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2024 Trending Thank You Letters to Best Friend

Finding true friendship is like winning a legendary lottery – you would get overwhelmed trying to reason out how you will spend the money!

If you’ve enjoyed the best of friendships, especially after you have been disappointed by a couple of fair-weather ones, you’ll understand how to value a friend. So I’ve written enough letters you can send to that special friend of yours.

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Appreciation Letters to My Best Friend

Friends who have been of great assistance deserve to be appreciated. Appreciation brings joy and fulfillment to the heart and makes them  feel their help is valued and not taken for granted. This action makes them want to do even more. For this reason, that special and best friend of yours deserves to be thanked even more. Why don’t you send these best thank you letters to best friend of yours and make him or her feel valued and appreciated.

1. True Friend

Finding a true friend is like finding gold where you least expect. Only the foolish will be careless with it and handle it without care.

Dear friend, you are my gold and I found you when I least expect. I will always cherish you.

Thank you for loving me so.

2. Thank You For Everything

Sweet friend,
Thank you for always listening to my plight.
Thank you for not always having my bag when I get in trouble.
Thank you for treating me like your blood.
Thank you for rebuking me when I’m wrong.

I can promise you that I would never get into trouble, but you know that isn’t certain, so I want to also thank you for the many times you will still show up and have my back when I’m in trouble.

3. My Blessing

I always felt sceptical about friendship. I find it hard to trust anyone. The struggle was tense as I didn’t trust myself either.
I will rather keep to myself than talk to anyone about ME. I kind of felt comfortable with it, but with time I realized it will take me nowhere.

I tried to make friends, but they all compound my fears, they broke me and made me feel bitter. I tried to pull myself together, but it was a hard hassle.
When you showed up, I thought you were one of them; the friend-enemies that come as angels, but within, their stings are like a hot spear searing hearts apart.

You held me close, you were different!
You treated my wound, you were a blessing!
You were always there for me, you were my world!
My joy, my relief, the one whom my peace came through.

Everything I am today is a reality because you showed up and became my friend.

Thank you so much for extending your love to me. I’ll forever appreciate you, my friend!

4. More than a Friend

I recall the first day we met, it is just like yesterday to me.
Vivid memories remind me of the joy and tears we shared. You were not only a friend but also a partner and you were becoming a sibling. Sometimes I feel you are my sibling that was born to another patent or maybe we were twins and was switched at birth, I know that isn’t true, but that is what you make you feel.

Thank you for the love and positive impacts, you are more than a friend to me.

5. Million Times

If I could have yester-years again, I will choose you a million times to be my friend again.
Words alone cannot tell how much I appreciate you, but I want to let you know that your fingerprints were inscribed on my heart and it will be there forever.

For all the times we shared and the memories that linger on, I appreciate you and I say thank you, my friend!

6. Thank You For All Times

People do promise and fail, but only a true friend will promise and see that it is fulfilled. When I look at our friendship, I am convinced that it is indeed true – my shadow ca tell too. So thank you for all times! I appreciate your gift!

7. True Friend

Friends stay closer to us, but true friend holds us in a warm embrace, gives us comfort when needed and remind us that we are not alone.
I found all these in you and I can truly say: you are not just a friend, but a true friend.

8. Friends Makes The World Better

You make the sun shine brighter, the rain more comforting, the moon more beautiful, you are a true friend and you make the world a better place.

9. Good Influence

My mum told me friendship creates bad influence, I didn’t know what to believe as I couldn’t live without friends.
We became friends and I realized I could be rightly influenced by friendship if I choose my friends right.
Thank you for influencing me rightly.

10. People Like You

People like you make the world a better place. You changed the way I view issues, you make a mountain seem like a flat land, you give all you can afford just to see me smile. You are not just a blessing in disguise, you are my joy and the importance of my living.
Thank you so much for being a good friend so far!

