Trying to Be Happy Quotes

Trying to Be Happy Quotes

Being happy is not just a matter of wanting it, or even having it. Happiness is a state of mind, and you can choose to be happy. It’s up to you whether you want to be happy or not, but once you decide that being happy is what you’re after, then achieving it becomes easier.

If you feel like life has been treating you unfairly and you’re unhappy about it, then the first thing to do is stop complaining about how bad things are and start looking for the good in your life. Start thinking about all the good things that happen each day and how lucky you are to have them. This will help change your mindset from negative to positive and lead towards happiness.

We all want to be happy. We want to experience joy, contentment and fulfilment in our lives. We long for deep, meaningful relationships with others and desire to be healthy and whole, physically and emotionally. We seek to enjoy time with family and friends, accomplish something significant in our lives and contribute to making the world a better place.

We might think of happiness as a feeling, but it’s more than that. It’s a state of mind, a perspective on life and the world around us. It’s a way of living that allows us to flourish and achieve our potential. So, if you need a little push to get the happiness you want, find below the best trying to be happy quotes that I am sure will be very useful for you.

Trying to Be Happy Quotes

Life has dealt seriously with me; it is almost like everything has conspired to make me unhappy. Even the best happy quotes are not helping and at this point, I am just trying to be happy. But I won’t give up; I will stay happy.

1. Hey friend, I know that the world hasn’t been fair to you recently but I want you to take a look around you, the people who surround you and are there for you every time, be grateful to have them in your corner and try to find your happiness and solace in that.

2. It’s easy to get caught up in the troubles of life, it’s easy to get fixated on all the things that are not working and forget about the blessings we already have. If we’re able to shift our focus on such blessings, we’ll have all the reasons to be happy and thankful.

3. Happiness is a choice, it is a commitment to focus on the good things that life offers us rather than the not-so-good situations so every day you wake up, choose to be happy.

4. You can have all the riches of life and not be happy, you can be in the best of health and still be sad. You can have all the food you need to eat and still look forlorn, this proves that happiness can’t be sustained by seemingly great things, it’s a choice, you have to choose to be happy.

5. Happiness is like a light; the more you make it your everyday state of mind, the more the light shines on all the unpalatable situations and they succumb to the light. So be happy always; you’re lighting a pathway to true joy.

6. When you hold to ransom the memory of unpleasant situations, you deny yourself the opportunity to live in reality and shut your heart off to happiness. Therefore, release those memories and breathe in the air, open your heart and let happiness fill it.

7. Happiness is contagious; the more you are happy, the more it shares. It never decreases but always increases, so don’t stop being happy, others are counting on you!

8. The best way to rob yourself of happiness is to be overly concerned about what others think of you or say of you. Doing that, you’ll work yourself up into a constant state of worry and anxiety. So, choose to be happy, and don’t bother about what others think.

9. Happiness comes in various forms and various ways. It can be the ringing laughter of the children playing in the park, a dog fondly licking its owner’s face, a little girl braiding her grandma’s hair or even a smile from a passerby. Whatever form it comes, today, remember to be on the watch and let it fill your heart with its radiance.

10. True happiness comes from seeing yourself the way you are, not the way someone else wants you to. It comes by accepting everything that makes you, YOU; the bad, good and everything in between and changing the things you wish to change at your own pace. When you get to this level of awareness, you’ll find real happiness.

11. Happiness is a product of your thought, the state of your mind, so is unhappiness. Every day, think positively and act optimistically; choose to be happy.

12. The journey to realising what makes you truly happy is a rocky one. You may take so many missed turns in your search, you may encounter nasty weather and you may have to pause to rest and refuel. But when you finally arrive at your destination, you’ll see that it’s all worth it, so don’t give up, happiness awaits you.

13. The highest pinnacle on the pyramid of happiness is obtained when we realise and accept that there are things beyond our power, no matter how hard we try. Reach that level and you’ll experience genuine happiness.

14. If you pin your happiness on things you don’t have yet, when they come, you’ll see that there is still a vacuum that needs to be filled. True happiness comes from things you already have and the beautiful people that surround you.

15. To be kind and generous to others, to like all and love a few, to hold, keep and cherish the genuine ones, to spend quality time with friends and family and to always be there for those who need us is the best form of happiness.

16. When we live in apprehension of what might be and we focus on the worries of tomorrow, we deny ourselves of the happiness of the present. Focus on things that really matter and be happy.

17. Some carry happiness with them wherever they go, with others, people are happy when they leave, either way, they’re the source of happiness. Choose yours.

18. Sometimes, happiness lies in kicking back and relaxing. Don’t forget to have such moments from time to time.

19. Success is not requisite to happiness. Happiness is requisite to success. Whatever you do that gives you joy and makes you happy, you’ll definitely record success in such endeavours.

