Thank You for Choosing us to be Godparents Messages

Thank You for Choosing us to be Godparents Messages

Parents choose the godparents of their children with so much care and attention. After all, it’s not a small role but a huge responsibility as you are the bonus parents of the child. And nobody willingly hands their child over to people who will not do right by their child.

So, if you have been given the responsibility of being a godparent, it’s because the parents rate you really high and they believe that you can be trusted and that their child is safe with you. You should let them know you appreciate it.

Find below some of the best thank you for choosing us to be godparents messages to express your gratitude and commitment to this responsibility.

Thank You for Choosing us to be Godparents Messages and Quotes

We couldn’t believe it when you and your husband sent messages to us to be godparents. It shows that you value us and we do not take this lightly. Thank you for choosing us to be godparents. My husband is already preparing motivational quotes to send his way when he grows up. Smiles

1. We were ecstatic to receive your message asking us to be godparents to your little princess. We are more than happy to say “Yes” and to thank you for choosing us. We’ll definitely be the best godparents the world has ever seen.

2. Becoming your son’s godparents is the best news we’ve received in the year. Thank you for choosing us, we look forward to being the best godparents you could ever choose.

3. Being godparents is no joke! You are practically entrusting the life of your son to us and for this trust, we are thankful.

4. Dear, the news asking us to be godparents to your beautiful baby girl met us well and we’re over the roof with excitement. Thanks for giving us this precious privilege.

5. I am teary reading that you chose us to be the godparents of your little one, this means so much to us and we hope this simple thank you will do the trick in conveying our heartfelt gratitude.

6. It feels so special to be considered godparents, it is a dream to become reality for us, thank you so much!

7. Love comes in different forms, allowing us to play a pivotal role in your child’s life shows how much you love and trust us and for this, we are grateful.

8. A child is always a delight to the world he arrives in, thank you for letting us into this new world of delight.

9. It’s a tremendous honour to be given the role of godparents and we are going to do everything in our capacity to ensure that you don’t regret your decision. Thank you so much for the honour!

10. This is a serious role and we are not going to take it with levity. Thank you for making us your child’s godparents.

11. I don’t know what gave you this crazy idea to make me a godparent but I’ll show you that I’m crazier by stepping up to the role’s responsibilities! Thank you so much.

12. I’m a godparent! I feel like shouting it on the rooftop. Trust me, it means the world to me, thank you for the opportunity.

13. This right here is a golden moment and I want to relish it for as long as I can. Thank you for making me the happiest person in the world by allowing me to be a godparent to your little princess.

14. To be asked to be godparents is to trust us to love, care and guide your child just as you would and for this opportunity, we are immensely grateful.

15. I’m not only an aunt, but I’m also a godmother! Now, I’m ready to take on the world. Thank you.

16. It is an honour to share every moment of your baby’s life with you. Thank you for considering us as the godparents.

17. Becoming Godparents surely rates as the top 5 best things that can happen to anyone on earth! We are glad and grateful to become one through you.

18. You’ve made us godparents so get ready to share little Andre with us! We are grateful for this priceless gift.

19. To love, to hold, to care for, to guide, to lead and to pray for is what we are signing up for as godparents and we don’t intend to let you down! Thank you for the rare privilege.

20. We are thrilled to hear that you have conferred on us one of the most important roles in the life of a child and we promise to outlive your expectations. Thank you!

21. Words can’t express aptly how elated we are to be chosen to be an important part of your child’s life. Thank you! We can’t wait to get started.

22. Being a godparent is one of the highly-rewarding roles one can have in life. Therefore, you can understand how excited we were when you chose us! Gracias!

23. I’ve always wanted to be a godparent, thank you for giving me the chance and making my dream become a reality!

24. We are extremely touched and thankful that you thought of us when deciding on godparents. We look forward to loving up on your little one.

25. Being a godmother has its perks; I get to have unrestricted access and time with my goddaughter and spoil her silly. That feels so good, thank you!

26. I’m both shocked and excited upon receiving your news of making me a godparent to your cute one. Shocked because I never pictured myself as one, excited because you’ve placed such trust in me. Thank you so much and let’s get this party started!

27. To the best of my ability, God helping me, I will be the best godparent. Thank you for the opportunity!

28. I promise that your son will be so proud to have us as his godparents. We are elated, thank you.

29. This is the news of the day! I am a godparent and nothing but pure joy and thankfulness fill my heart for the opportunity, I will not let you down.