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11. You Took Me Back

I recall our first fight, it was a disagreement over something so irrelevant, but how could we have known it was irrelevant when we were both bitter?
Looking back at it now, we actually fought like babies and we mended our fences real quick. You took me back and we right our wrongs. That’s one of the qualities I still cherish in you.
Dear friend, you have a big heart that is big enough to contain the whole world, if for any reason you want to change, think about this and always be who you are.
You are unique; specially wired to be different.
I’ll always admire you.
God bless the day we met.

12. Friend So Dear

Thank you for being a friend so dear. Without you, I might still be nobody!
You awakened ideas and birth so much aspiration to make a difference in my sphere. It was quite frustrating at first, but then, I saw a new me. I knew I could go places with your motivation and that is what I’m going to do.
Thank you for being my motivation.

13. Without You

Without you, life would have flooded its ugly side at me and drowned me, but you caught my hand and drew me close. You saved me and gave me hope, a new sense of belonging when everyone seemed to discard me. Thank you so much for taking me into your life when you didn’t even know a tint about me.
I appreciate you a lot!

14. I Remember

Talking to you awakened memories, moments when we were together and inseparable.
The world was bigger then you know? Life made so much sense!
We danced, we talked, and I won’t forget our fights, but each fight made our bounds more firm.
I love your sense of humour and I miss our sarcastic moments.
Our discussion and argument, I learnt so much from you my friend, I have to admit that I appreciate those moments together with you.
I appreciate the days my brain was blank and you helped me out with the projects I had at hand. Half of you in the world will make the world a better place.
Thank you, my friend, for being a true friend all through.

15. Experience

In the midst of our life experience lies challenges that threw us off balance, but looking deep into it, you made me realize that in each experience lies treasures to help me grow. I would never have understood this, or maybe it would have been a mirage that will take me forever to understand, but now I know that each experience wasn’t a waste of time, it worth more than a path in life with you around.
Thank you for giving me a better view of life.

16. Who I Was

Sometimes some people change and people wonder what happened to them, the same thing happened to me and I began to wonder how I changed from who I was to who I am and each day, I see reasons to press on to who I ought to be, not because I am that learned, but because I have a friend which is you!
Thank you for making my life much more beautiful than it used to be.

17. The Laughs And Smiles

Our time out today was great with you my friend. I laughed and smiled, I forgot my worries. You lightened my mood and propelled me to do more to achieve my goals.
I don’t regret any moment we had together, it was well worth it and I want to say thank you for everything!

18. Ray of Hope

You are my inspiration, my ray of hope and the only one that makes me feel better about life.
Thank you, my friend, for showing up in my life when you did, you may not know it, but you touched a heart and left more than a foot-print in my life, you left the whole of you and I will always be grateful!
Thank you, my friend!

19. Dear Friend

Dear friend, thank you for standing in the gap for me when I was away. I was scared that vacuum will be felt, but you made a difference and stood out to support me in my absence.
I appreciate your kind gesture, my good friend.

20. Value People

A man who refuses to value people around him will shorten in life. I refuse to live a shortened life because I refuse to value you and all you are to me.
It is not only by words, but I wish you can see down my soul and know that is the truth.
I value you my friend and I will not forget you quickly. Thank you for always being there!

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21. Beautiful Lines

You came into my life and with your kind heart, you erased the odd lines in my heart. Your beautiful heart drew precious beautiful lines that will forever be inscribed in my heart forever.
Thank you so much, my friend, for showing me a better view of life.
You are always appreciated.

22. Appreciated Effort

Your efforts towards me, my heart will never be able to express its joy. It will always resound each time I think about you, you need to see how blessed I always feel knowing you as my friend. You are more than just a friend to me, but my blessing. My new hope.
I will always appreciate your efforts even when we are far apart.
Thank you, my friend.

23. I Still Remember

It’s been years apart, we are now in different places, our paths now differ, but each experience still rings a bell in my heart. It always resounds like yesterday.
I still remember all you did for me and I’ll be an ingrate not to appreciate you.
I always cherish all you did for me.
Thank you, my friend!

