The Person You Trust The Most Quotes

The Person You Trust The Most Quotes

There are people in your life whom you can always count on; they’re the people who, when things are great, are always there to celebrate with you. And when things aren’t great and you need a shoulder to cry on, they’re there for you.

They’re the ones who pick up the phone just to hear your voice and lower your blood pressure by just being their awesome selves. They’re the ones who have your back, no matter what happens. And they tell you that when it comes down to it, they’d always be there for you.

And that’s why it hurts a whole lot more when those people disappoint you because, in reality, you expected them to be different.

So, what do you do? After all, you can hardly stay in that condition and wallow in bitterness. Well, one way is to read quotes that will comfort you and remind you that you are not alone; sometimes, the people we trust the most hurt us the most. It’s just life; seeing that will surely make you feel better and eventually heal.

So, If you are hurt by someone you thought you could trust the most, then these the person you trust the most quotes are for you. Read them over a few times and let the words sink in. The more you read them, the more they will help you manage your emotions and allow you to heal.

The Person You Trust The Most Quotes

A broken heart knows no bounds. Sometimes the person you trust the most hurts you the most. And words or quotes might not be enough to explain the hurt. But always remember that you are important, so don’t let them steal your joy.

1. We’ve all felt betrayed by someone we trusted, whether it was a friend or even a family member. Sometimes, the people you love hurt you the most because you have a deeper connection with them.

2. The people we trust the most can be the source of both our greatest joys and deepest wounds.

3. The people you trust the most have the power to hurt you the most.

4. What hurts more than betrayal by someone you thought you could trust? Finding out you never really knew them at all.

5. Sadly, the people we trust the most don’t always create the best memories. Sometimes, they create hurtful ones.

6. The people you trust the most are the ones that have the most power to hurt you because they occupy a place in your heart.

7. People can hurt you, especially those you trust the most. And it usually feels like the pain never heals; it does, just give it time. ​

8. The people you trust the most are the people you have given your heart to, so they have the most power to hurt you.

9. Friends can hurt you more than enemies ever will.

10. It’s not always the people you don’t trust that hurt you. It’s the people you do trust that hurt you. They make you think they are going to be there and when they let you down it hurts them, it hurts ‘cause you were not expecting it.

11. The people whom you love the most are usually the ones whose betrayal hurt you the most.

12. Those closest to us can also be the ones to hurt us the most.

13. It hurts the most when the person that made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so betrayed today.

14. The ones who matter will never hurt you. The ones who hurt you don’t matter.

15. The harder your trust, the harder the hurt when they disappoint you.

16. It hurts the most when the one you gave your whole heart to has no love to give back but pain.

17. You know your friend better than anyone. So when they let you down, it hurts.

18. It hurts the most when the person that was there for you yesterday, breaks your heart today.

19. It is common to experience misunderstandings and hurt feelings in your closest relationships. But they usually hurt the most.

20. some people will always be there for you; cherish them. But remember that they also have the power to hurt you the most.

21. Sometimes, if someone you love and trust is hurting you, they may be completely unaware. It doesn’t change how painful it is though because we expect them to know better.

22. It’s hard to ignore the pain from someone who has been by your side from the very beginning.

23. It hurts the most when you realize that the person that made you feel so special yesterday, is doing hurtful things today.

24. There’s a reason why friends can sometimes be the most hurtful people around us. It is because we care about them and trust them.

25. The people you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most!

26. You hurt the ones closest to you because those are the ones who accept your pain and will still love you despite everything.

27. You may hurt the person you love the most unintentionally but make sure to make amends because the biggest hurts we experience are from people we trust.

28. We’ve all been hurt by someone whom we thought would never do that to us.

29. Sometimes the person you trust the most can betray you, but that does not mean you are a bad person.

30. We have all had that moment of trust and love thrown back in our faces. And it hurts. Remember that you are not being alone, you will get over it as well.

31. Sometimes, friends do things that hurt you and make you feel betrayed. It’s okay to just be sad about it.

32. It’s hard to trust people … some will hurt you, but some will always be there for you.

33. What’s worse than someone who breaks your heart? The person you trust pretending everything is okay while hurting you.

34. It hurts when those we love cause us pain. But it’s even more painful if we’re the ones who are causing them despair.

35. I thought you would be the one person I can come to with anything, but you hurt me more than anyone ever has.

36. You’re never 100% safe with anyone because those you trust can hurt you.

37. It can be hard to understand why someone who loves you is also someone who waits for the right time to say or do something that can hurt you.

38. People say it’s hard to trust others when you have been hurt, but I have learned that it is even harder to trust yourself when you have been hurt.

39. The deepest people are the ones who’ve been hurt the most.

40. Offences from people you don’t care about don’t hurt as much as the disappointments from those that you trust.

41. Never underestimate the pain of a person when they’ve been betrayed by the one they trusted the most.

42. People let you down. Expect it. Accept it. Even expect it from the people you trust the most.

43. Difficult as it is to believe, a painful betrayal by someone you care about hurts them more than it hurts you because people who care about each other don’t just turn around and hurt each other without getting hurt themselves.

44. Betrayal is the worst feeling because it is a reminder you’ve put your trust in the wrong person.

45. It’s sad how people become what they had promised they never will.

46. People will let you down. That’s human nature. Don’t take it personally and let it ruin your life.

47. Trust the ones who love you the most because they will always be there for you. But don’t be overly shocked when they hurt you.

48. Trust is a gift. Don’t give it out blindly and don’t expect hurt not to come from those you have given it to.

49. The ability to trust people and believe in things, even when logic dictates otherwise, is an amazing tool. But it is even better to be able to bounce back when we’ve been let down by the people we trusted.

50. When you’ve been hurt by someone you trusted, it may seem like time doesn’t heal all wounds. But it does; eventually. So, hang in there.

To conclude, none of us wants to believe that the people we love could ever hurt us. Unfortunately, however, it happens more than we would like to admit. And while trust can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, it can also be broken.

So, if you’ve been hurt by a trusted one, hopefully, these quotes can help you realize that sometimes, even if we trust someone a lot and they are close to us, they may still hurt us. That doesn’t mean that we should stop trusting others though, but sometimes it is better to wait a while before trusting someone new.

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