2024 Trending Safe Journey My Love Wishes Quotes

Irrespective of how we may dread been separated from our lovers, sometimes it just has to happen.

No matter how long or short the journey may be, the one whom we love deserves to be treated to some special trending Safe Journey My Love wishes. This lovely act is enough to assuage their agony of missing you for as long as the journey may last.

So, just before they hit the road or take that flight, pick from this list of well written 2024 Safe Journey My Love Wishes to soothe the love of your life; be it your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

The thought of you while reading through these succinct messages will assure them of a beautiful return.

Safe Travel Wishes for Him or Her

After the fare is paid and the journey is set, there is a need for safe journey messages and safe travel Wishes for him or her: boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.

1. As you embark on this journey, don’t forget to return with your warm heart. Safe trip, my love.

2. I’ll miss you for as long as you’re not around, but I promise to keep you in my heart till you’re back. Have a safe trip, love.

3. Take this journey with bravery, cause no matter what, you’ll make it through. Enjoy your trip, honey.

4. I promise to keep you in my heart. To nurture the love that we share till I see your face again. Safe trip, love.

5. I’ll be here watching out for you. Protecting you with my lovely wings, so you’ll never fall.

6. Go for it, cause I have no iota of doubt that you’ll be proud that you did. Have a safe trip, girlfriend.

7. In my heart, I’ll drive you throughout the journey to keep you safe from harms. Enjoy your trip, love.

8. Whilst you’re on this journey, my heart will go with you even into the thickest clouds till you return home to me. Have a safe trip, wifey.

9. This journey would be the smoothest you’ve ever had, cause you’ll travel through the route of my heart.

10. May my breath on you give you life and confidence to make it through this journey, my love.

11. I’ll keep you in my heart throughout this journey. I hope you do same of me, too. Have a safe trip, girlfriend.

12. The memories we’ve made will keep you company throughout this long journey. You’ll never be alone, my love. Do have a safe trip.

13. Finally, here comes the day you’ll make this beautiful trip. Bring the best with you while coming back. Enjoy your trip, darling.

14. I hate to see you leave me. However, I can’t stand in the way of your happiness and progress. So, I give you my blessings as you embark on this journey, love.

15. I wish we could hold each other’s hand as you travel to and fro. Not to worry, we can hold unto each other’s memory. Have a safe trip, honey.

16. I’ll be here counting the stars in the sky, until you’re back home to me, my love.

17. May this flight never be your last. May you fly in a serene atmosphere. Enjoy your flight, love.

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18. When you’re alone and lonely, my heart will whisper a beautiful word into your soul to cheer you up. Enjoy your trip, babe.

19. I’ll keep you safe for as long as the journey lasts. I’ll be the angel to hold you up. Safe trip, baby.

20. You’ll travel through the most secure route. You’ll never walk through the valley of death. So, enjoy your trip.

21. Go ahead and make me proud, my love. This journey will take you to a greater height. Have a wonderful trip.

22. You’ll return home with love, peace and happiness. Do have a safe flight.

23. May you take the safest flight. May all things be in your favour. Safe journey, beautiful.

24. May the purpose of this trip be fulfilled. May you come back home with a thankful heart. Have an awesome trip, honey.

25. May the dark cloud become a bright one for your sake as you go to and fro. Enjoy your trip, love.

26. The angels will fly with you and protect you in due time. Safe trip, honey.

27. Can’t wait to see your face again. Hence, make this journey a pretty quick one. Drive safely, my love.

28. No matter how far you go, I’ll be here faithfully waiting for your arrival. Enjoy your trip, handsome.

29. I love how you travel around like you own the earth. Safe journey my love.

30. This will be the best journey you’ve ever embarked on. Enjoy it for it’s going to be beautiful, my love.

31. Nothing will stand in the way of this trip. You’ll go and come back successfully. Have a wonderful time.

32. When you need me, just call on me. Nowhere is too far for me to reach you. Have a safe trip.

33. I promise to be the eyes that watch over you till this journey is over. You’re safe, honey.

34. No matter the direction you go, my love will go with you. Safe journey my love.

35. Let your ultimate destination be my heart. Can’t wait to have you back, my love. Do have a pleasant trip.

36. No matter how often you take these trips, I’ll always be there to navigate your path. Safe trip, honey.

37. I look forward to our trip together. For the meantime, enjoy this journey by your lonesome.

38. Don’t make my eyes cry nor my heart bleed. Make it home on time. Safe trip, love.

39. May you be fascinated by the beautiful things around you. This journey will not be a bad one for you.

40. Be focus. Do not be swayed away by the things around you. Fulfil the purpose of this journey. Have a wonderful trip, my love.

41. Drive with caution, remembering that I’ll be waiting here for you till your arrival. Safe trip, love.

42. I’m so eager to welcome you back home. So, hit the road and be back in no time. Safe trip, beautiful.

43. This journey will open many doors of success for you. Enjoy your trip, honey.

44. May the sky be clear and full of happiness as you go on in this journey. Have a safe trip, love.

45. May you get beautiful privileges for as long as this journey lasts. Enjoy your trip, love.

46. May you never fall into the potholes and ditches of death. You’ll have a very smooth journey, my love.

47. You’ll never be a prey of the villain’s attack as you go on this journey. Do enjoy your trip, love.

48. May you only have good memories of this journey. Live it and enjoy it, my love.

49. May our love never die down even as you go to a faraway land. Have a wonderful trip.

50. May this journey bring you good tidings. May it surprise you for good. Have a safe trip.

51. History will be made today, cause this will be the best trip you ever had. Safe journey, wifey.

52. May our loyalty and commitment to each other never change even if we’re going to be apart for some times.

53. Make the most of this trip, my love. Forget the past and make beautiful memories.

54. May this journey bring you nothing, but joy and fulfillment. Have a safe trip, love.

55. Nothing will stand in the way of your safety. You’ll go safely and arrive home in like manner.

56. To your destination, you shall safely arrive. Do have a stress free journey, my darling.

57. As you ply the road, may the heavens guard your path. Safe journey, sweetheart.

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58. The appearance of the sun and the moon up there is an assurance of God’s eyes upon you, my darling.

