A Little Gift for Myself Quotes

Birthdays are an occasion that everyone looks forward to, from kids to adults. It’s a time when you can spoil yourself by buying things you have always desired but never got.

If you have something special in mind that you want to buy for your birthday treat, why not treat yourself with a gift or two on your birthday.

More so, a birthday celebration isn’t complete without the right birthday gifts.

Are you looking for a little gift for myself quotes? Then worry not because I have compiled a few quotes that you might like to check out.

Birthday Gift for Myself Quotes

For my birthday, I want this happiness candle. It promises to burn away all bad memories and replace them with happy ones. Although I am allergic to candles, I still want them. I also want some chocolates and cookies.

1. Sweet birthday to me. A blowout brunch and a few other treats, can’t wait to celebrate.

2. I hope to treat myself today not to something specific, but maybe just to a walk in the sunshine.

3. I know, I know. You have a million things to do, but you’ve been working hard all week. You deserve a break! Go outside and treat yourself special.

4. Give yourself a break today, it’s a gift you deserve – go outside and enjoy the weather.

5. If you’re not sure what you want to buy or do today, why not just go outside and enjoy the weather? Look around you and appreciate all that nature has to offer.

6. When the weather is nice I always go outside to enjoy something nice and healthy – taking a walk in nature.

7. Every day you’re in a good mood, it will be a happy moment and a real chance to feel good.

8. I think we all need a little reminder of the good things out there. Enjoy the day!

9. You’re a human being, and you’re awesome! You just need to remember that sometimes. Nothing can stop you now. Go out there and make a mark.

10. I’d like just one thing for my birthday, this happiness candle to burn up all the memory of me being sad.

11. I’d like just one thing for my birthday, this candle to honour all the memories of me being happy.

12. I want something wonderful for my birthday this year. I want the happiness candle to burn up all of the sad memories.

13. I’d like just one thing for my birthday—help me make the candle blaze bright. It will burn up all those gloomy times.

14. I’m always so busy buying you gifts, I forget about myself. Get here fast – this candle will make me happy!

15. Just for today, I want a new birthday wish. I want to make all the bad memories go away.

16. You deserve a new birthday. Go on and forget about any bad times!

17. I want to start over for today. I want to only think about the wonderful things that happened to me and forget about all the stress and bad memories.

18. I wish for a birthday that’s all about fun and games. Just for today, I will look on the bright side of life.

19. I hope to have a wonderful birthday, one that’s filled with nothing but joy and happiness.

20. Just for today, I will try to let go of the old me. If a mistake is made, I will learn from it and move on.

21. On this special day, I will be the most positive person in my life, focusing on being better.

22. Today, I will be the best version of myself. I won’t worry about where I left that last scrap of paper.

23. This morning, I have already decided to think differently. I will be less judgmental of myself and more accepting of others.

24. No matter how painful, you can start a new beginning by letting go.

25. Today, I will explore the world with a fresh perspective. Just for today, make today great!

26. You’re never going to be the old you. It’s not how life works, and it’s not how people work. You’re constantly growing and changing and becoming more than you were yesterday. Today, let yourself become the person you want to be tomorrow.

27. You are a new person every moment. You can create a beautiful life. Master your mind. Choose your reactions wisely for more happiness, less stress, and optimal living.

28. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take a moment and make it perfect. Be nice to yourself, because you are wonderful.

29. Today is the day for new beginnings and second chances. Let’s wipe the slate clean and start over.

30. Today, I’m starting my third decade. Here’s to a new beginning and the best twenties yet!

31. The memories are essentially the same. You’re just thinking about them differently.

32. Who doesn’t love candles? Giving myself a novelty candle is one sure-fire way to put a smile on my face.

33. I am allergic to candles, but I still want them.

34. I’ll let you choose the size and shape. I just want something that brings back all the fun we had this year.

35. Going out for dinner with the girls, I’m treating myself to an amazing massage and then some wine. I deserve it!

Early Birthday Gift for Myself Quotes

Birthdays are always special days, and you should celebrate them to the fullest. But on my birthday, my first gift is from me to myself. I don’t want a lot for my birthday, just love and affection.

