2023 Best Prayers Before Flight for Everyone

Are you about to go on a journey? Precisely by air? Then as humans, we are expected to commit all our journeys in the year, 2023 and beyond to our creator to see us through each second of our sojourning.

For it is he that arrives safely that actually went on a journey. The joy of any sojourner is safety, comfort and peace.

Our trust in God is to be solely backed up with our communication with Him over every single issue of our lives. In this year, 2023, we are very much expected to call on God in all our journeys even aircraft’s trips, for Him to go before us, go after us and also to be with us.

Isn’t that true?

Then, be calm and gracefully search through for that 2023 best prayer before flight for both you and your loved ones.

Prayers to Say Before Taking Flight

Powerful Prayers to Pray Before Boarding a Flight.

1. The earth is Yours, O Lord and the fullness thereof and all that is therein. I commit myself into Your care O Lord, as I embark on this flight, let me not regret ever going on this journey. Be my guide to and fro on the air and when I land. Thank you, Lord, for safe journey already, by faith. Hallelujah.

2. O Heavenly Father, I beseech Your mercy as I go on this journey. Be the pilot and co-pilot for you will bring us all unto safety. Grant me great tranquility in the course of the journey and make me joyful at the reaching of my destination. Thank Lord.

3. O Lord of all the earth and the heavens, I put myself before You this day, that as I embark on this flight, O be my shield and my buckler against every form of evil assault and accident. Guide me through till I get to my destination. Thank You for answering my prayer.

4. King of kings and Lord of all lords, I thank you for all You have done, all You are doing and all You will yet do. I bring humble self before You that You go with me on this journey I am embarking on. Take away every form of air turbulence and cloud disturbances. And bring me to a safe arrival of my sojourning. Thank You, God.

5. As I set out to go on this trip, O Lord, let Your mighty hands be around me and lead me to safety. O let my plane be free from any kind of turbulence and engine failures. By Your mighty hands, uphold our plane unto safety. Thank You so much, Father.

6. Everlasting Father of Mercy and Grace, I appreciate all Your merciful kindness towards me always. Accept my praise, Lord. According to Your Word, Father, as I embark on this flight, may the sun not smite me by the day and the moon by night. O let my journey be peaceful and stress-free. Thank You for answers to prayers at all times.

7. O God, I entreat Your mercy this day, as I go on board. Give charge to Your angels to keep me all through this trip lest my flight crashes. Grant me journey mercy to and fro. Thank You for mercy.

8. Dear God, let Your eyes go with me as I embark on this journey. Please protect me from all forms of evil and bring me joy and peace at the reaching of my destination.

9. I pray this day, that the atmosphere shall be favourable for my flight and the grace of God shall be with me all through. O God my Father, watch over me Your child. Blessed be Your name!

10. I commit myself to You, heavenly Father, as I go on board into the plane, please be my guide and the controller of the plane. For I put my trust in You to lead me unto safety. Thank You, Lord.

11. Lord God Almighty, I place my sister into Your care this day as she embarks on her journey in the air. O let her plane navigate through in the right course of the atmosphere. May she not regret ever embarking on this journey.

12. Good day brother, I pray for you today that in your transition on air, you shall be at rest and free from all forms of turbulence. May your trip be peaceful. Amen.

13. As you proceed to go on this journey, dear friend, may the presence of God be with you. Your plane shall not capsize neither shall it crash. You shall call us back for safe arrival at the end of your journey.

14. I thank God for our lives that just as He guides and watches over us on land, He shall also guide us through in the air. Go with this assurance, friend. Wishing a safe trip.

15. May the Lord be your refuge and your fortress. May He save you from every form of snares and upheavals in the air. May your plane reaches its destination safely.

16. Hello daddy, as you embark on this journey, may the Lord cover you with His feathers, may you be placed under His wings. Safety and comfort shall your flight be termed as.

17. It’s my prayer for you, brother, that the Lord shall shield you from the terrors of the night and the arrows that fly by the day. Your flight shall be safe and peaceful.

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18. As you go on this journey dear, no harm shall come near you and the plane you board. No disaster shall find expression in you and around you. May you go and drive in peace.

19. May the light of God shine upon your path in air. May the pilot and co-pilot eyes not be blur. May your trip be safe and sound.

20. May the Lord grant you a steady flight and His watchful eyes shall be over you and your aircraft. Have a safe flight.

21. As you travel today dear, may your flight be very peaceful, every form of fear and anxiety shall be far from you and all the passengers on board. Amen.