20. Happiness doesn’t come automatically. It doesn’t come as a tag on any event; it stems from our actions and what we make of life.

21. Happiness comes in from numerous doors. Don’t be so focused on the one that has closed that you miss out on others that are open.

22. Only one person is capable of making you truly happy; you. Others are just a reflection of your mindset and actions.

23. The reasons to lament in life far outweigh the reason to laugh and be happy. Laugh anyways, be happy always, that’s the choice you should make.

24. Happiness is a journey; don’t be so fixated on the destination that you forget to enjoy the process, for what gives the destination meaning is the process involved.

25. Money, without the thrill of achievement and the ecstasy of creativity, is meaningless and doesn’t give lasting happiness.

26. The experience of real happiness starts from the mind, to resolve within oneself to make the best out of every situation, regardless of whatever.

27. In the pursuit of happiness, we must remember others who also seek happiness and together, we must help each other attain the height of happiness.

28. Happiness in itself is a risk, it is defying all odds and telling life to ‘bring it on. Take that risk, and choose to be happy.

29. When it comes to happiness, throw caution to the wind, pursue happiness unrelentingly and possess true happiness at any cost.

30. The happiest people in life are those who have gone through the toughest times, been disappointed severally, tasted defeat more times than they care to count, known loss deeply and come out the other side optimistic and cheerful.

31. Humans are insatiable. When one goal is attained, happiness dissipates as quickly as it comes. True happiness is derived from the process it takes to attain such a goal so don’t be in a hurry, enjoy the journey.

32. Happiness is an investment; the more you give, the more you get back, not only in the currency of other people’s reciprocity but in the giddiness of being another’s source of happiness.

33. Don’t schedule a time to be happy, be happy now. Don’t depend on the future to make you happy; the present is here. Don’t hang your happiness on underachieved dreams; live in the reality of achieved ones.

34. What you’re looking for in the distance is right at your fingertip. Happiness is not time-bound; it roams freely and mostly in forms unexpected. Open your heart to happiness and let it find a home in your mind.

35. To be happy is preferable than to worry, both take intentional effort. Choose happiness.

36. Remember to leave the door of your heart open, happiness may come strolling in just when you don’t expect it.

37. The power to wield and control happiness is only in your hands, only you determine and sets the pace of your happiness, and only you make the decision of what to make out of life. Choose to be happy.

38. Happiness is embedded in discovering who you really are, what works for you, those worth giving your love and attention to and after discovering, giving yourself wholeheartedly to these.

39. The happiest man is he who truly learns to take pleasure in the littlest things and to cherish whatever form happiness takes.

40. The things which give true happiness do not have a price tag attached to them.

41. ‘Life dish issues out to us as it wills. Your response always, regardless of what life gave you, should be happiness.

42. The recipe to surviving, living and indeed thriving is to choose to be happy always.

43. Cautious people don’t attain the peak of happiness; they’ll rather be comfortable than push their limits. They question everything and have no will to risk anything. True happiness is in taking risks.

44. Regret, resentment, bitterness, anger and their likes rub one of the times that can be spent in being truly happy. Let all those go and experience the fresh air of happiness, life is too short to be unhappy.

45. You’re more likely to obtain happiness from the everyday, seemingly small pleasures of life rather than in rare events of great fortunes acquired.

46. At the end of the day, what counts is whether you were happy for most of your life and extended it to others.

47. To study happiness in its pure form, take a good look at children. They don’t care or worry in this world and are willing to laugh at anything. Perhaps, we should emulate them so as to be truly happy.

48. Those who are the saddest are those consumed by thoughts about themselves, those who are the happiest are those who are consumed by the needs of others and give themselves in servitude.

49. In the happiness of another lies yours, so make every effort to be a source of happiness to others.

50. When you settle for a life less than that which you have the potential for, you deprive yourself of true happiness.

51. The way that leads to happiness is paved with sadness, unfulfillment and discontentment, for it is in these moments that our quest and drive for happiness is born.

52. Those who brave the storm of life – who set up sail time and time again even in the storm – are those who possess true happiness and not those who stay in the seeming safety of the shore.

53. Someone to live, something to do and something to hope for; the triad of happiness.

54. Whatever will demand your happiness in exchange for possession is not worth it. Whatever will make you consider being unhappy, even if only for a moment, is not to be given your time, energy and attention.

55. What gives happiness is finding the meaningfulness of life and living in such a reality. Perhaps, we might also want to believe that being happy in itself is meaningful, regardless of whatever stage of life we are in.

56. In life, happiness largely depends on finding a balance between when to keep fighting or when to retreat, when to keep ploughing or when to call it a day and throw in the spade, when to count your losses or when to pursue more, when to know when to hold on or when to let go, when to control what we can or when to accept things we can’t change. Find the balance, and discover happiness.