36. Can’t wait to celebrate 12 months of success—helping great people like you.

37. If something makes you smile at the end of the day, it’s worth doing.

38. I hate the holiday season, but I love these birthday gifts from me to me!

39. I don’t need a lot for my birthday, I just want a little good love.

40. All I want for my birthday is a hug with love to my humble self.

41. I’d just like one thing for my birthday this year: I want the warmth of a hand-written card from all my friends and family, telling me how much they care.

42. I just want a warm greeting, a tender kiss, and a birthday song. Give me that, and you will make my day complete.

43. I will never ask for the moon; I just want to feel loved, cared for, and appreciated!

44. I’m not asking for a lot this year, just come and spend some time with me.

45. I’m big on love and relationships. The smallest token of affection can touch my heart deeply. So don’t give me a big present, just show a little appreciation. And if that doesn’t work, I always like chocolate!

46. I just want a foot rub and maybe some chocolate cake.

47. I just want to be understood for an early birthday gift.

48. I’m not a material girl, but I will upgrade from cheap chocolate and fun socks. Who’s giving me something nice for my birthday?

49. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

50. All I want is the ability to make time stop for a moment. Because my life has been intense lately, I’d like just to observe life for a bit rather than rocking it every second.

51. I can’t help but be filled with joy as I receive early birthday presents from myself.

52. I don’t know about you guys, but for me getting birthday presents from myself feels like I’ve gone up a year. It’s exhilarating to see the looks on my friend’s faces when I tell them, “It was me, I bought it all!”…It feels so good.

53. I can’t help but be filled with wonder and excitement as I discover surprises hidden in my room.

54. There is just something about early birthday presents that make you feel like a kid again.

55. My birthday is the best. It’s the only day of the year when I feel like I can say “myself” as many times as I want.

56. My birthday is awesome. It’s the one day where I can say “myself” as much as I want, and no one says anything about it.

57. The best day of the year is my birthday. I can finally say everything “myself” wants to say.

58. My tattoos aren’t mistakes; they’re purposeful and meaningful. They not only tell my story but make me who I am today.

59. I believe in being honest. I believe that there is beauty in every story and that being vulnerable creates a path to deeper and truer connections with others.

60. I’m a girl who doesn’t hold back. I have dreams, and I am going to make them happen.

61. Confidence is key, but confidence isn’t built in a day. Be gentle with yourself, and remember that you’re worth it.

62. It’s a birthday gift for me! But I thought it would be great if I shared it with you as well.

63. Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.

64. Everybody has a favourite day, and mine’s my birthday.

65. Think of it this way, if you don’t like your birthday, at least it’s the only day that you have to look forward to. Because other than that, you have 365 days when you use first-person singular pronouns.

66. I don’t need anyone to tell me it’s my birthday. I know it the second I wake up and check the date on my phone.

67. One birthday a year, I get to be the centre of attention. This year will be no exception. Write your birthday letter and post it on social media. Make it fun, exciting and most importantly – genuine.

68. When it comes to my birthday, I’m a real sweetheart. I always get what I want. And I always win the cake.

69. My birthday is a party unlike any other. It’s my time to shine. I should be the best thing on a plate for one day of the year.

70. Whatever you want to achieve. Whatever it is you want to do. Anything you put your mind to, you can do it. You’ve got this.

Pre Birthday Gift to Myself Quotes

It’s my birthday, and I thought it would be appropriate to give myself a gift for a change. It is a tradition I started this year, where I look around at the things that excite me and try to encourage myself to do something I’ve always wanted or fix something that is broken.

71. I like to show up and take the attention literally for my birthday. So this year, I’m turning the tables. My friends get to plan the party, even buy the cake.

72. I’m a sucker for sweets. If a party doesn’t have a birthday-themed cake, it might as well be on my not-so-nice do-not-invite list.

73. After a long week, I was so excited to relax with a cupcake and have my glasses case handy for my next birthday celebration.

74. You may not get a cake, but you will get a great gift. I’m talking about a heartfelt present that you selected yourself. It’s the kind of gift that truly shows how you feel—and it’s just for me.

74. There’s no better way to celebrate yourself than with a birthday party. You can wear your favourite T-shirt, eat whatever you want, and make super-important decisions like the best party games or the yummiest cake flavour.