24. Now I Know

Back then, I use to think I was doing you a favour. I believe I was the only one helping out with things, but now I know that I was blinded by pride. How silly I was to be thinking only about my own sphere of friendship.
Today I look back and I realized you did more.
You were more tolerant. You were always ready to give without any grudge. You did so much more than I can recall.
Thank you, my friend, for being a real friend of mine!
God bless you!

25. You Helped Me

When I first set out with my goals, I felt all alone and I didn’t know where to begin from. Other friends told me it is impossible. Some called it a silly idea, but you stood by me and helped me.
You watched my dream become a reality.
You did your all to see me make progress.
I can not thank you enough. It was more than I thought it would be.

26. My Friend

When we first met, I thought you were a nerd that I won’t be able to relate with.
I didn’t know you are endowed with so many qualities that made you different from other friends.
My friend, thank you for proving me wrong and taking friendship beyond ordinary.
I will always appreciate your good deeds.
Thank you, my friend.

27. Treasured Memories

The memories we shared are like gold in a box. We open it and we love each piece, cherishing them and ready to keep them for a long time, that is the way I feel whenever I look back at our moments together. They are treasured memories that brings smile and joy.
Thank you for blessing my life so much.
I appreciate you, my friend.

28. A Friend

A friend is a place where you can go to when other ways fail, but not all friends are like this. You turn to them and realize there is no way with them too, but with you, I not only find a place I can go to, I find solace in your embrace and around you.
I appreciate you my friend for always making room for me in your heart.
I am grateful for our friendship.

29. Dear Friend

My dear friend, thank you for being my listening ear. You were always ready to listen to my incessant cry, unreasonable talks and diverse complains.
My rant, though mostly disheartening, but you always listened to it like it were a melodious song. I’ll never know how you were able to cope with me, but one thing is sure, I will always be grateful for your tolerance. It shows how much you love and care for me.
Thank you so much, my friend, for being a real dear friend.

30. Checking On Me

If there is one thing I am poor at in our friendship, it will be checking on you. I always take you for granted knowing that you will get angry for a while and then still come back to check on me.
You make me feel loved by that action.
Thank you for always checking on me even when I don’t.
I appreciate you, my friend.

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31. Thank you For Being Real

I remember my silly moments. Days I compromised my beliefs and did what I shouldn’t do. You were always ready to listen and be blunt in correcting me. Only a real friend will do that.
I do feel you are too rigid, but now I know you are truly a real and dependable friend.
I appreciate your bluntness, it made me realize some truth.

32. Thank You, Sunshine

The sun shines to illuminate every darkness. That is how your friendship is to me. You are my sunshine and my ray of hope. You brighten my life with your care and love.
You are not just a friend to me, but you are my inspiration and a blessing in disguise.
I appreciate you!

33. From My Heart

Appreciating you with just words will never suffice because your deeds and support are beyond what words can describe.
You have been a good friend through my challenge and from my heart, I say thank you!
I might never be able to pay you back, but I want you to know that I’ll never forget. You have left an indelible mark on my heart.
I’ll forever appreciate you!

34. Experience

They say, in the midst of ones experience lies treasures to help someone out of their mess. I can’t deny this truth!
You used your experience to help me out of my mess. I could relate to every experience and together you made me see something beautiful from my mistakes.
Your experiences are truly treasures. You have taught me to help someone else out to. I really learnt a lot from you and I’m grateful I did.
Thank you for not holding back your experience from me. Thank you for teaching me through it.
Your heart is beautiful and I cherish you so my friend.

35. A Place I Can Go

They say: friendship is a ship you can board when every other ship fails. I didn’t believe it as much because I felt friendship will make me feel hurt. Then I met you and you proved me wrong.
You showed me that friendship is a place I can go and also trust when every other means fail. Thank you for showing up in my life when you did. You made a difference and I can’t forget the impact quickly.
Keep being a lovely friend. Forever I’ll appreciate you, my friend!

