Surviving the Storms of Life Quotes

Sometimes, life doesn’t go as we plan. Many of us have faced great storms in life, often when we least expect them. It seems that every time we get over one storm, another storm appears on the horizon. Things just happen in life, and we can’t always control them. Life throws us curveballs sometimes. So, it’s very important that we learn how to deal with these situations.

Storms of life come and go, but as long as you live, you’ll experience moments that are worth surviving. So many people give up on themselves and their dreams when storms hit them, but not everyone. Even though a huge storm might have just torn your dreams to shreds, there’s always hope and a chance to rebuild it all again. We can’t always avoid the storms of life, but we can learn the skills to get through them with confidence.

We all experience difficult moments in life, and for most people, these moments are bigger or longer than expected. The only way to overcome challenges is to see ourselves as something bigger than the storm and understand that we survive the storms by continuing to fight.

These surviving the storms of life quotes below will provide you with the needed inspiration to survive difficult storms of life.

Surviving the Storms of Life Quotes

When the storms of life come and go, there will always be times when you feel that you don’t have the strength to survive. But you can survive the storms of life if you keep your hope alive and face it with confidence.

1. The storms of life are designed to give you a new perspective, to shake you from your comfort zone, to push you and wake you up to who you are and what you came here to accomplish and how you relate to the world around you.

2. Don’t be a victim of circumstance. Survive the storm with your mind as a weapon and your hands as a shield you’re a hurricane, and you will survive.

3. The storms of life are inevitable, and it is not what outside forces do to you but how you decide to react to them that matters.

4. During the storm, when you’re surrounded by darkness and clouded judgment, look for the light. Shine like a lighthouse because in life’s storms. Hope floats.

5. A storm is not in the eye of the storm. It is in the mind of the person who sees it. You can overcome the storms of life.

6. Don’t cry before you curse. There are two things you can control, your attitude and your actions, and if you believe in yourself, you can survive the storms of life.

7. Sometimes, the storms of life rage on, but we can still make it through. Stay strong.

8. The storms in life are not the ones that break you but the ones that bring out your strength.

9. Storms are part of life, they are meant to test your strengths, and they are meant to make you into a stronger person and make you the best you can be.

10. The storms of life don’t last forever, but the beauty that remains does.

11. All storms have a way of dying they may leave scars, but they can’t last. You can’t look back and find what’s been lost, but you can learn from your mistakes, and that’s the only thing that’s for sure.

12. We’ve all come across that storm, the one that makes us feel down and out. To you, it’s a storm, but if you look deeper, it’s an open door to a greater blessing. Don’t lose hope!

13. The storms that come with life are those that must be overcome to lead you to your greatest goal and overcome all trials of life.

14. Life is full of storms, but you’re meant to survive, so you ignore them, and right before your eyes, the storm will pass

15. Sometimes, it may seem like the storms of life rage on, but we can still make it through. Stay strong.

16. Sometimes, you feel like your head is gonna blow, broken and unaligned, but if you can survive, you’ll see that you’re stronger than the storms.

17. Storms are seasonal, and they come when you are close to a breakthrough. So, strive to survive the storm because victory is at the tail of that storm.

18. No storm can break you – if you are mentally tough, if you can’t get past the pain, feel your way through to the light.

19. The storm is here to make you stronger and to make you a better person. It’s here to bring out the best, it’s not here to make you sad, so don’t be distracted

20. It’s not how many you’ll survive. It’s how many you’ll live through, it’s to survive in a storm that we must be strong and brave.

21. Storms are an opportunity to grow, but you don’t have to go it alone. Lean on your friends and family, and together you can get through anything.

22. To survive the storm, you should be a hurricane, they’re going to call you crazy that’s what we are, that’s what we do.

23. Just survive it and move on. Just endure it and keep your head up. Just stand your ground with all your strength. Just overcome, and walk away.

24. Our storms are not caused by evil they are our only chance to become better, it’s up to you whether you will rise, keep your eyes on the road ahead and your feet on the ground.

25. It’s only during a storm that a tree knows how strong it is, and so I must face the storms of life, with a smile and an open heart, I will survive and come out on top.

26. You must learn to survive the storms of life and still be strong enough to rise again.

27. Storms are just the wind of change, they come when you’re close to a breakthrough, they come to test your resolve, to see how high you can fly.

