Savage Breakup Quotes

Savage Breakup Quotes

Savage breakups are not a new phenomenon — they’ve been around for decades. And it’s not hard to see why. After all, if you’re going through a tough time in your relationship, the last thing you want is to be forced to see your ex just because you have mutual friends or work together. A savage breakup is the opposite of a friendly breakup. Instead of breaking up in a calm and respectful manner, the person who wants to end the relationship goes out of their way to make things difficult for the other person.

They might, for example, do things like spread rumours about their ex or send inappropriate messages to their friends. It is a relationship that has ended in a cruel, devastating way. This can be done by either party involved in the relationship. It is usually done out of anger or hatred towards their partner.

If you have ever experienced a savage breakup, then you know exactly how it feels to be on the receiving end of one. The pain and heartache from this type of breakup can be unbearable. This breakup typically involves one party who wants to leave the relationship and does so angrily or abruptly with no warning at all. In these situations, the other person is left completely blindsided and devastated by the actions taken by their ex-partner against them. It can also occur when someone is tired of being treated poorly by their significant other, so they decide to end things before it gets worse.

They may do this in a harsh but effective way so that they don’t have to deal with any more drama from their partner. When someone experiences a savage breakup, they often feel like they have been kicked while they were down or cheated on by someone who claimed to love them unconditionally but didn’t care about what happened after they left the relationship behind.

It can cause deep emotional pain for both parties. If you’re going through one, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone — and there are ways to move on from this difficult situation. You should check out this collection of savage breakup quotes if you’re going through this situation.

Savage Breakup Quotes

A savage breakup is a way of ending a relationship by making someone feel inferior, confused and rejected. It’s also a declaration of freedom from the ties that bind you to that person, a release of all the things you’ve been holding back and finally, an opportunity to let go of your anger.

1. When you realize that you’re headed for a savage breakup, you don’t want to admit it. You want your relationship to survive and succeed, but if your partner isn’t willing or able then there’s nothing more you can do, except accept it and move on.

2. A savage breakup can happen even between friends if they are annoyed with each other. The one who gets the heart is the one who breaks it. The one who makes you cry is the one who breaks it. The one who annoys you until you get annoyed is the one who breaks it.

3. A savage breakup is when a person dumps you like a hot potato. There’s no going back, no talking it through, no explaining. They simply cut off all ties and disappear from your life forever.

4. The pain of a savage breakup is real and not something that you get over immediately. Those feelings of rejection, insecurity, and unworthiness are there because you let them be.

5. A savage breakup is a breakup in which the relationship ends in an unpleasant, hurtful or cruel way. A person who deliberately causes harm to another when ending an intimate relationship can be considered a “savage”.

6. A savage breakup is a brutal, blunt, and confrontational way to end a relationship. Savage breakups are often followed with an apology, but the person initiating the savage breakup is only saying they’re sorry that they had to do it in such a harsh manner.

7. A savage breakup is when you no longer want to be with your partner anymore and you make it known in the coldest, most calculating way possible. It isn’t a behaviour that’s exclusive to humans either.

8. Savage breakups are the worst. No one can comfort you, and no one will acknowledge your pain. When something good ends so unexpectedly, you feel so confused and unsure of how to move forward. It’s like a slap in the face from karma itself – you only ever hurt yourself when you walk away from someone who cares about you. And once they’re gone… they’re gone.

9. There’s nothing better than a savage breakup. It makes you feel as if your ex is dead to you and will never be brought back again.

10. When a breakup is a savage one, it’s understandable that you’d want to curl up and cry for a little while. But if the relationship was toxic and unhealthy, it might be time to treat yourself with some “me time.”

11. Having a savage breakup is pretty much the worst thing ever. It feels like nothing good can ever happen to you, even though you know deep down that it will get better. But you never know how long that would take.

12. A savage breakup is so utterly devastating and completely shattering, that you feel like you’re going to die. You’ll probably never get over it. And most likely never will love again.

13. A savage breakup triggers an emotional apocalypse. It’s hard to keep perspective when your love life goes up in smoke and you’re left with a brain that isn’t yours anymore. A post-breakup period of mourning helps us make sense of what happened. And that period is an essential component in the healing process.

