Say Goodbye Love Messages and Quotes

Say Goodbye Love Messages and Quotes

A moment with you is like eternity.
Not having you around me is like taking this from me.
Please come back now, before my heart is torn apart.

If I could make a wish and it’ll come to pass,
I’ll wish that you never leave, but life doesn’t play it that way.
So goodbye and come back safely.

The best expression of love is gotten when two are together.
Now that you are going, I’ll miss this for a while.
I’ll be okay as long as your heart still stays with me.

There is one thing I’ve learnt about life:
Two people can’t be together till eternity.
For the moment you’ll be away, I’ll wait…

I’ve learnt in life that what goes around comes around,
so as you go, I’m sure you’ll come back.
Safe journey, my dearest and my  joy.

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