Sweet Good Morning Sms Messages To My Love

Sweet Good Morning To You
Sweetness is nothing if not you,
Nothing in me is great without you.
I love you and I really do.
Thanks for loving me too. Good Morning.

Good Morning My Love
No matter how fierce the battle of life would be,
No matter how bizarre things would prove to be,
Knowing that you will be there in times of need,
Is nothing but the winning edge. Morning Love.

You Are My All
Completeness has no place in me without you
Happiness is nothing with me without your love
All the world put together can’t measure your love
I could have been nothing without your love
Good morning my all, my love.

You Will Be Mine Forever
When troubles mingled near
Thanks for ever being there
Your love is the stitch in time that saves my love’s nine
Forever and ever you and only you will be mine.
Just to say good morning to you.

I Am Nothing Without You
I could have been lost without you
I couldn’t have been better me without you
Everyday passing by, I say this prayer:
God pls keep my love for me.
Good morning my life.

Thank You For Everything
Desire is nothing if it will not be met
Love is nothing without enough care
I am nothing without you my love.
Just saying thank you for everything
Good morning.

Thanks for reading these sweet good morning to my love romantic sms messages.

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