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2024 Bon Voyage Quotes for Friends, Lovers & Loved Ones

We long and love to have our loved ones (friends and family) around us all the time but truth is, there will always be times when we have have to be away from them, especially to make progress.

When those times come, it is always hard to say “goodbye”.
Here are different categories of “Bon Voyage” messages you can send to your friends and loved ones who would be travelling away from you. Share these with them before they embark on their journey or even if they’ve left already.

They’ll love it. Enjoy as you explore!

Bon Voyage Quotes for Friends

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Friends you can send to your Friends as they journey.

1. One of the hardest things to tell your friend is “goodbye”. But they are needful in times like this. I’ll miss you so much.

2. It’s just one word but I hate to say it. It’s “goodbye”. I understand you have to leave, but please come back soon. Bye once again.

3. You’ve become an inseparable part of me and it’s unbearable to say goodbye. But all the same, I wish you well on your journey.

4. I didn’t come with you to the airport ‘cos I still find it difficult to believe you’ll leave me. Please do keep in touch. Love you.

5. Do you really have to leave? I wish you would just stay back here with me. I don’t think I’ll be fine without you. Well, it’s still going to be goodbye I guess.

6. Hey babes. I wish you a hitch-free trip. Enjoy your new environment and I can’t wait to have you around again.

7. I might not have been as expressive as I should but sincerely, you’ve been an amazing best friend. And I’ll really miss you.

8. I find it hard to wish you safe journey but then, that’s my most sincere wish for you. Have a smooth journey and always remember I love you.

9. Even if we’ll have to be separated for a short time, I know things will still work out fine. So be fine dearie. I will be good too. Have a safe flight!

10. You’re going to an entirely new place and a new people. But don’t forget your best friend is here. And she’ll be always here for you. I miss you already.

Bon Voyage Quotes for Husband

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Husband you can send to your Husband as he journeys.

1. Hey hubby. I just want to wish you a beautiful journey. The kids and I would really miss you. Can’t wait to have you back here with me. Much love baby.

2. Bon voyage Mon Amie. Make sure you enjoy your stay over there. We’ll have plenty of things to gist about at your return. Love you loads sweetheart.

3. Living without you for a day is an impossible thought for me. And now, we won’t be together for weeks? How am I supposed to come with this? Please come back soon my love. I’ll be waiting here for you.

4. I can’t say “goodbye” because I never really wanted you to leave. I’ll just wait here for you to come back to me quickly. I love you.

5. I miss you already sweetheart. Go and come back quickly so I can have you all to myself again. Love you, Husband.

6. I wish you a safe journey, my love. Make sure you enjoy your stay and study. I love you always.

7. Dear husband and best friend, everyone else is here but it feels like I’m alone because you’re leaving. I’ll miss you so much Mine. Wish you the best journey deary.

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8. I think I have to start living with the fact that we won’t always be together. It’s hard for me anyway. And I’ll only keep loving you. Bye baby.

9. Wish you a safe journey Baby. Make sure you come with a bunch of goodies for me and your babies. Love you much.

10. I don’t actually mean it but still, I have to say “bye”. And of course, I wish you safety all through the journey. But please, come back soon. I love you, big Honey.

Bon Voyage Quotes for Wife

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Wife you can send to your Wife as she journeys.

1. Allowing you to leave is one of the hardest decisions of my life. But then, progress calls and I have to let you go. I’ll miss you, darling.

2. Safe journey, my dear. I will really miss your love and all. Try to reach out though, don’t forget me. Okay?

3. Oh my God! I can’t believe you are leaving. These past years with you have been the best time of my life. Have a warm journey my dear and be well.

4. Things can change within the twinkle of an eye. Today we are together, but soon, we would be apart, not by death but by distance. I’ll really miss you tho, and will do well to make up for the distance. Love you.

5. Wifey, make sure you are fine. Don’t miss me too much. I’ll try to do the same here too. Safe journey Mine.

6. Hey sweetheart. Do well to enjoy your new environment. Make sure you enjoy every bit of your stay. I’ll miss you.

7. Travelling is an interesting experience and a great way to learn. So make sure you enjoy yourself. Bye, sweetie.

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8. I’ll miss you sleeping by my side but I know you’ll always be here in my mind. Come back soon, baby. I miss you already.