30. Whatever made you think of us? Well, cheers to being the most beautiful and doting godparents on planet earth. Thank you for choosing us to be godparents.

31. You’ve opened up a new world for us and we can’t wait to explore it with your young one! Thank you for choosing us to be godparents.

32. This is the best thing that has happened to me in a long while, I promise to channel all of my love and care to your young one. With thanks, I receive the request of being your son’s godparent.

33. You told me you had a surprise for me. Well, that’s understating it because being godparents is so huge! Thanks for trusting your little one to our care and love.

34. Being godparents is a jolly ride and we are happy to be on this train! Thanks for the opportunity to be godparents.

35. I am more than happy to accept this illustrious position of being a godparent to cute Andrea. Seeing her wrap her tiny fingers around my thumb fills my heart with so much joy that I already know we share a bond. Thank you!

36. Dear little one, you may think you are lucky to have us as your godparents but we’re the luckiest to get to do life with you. Much thanks to your parents for letting us into your world.

37. Nothing beats being a godparent, well, being a parent tops it but with that exception, nothing beats it and I’m super proud to be one. Thank you for choosing me to be a godparent.

38. Your invitation into the life of your family as a godparent fills me with so much joy. Thank you for having me in your world.

39. What a lovely surprise to become godparents! We are thrilled and eager to start but we must first thank you for the rare privilege.

40. You must have a lot of trust and faith in us to trust such a big position to us, we promise to care for your little one without reservation, whether you are there or not. Thank you!

41. Not only am I a proud godparent but I’m also a proud uncle! Thank you for the gift of this little bundle of joy.

42. This is a journey of a lifetime and we’ve just gotten VVIP access to hop on the train. We are super excited and super thankful to be godparents to your handsome prince.

43. I can’t quite believe it but holding little Jenny in my hands today only proved one thing; I want to give this godparent thing the best shot, so thank you for the opportunity.

44. Very few things last for a lifetime and one of them is being a godparent, forever is the deal baby, thank you for having me.

45. From being childhood friends to being best of friends to being your chief maid of honour and now to being your daughter’s godparent, the list of rare privileges is endless and I don’t take it for granted. Thank you for choosing me to be a godparent.

46. We were overwhelmed when we received the invitation to become godparents and we still are! Thank you for trusting us enough, we won’t let you down.

47. I wish I could say more than just thank you because I and my wife are overjoyed to be your baby’s godparents. It is such a gigantic honour, thank you.

48. To know that you think I am qualified to be your baby’s godparent is such a beautiful thing and I don’t take it for granted. Thank you for the kind gesture and consideration.

49. A huge thank you for making me a godparent! We are going to have so much fun together and I’m definitely looking forward to that.

50. It will always be a memorable day for us when we were informed of our new role as godparents, thank you for the kind consideration.

51. If only you could see the smiles on our faces when we received the news to be godparents! Proud doesn’t begin to describe it. We are delighted and can’t wait to jump in and help out whenever and wherever we are needed.

52. Choosing me to be a godparent to your baby shows how important I am to you and I don’t take that for granted. Thanks for choosing me!

53. We know you chose us to be your baby’s godparents with the utmost care, thought and consideration and we have every intention to step up to the role. Thank you for choosing us to be godparents.

54. We are proud and pleased to have been chosen for this prestigious role, thank you for entrusting your little one to our care and guidance.

55. To entrust your child’s spiritual guidance and care in our hands is no small thing. We can assure you we will be there every step of the way.

56. You have placed your love and trust in us to care for your child and to guide him through life with love and care. Thank you for choosing us to be godparents.

57. It’s very touching to become a godmother. It still feels surreal and I’m still floating! Thank you for this golden gift!

58. I am beyond elated to become the godparent to your little one. I pray that I will be a blessing to your child throughout life. Amen and thanks.

59. To become a godparent is indeed a huge honour and I thank you both for the opportunity.

60. We were ecstatic to learn that we’ll be godparents to your little one. We immediately want to be the best godparent that we can be. Thank you for choosing us to be godparents.

61. I am proud to say that accepting to be a godparent is one of the best decisions I have ever made and that is so because of you, so thank you!

62. Thank you for choosing us to be godparents. We promise to be that anchor she needs and to be there for her through all her life phases.

63. To love and understand, to care and teach, to hold and guide, to listen and pray for. These and many more we promise to be to your baby, thank you for making us her godparents.

