Sweetheart Messages for My Darling

Sweetheart Messages for My Darling

Knowing that this love is taking us,
Farther than East West North and South
My heart leaps like with a great force,
and I smile but then I Can’t just shout

The thought of you makes me palpitate
And no matter what I do, I won’t concentrate
If my heart is going at this rate
To make you my love and have a date, I don’t have to wait.

Me and you together forever
To separate us nothing got the liver
To leave each other- not now and never;
We’re connected to undying love’s server.

Your love brought out the real me
I couldn’t believe this is me
Your love is true to me Forever, it’s you and me.

Without your love I’m a dead man
So useless like a faulty fan
Empty like an empty can
And hurtful like going to fire from frying pan

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