28. One day, the storm will go, and one day, your life won’t be the same, do not lose focus in the face of the current storm, dare to dream, and never lose your courage.

29. Never give up in the face of the storm, never give up, not when the storm is struck, and the thunder cracks never give up, fight to the max.

30. You’ll survive the storms of life if you find your strength in trust and faith, you’ll rise above the hardship and make it a part of who you are, and you’ll know you’ll be okay.

31. There’s not much to say. If you can see, just take hold and walk out of the storm.

32. I may be a little scared, I may be a little sad, but I’ll make it through. A storm may come, a storm may go, but I’ll make it through.

33. There is much you can learn from the trials and tribulations of life, which I learned when I realized that the storm is just a part of life’s journey.

34. The storms of life are a test of your character, so take a deep breath, hold your head up high, and act like the person you know you are.

35. All storms will pass and be forgotten, clouds will turn to sunshine, the grass will grow, the flowers bloom, and the sun will rise.

36. When the fierce winds of life are blowing, when the tempest of life is raging, when the crisis of life is near, they are the storms that life throws at you. Hence, you must strive to survive the storms of life no matter what!

37. We are not just here to survive; we’re here to thrive. Together, we can make it through anything.

38. Though the storms of life may rage on, always remember that ‘tough times don’t last, tough people do.

39. Storms may come and go, but you’ll always have that feeling of standing in the middle of something powerful. You’re stronger than anything on the outside because you’re built to take it.

40. Life is like a storm that comes and goes, but if you have a positive attitude, you will survive the storm.

41. Don’t let that storm put you down, leave you alone because you are stronger than the storm that drowns.

42. If you can survive the storms that life sends against you, you’ll be able to handle anything that life throws at you, so don’t wither away in the face of adversity!

43. Life is a storm, a storm that takes us out at times, but we’re ready, our faith is strong, and we’ll never lose sight of what is true.

44. The storm can’t be defeated. It’s a part of living. Don’t let the storm win. Live your life, and don’t let the storms of life break you.

45. You only need to have a positive mindset to survive the storms of life, control your mind, and you will be fine.

46. It’s a storm in my heart; it’s a storm in my mind. The only thing I know is that I am alive and that I am free and that I am strong.

47. Sometimes, the storms can get you unawares. When that happens, find the strength within to stop the storm from drowning you.

48. The storms will come, and that’s what makes you strong. Learn to survive the storm, no matter the form the storm displays itself.

49. Life’s storms do not last forever. They only last as long as the storm’s heart, for it has the strength of will to be, to be a force of nature, and to be as one with the raging waves.

50. Every storm has a source, a memory, a past, and a future. It’s okay not to know where it started; just know you can survive it.

51. Storms of life, they will test your soul, they will show you who you are, and if you can survive, you will walk again in the glowing light of your future.

52. We all go through that storm, and that’s one thing we all must know, when it comes to the fight for our lives, we all must take charge of the tide.

53. The hardest winds to survive, the strongest storms to face, are the storms of life, but it’s a road you must travel through to find the brightest rainbows that you were meant to see.

54. Things may not always be as they appear. As the saying goes, ‘if you can dream, you can do.’

55. If a storm is coming, it does not mean the end of the world, and never forget that the storm does not last forever, and nobody can stop them from coming.

56. Life, like a tree, is a storm, but a storm is for learning, too, and you’ve learned quite a lot. You’ve learned the storms you have survived…

57. Life can be tough but you can’t let the storms get you down. You are stronger than the storms that want to drown you.

58. I learnt to survive the storms of life, storms that were meant to destroy me. I learnt that when I turned my back on them, I was really giving them the power.

59. Life is a storm, it can be strong, but if you can survive the storms of life, life could be blissful and beautiful.

60. Life is the storm that makes you stronger; it’s a way of learning how to survive, and with the storms comes the pain; you must learn to survive the storm.

61. Storms are not here to stay; they will soon pass away; just be sure you’re not alone when they do.

62. Know how to survive the storms, know how to make it through the storms. You just need to keep up with the positive energy no matter what, and all will be well.

63. The best storms are the storms you build for yourself, how you handle them, and what you learn from them; that’s what makes you stronger.

64. You only need to have a positive mindset, and you will survive the storm. It’s up to you to stand tall and survive this storm.

65. It’s only during a storm that a tree knows how strong it is, to still continue to be what it is, that even in the midst of the storm, it will still be standing tall.