64. I’m happy to play such an important role of a godparent in your little princess’ life. I promise to walk with her through life’s journey, lead by example and help her chart life’s murky waters.

65. We promise that through the years, with life’s many demands, one thing will remain constant and that is our love for our precious little godchild. Thank you for choosing us to be godparents.

66. Thanks for considering us to be a pair of extra hands and angels on earth for your little one, we are happy to be part of your world.

67. Thank you for choosing us to be godparents, the best partnership we can wish for! We promise to show all the constant love and care that we have at our disposal to your little one.

68. Ain’t we just blessed to be asked to be the extra pair of hands and hearts? We don’t take it with levity hands; we are beyond grateful!

69. Going on this journey with you and your young one, guiding and leading, loving and listening is a sacred moment and role for me and I intend fulfilling my responsibilities to the best of my ability. Thank you for choosing me, I’m grateful.

70. Nothing beats being entrusted with life. Thank you for making me a godparent to your handsome prince, it’s going to be a beautiful journey, I promise.

71. To share in such a joyous moment as this is unrivalled we want to say thank you for giving us an exclusive invitation into your world through being godparents to your little one.

72. It is a noble thing and a privilege to be a godparent. It’s a task I won’t take lightly but devote my utmost to. Thanks!

73. I shed a tear or two when you asked me to be a godparent! I am truly favoured to be thought of for such a big duty. Thank you so much!

74. The gift of godparents is a beautiful gift and not taken lightly, thanks for giving us this precious gift, we are very grateful.

75. Thank you for choosing us to be godparents. We never thought we would become one but you’ve made us happy people.

76. This is a pleasant surprise. I feel like shouting to the world “look at me, I’m now a godmother!” thanks for this and you made my day.

77. Are you positive about making me a godparent? Only joking! I’m so honoured!

78. I can’t succinctly describe how happy I am when you asked me to be a godparent. It’s a wonderful gesture and I am overjoyed to accept!

79. Thank you for this great responsibility. I will do all I can to be the best godparent to your daughter.

80. Our hearts are filled with so much pride to be chosen as godparents to your little boy. We trust he will gain from our wealth of experience and wisdom.

81. My heart is full to the brim with thanks to you and your partner for making me the godparent of your little one. Thank you for choosing me to be a godparent.

82. We were left utterly speechless when we were informed of your decision to be made godparents to your cute twins; we welcome these bundles of joy happily and with thanks.

83. I’m left speechless and beyond honoured to have been considered a life, fit to be modelled to your little one. Thank you for making me a godparent.

84. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift! Not only will I be a proud best friend of a new mother but I also get to be the godmother.

85. We are the luckiest people in the world right now because we just became godparents! Thank you for choosing us to be godparents.

86. Though we don’t have it all figured out yet, we know we’ll smash this thing called god-parenting. Thank you for choosing us to be godparents.

87. Cloud nine doesn’t begin to describe the surreal feeling at hearing that I am going to be a godparent. Thank you so much.

88. I’m elated and giggling right now because I just became a godparent! How rad is that?

89. Another cool title added to my name; godparent! I have to thank you for that.

90. Yaaaay! We are the newest godparents in town, thanks to you. Don’t worry, we won’t let you down.

91. For this beautiful wish of mine you have made to come to pass, I say thank you. Trust me when I say your baby is in safe hands.

92. Though I’m not in the same geographical zone as you, you still chose me to be your little one’s godparent. I’m humbled by the level of trust and love and I say a big thank you.

93. You may not know it but you just made my day! Thank you for considering me and the answer is Yes! I’m more than willing to be your baby’s godparent.

94. We are so blessed to be the godparents to your baby. Cheers to more fond memories and bonding together.

95. I’ve been grinning from ear to ear since I got your message. Thank you for thinking of me, I’m happy to be a godparent.

96. We are honoured and humbled to be considered worthy enough to be your baby’s godparents. We promise not to let you down.

97. New memories, fond moments, a load of love and laughter, heart-to-heart talks and many more is the package we are bringing with us! Thank you for making us godparents.

98. Now that you have made me a godparent, get ready to share your baby’s precious moments with me! Thank you!

99. We are happy and grateful to be chosen as your little one’s godparents and we’ll definitely make the best out of this!

100. Our hearts are bursting at the seams! A dream come true! We are already in love with our godchild, thanks for choosing us.

In conclusion, it’s an honour that you’ve been considered to be godparents. So while sending thank you for choosing us to be godparents messages is great, remember that it is a huge responsibility to be taken seriously.

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