14. Savage breakup is not a reason but a situation to know how to handle it. When you break up with someone, it’s one of the most difficult decisions in your life. You have to fight with so many emotions – anger, sadness, resentment and regret – that it can become overwhelming. That’s why when it happens to you, you’re going to need support during these troubled times.

15. A savage breakup is not just emotional devastation. A savage breakup is the darkest of days when it feels like the universe is against you. Painful as it may be, these moments in your life also serve to nourish and strengthen your soul.

16. What a savage breakup feels like is the best description of how savage it is to be broken up by someone you love. The only thing that matters is that you understand how it feels and how much it scars your heart.

17. All relationships have their ups and downs, but they’re supposed to be temporary. A savage breakup feels like the end of the world. You cry yourself to sleep and then wake up in the middle of the night sobbing uncontrollably. You are inconsolable: Everything makes you think about your ex, which sends you spiralling into another round of tears and sobs.

18. Savage breakup is a term for a break-up that leaves the person who was dumped feeling hurt, rejected and sometimes angry. Using the word “savage” in this context implies that the relationship came to an end abruptly, causing the person being broken up to feel brutalized as if they had been beaten up physically.

19. A former couple could not be better at being evil to each other when it comes to breakups. Infidelity and anger are often the reason for a savage breakup, but there’s rarely an excuse for this kind of behaviour.

20. Breakups are tough. Breakups are especially difficult when you fall in love with someone unavailable for whatever reason. These are just some of the feelings and emotions of someone who has been through that kind of savage breakup.

21. A savage breakup is a deep cut to the core. The kind of pain that makes everyone around you feel like they need to put their arm around you and say “I’m sorry.” Even though they’re not the ones getting dumped.

22. This is why the savage breakup is so brutal. You believed you were in a committed relationship with someone who thought the same thing. But then one day, the person breaks it off, leaving you completely devastated and confused.

23. Being burned by your very savage breakup is a feeling that you will never forget. The kind of heartbreak that makes the hairs on your arms stand up, deep down inside you know something is wrong.

24. It is a brutal, sudden and savage breakup. The kind of heartbreak you feel when you know your relationship was never good, but somehow you’re still shocked by the cruelty of the process.

25. Savage breakup feels like you lose years of your life, your self-esteem and confidence, and you lose your desire to even live again. It feels like you have to learn something new because it takes a while until you come to terms with the fact that the relationship is over.

26. A savage breakup is a breakup that involves public humiliation and/or cyberbullying. Also known as a “catfish breakup,” this type of breakup typically involves blackmail and deceit, like sending threatening texts or emails taunting the former partner to expose their private moments.

27. A savage breakup is basically when a person who’s going through a hard time, decides to quit their job, pull all their money out of the bank and leave town. They might also cut off all friends and family.

28. A savage breakup makes the person you were once in a relationship with remember it and realize how much they don’t like who they are when they are around you. It’s something that they will never forget, or forgive.

29. Savage breakup is a popular term for ending a relationship in a hostile or aggressive way. When you break up with someone in such a manner, it is called a savage breakup.

30. A savage breakup occurs when one person realizes that their relationship is over, and so they break up with their partner. Savage breakups are characterized by anger, aggression, and hostility. In this article, you will learn about various types of savage breakups from the perspective of both men and women.

31. A savage breakup is done in a way that both parties feel a great amount of emotional pain. Often this results after a significant amount of time spent together and strong emotional bonds have formed. In addition to causing emotional pain, people who experience savage breakups often feel anger towards their ex, as well as betrayal and shock that the breakup occurred at all.

32. A savage breakup is a form of personal attack commonly used in internet fan culture. The word “savage” is often used to describe a relationship that was either short-lived or ended particularly brutally.

33. A savage breakup is when you and your ex-partner have a bad relationship and they’re no longer together. Most of the time, in these breakups both people are on good terms. You simply are not together anymore and that’s that. In most cases, there are no harsh feelings about the breakup.