9. Who lets their wife leave them for another place? We have to permit some things at times, however hard it seems. No matter where you go, you remain here in my heart. Love.

10. Goodbye, better half and safe travels. I wish you love and every good thing you desire. Have a great stay baby.

Bon Voyage Quotes for Boyfriend

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Boyfriend you can send to your Boyfriend as He journeys.

1. I’m saying goodbye not because I’m letting you go but because I know you’ll come back to me soon. Love you baby.

2. Bon Voyage Mon Amie. Please do enjoy yourself and don’t miss me too much. I’ll try to cope here too.

3. It’s the most difficult thing to have to say goodbye to someone you never want to leave. But in times like this, it is needed. Save travels my love.

4. I really wish you could stay a little longer but even if you stay till that long, I’ll never want you to leave. So please do go right now so I can have you back quickly and completely. Love you wholly.

5. May this mark the beginning of greater success and achievements for you dear. I’ll really miss you and can’t wait to see you again. I love you always.

6. Even though I’m not sure of any other thing that would happen to me after you leave, one thing I’m sure of is that I’ll miss you. And that I’m already doing. Love you so much, baby.

7. You are greatly loved and would be greatly missed. See you soon sweetheart. Safe travels.

8. Yeah. I’m saying goodbye not because I won’t be seeing you again, but because you promised to be back soon. I’ll be waiting for you.

9. Sweetheart, I don’t know if and how I will survive without you, but one thing I know is that I’ll keep loving you. Goodbye Mine.

10. I understand that you have to leave but I still wish you wouldn’t. But please be fine and safe for me. Okay? I’ll be waiting for your return. Loads of love for you alone.

Bon Voyage Quotes for Girlfriend

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Girlfriend you can send to your Girlfriend as she journeys.

1. The thought of you going away almost drove me crazy. Memories we had together kept on flashing through my mind as tears rolled down my cheeks. I’ll never forget those awesome times dear, I’ll make sure to get across to you often. Do have a nice journey.

2. Well, I’m still having second thoughts about this trip of yours. If it were left to me, I’d want you to stay back. But since you’ve made up your mind, I wish you a safe trip and please come back to me soon. Love you big.

3. Hey baby, I let you leave because you just have to. But then, I really wish you didn’t have to. I hope to be fine without you around me. Goodbye, all the same.

4. I love you always sweets. Keep making me proud. I’ll manage to be fine without you on the condition that you come back to me soon. Take care deary.

5. Take my heart with you baby, cos I’m empty without you. Wish I could hold you back but then, you have to make progress. One thing will always remain no matter what, and it’s that I love you.

6. Distance is nothing when two hearts beat as one, so I rest assured that we’ll both be fine. We’ll keep keeping in touch. Love you big.

7. Since it’s just for a while, then I guess it’s fine to go now so I can have you back fully forever. Go quickly my love, I’ll miss you!

8. Because love isn’t selfish, I’ll let you go for your further studies. And although we’ll be keeping in touch, it’s still not comparable to having you right here. I’ll miss you greatly sweetheart.

9. I know I might never be able to cope without you, but the fact that we share one heart is what I’ll hold on to until your return. I’ll be waiting right here for you my love.

10. Goodbye, darling. You’re leaving me here and I’ll remain here until your return. Smiles. Come back to me quickly okay? Love you completely!

Bon Voyage Quotes for Dad – Father

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Dad you can send to your Father as he journeys.

1. Dad, I was very happy to hear you would be travelling out of the country. Now it’s time for you to leave and I’m having goosebumps. Can’t believe I’m missing you even before leaving. Have a lovely stay abroad and remember home.

2. Do you remember those days we used to pray about this travelling thing? Thank God it’s a reality today. Go make the proud over there sir, and make lots of money. Goodbye, dad.

3. Enjoy your stay over there dad. I miss you already. See you soon.

4. I’m proud to have you dad, thanks for your all-time sacrifices. We’re glad you made it. Safe journey dad.

5. You’re the best dad in the world and I mean it. Will miss having you around me. Be fine sir.

6. I actually thought it wouldn’t really be a big deal when you leave but now that you’re set to go, I’m finding it really hard to cope with. Please take care of yourself dad. Bye.