36. Thank you For Your Support

My vision was so great and I feared it might not be successful doing it alone. So many people offered to help, but they always left me disorganized.
Meeting you, you took it up like your personal vision. You did all you could to see it become a success.
I am where I am today because of your support!
Thank you so much my friend for showing up in my life.

37. Together Forever

Your friendship is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my existence and I bet it will be the only thing that will last forever.
You brought hope to my life, you made me smile when I didn’t have a reason to. You made me feel important when I felt bad about myself.
You made me look beautiful despite my scars. I can go on and on to show you why we can never be apart forever.
Thank you my friend for making a difference in my life.

38. Lovingly lovely

My very own special friend, I have been thinking about you all day and I couldn’t help but smile. You are wonderful and your heart is made of gold. I know you might call this flattery, but I don’t care what you think.
I just want to thank you for being so lovingly lovely to me all this years of friendship.
Thank you so much my friend.

39. One In A Thousand

Only a few friends will volunteer to do what you did for me. Even if they did, they might seek for a recompense, but you took care of the need at hand even before I asked.
You are one in a thousand real friend and the whole world should have you as their friend, but sadly, I can’t share you with anyone again.
Keep being the good friend you are.
You will be rewarded greatly.
Thank you my friend!

40. No Fights Needed

You asked me if we have ever fought, I kept thinking about it and I realized no one should have a fight with someone sweet like you.
You can be a bone in the neck sometimes, but your good deeds always push the bone down. Now I know that there’s no fight needed between us two.
Let’s keep being best of friends. I can’t trade you for a fight.
Thank you for being so good and sweet!

42. You Were

Dear friend,
You have always been the shoulder I lean on, cry on and even sleep on. You’ve me your time, attention and advice to issues that weigh me down.
Your strength is admirable. You were all I had, the only one I can call to.
Thank you for not letting go of me!

43. Our Friendship Does

They say nothing last forever, but our friendship does. I don’t know if it will ever end with the way we are close and open to each other.
Even when I don’t feel like it, you make me talk about my pain and I become extremely happy because I could confide in someone trust.

44. Your Kind Is Rare

I love you for something, your kind is rare. Someone who will care and love a friend so much to always be there for them even when they have their own issues, it is a rare gift and I cherish that about you.
Thank you for being genuinely special.
I appreciate all you are to me.

45. On This Special Occasion

I knew you would show up, but I wasn’t expecting this much. You made me realize how much I worth with you.
Thank you for the gifts and all you did for me on this special occasion. It means so much to me.

46. Reflection

They say your friend reflect who you are. I guess they are right because since we’ve been friends, I’ve always heard positive feedback of what I reflect when I meet with people.
Thank you for making my reflection beautiful.
You are awesome and your life is a blessing!

47. Thank You For Recommending Me

I would never have met this group if you didn’t recommend me and to say the truth, I never believed in my prowess till this time.
Thank you for recommending me and giving me a lift in my career.
That is what friends are meant for and you proved your friendship role right.
I appreciate you.

48. My Success Story

Some desires are birth within us and without some people, the desire wouldn’t be a success. You are one and the best of these people.
You showed me what true friendship means by selflessly handling things that would have taken me a longer period to tackle.
My dear friend, thank you for being part of my success story.
I can never appreciate you enough.

49. A Friend And A Partner

Having a partner that couple as a friend is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone.
We effectively work towards our goals and with your ideas coupled with mine, it has brought us closer to achieving our goals.
We will go places together.
Thank you for being more than a partner too me.

50. Friendship is Beautiful

Who says friendship isn’t beautiful? That means you are yet to have a friend like mine. I would have loved you to have a taste, but this friend is mine alone.
You are wonderful my friend.
Thank you for making this friendship a beautiful one.
I appreciate you for all you always do for me.
Thank you for always being there when I need you.
You are a blessing to me and I appreciate you!