75. I like birthdays. They are fun. There are birthday cakes, drinks and best of all – presents!

76. It’s my birthday, so I’m declaring today the start of my birthday festivities. I can’t wait to see what I accomplished this year!

77. I throw myself a party, just because I sing to my friends when they’re sad. I pretend the things I want are already mine, and then I make them happen.

78. Some people say there is no such thing as an early birthday present, but I beg to differ. Do you have this self-tanner yet?

79. Banana Republic sale is now, finding me an early birthday present.

80. I’m grateful for my life, body, and all the good things in them. A coffee and a great view sound nice.

81. When you’re obsessed with a birthday outfit, it’s never too early to ask for the shoes. Here’s to reaching my second decade of life.

82. Discover how to live to your full potential. Love from your soul and love from the heart.

83. This early birthday gift to myself just made all my dreams come true.

84. I finally got all the things I wanted on my birthday, plus my special surprise; the car of my dreams.

85. This classic car is everything I ever wanted. I’ll never forget this milestone birthday.

86. I’m so excited about my early birthday present to myself; this bag from one of my favourite accessories companies!

87. I have wanted this bike for a while, so I gave myself the best early birthday present ever.

88. Today is my birthday and the anniversary of my first month in this new organization, and I got the biggest early birthday present.

89. I’m not afraid to be seen or heard; I own my story and all of its beauty marks, warts and all.

90. Whether it is jewellery, clothes, a new phone or a trip to a luxurious spa, there are lots of things that you can get for your birthday.

91. Birthdays are the perfect time to splurge on the things you’ve always wanted.

92. It’s time to treat yourself to the best things in life. You deserve them, after all.

93. Forget about life’s hard knocks and spoil yourself with the best things in life.

94. To me, the best feeling is to buy a birthday gift for myself. After I bought the birthday gift, I’d immediately start to find some ways to enjoy it.

95. I’m so glad I bought this gift for myself. It was the perfect gift to kick off my birthday weekend.

96. I just got my humble self the cutest travel mug for my birthday. It was such a thoughtful gift, and I love it so much.

97. Birthdays are a special occasion for all ages and bring out some of the best aspects of a person’s character.

98. I said I would do something special for my birthday, and I delivered. What I ended up with was a great gift; It made my day.

99. You’ve got everything you need right here and now, and I will treat my body with respect and care. I am beautiful and worthy of love.

100. It is sometimes very important and meaningful to find gifts for yourself. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will.

101. If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. Your limit is what you think you can do. It always seems impossible until it’s done.

102. You don’t judge a book by its cover. It doesn’t matter how you appear on the outside. It matters who you are on the inside. Beauty is how you feel about yourself, not what others think of you.

103. Keep going, princess. This world will not pull you under if you don’t let it. Love yourself first, and the rest will fall in place.

104. You are smart, fun and beautiful. You are amazing, even on your worst days. Love yourself, for you are perfect just the way you are. Self-love is the best love!

105. When you learn to love yourself, you won’t need anyone else to give you value.

106. It’s okay to be a little bit of a rebel. Be yourself, and don’t let anyone change you. You know you’re too cool for that.

107. Wake up every day, put on a smile, and use this day to grow!

108. We all have beauty inside and out. Be the best version of yourself to share your light with the world.

109. Love from your soul. Believe in yourself, follow your heart and the universe will fall into place.

110. You’re worth it! You’re worth everything, so never hesitate to show yourself some love. After all, you deserve it!

111. Love yourself. Believe in your dreams, trust your intuition and the universe will respond.

112. Live life to the fullest and enjoy whatever it brings for you on your path. Love life and the universe will love you back.

113. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. You deserve to be happy. Don’t give up on what you love and follow your heart.

114. Whatever you want to achieve, believe that you can. Stay true to yourself, and your dreams will become a reality.

115. You have a lot to be proud of. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve every bit of praise you’re about to receive.

There is an unwritten rule that we must get a gift for ourselves. It makes the day or even week better. The best part of it is that it’s all about you and remembering your benefits.

You don’t have to do anything outside yourself to deserve a little treat on your birthday, so consider this a little gift for myself quotes as a gift to yourself.

What is the most memorable birthday gift you have ever received? Tell me all about it in the comment box. I would like to know.

And don’t forget to share this list of a little gift for myself quotes with your friends and loved ones.