Guardian Angel Mom Quotes

Mothers are often depicted as the “angel in the house” for their selflessness, generosity and kindness. They are guardian angels to their children, and when they pass on, they become angels watching over them from heaven.

Mothers are one of the greatest things on earth. They love their children and they try to do everything possible to make them happy. They take care of their kids and try to protect them from all the bad things in this world.

If you’re looking for inspirational quotes about mothers being guardian angels, then you’ve come to the right place. The following guardian angel mom quotes are my favourites and I am sharing them with you.

These quotes tell us that even though we’re feeling weak, lost, and unsure of ourselves, our mothers will be there (or maybe an angel guiding us in times of need. We are not alone in the world, we are never alone on our journeys. And we should appreciate the roles of mothers in our lives.

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Guardian Angel Mom Quotes

Our mom is always with us in spirit, and we feel her watching over us even when she is not physically present. You are a guardian angel that watches over me, mom.

1. Moms are guardian angels to their children. A mother’s love is one of the greatest gifts ever and should never be taken for granted.

2. Our mothers always loved us, in life and in death. They give us strength and hope as guardian angels.

3. Mother’s love is still felt even when she’s no longer here. They are angels watching over us.

4. Mothers in heaven are our guardian angels, who look after us and guide us to be better humans each day.

5. Mothers in Heaven are the Guardian angels of their children, planting the seeds of faith in their hearts.

6. When I needed a guardian angel in heaven, you were there. Thank you for being my mother and my best friend.

7. The world’s best guardian angels are moms who are watching over us from Heaven.

8. Moms are guardian angels. She may not be able to hold you close and tell you she loves you. But she’s the first to rush forward, drop everything, and do it for you.

9. Mom always knew how to make everything better, even the common cold. She’ll forever be our angel.

10. Mothers in Heaven are guardian angels to their children on Earth.

11. Our mothers were more than just human—they were heroes and guardian angels.

12. Our mothers may not be here physically but they are always with us in spirit. They are guardian angels.

13. Mothers are always looking out for us, so never be afraid to make a move.

14. When a mother is in heaven, she becomes her child’s guardian angel.

15. A mom is a guardian angel and her spirit is always with those she loves most.

16. We never know what the future holds, but we can always turn to our moms. They’ll always be the guardian angels looking over us.

17. A mother’s love is like an angel’s love, both tender and strong.

18. God created mothers so that something so powerfully beautiful could be so incredibly strong. They are guardian angels.

19. Mom’s a guardian angel, looking down on us from heaven. She’ll always be your guardian–even when she’s not here.

20. Like a guardian angel up in heaven, my mother will always be there for me.

21. Mom, I’ve always looked up to you, as my literal angel. I will forever carry the gift of your guidance with me. Forever grateful.

22. No matter where you are in the world, your mother will always be looking down on you and fulfilling her role as your guardian angel.

23. As mothers, we can not only be earthbound angels for our children but also heavenly guardians.

24. Smile every time you see a mother because she is probably an angel in disguise.

25. Guardian angels stay by our sides, even after they pass. Mothers are guardian angels.

26. Moms are guardian angels that are always watching over us and ensuring our safety.

27. Mom, the first and the best superhero—our guardian angels in heaven.

28. Mothers are guardian angels that protect us from falling into the abyss.

29. We love our moms because they’re always there for us—even when they’re not. They are our guardian angels.

30. A mother is a guardian angel. She is who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.

31. Mothers are guardian angels in heaven who watch over their children from above.

32. Mothers are guardian angels in heaven who watch over us and help us when we find ourselves in trouble.

33. A mother’s love is timeless. She knows all and sees all. Her presence is a blessing, her wisdom as vast as the oceans.

34. Mothers are angels to their children when they’re here on earth, and even more beautiful angels in heaven.

35. Mothers are the guardians of our souls. They make the best angels—they think of everything.

36. Some kids get wings, and some get thorns. But the ones with wings are lucky because they have their mothers… as guardian angels to carry them through life.

37. All children need is love, but most of all they need to feel safe and moms are the guardian angel who does that.

38. Each new mother is a guardian angel in heaven to one of God’s new souls.

39. Mothers are guardian angels, they watch over you, they protect you and they love you.

40. Mothers are guardian angels, nurturing us with their love.

41. The bond between a mother and child is forever. Mothers are always angels in heaven watching over their children.

42. Mothers are guardian angels. The world will always need a hero; someone to protect the innocent.

43. Mothers are guardian angels in heaven, and so are our angels right here on earth.

44. Mothers are guardian angels in heaven, who always watch over us and protect us. And their memory lives on inside of us.

45. Mothers are guardian angels. They protect their children from everything and everyone.

46. Mothers are our guardian angels from heaven. They love us, protect us and watch over us. Let’s honour them and celebrate all they do for us.