51. Act Of Service

My sweet friend, your act of service all through my life since we became friends till now is duly appreciated.
I never expected so much from you, but you never know where help comes from. You made my program a success and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done. Nothing will separate us from being friends.
Thank you so much for everything.
I appreciate.

52. Because Of Your Words

Many people have told me my inadequacy and they seem to always spit it to my face. I tried all I could to adjust, but I didn’t understand what to do. With time, I buried myself in the fear of my imperfections and I just wanted to remain in my shell.
Thank God you showed up in my life, this great beauty and admirable success would have been a tale no one will ever tell.
Thank you, my friend, for your positive words, they jeered me back to life.
Those words made me believe in myself. Now I know I worth more than my imperfections. You are wonderful my friend, because of your words, I can pride in whom I’ve become today.
I appreciate you!

53. Our Ways

You are that one friend I would say I met by mistake. Everything surrounding the first day we met was negative for us to become friends, but by and by, here we are today as friends who share the same dream.
Our ways are guided by the motivations from you and you give reasonable ideas for us to focus on.
I know we still have a lot to do together, but I just want to appreciate you today for being a good friend.
Thank you, my friend.

55. Everyday

People take their time out to appreciate their friends on their birthday or a special day, but I think appreciating a friend should not be an occasional event, but it should be something we do every day.
Dear friend, today is not your birthday or a special memorable day, but I want to appreciate you for being a good friend.
See, I can proudly stand beside you and call you my friend.
Even when I don’t know who is at fault, I can support you when you are wrongly accused, because I know you are a good person within and without.
I appreciate you today and always my friend.

56. Because Of You

You are my support when I needed someone to lean on. You encouraged me when no one was there to help me, you brought so much joy to my heart when I needed it the most. You warned me and made me realize my mistakes, you stood by me and I could stand strong.
I am grateful for all you always do.
For the love and the care and for all that you are to me I say thank you!
I appreciate you, my dear friend!

57. Thank You, Friend!

You’ve stood by me through so many ups and downs. You were there through my struggles and joy. My sad moment and during my happy moments.
Dear friend, I just want you to know that I’ll always be there for you too. Maybe not always, but you can count on me.
Being friends with you makes me want to celebrate every day as Friendship Day. Thanks for adding truckloads of joy and happiness in my life, every day.
As far as I’m concerned, you are the best thing that happened to me.

58. Closer Every Day

Every day, I get to be friends with you all over again.
We have done everything together since childhood, it will take a severe amnesia to erase those memories and even if it gets erased, it is already written in heaven and someday we will get to see those moments again, but now that we still have our brain intact, I’ll always savour the memories.
I’ll always cherish the time spent together and the sacrifices you made for me.
Even though we’ve both changed a lot, I still feel like I’m close to you as ever.
I look forward to sharing many more of life’s sweet moments with you.
Thank you so much, my friend, for being more than a friend.
You are wonderful and I appreciate you!

59. I Remember All

I look back and I remember the fun times that we’ve had. It has made my years of friendship with you a time to always remember. Though years have gone by, I realize you have been the only one in my life we took care of my needs like your own.
You shared my burden like it were yours. You did all these and much more without expectations. How can I ever thank you enough?
My lovely friend,
Thank you for all I will never be able to thank you for.
Thank you for being the only one who cares for me, I remember all and I cannot forget quickly.
I appreciate you my dear friend and I cherish your big heart.
Keep being true!

60. Debts Of Friendship

If there is a price or an amount to pay in friendship than I’ll be forever indebted to you because I can’t pay you for all you have done for me. I’m sure I’ll become bankrupt and fagged out if I ever try to pay you back.
My dear friend,
With all my being I say a big thank you!
You worth more than this, but I know this little will go a long way.
Thank you so much, my friend, for all you are to me.
I appreciate you!


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