Good Morning Prayers

100+ Short Good Morning Prayers to Use Daily

Short Good Morning Prayer

Waking up to view a new day with the bright sky, the sun out and favourable weather is not something to be taken for granted. Waking up each morning is something we should thank our creator for.

The words we say into our morning have great potential to influence how our day would go on and what would become of it. Therefore, what better way and who better to commit out morning and the rest of the day too, if not God.

100+ Daily Morning Prayers to Have a Great Day

Daily Morning Prayer

God is an awesome God, deserving of all praises. No matter the situation you are passing through, He's able to save, rescue deliver or help you. He's a miracle working God. His speciality is handling the impossibles. He's also great at solving seemingly trivial issues. Nothing is too difficult or simple for him to do.

Men are equal in His presence; everyone who knows and calls upon His name gets equal chance, audience, reception and response...according to His will.