Siblings Betrayal Quotes

Siblings Betrayal Quotes

The betrayal of a sibling is one of the more emotionally complex forms of betrayal. A betrayal between friends may require time to recuperate and trust again, but a trusted brother or sister? Moving past the realization that they did not have your best interests at hand is hard.

If childhood was spent fighting, protecting and defending each other, it makes the betrayal all that much more devastating. In the world, it always happens in different families that the siblings betray their brothers, sisters or cousins.

If your brother, sister or cousin have ever betrayed you, then you’ll relate to these siblings betrayal quotes that I have collected for you below.


Siblings Betrayal Quotes

It hurts when someone betrays us. It hurts, even more, when it comes from your siblings. But no matter how hard the situation is, you must remain strong and realize that people who betray you are usually the weakest. After the hurt, you can learn a lot from this experience.

1. Siblings are the only true friends we ever have. If they betray us, they give us a second chance to be good people.

2. The worst betrayal is when a brother betrays his sister. It’s like tearing out your heart and throwing it away.

3. Siblings can betray each other, but no one expects them to hurt.

4. When your brother betrays you – you don’t care if he’s the president, do anything to get him back.

5. Sibling relationships are tricky, but they always end in two ways: death or betrayal.

6. When your sister is the betrayer, it feels like all your siblings are dying.

7. When your sibling betrays you, it’s like a knife in the heart.

8. I found out that my siblings have betrayed me. It’s not the end of the world, but it does hurt a lot.

9. You’re not the only one with secrets, but your heart breaks when a sibling lets you down.

10. Siblings grow up together, fight, and fall in love. They also betray each other.

11. My brother’s betrayal of me left me feeling like I no longer exist. He set me on fire, but why? I don’t know what to do.

12. When your siblings are your only family, their betrayal makes you feel like you’ll never be loved.

13. Betrayal of a sibling is a deep wound. They will never forget it; they’ll always carry it with them.

14. A sister betrayed me. I betrayed a sister. We both paid the price.

15. The siblings who betrayed us were our creations. The betrayal is written in the history of our blood.

16. Siblings are people who will always betray you.

17. Siblings will betray you. They will lie to you, cheat on you and steal from you. But the thing about siblings is that they’re still your family.

18. The worst betrayal is when a sibling betrays our trust.

19. I know the feeling of siblings’ betrayal. But it’s better to learn from your mistakes than regret them for the rest of your life.

20. I can’t believe you did this. Siblings are meant to protect each other, not destroy them.

21. One sibling was betrayed, and the other felt completely abandoned.

22. Betrayal can be a brutal and unforgiving thing. Just ask your siblings.

23. Siblings can be your best friends and worst enemies all at once. They are the only people in this world that you unconditionally trust and the only ones that can destroy your spirit.

24. To know you have betrayed your siblings is to have been directly responsible for their pain.

25. It’s not easy to lose a sibling, but it’s even harder when they betray you.

26. Sometimes, the only thing worse than being betrayed by your siblings is finding out they were never yours to begin with.

27. Never trust a twin; they will always betray you.

28. it is hard to watch your sibling turn into someone else.

29. Betrayal is a tricky subject for siblings. It can be difficult to cope with, especially when they have such close and loving bonds.

30. You think your brother is your best friend. You love him so much that you would die for him. But deep down, you know that he will never be yours, and neither am I. Betrayal is the worst kind of hurt.

31. The greatest treachery to a brother is to accept his betrayal as the one he deserves.

32. The greatest treachery to a brother is to accept his betrayal as the one he deserves.

33. The betrayals of my siblings have taught me that there is no greater betrayal than the one against oneself.

34. One sibling betrayed, another silenced.

35. When your siblings betray you, forgive them. Forgive them because they are only humans. But never forget that they were just raised by the same parents who raised you.

36. You don’t have to be blood-related to feel the sting of betrayal.

37. There’s nothing worse than sharing a common goal with your siblings and having that all fall apart.

38. When you don’t hesitate to go after what your heart desires, but choose to walk away from a sibling when they need you the most.

39. I’m so sorry for what I did. I’ll pay for it forever. I don’t think you’ll forgive me, but if you do, I understand. It’s hard being a sibling, but I know we’ll be okay again in time.

40. My brother turned his back on me. I thought it was over; he’d been forgiven. Then you came along and stole my family away.

41. Family is family—and those close to us will betray us.

42. Brothers are not always there when you need them the most.

43. I can’t stand when siblings fight. You should have known I was a good person and didn’t deserve this!

44. The truth is that your siblings betray you when they prefer someone else to you and then act like they’re so loyal to you.

45. There’s no greater betrayal than discovering our siblings are just as much in the dark about our secret lives as we are.