57. Just like the sun lights up the sky in the morning, chasing away the last wisp of darkness, so also does happiness lights up a man, making him look like one who has all he wishes for already.

58. The, desires, dreams, and goals of man and their pursuit are what keep a man truly happy. Take away his desires and you plunge him into a well of sadness.

59. It’s important that as you go through life, you take pauses here and there, just so you miss out on true happiness.

60. Comparison, they say, is the thief of joy. If you want to deprive yourself of happiness, then do a good job of comparing your life to others and living in that shadow. But if you want to be truly happy, then stop comparing, and start living as YOU!

61. There is a deeper level of self-awareness; knowing who you are, the potential you carry and taking responsibility when due. True happiness emanates from this level.

62. Whether we worry or not, tomorrow will still come with its share of pains and challenges, so why not choose to be happy and stay so?

63. The best way to attract good things, good people and happiness is to stay positive always.

64. Are you very happy? It’s a result of your resolution. Are you happy a little? It’s the product of your mind. Are you unhappy? It’s what your heart gives out. To become happy is to resolve to be happy.

65. The storm can either scare you or become music to you, the rain can either wet you or refresh you. You choose what to do with the storm. You choose what the rain means to you. Choose happiness today.

66. Freedom precedes happiness. To be truly free, we have to empty our hearts of all toxicity and negativity and bare our hearts to positivity and love.

67. If you want to maintain a constant state of happiness, then, be grateful always. Find something to be grateful for every day and you’ll be a happy person, always.

68. When you are happy, you don’t just exist, you live, you don’t just survive, you thrive, you don’t just get by, you exceed expectations. Happiness is a catalyst.

69. Find a worthy purpose, give yourself wholly to it and you’ve unlocked happiness.

70. Happiness is the best skin care you can possess, you’ll always beam, light up, and look young and lovely.

71. You can’t prevent life from throwing challenges your way but one thing you have control over is how you react. Choose to respond with happiness.

72. Happiness is firmly ensconced in contentedness. Find a man who is content and you’ll see him happy always.

73. The by-product of a life lived to its fullest is happiness.

74. What happens around you is a reflection of the state of your mind. Resolve to be happy and you’ll naturally attract good people and good things.

75. For every time you give in to anger and unhappiness, you lose time you could have been happy. So, stop wasting time; start subscribing to happiness.

76. Don’t take life too serious, don’t feel life is targeting only you, don’t run ahead of life, and find happiness in every situation.

77. Happiness in itself is a beauty that can’t be rivalled, it is a legend that can’t be outlived, it is a trophy that will always stand out.

78. Don’t focus on your flaws, darling, for you rob yourself of the chance to be truly happy when you do so.

79. Count your happiness instead of calculating your troubles. Smile more instead of crying, and laugh out loud instead of worrying your head off. Anxiety has never been known to yield something good and productive.

80. In valuing yourself and your worth, you find true happiness.

81. Happiness is not automatic, it starts from a whisper, then a steady voice, then fierce determination, a sturdy resolution and lifelong action.

82. The biggest risk you can take in life is to seek actively, happiness.

83. If medicine cannot cure it, try happiness.

84. Life is going to be shitty anyway so why not try and be happy? While you’re unhappy, life is passing you by but when you become happy, you start happening to life!

85. Happiness is being content and grateful for what you have while hoping for more.

86. The ultimate purpose of our lives is to live in a constant state of happiness. There is no greater fulfilment than this.

87. Do you know what will never be out of style? Happiness. Wear that regalia every day.

88. When you accept yourself, it’s not difficult to accept others and find true happiness.

89. Happiness is a road amongst many others. Choose to journey on the road of happiness.

90. Worry and happiness can never co-exist; one has to bow out for the other. I hope you decide to be happy.

91. To secure your health, especially your mental health, be happy always.

92. If you close your eyes for bad things to pass, good things will pass you by also. Even in pain, choose happiness.

93. Happiness can only be found in the present, not the fading memory of the past or the uncertainty of the future.

94. A serene, content and grateful life is a life operating with the fuel of happiness.

95. Don’t get stuck in the past, it has nothing to offer anymore. Live in the present, and enjoy the joys of the day.

96. Each day is a new template, a blank paper to rewrite your story. Choose happiness to be your ink.

97. Don’t set aside your happiness for anything. Nothing is worth your happiness, it is priceless.

98. Life should be weighed by how often we are happy, not by the sorrows that cloud the day.

99. In all your getting, get happiness. That is the true discovery of life.

100. Deciding to be happy lifts your sorrow and drives away your fears and worries.

I hope these trying to be happy quotes have shown you that you can decide to always respond to the uncertainty of life with happiness.

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