22. I wish you a safe, sound and speedy trip. Come quick, dear, we are longing to see you.

23. Your trip shall be stress-free and full of joy and comfort. May you arrive safely.

24. As you embark on this journey, may the Lord be with you, may He bring you to a safe landing. Your trip today shall be relaxing and refreshing all through.

25. All powerful and the sure guardian, Lord God Almighty. I commit my friend into Your hands this day, that You guide and protect him from every form of disturbances in the air.

26. The rain, the sun and every other atmospheric conditions shall be favourable for your flight. Have a safe trip.

27. May you be guided as you go to collect your documents. There shall be no form of delay or disturbances. May your flight be peaceful and comforting.

28. May this trip be an enjoyable one for you. May you experience great tranquility and joy. Have a safe trip, darling.

29. The Lord shall be by your side, He shall grant you comfort and joy in the course of your flight. And there shall be no reason for you to be frightened. Enjoy your trip, dear.

30. I pray for you, mummy that as you go on board today, may there be no delay in your journey to the airport, there shall be no problem at the terminals, checkpoints and checkouts. Everything shall work out for your good. Have a safe trip, mummy. Missing you already!

31. Your flight shall take off without any terminal failure, it shall soar without any turbulence and it shall land without any difficulty. Have a safe trip.

32. You might be nervous and shaky now as you fly. Don’t worry, the Lord is your guide and your shield. He shall see you throughout this journey. Smile and enjoy this trip to the fullest.

33. As you embark on this journey, may the be your companion and guide. No harm shall come near you and the whole passengers on board. May you all arrive at your destination safely.

34. Hello dear friend, as you set out for this journey, may the mighty hand of the Lord direct and lead your plane in the right course. May peace and joy accompany you all through. Enjoy your flight!

35. Hi darling, I hope you are not nervous, please don’t be. The word of God says He is our shepherd and we shall not want. Have faith in His word, dear. Your trip is successful already.

36. No matter the weather condition neither the cloud disturbances, your plane shall navigate its path rightly and safely. There shall be no cause to panic or fear. Have a very peaceful and interesting trip.

37. Whether the rain falls or the snow falls, your plane shall not crash neither shall the engine fail. This trip shall be an enjoyable one for you, darling.

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38. All praise to God for His merciful kindness towards us all. I place you before God, dear sister, may the mercy of God be over your life and may you alight from the plane rejoicing. Have a safe trip.

39. May you be granted peace of mind as you set out on this journey. Every form of trouble shall be far from you, you and all the passengers on board shall have course to glorify God for journey mercy.

40. The Lord shall be with you even for every angle of elevation and depression that your plane might navigate through. There shall be no crash or explosion.

41. Be calm and relax, this trip is already a success for you. The mercy of God shall be with you through till you get to your final destination.

42. May the Lord encompass you round about and He shall bring your plane to a safe landing. Amen.

43. As funny as this might be, may the pilot and co-pilot not slumber or sleep. May they not miscalculate in their navigation through the air. Your flight shall be stress-free and crash free. Enjoy your flight, dear.

44. I commit you into God’s hand today that as you set off for this journey, the Lord shall send His angels to lead and direct your plane unto safety. You all on board shall be comforted and joyful.

45. May you not regret embarking on this journey. But you shall have a full course to give thanks to God after this trip.

46. As you set out on your travel today, you shall know no sorrow and regrets but with a joyful heart shall you arrive with thanksgiving. Have a peaceful trip.

47. Hello brother, as you are about embarking on your flight, may you be under the wings of the Almighty. No weapon shall be targeted against your plane. You shall arrive safely and joyfully. We are expecting you, bro!

48. May the eyes of the Lord be upon you, may His hand hold you up and may His mercy bring you to safety. Have a peaceful flight.

49. Hey friend, I know you are frightened and nervous now, please don’t be. For the mercy of God shall bring you to a safe landing. This flight shall be to you a very enjoyable and adventurous trip.

50. May we not weep over you neither shall we have any reason to nurse any injury after this flight of yours. The presence of God shall be with you all through. Enjoy your flight!

Setting out on a journey is very much inevitable for all humans.

It’s therefore of necessity that we put God first in all we are about to do.

Am I saying the truth?

I hope you were able to get your heart desires of the right and best 2023 prayers before flight for both yourself and everyone around you who is about travelling.

Yes or Yes?

Then let us know your own opinion or expectations for more beautiful contents. Your comment would be highly appreciated applauded.

See you! And do have a safe trip!

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