7. Hey dad, I wish you the best as you begin another phase of your life today. I’m really glad about your progress. Goodbye and love you, papa.

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8. You’re a lovely and caring father and the best anyone could ask for. Your daughter is proud of you, dad. Safe journey and get lots of goodies for your girl when coming back.

9. The news of your travelling met me in two ways. First, I’m excited because it’s something we’ve been expecting for a long while and second, I feel unhappy because I won’t be seeing you in a long while. Congratulations all the same dad. Wish you more success in all you do. Love and miss you already.

10. Dad, make sure you have all the fun there is to have and enjoy the experience and freshness of your new environment. You’ll gist me on everything. Your baby will miss you!

Bon Voyage Quotes for Mum – Mother

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Mum you can send to your Mother as she journeys.

1. I’ll miss your sweet touches and light pats on my back and every other thing about you. Love you mum. I wish you well.

2. Mum like no other, you’ve been a huge support all along and I wonder how I’ll cope without you, nevertheless, I wish you the best in your endeavours. Goodbye, mum.

3. Thanks for the immeasurable love you’ve shown me since my birth. I’ll miss you greatly. Have a great day over there.

4. Mum, you are irreplaceable. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and the family at large. We will miss you no doubt. Thanks for your sacrifices.

5. Goodbye, mother. I miss you so much already. What can I do without you? I really do hope I’ll be fine here. And make sure you stay fine too.

6. If it were in my power, I would have stopped you from going but everyone has their life to live. I’ll miss you all the same. Farewell, mum.

7. Mama, there aren’t enough words to describe you. And I know your leaving for a while is also for my good. But I’ll miss you so much that it hurts already. Love you mum.

8. Listen, mum, I know you gotta do what you have to do, but then, it’s hard to say goodbye. Tu me manques.

9. Mum extraordinary, saying I’ll miss you is an understatement. But always remember I do love you, and can’t wait to see you again. Safe travels momma.

10. Mom, you are more than amazing and I don’t know what I would do without you especially now that you’re travelling. Just come back quickly. Please mum. I love you.

Bon Voyage Quotes for Brother

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Brother you can send to your Brother as he journeys.

1. Hey brother. As you begin a new phase of your life, I remember wishing you have the best only. Save journey dear.

2. I’ll miss lots of things about us. The memories we share and all. Really do hope you come back to us soon. I miss you, bro.

3. So you finally made up your mind to leave us and run away. Well, be rest assured you can’t have a family like us anywhere! So do well to come back quick. Smiles. I love and miss you.

4. It’s time to bid each other goodbye. I’ll sure miss us. Yeah, you and I. Goodbye best brother.

5. Your absence even though it’s only for a while would leave a big void in my heart. I’ll miss you greatly. Goodbye.

6. Sometimes in life, we have to go our separate ways. We part to meet again. Dear brother, saying goodbye really hurts but then, I just want to wish you a safe trip and stay. Bye.

7. We are no longer going to be together. Yeah. But still, we are inseparable, not even by distance. Hope to see you soon big brother.

8. Though it’s sad to wish you goodbye but still in a way, it makes our bond stronger and I really do miss you more than ever. Bye dear.

9. I’m saying “goodbye” right now, sadly. I’m eagerly waiting for the day I’ll say “welcome back.” Miss you so much.

10. You’ve been a great brother and friend. And I’m really going to miss you. Wish you the best only.

Bon Voyage Quotes for Sister

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Sister you can send to your Sister as she journeys.

1. Whenever I miss you, I would remember the love in your heart, the light in your eyes and the beauty of your soul. Have a safe trip sister.

2. Make sure you carry me in your heart no matter how far we are. And remember that I’m always near. Love you.

3. Thanks for being there through thick and thin. I cherish who you’ve made me become. Love you, sis.

4. Thanks for being with me through it all. You’ve been my pillar. I cherish you, dear. Stay safe.

5. Every day I wake up and see the smile on your face, I’m constantly reminded that all will be fine. I will miss your smile. You’re always in my heart.