34. A savage breakup is a breakup that destroys a relationship, leaving both parties wounded and extremely depressed. The insult of it all makes it much harder to get over than just breaking up with your partner.

35. A savage breakup is one where someone goes on an all-out verbal rampage, venting frustrations and insults against their ex in the most brutal way possible.

36. Breakups can be brutal, but there’s nothing more brutal than a savage breakup. Savage breakups happen when a person is so angry, hurt or upset in the wake of a breakup that they feel like they have been stabbed in the back. The feelings of betrayal make them want to destroy everything about the other person and make them wish that this wasn’t happening at all.

37. A savage breakup is a memorable, sometimes long and drawn-out breakup. It’s the type of breakup that’ll make anyone think twice about ever breaking up with someone.

38. The savage breakup is a form of breakup where the relationship has gone sour. The big reveal occurs when one person in the relationship shares how they feel about the other person. This declaration is done in a very emotionally charged way, leaving the listener stunned and speechless.

39. A savage breakup is a way to end a relationship without being over the top. A brutal break-up allows you to say everything that you feel without tears or hurting anyone’s feelings. You might feel like a savage but really, it’s better than them going in knowing if they hurt you or not.

40. A savage breakup is a breakup that happens very quickly and in a very aggressive manner. Generally, it is a fight between two people who don’t care about the other anymore, who have decided to end their relationship for good and therefore have no regard for their partner’s feelings or expectations.

41. A savage breakup is when a boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you in a mean (sometimes very cruel) way. They might say that they never loved you and that you were just a rebound for them. They might also make fun of you, name-call, or treat you like you’re nothing.

42. A savage breakup is the most heart-wrenching, agonizing event you will ever experience in your life. You will cry yourself to sleep every night and find solace only in your closest friends. Every word you speak will be a barely-audible whisper as if you can’t even summon the energy to raise your voice anymore. The darkness will swallow you whole, and nothing will seem right ever again.

43. A savage breakup is one that just won’t cease to hurt. It’s the kind of split that will make you feel like your world has been torn apart and you’ll have to start over again from scratch.

44. The savage breakup is a terrifying thing. It’s like having your first love ripped from you, and yet knowing that there was no love, to begin with. The other person doesn’t even have to do anything bad or cruel; they can be kind and generous, even loving. But somehow the relationship was never real, and when it ends it breaks your heart into tiny little pieces.

45. A savage breakup is a sudden, brutal breakup with no communication and/or explanation. This can also be described as breaking up via text message or social media.

46. A savage breakup is when someone you truly care about, and who has made a huge impact on your life, decides it’s finally time to cut ties. You feel blindsided by the breakup and start to question if there was anything you could have done differently.

47. A savage breakup is a breakup that doesn’t play by the rules. It’s not respectful and it’s not always fair. It’s often abrupt and can cause recipients to feel as if they’ve been sucker punched or hit with a baseball bat. It leaves you feeling shocked, hurt and confused, which is why a lot of people don’t know how to respond when they receive one.

48. Savage breakups are sometimes a response to being dumped and sometimes a revenge move, in which the person who is being dumped decides to be a real jerk to their ex and make them feel as bad as they did.

49. A savage breakup involves one person deliberately and with malice, humiliating another person. The other person usually has been devoted and committed to the relationship but is betrayed by their partner.

50. A savage breakup is a way of expressing that you are heartbroken and betrayed. It’s a personal thing and can be used more casually, but it can also be used in sentences like, “it hurts when they don’t care enough to acknowledge your feelings despite your efforts to make things better.”

51. Savage breakup is the act of ending a relationship in a very cold and even cruel way. The person who does it usually does not care about any feelings that were involved in their relationship, and might even rejoice over the breakup.

52. A savage breakup is a way of breaking up with someone in the most brutal way possible. You do not see a savage breakup coming, but when it comes, it can be so hard to recover from.

53. A savage breakup is a form of break-up involving great and often abusive anger. A person going through a savage breakup may feel that they are being wronged by the other person, and may act out at them in ways that would be considered uncalled for in any ordinary circumstance.

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