59. Safe journey, my love. The angels which surround you do not sleep nor slumber.

60. You shall not be a victim of evil occurrences on the road. Safe journey, my love.

61. The hair on your head shall not be hurt. And neither shall your eyes behold any evil. Safe trip, my love.

62. My heart sticks with you as you make this journey today. Wishing you the safest trip, my love.

63. Your journey to and fro the surface of the earth shall yield fruits and is protected by heaven’s love.

64. Against all odds, like a drop of heaven’s rain, you shall arrive safely to your destination, my love.

65. Whether your journey cut across the night or day, safely will you arrive your destination, my darling.

66. Do not just have a safe journey, enjoy every step of the way, my darling.

67. As you travel, there are knowledge to gain. So, hold on to the things you see and let out a smile when they’re amusing. Safe trip, my love.

68. Upon you is the mark of the Lord. You’re protected, my love. Wishing you a safe drive.

69. I’ll miss you. But, I’m comforted knowing you leave for a while. Safe journey, my darling.

70. I love you, sweetheart, and I hope that you have a very safe trip. For that will bring joy to my heart.

71. May this journey favour every part of you and your loved ones. Safe journey, my darling.

72. Remember my love for you as you behold the people and watch the trees go by. Safe journey, sweetheart.

73. I can always be your company as you journey. So, feel free to reach out to me, my darling.

74. I’ll be glad to hear of your safe arrival. So, I pray to the angels to guard you, my love.

75. You’re not journeying alone, for my thoughts are with you. Safe trip to you, my darling.

76. Dangers shall go hiding because you’re on board. Safe trip, sweetheart.

77. May this journey bring no worries to our hearts. Have a safe trip, my love.

78. The rainbows are in the sky, giving hope to the journey you shall make. Enjoy your trip, sweetheart.

79. I’ll keep my eye on the watch, and give my prayers to the heavens, just so you have the safest trip ever, my darling.

80. I’m not kissing you a goodbye, I’m wishing you the safest trip ever, my darling.

81. A lovely journey begins from your heart. So, let your heart be at peace. Safe journey, sweetheart.

82. Let your heart be glad, for I await your return with great love and pleasant surprises, my love.

83. I’m super elated knowing you’re coming home to me. Enjoy your journey, my darling.

84. Can’t wait to kiss your lips and let out a smile in joy. Safe journey, my love.

85. Like a good husband, I’ll pray and await your return. Safe trip, my darling.

86. I’ve missed you from my end to the end that you are. Enjoy your journey to me, my love.

87. Heaven’s love shall guide you, and the Father’s arms shall wrap you. Have a safe trip, sweet hubby.

88. What matters most in the world today is your safe return. Do arrive safely, my darling.

89. Can’t wait to behold your face and feel the warmth of your touch. Have a safe trip, my love.

90. As tiring as the journey may be, I need you to know that, it’ll be your best so far. Safe journey, my love.

91. The troubles are away from the road. I assure you a safe trip, my darling.

92. A lovely husband awaits your return. Fill your heart with ecstasy, cause you’ll love to be home when you kiss my lips. Safe journey, my love.

93. The essence of life is finding one to hold on to. May this journey never tear us apart. Safe trip, my darling.

94. You’ve made life easy for me. Thus, with love, I hope this journey fulfills your desire. Safe trip, my love.

95. My eyes cannot wait to see you and my nostrils are eager to smell your breath. Safe journey, dearest love.

96. I’ll keep this surprise to myself. Make a return and see with your eyes. Enjoy your trip, my love.

97. May the wheel be driven by angels. May your return be guaranteed by heaven’s love. I love you to the moon and back.

98. Remember me and smile as you journey. Let your mind reminisce on our love to give you joy. Enjoy your journey, my darling.

99. As each hour go by, I’ll pray for your safe return. Do have a safe journey, my love.

100. Even your eyes shall not behold the evil on the road. But your heart shall merry throughout this journey. Safe journey, my love.

101. The happenings on the road shall you find pleasing and the weather shall be in your favour. Safe journey, my darling.

102. My eyes earnestly await you. Like a dream come true, I pray you come knocking on my door. Safe trip, my darling.

103. I miss you already, my love. Simply enjoy your trip, my darling. I love you.

104. You’ve made love the greatest thing I feel for you. Enjoy every second on the road, my one true love.

105. I’ll be glad to welcome you into my arms. It is what I wait for, my darling. Have a safe trip, my love.

106. Mercy and goodness shall abide with you. Journey safely, my love.

107. My hands are itchy already with my heart seeking comfort in your arms. Safe journey, my love.

108. How excellent it’ll be to behold your face again and feel the beat of your loving heart. Safe journey, my love.

109. I’ll prepare your meal with special spices. I’ll lay your bed with colorful petals. Have a safe trip, my darling.

110. Every curve and every stop shall lead you safely into my arms. Safe journey, my darling.

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