47. Our moms are guardian angels who watch over us from heaven and guide our paths.

48. Mom—you were an angel in our lives, and though you’ve left us now, we will never forget you.

49. Mommies are guardian angels from heaven, with hearts as gentle and strong as the wings of an angel.

50. Moms who are no longer here but still in our hearts are our guardian angels in heaven.

51. Mother’s Day reminds us of the angels we have on this earth and the ones who watch over us from heaven.

52. Mothers are guardian angels from heaven. They always watch over us no matter where we are and what time it is.

53. Mothers are guardian angels. They’re watching over, protecting and guiding their children from above.

54. Mothers are guardian angels who give us wings where we had none.

55. Mothers in heaven watch over their children from above, so always keep your guardian angel close to you.

56. Mothers are the guardians of our souls. May we never take them for granted, but rather cherish all that they do for us.

57. A mother is like a lioness: one of the bravest creatures that ever lived. She will always protect her cubs, even if it means giving up her life.

58. The only thing more beautiful than a natural mother’s love is the love of a supernatural mother.

59. Today, I celebrate the angel that is my mother. She’s always watching over me and giving me strength.

60. A mother’s love is a gift given to children by God. Mothers are guardian angels from heaven.

61. Mothers are guardian angels who protect their little ones with unconditional love.

62. Mothers are angels from heaven; a feeling that reminds us of the love and trust in a mother.

63. Mothers are Guardian Angels but not just that..they were our first teachers, always there when we needed them and always so ready to share their love.

64. Mamas, you are the guardian angels in heaven who watch over us. You protect and guide us just like they do while we’re here.

65. No matter how old you get, your mom will always be your guardian angel up in heaven.

66. Mothers are guardian angels who love and protect us. They keep us safe from harm.

67. Never lose sight of the treasure that a mother is. She is our guiding light, our guardian angel, and a constant reminder of the unconditional love within our hearts.

68. Every mother is a working mom and their hardest job is protecting their children.

69. Mothers live on in our memories, and nothing can ever separate them from the love they have given us.

70. A mother’s love is the strongest force in the world. They deserve our love, our prayers and our thanks every day of the year.”

71. To mothers everywhere, you are our guardian angels from heaven.

72. A mom is a guardian angel in the form of a human being. From the moment we are born to the moment we die, our mothers will always be there for us.

73. Mothers are the angels in heaven that watch over their little ones from above.

74. Mothers. They’re the best angel in heaven, who watch over you even when they’re gone.

75. Mothers are angels in heaven that watch over the children they left on earth.

76. A mother is the truest friend and guardian angel that Heaven can bestow on man.

77. A mother’s love never fades, it only grows stronger. Love and protect those you care about: they’re like angels that live in heaven.

78. A mother is an angel in the eyes of her child. She sees without looking and listens without hearing.

79. Mothers are forever in our hearts. They are watching from above, their love will never leave us.

80. Never is a mother’s love absent, never is it absent from any of her family. It is as strong and sustaining as life itself.

81. My mother was my guardian angel. Her memory is a light that will forever shine on me.

82. Mothers are the guardian angels in our hearts. They are watching over you every step of the way, no matter how far away she is.

83. Some mothers are guardian angels in heaven, looking down on their children, making sure that they’re safe and well cared for.

84. Mothers will always be there to protect and guide us when we need them most.

85. A mother’s love never ends. The bond between a mother and child is closer than any other in the world.

86. A mother’s love is powerful. It can lift a child up, or hold him/her down. She is a guardian angel.

87. Our mother’s hearts were so pure and so full of love. They always knew what we needed even when we couldn´t see it ourselves.

88. Mothers are guardian angels from heaven. The best mothers in the world deserve the best flowers.

89. Mothers are an angel from heaven who take care of us and love us forever.

90. No matter how old we get, our mothers always watch over us.

91. A mother’s love is an eternal flame. It ceases not at death. You can not measure and you cannot define it. It is as simple as breathing, as essential to life itself.

92. Mothers are guardian angels from heaven and we should always cherish them.

93. As always, we are inspired by our mothers. For the ones who gave us life, they are guardian angels.

94. Because mothers are the closest and most familiar thing to an angel, heaven is a place that feels like home.

95. When a mother’s love is placed on a child, she can do anything in her power to protect that child. Mothers are guardian angels.

96. To all our mothers, who have touched so many lives in this world and made them better, we will never forget you. You are guardian angels.

97. Moms are guardian angels and ultimate protectors. They watch over us, pray for us and love us even when we don’t deserve it.

98. Moms are the most angelic beings in heaven who gave us birth and the one that protects us from their first day until they rest in their grave. We should honour them by giving them all of our love, gratitude, appreciation and care.

99. Mothers are guardian angels. They are always there to listen, advise and guide us with unconditional love.

100. A mother’s love for her child knows no bounds, it endures through eternity. She is a guardian angel for her child.

The quotes up there are a combination of honour, appreciation and love, to clearly convey the idea that mothers are like guardian angels. I hope you got some inspiration going through them.

You can always come here whenever you need quotes about your mother or moms being guardian angels.

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