unusual quotes about love and marriage

Unusual Quotes About Love and Marriage

Finally, you can get some unusual quotes to share about love and marriage. If you love them, kindly help share. Thanks.

* True affinity usually starts from afar.

* Love is the universal energy of life which has the ability to turn evil passions into creative passions.

* Love that can be measured is poor.

* Love can change a person beyond recognition.

* When you love, you want to do something in the name of love. You want to sacrifice yourself. You want to serve.

* If you lose faith in love, the world will lose its beauty. The songs will lose their charm, the flowers will lose their fragrance, and life will lose its joy. If you have experienced love, then you know that this is the only true happiness. The most beautiful songs are those that the loved one sings in your presence; the most fragrant flowers are those that your love gifts to you; and the only praise worth listening to is praise from them. Simply put, life only acquires color when the tender fingers of love touch it.

* What are thirty million worth if they cannot buy a walk in the mountains with my girlfriend?

* Love is when you want to experience all four seasons with someone. When you want to run with someone from a spring thunderstorm, collect berries and fruits in summer, and swim together in the river. To make jam together and seal the windows from the cold in autumn. To help survive a runny nose and warm each other when it becomes cold in winter.

* What is love? In all the world, neither man, nor the devil, nor any other thing inspires me as much suspicion as love, for it penetrates deeper into the soul than other feelings. Nothing in the world affects the heart in the same way as love. Therefore, if you cannot find love in your soul, then this soul is defenseless, and there is no salvation for it.

* How can you love someone without loving him as he really is? How can you love me and at the same time ask me to change completely, to become someone else?

* If you want someone to stay in your life, never treat him indifferently!

* Being unattainable means that you touch the world around you with care. You take what you need, leaving all behind… You do not use people and do not put pressure them until they shrivel into nothing, especially the people you love.

* We are a bridge over eternity, towering over the sea of time, where we rejoice in adventure, have fun with living secrets, choose our own catastrophes, triumphs, accomplishments, unimaginable occurrences, testing ourselves again and again, learning how to love.

* It is useless to spend all your life on one single path, especially if this path does not have a heart.

As you can see, it is difficult to formulate what love is, but it’s simple to understand what kind of feeling it is. You just need to fall in love. After all, as one of the great ones said, love is everything. And someone else, no less famous, added: this is all that we know about it. Even realizing that no aphorisms can strengthen our understanding of love, we are still attracted by the phrases of great people. Even when they are weird and unusual, we all experience love in different ways. In them, we are all looking for confirmation of our own thoughts. It is pleasant to realize that we are thinking in unison with the greatest minds of mankind. Be sure to check out this website where you can meet single girls online.

* Love is when the center of the universe suddenly shifts and moves into someone else.

* Love knows neither measure nor price.

* In essence, love always begins anew.

* The sum of our lives consists of the hours in which we loved.

* You truly love only once in your life, even if you did not understand it yourself.

* Love knows no why.

* To die from love is to live it.

* Love is stronger than death and the fear of death. Only it, only love keeps and moves life.

* In the world of evil, stupidity, insecurity, and doubt, called existence, there is one thing for which it is still worth living for and which is undoubtedly strong as death: it is love.

* Love is the heart of everything

* Love is more important than happiness.

* The best thing about me is you.

* If loyalty to someone gives you pleasure – this is love.

* Marriage means more than love. The most important thing is respect.

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