and grant you favour. May all be well with you as you travel, throughout your stay and whenever you decide to return. Enjoy safety as you go.

88. Enjoy divine safety before, during and after your flight. Have a life-altering experience as you travel. Have a safe flight.

89. May the experiences you would gain from this trip be profound. Enjoy safety in your flight. Bon voyage.

90. May the safety of the Lord overshadow and overwhelm you. May this trip bring smiles to your face and more money to your pocket. Have a safe flight.

91. No plan of your enemies against you and your flight would come to fruition. The angels would keep watch over you. Have a safe flight.

92. Your safety is guaranteed because you are the apple of God’s eye. I wish you the very best. Bon voyage and an amazing flight.

93. Everything that has a beginning also has an end. May you see the end of this journey. May the news we would hear from and about you would be joyful ones. Have a safe flight, my darling.

94. No evil would befall you as you travel. You would return in great wealth, health and favour. Have a wonderfully safe flight. Bon voyage.

95. Bon voyage. May your flight not be the cause of your death. Have a safe flight and may your return be a great source of joy.

96. As you go, may we have cause to celebrate your return. May God grant you safety in your flight and on the road.

97. May your flight take you safely to your destination. Bon voyage. Bring a lot of goodies when coming back. I would miss you.

98. I wish you well in all you do, especially as you embark on your trip. Have a safe flight, my darling.

99. May this trip marks the beginning of good and lovely times in your life. Bon voyage. Keep the flag flying and keep soaring. Have a safe flight.

100. May you have an amazing flight into the journey of life and may it inspire you to give you best and your all. Have a safe flight, my baby.

Never go on a trip or even let your loved ones go on any trip, without a word of prayer, it could go a long way in helping hem have a great trip and saving their lives.

Don’t forget to leave your comments and let me know your favourite prayer.

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