46. What’s one of the worst things a brother can do? Betray their sister.

47. You see, having a sibling is the ultimate betrayal. There is no friend like the one who can always tell you if you’re lying.

48. You can’t trust your siblings, even if they’re blood.

49. I woke up this morning, and instead of coffee, I had tears. Siblings can be so cruel to each other, but we’re all still here for one another.

50. It’s hard to love someone who has betrayed us. It’s even harder to forgive your siblings.

51. When your siblings betray you, they’re not trying to hurt you—they’re trying to hurt themselves.

52. Who said that siblings were always supposed to be best friends?

53. When your sibling betrays you, it’ll be the most painful thing you’ve ever experienced.

54. Siblings, at times, can be their most formidable foes.

55. When you choose between sticking with your brothers and sisters or betraying them, it should always be the first.

56. When your siblings are your family, you learn to appreciate what you have. But when one of them betrays you, you learn to treasure it even more.

57. There’s no such thing as a perfect sibling.

58. A brother can betray a sister, but the sister cannot betray a brother.

59. Siblings can betray you the most. Even the ones who were just like you will always betray.

60. It hurts when someone you love and trust betrays your trust. It’s not easy to deal with, but it can become easier when you know what leads to the betrayal.

61. You can’t trust anyone, not even your siblings.

62. Be prepared for betrayal; it is a part of life.

63. I betrayed my brother. My sister was beside me, and I walked away from her. If she can do it, why shouldn’t I?

64. It’s a thoughtless act. It’s an unkind thing to do. And it’s a betrayal that will forever linger, whether it was one time or many times. But you have to forgive and get on with your life.

65. Siblings are to be a gift, but they’re often the most painful.

66. When a brother betrays, a friend goes down with him.

67. Siblings are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.

68. Siblings are like the sand on the sea shore, they may be different colours, but they still have to get along.

69. The most painful betrayal is when one member of an older child’s family, who lives away from home, betrays their sibling, who lives at home.

70. My brother and I have a relationship based on deceit, manipulation and betrayal. We might not be blood-related, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bond of trust between us.

71. One always feels after a betrayal by one’s brother or sister—the same as any other endearment.

72. Siblings can be your best friends or worst enemies. What do you do when one of them betrays the other?

73. I can’t think of a sibling betrayal than the one that just happened.

74. Siblings are a betrayal of everything we once were.

75. A sibling’s betrayal may be the most painful of all.

76. When siblings betray each other, they share a bond no one can understand. Blood binds siblings together, and so heartbreak.

77. Siblings are the only people in the world that can truly disappoint you.

78. I love when my siblings betray me. I have so much to teach them!

79. My brother’s betrayal isn’t the worst of it. The darkest mark is on your soul.

80. I am nothing if not your sister. Betrayal is a family business, I guess.

81. It’s not your fault you got betrayed by a sibling. But it is your fault if you have internalized this betrayal into something toxic.

82. Betrayal is like a knife cut. The scars will never heal if you don’t realize that the cutting has happened.

83. You can’t possibly trust a brother who will break your heart.

84. A family is like a forest, and betrayal is like an animal. Both can be dangerous and kill you or make you stronger. There are no victims in this world and only survivors.

85. When a sibling betrays you, it’s not always about who did it. It’s about what the betrayal feels like afterwards.

86. They say the strongest bond is between brothers and sisters. They say it’s even stronger than a parent and a child, but what about the betrayed sibling?

87. When a sibling betrays your trust, you may doubt your beliefs and opinions.

88. We all want our siblings to stay close, but sometimes they choose to betray us. Is it our fault or theirs?

89. When your siblings betray you, they’re just showing their true colours.

90. When your sibling betrays you, always think about them. And remember the times they helped you when no one was watching.

91. Different people have different ways of dealing with betrayal, but this seems to be one of the most common post-betrayal responses—the need to reconnect with a betrayed sibling.

92. No family or love is complete without a little betrayal.

93. The only thing worse than being betrayed by a family member is having your entire family betray you.

94. When your brother betrays you, the most impassioned words you can speak are: “That’s okay.”

95. They say family is the most important thing in life, but I’ve always thought otherwise. Family means betraying you and lying to you.

96. Regardless of how close you are, your siblings will always leave a hole behind.

97. If you have to blame someone, blame your family. They will always betray you in the end.

98. I betrayed you; you betrayed me. I want to believe it was an accident, but I don’t think so. I promise never to forget the pain we both felt that day.

99. Siblings are not always blood-related, but you stand by them no matter what.

100. You know it’s all over when the brother you hate hates you more than anyone else.

101. Never trust your sibling; he/she will always betray you after you’ve given him/her all the support and love.

So be careful, don’t let anyone play with your heart, not your closest ones, for they are the first to hurt you. I hope these siblings betrayal quotes could bring this awareness to the forefront of your life once again. Thanks.

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