Thank You for Loving me the Way I am Quotes

Thank You for Loving Me the Way I Am Quotes

Real relationships are those with people who accept one another with all their imperfections, flaws and faults. Sincerely, there is no perfect human on earth but the ability to live with those shortcomings without quarrels and arguments is the kind of relationship that is healthy and we all want, knowing that it is the imperfections that make us beautiful and unique.

Flaws really should not mean anything to us as humans because we would not be unique beings with individual peculiarities. Things will go wrong, no matter how much it hurts, and that’s ok.

So when one accepts you just the way you are despite knowing all your flaws and weaknesses, then that person needs to be so appreciated and loved in return the same way. What you can do, however, is love them as they have loved you and this, in turn, brings about a hitch-free relationship for you and me.

Then, showing your appreciation with any of these sweet thank you for loving me the way I am quotes is equally a good idea so that they would know you really love them for loving you.

Below are some sweet thank you for loving me the way I am quotes to send to your significant other who will read it with a smile and more love in their hearts for you.

Thank You for Loving me the Way I Am

I won’t deny that I still have some self-esteem issues. But I don’t need to explain why I’m not doing anything about them because of you, my friends and family because you have shown me what love is for loving me for who I am.

1. I want to thank you for loving me the way I am. I know I am not perfect and I know that I have my flaws but thank you for still loving me the way I am.

2. Thank you for loving me the way I am and even more. Thank you for not making me change, but instead, helping me and encouraging me to do my best. I appreciate you a lot.

3. I’m really thankful that you acknowledge and accept all the differences I have and still love me unconditionally. Thank you for loving me.

4. Even though I’m not the perfect definition of beauty because of my big head, big geeky glasses and the size of my body you still showed me, love. Thank you for loving me because of those things too, although it’s hard for me to understand how you could.

5. If you love me for all my flaws, I will never feel ashamed for being me. You tackle my flaws and make them a part of life, a part of our life together. It’s not about finding perfection as a couple – it’s about making love grow out of every flaw that wants to tear us apart. I’m so grateful for being able to share my life with someone who can understand me, embrace me, look at my flaws and say: “thank you for loving me the way I am”.

6. I am writing this thank you note to let you know how deeply I have been touched by your love and concern for me. Although you are thousands of miles away from me to learn about my daily activities, you have been always with me each moment and love me just the way I am. Thanks so much.

7. I appreciate you for loving me the way I am. Although I’m a very hardworking person who never has the time to reciprocate the love. Still, you understand me and shower your love upon me.

8. Thank you for loving me the way I am. Thank you for your support, care and patience. I appreciate that you encourage me to talk my thoughts and feelings out loud. You’re a pretty good listener. Your love and support keep me going. It is beautiful to have someone like you in my life.

9. I just want to say thank you for loving me the way I am. There is no one else like me and I’m glad you didn’t give up on me when you knew first of my quirks. I’m different and that’s exactly what makes me awesome.

10. I appreciate you for loving me the way I am, dear friends. You really love me the way I am. Thanks for the concern and inspiration to be better.

11. I appreciate you for loving me the way I am. You are a beautiful soul, kind-hearted and generous, who has given a positive impact even though we have just met. I value you more than you can ever know and truly care about you. Thanks so much.

12. I really appreciate you for loving me the way I am. It shows that your love is very genuine and goes a long way to boost my confidence in our relationship.

13. You have always loved me for who I am. You embraced me when I did not have anyone else to love me. You supported me when I needed to be supported. You are built for me a roof over my head. Thank you, my love.

14. I am so thankful for you loving and accepting me because you love me the way I am, and accepting me completely, without asking me to change. Your love teaches me to do the same, which then teaches other people to love and accept themselves.

15. I am happy that you are an interesting friend. I also love being friends with people who accept me and don’t judge my imperfections. I try to do the same and I am really thankful you love me the way I am.

16. Thank you for loving me with all my flaws and imperfections and for not depending on me too much, but at the same time knowing that I am the only one who can really make you happy. Thank you also for being patient with me even when I do stupid mistakes over and over again.

17. Thank you for loving me with all my faults. I love you because of them. Your acceptance of my most unlovable qualities is what makes you such a special person in my life.

18. I hope you know that I think your love for me is complete and unconditional. You love me with all my flaws and imperfections. I am not perfect, and yet you accept me as I am. You take the good with the bad without any complaints. You hang in there when things go wrong and when we fight, you don’t throw in the towel.

19. Thanks for accepting that I won’t change just because you know that is just me and whether it is convenient for you or not, you just love me unconditionally despite all my flaws. I know that as long as we have each other, we will always be able to deal with any challenge thrown our way.

20. To me, I am so perfect the way I am. Everything about me is beautiful and thank you for not changing me and for loving all my flaws, imperfections, pain, scandals and everything you love in me.

21. Thank you for being totally cool with me being a person who can frustrate you half of the time and being totally indifferent to the other half. I love you.

22. Thank you for giving me a long rope and understanding that I have a big ego, which means it takes me a long time to realize when I’m wrong, but once I admit it, I’ll do everything in my power to do what’s right.

23. When I’m at my best, you give me all of yourself. When I’m at my worst, you are patient with all of my defects, because no matter what, you love me more than anyone else ever could. Thanks so much.

24. Thank You for loving me even though I have so many flaws. Without your grace, I would not be worthy of your love.

25. Thank you for sticking by me during the tough times and for accepting my ways, faults and weaknesses. Thank you for accepting every part of me and letting me be real with you.

26. Thank you for your gentle reminders to do better by striving to live closer to what you want from me. Thank you for loving me with all my flaws.

27. Thank you for loving me with all my flaws. Your love for me is what made it possible for me to fall in love with you. Your love has taken me beyond my doubts, fears and insecurities. You have shown me how to handle my imperfections with care and patience.

28. I thank you for loving me despite my flaws, my mistakes and the lack of skills. I thank you for loving me despite the time when I fall short of your expectations.

29. Thanks for loving me despite my flaws. I am working on fixing them and appreciating the things about me you love.

30. Thank you for loving me the way I am and in ways that I have failed to love myself. Thank you for your patience and understanding with my shortcomings, for not yelling or condemning me when my shortcomings are on full display.

Surely, with this level of gratitude for keeping up with you all the way to this present time in this relationship, your friend, neighbour or partner would smile while reading any of these thank you for loving me the way I am quotes. Enjoy!


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