6. People say distance destroys love but for us, our bond of sisterhood would only get stronger. I’ll miss you greatly Sis.

7. I cherish the memories we made together. The fights, the laughs, the tears. Love you from here to the end of the world. Goodbye.

8. No one would ever be able to replace you. You are a jewel I will always cherish. Bon Voyage Mi Amiga.

9. You are engraved in my heart just like a statue and you will remain there forever. Love you so much twin sister. I’ll miss you!

10. I will never stop loving and cherishing your person. Keep being you everywhere you go. I love you always big sister.

Bon Voyage Quotes for Son

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Son you can send to your Son as he journeys.

1. Although I’ll love to have you here with me always, I can’t stop you from making progress even if it means being a distance away. I’ll miss you, son.

2. Remember to make me proud like you always do anywhere you go. Wish you safety all through your journey and stay over there. Love you.

3. I can’t hold you back from progressing in your career because I’m your mum and I love you. In fact, that’s the more reason I’ll let you go. Keep being the best you always are, son.

4. Have a great stay over there and I pray you make the right choices and decisions when the need arises. Goodbye son.

5. Remember I’ll love you always, dear son. Do well to be good. Goodbye.

6. You’re going miles away from us now and we’ll really miss you. Keep doing us proud, sweetheart. Dad would really miss you.

7. It’s really going to be really hard being without you but then, the good memories we have would keep lingering. Goodbye, son.

8. I’m trying to hold back my tears because I can’t deny the fact that I’ll miss you. See you soon son.

9. Dad would always love and miss you. Keep being his great boy. Safe travels and good luck.

10. New place, new people, new friends but still the same family. We’ll always be here for you dear. We care and miss you so much.

Bon Voyage Quotes for Daughter

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Daughter you can send to your Daughter as she journeys.

1. Daddy loves you so much and wishes you a beautiful journey to your destination and in life. Bye, darling.

2. What else can I do but to wish you a safe and smooth travel. I would not be there with you, but make sure you are fine. Love you dearly.

3. Stand up to be the best in everything you do and at everywhere you go. Keep doing me proud. I love you, my girl.

4. Daughters are a precious gift to the family. Thanks for making our family more beautiful and spicy. We are proud of you.

5. I know I will miss you more than you’ll miss me. Smiles. I love you always, my daughter.

6. Have a great stay up there. I love you. Always remember that.

7. Do well to make the best use of the opportunities that will come your way. I’m watching out for you deary.

8. Learn, unlearn, and Relearn about different new and interesting things. Have a fun journey and time.

9. Goodbye daughter. I really do hope you enjoy your stay and trip. Stay beautiful. Stay lovely.

10. God bless you abundantly. Remain awesome day after and day and always be the best. Love you, dear.

Bon Voyage Quotes for Boss

Best Bon Voyage Quotes for Boss you can send to your Boss as they journey.

1. Saying goodbye to a mentor and boss is a really big deal. I’ll miss having you around sir. You remain the best. Wish you well.

2. Your leadership ability is one of a kind and that I will surely miss about you. Save travels boss.

3. You were not just a team leader, you also motivated and impacted every member of your team. We’ll miss a lot about you. Goodbye, great boss.

4. You were there not only in my profession but also in my personal life. You are a great blessing to me and I’ll miss you greatly. Wish you well boss.

5. I really cherish the times we spent together and I’ve sure learnt a lot from you. Wish you the best in your endeavours. It’s goodbye.

6. You’ve made a great impact in my life and that’s why I’m wishing you the very best in your endeavours. I’m Proud of you always, boss. Goodbye.

7. Even if I won’t be seeing you for a long while, the good memories I have of you I will guard jealously.

8. I wish you Goodluck for the beautiful future ahead of you. You’re always great so I’m sure you’ll break grounds there too. Wish you the very best boss.

9. I’ll miss the great times we shared and I won’t forget the lessons I learnt from you. Wish you a great time. Safe journey.

10. I’ve had bosses but you stood out to be different. You’re a source of encouragement to me and many. I’m very much proud of you and I wish you well. Bye for now.

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