66. The storms of life will come to you, and you can’t control them; no, you can’t. But you can choose whether you are going to fight to survive the storm or you are going to let the storm drown you.

67. There are storms in life, there is no way around them, and there is no reason to be scared. The storms are not there to break you; they are there to make you into a stronger person.

68. If you are strong, then you will survive. It’s only during a storm that a tree knows how strong it is. When all else is gone, it will stand firm and tall.

69. And life is the storms that make you stronger, but you must learn to survive the storm, and with the storms comes the pain.

70. When storms are raging, I know exactly what to do. I’ll find peace in my mind and peace in my heart.

71. To survive the storms of life, you need to have a positive mindset and a positive understanding of the storm, and you will survive it.

72. Take the charge of the tide, be current to change the course of the storm, and don’t wait for the storm to pass; you’ve got to feel it through, it’s the stormy season, and the tides are wild.

73. It’s not the storm I’m scared of. It’s a storm I was born to withstand! The storm’s only one thing, it’s the storm to bed the brightest stars.

74. Life can be a storm; it can be a test; you must decide what side you are on, and when that storm is about to get in your way, be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

75. Living through the storms of life, we are like leaves when the wind blows, the wind that carves our hearts with its beautiful shapes.

76. It’s a storm, a storm of change; the storm will not always be there. So follow your dream, and don’t get scared.

77. Life is like a storm; you’re bound to get blown away, and you need to find a way to keep your head up and stay strong so that you can survive the storm.

78. It’s a myth that storms are here to stay, for storms only last between a season and a year, so don’t lose yourself in the middle of a storm.

79. While life’s storms rage on and the waves of life crash around you, your attitude will determine if you will survive the storms of life.

80. You grow stronger when the world is so cruel, the storm has made you stronger and the crow brings you to your feet.

81. Living through the storms of life is not so terrible after all. I’ve learned to understand the strength I have and to appreciate the coolness of my smile.

82. Beautiful, confident and strong, you can weather the most trying of times with the sound of your own heartbeat and the strength of your own heart.

83. Life is tough, and sometimes tough times come along, but when they pass, they do so gently, and life becomes softer, like a sunny day.

84. The winds will blow, and the storm will rage, but you are stronger than it all. Survive, and life will come back to you again.

85. Life is a journey, not a destination; everything has a reason, and keep going.

86. Sometimes, the hardest storms will teach you lessons you can’t miss, and the darkest nights will bring you to light, and the brightest rainbows are often found after the roughest storms.

87. The storms of life will move the boat, and you, will find your way through life, and if you are willing to take that ride, you will find your way to a better place.

88. It’s not the storm. It’s the way you’re reacting to the storm, the way you’re handling it, that determines your fate. So remain calm and don’t get too riled up.

89. You can survive the storms because the storms are here to teach you. When you rise up from the storm, you are the only one who can teach it to others.

90. The storms of life will always be around, they’ll rip you to pieces, but you can’t be broken.

91. The storms of life have a way of revealing the brightest rainbow, for if we can survive the darkest night, we can survive the storms of life.

92. Storms are not here to stay; they are here to make you strong oh, you may be strong, but only if you survive.

93. The storm has not made me strong, nor does it hold me down. I am free and strong to face my dream and pass it on to the next life.

94. Life is not a softball game; there are life challenges that come at a time in your life; they do not come to break you but make you into a stronger person.

95. I have lived with storms, I have been through the storms, and I know the storms come to make my life better.

96. Don’t let that storm put you down don’t let the teardrops break you down. The storm will pass, you will survive, you will be stronger than the storm that drowns.”

97. No matter how hard life gets, stay strong, and you will survive. Don’t ever give up.

98. The storms of life are just like the tides written on our minds, so we must take charge of the tide and be in control.

99. Don’t let the raging of the sea put out the fire in your heart. Don’t let the tempest of life put out the flame in your soul.

100. The storms of life aren’t here just to make you cry. They’re here to make you stronger and make you see things in a new light. The storms will make you who you want to be.

Sometimes we become overwhelmed with the life storms that face us and feel as if we will never make it through. But remember, no matter how strong a storm is at the moment of destruction, it will eventually pass on. And if we don’t give up, we can withstand anything life throws at us and come out victorious.

I hope you were inspired by these surviving the storms of life quotes above. Kindly share this post with your friends and loved ones. Thank you.

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