Guardian Angel Protection Quotes

People often say they have a guardian angel protecting them. Guardian Angels are said to be supernatural beings that protect us from harm. It is said by many that trusting in your guardian angels is a sign of optimism.

It is perceived that our lives are meant to be helped by guardian angels. They protect us from negative things and guide us on the right path. As guardian angels are believed to be our guides, they can also remind us of other people who’ve been in our lives.

Also, they may help us remember the times others have helped us or even teach us how to treat others when we need guidance with manners.

For amazing quotes about guardian angels’ protection, see the following compilation of guardian angel protection quotes.

Guardian Angel Protection Quotes

A guardian angel is someone we can call when we’re lost and scared and need to get back on track in life. They pick us up when we fall, and will always be there for us when we need them. They know how to help us stay balanced and make sure that we don’t fall into the wrong crowd and follow the wrong path.

1. Guardian angels are special beings, who watch over us and protect us all the time.

2. We’re all protected by angels, both day and night. They are always near, always watching over us. They love us dearly but are invisible to our eyes.

3. Guardian angels are God’s love in action. They are unseen but always near.

4. There’s an angel watching over you. When in doubt, choose safety. When in pain, choose optimism. And always trust your guardian angel.

5. Having a guardian angel means having someone there to protect you from your own self.

6. We are not alone. We are all watched over by guardian angels who guide us in our daily lives.

7. Your guardian angel watches over you, protecting your spirit while you’re awake and while you sleep.

8. Guardian angels walk beside us throughout life, but especially when we are in need. Their mission is to bring us safely to our destination of destiny through the trials, pain, and suffering of life.

9. Our guardian angels protect us from harm, especially when the light is dim.

10. Guardian angels are watching us. You can’t always see your guardian angel, but you know they’re there.

11. The guardian angel is always near you, to guide you, to love you… to bring a smile to your face.

12. Guardian angels care for you every moment, keep watch over you from above, and love you unconditionally.

13. God sends us guardian angels to protect us and guide us. They spread their wings above us.

14. Guardian angels walk beside us all our lives. They bring calm to our minds, strength to our hearts, and an understanding of love that few people ever experience.

15. A guardian angel is someone who watches over you and gives you strength during hard times.

16. Guardian angels are all around us. They’ll keep watch over you, every day and every night.

17. Guardian angels are there all the time. You just have to call them out.

18. We all have guardian angels. They help us and guide us when we need them most. We just have to listen to our hearts and feel close to one another.

19. Guardian angels walk beside us every day. And we never know when the universe will place them at the crossroads of our lives to help us steer a better path.

20. Guardian angels are not just in heaven or up in the sky, they are with us every single day.

21. Life’s terrors and storms may roil and roar but good angels stand guard when it’s getting darkest.

22. Guardian angel watches over us and helps protect us—sometimes without our knowledge.

23. Guardian angels surround you every moment of your life. They protect you from harm, strengthen you when you are weak and lift you up to keep you from stumbling.

24. If you think heaven is under some cloud, then just say the word, so your guardian angel will come and save you.

25. For lost and lonely children, guardian angels are there, for them to keep. Like the stars in the sky and the sun that shines, guardian angels are always watching over them.

26. A guardian angel is your personal protector and guided through life. You know you have a guardian angel when good things happen that make no sense and good things are somehow just delivered to you on a silver platter.

27. You may not be able to see your guardian angel but they’re always watching over you.

28. A guardian angel is someone who watches over you, supports you, is there for you and loves you unconditionally.

29. Guardian angels surround us with love, comfort and protection every day. They are watching over us.

30. Guardian angels are watching us. They come in all sizes and forms. They protect us, keep us safe and give us courage when we need it the most.

31. Guardian angels are there to protect us and guide us, and they never leave our sides.

32. Guardian Angels are often unseen, but they’re always nearby.

33. Guardian angels are with us always, even as we go throughout our lives. They look after us, guide us and inspire us.

34. Guardian angels are all around you. You just have to open your eyes and heart.

35. Don’t be afraid to fall. You’ll always have a guardian angel ready to catch you. The angels are watching you.

36. You don’t have a guardian angel because you need protection. You have a guardian angel because you’re worth protecting.

37. Behind every accident, betrayal and failure is a guardian angel who did not show up for work that day.

38. When you feel like giving up, remember that an angel is always watching over you.

39. Guardian angels are always watching over you, from the moment you’re born until the day you die.

40. Guardian angels walk beside you through life, with love and support to protect you. Be good to your guardian angels and they will always be there when you need them.

41. Guardian angels are all around you. They’re in the air you breathe, the clothes you wear, and the food you eat.

42. God didn’t create angels as guardians for no reason. He knew you need them in your life.

43. Guardian angels watch over us, guiding our way and keeping us safe.

44. Be thankful to your guardian angels because they are always with you and guiding you.

45. You’re never alone. You are always protected by guardian angel wings.

46. When you look at the sky, think of it as the face of your guardian angel.

47. There are angels among us—guardian angels who care and watch over us. They protect us every day.

48. Guardian angels are the most beautiful kind. They protect and cheer for us always.

49. Guardian angels are watching over you and all you care about. Like a happy cup of coffee, they’re near when you need them most.

50. Guardian angels are with us for the rest of our lives—to help, guide and protect us. We cannot do without them.

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