Best Valentines Day Wishes for Friends

2024 Best Valentine’s Day Wishes for Friends

Hi there!

The season designated for love is here again!

Each and every person who walks on the earth’s face deserves love from others.
And what other best day to show love than the day of love itself!

I know you have friends you love as yourself.
Friends who have been through all with and for you.
Why not take this season to show them their well-deserved love and appreciation for being good friends?

I have meticulously gathered texts that you can send to your friends on this 2024 Valentine’s day.
Texts that would wow them and really express your feelings.

Grab some popcorn and coke, sit down and precisely go through each lovely valentine’s day wishes for friends(or valentines day wishes for friends).
I trust you to make a beautiful choice(s).

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes for Friends

Lovely happy valentine’s day wishes for my precious friend.

1. My friend in and out of season. You’ve been more than a friend to me, Darling. You are a sibling from another mother. And I love you. Happy Valentine’s day.

2. For a friendship as rare as this, I’ll do anything to keep us together at all times. I love you so dearly, honey pie. Happy Valentine’s day.

3. Friendship is about love. And you’ve shown me so much love. Even more than I deserve. And I will do much more for you, dearie. Happy Valentine’s day.

4. More than anything else in this world, dear friend, you’re loved. I’ll do anything to keep the fire of our friendship burning. Happy Valentine’s day, dear.

5. I have had quite a number of relationships and friendships. And believe me when I tell you, darling, that I’ll never take the one I have with you for granted. Never ever. Happy Valentine’s day, sweets.

6. You’re a prayer answered. A gift from God in form of a friend. And I’ll always be grateful that I have you in my life. Happy Valentine’s day, darling.

7. I may not be the best friend you have, but I love you, dearly. I will never think of hurting you, ever. And thanks for being a loving friend. Happy Valentine.

8. The world is beautiful with you in it, my dear friend. And I’m ready to go through the tides of life with you, babe. Happy Valentine.

9. Hi baby. May we always have reasons to be happy, celebrating our love for each other and never lose our relevance. Happy Valentine.

10. Whenever you need me, darling, remember I’m only a phone call away. I’ll do all I can to keep you happy. Because I love you. Happy Valentine, love.

11. Being friends with you serves as the best thing that has happened to me in recent times. And I know how my life would be so boring and void of adventures without you in it. I love you, dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

12. My dear friend. I really appreciate your being around me and in my life. You’re dearly loved. Happy Valentine.

13. Don’t I love you so much, girlfriend? For who you really are and all you’ve done for me. I really cherish what we have together. Happy Valentine’s day.

14. You know, to me, we’ve gone beyond friends. We’re ordained to be together and I love you very much, darl. Happy Valentine.

15. Happy Valentine, boo. Do you know how much I love you? How much you mean to me? You mean more than the world, darling. Happy Valentine once again.

16. Words can’t fathom how dear you are to me. I really can’t express how much I love you. Happy Valentine’s day, dear.

17. My love is with you on this special day of love, babe. Thanks for being a loving friend. I wish you the best in the year. Happy Valentine, darling.

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18. Over the months and years, you’ve been such a darling friend. I’m glad you walked into my life right at the moment you did. Happy Valentine, dear friend.

19. Hey, how can I forget to recognise your presence in my life on this day of love? You’ve been more than a friend. Happy Valentine’s day, honey.

20. You’re an embodiment of love. You’re filled with love and you deserve all the love you can get on this day of love. Happy Valentine’s day, dearie.

21. You’ve been through the good and the bad with me. And beyond that, you’re filled with love yourself. Happy Valentine’s baby.

22. Today and beyond, you deserve loads of love. Every ounce of love. And I plan on giving you all the love I have with me. Happy Valentine’s day, dearest.

23. May you experience every good thing you deserve and desire on this day, dear friend. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

24. I thank God for you. And I thank you too, for filling the void in my life. Thanks for being my dear friend through thick and thin. Happy Valentine’s day, hun.

25. Life without you is what I can’t imagine. You’re the best, dearie. I wish you the very best. Happy Valentine’s day.

26. You’re such a wonderful person and each person in the world needs someone like you in their lives. Happy Valentine’s day, dear. You’re loved.

27. Daily, I’m glad and grateful that I have you in my life. You’re simply the best, my dear. Happy Valentine’s day to you and yours. I love you so much.

28. Hey! Expect my gift on this special day of love. You deserve that and even much more. You’ve been an awesome friend. And I love you. Happy Valentine’s day.

29. Each time I am down in spirit, your presence is soothing and calms my soul. Could I ask for a better friend? Happy Valentine’s day, best friend. I love you.

30. I’m sending loads of gifts and lots of love to your path on this day of love. May you have all the love there is for you in the world. Happy Valentine.

31. You’re special and I’m glad you know it. Special people are celebrated daily, especially on this day of love. Happy Valentine’s day, my special friend.

32. Valentine for me is a day to celebrate the best of friends that I have. And you’re one, baby. I really appreciate your presence in my journey of life. Happy Valentine.

33. You’re one of those who taught me how to love. You’ve made loving you so easy. And you deserve to be celebrated this Valentine. Happy Valentine’s day, babe.

34. A very happy Valentine’s day to the special one who has helped me love myself. You’ve also helped me love others. I’ll always be indebted to you, dear friend.

35. For all the times you stood by me, for all that you’ve done for me, I’ll be eternally grateful. And I’m standing strong today because you love me. Happy Valentine’s day, friend.

36. Today, may you receive an abundance of love and make very beautiful memories. Happy Valentine’s day to a special one.

37. My dear friend, I really do love and appreciate you in my life. Each day, I sit wondering how much my love would be void of love if you aren’t in it. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

38. Darling friend, I’m beyond glad that our paths crossed. I mean, what exactly would life be like without you? Happy Valentine’s day, dear.

39. Over and over again, I’ll choose you as the friend I want to be by my side always. At the moment, you’re the best thing that has happened to me. And I love you. Happy Valentine’s day.

40. My heart swells at the mere sight of you. And you know what? I feel blessed to be associated with you and yours. It’s the season of love. And I celebrate our friendship. Happy Valentine’s day.

41. My life has known a great measure of love, joy and peace since you walked right into it. You’re a carrier of good things, dear. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

42. The past months with you in my life are ones words can’t describe. You’ve brought light into my life and brightened it. How can I help loving you? Happy Valentine’s day, dearest.

43. You’ve gotten so close that most times, I feel I have known you all my life. As though we were welcomed into the world on the same day. I love you so much, my darling friend. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

44. May you have a beautiful celebration of love with all that surrounds you, dear friend. In and out of this season, may you always experience love. Happy Valentine’s day.

45. A friend like you can never be discarded because you have a great and loving heart that is so rare. And I celebrate you on this day love is acknowledged. Happy Valentine’s day, cupcake.

46. Sugar, my world is pleasant and beautiful because you’re in it. This is one of the reasons why I just can’t stop loving you. May you have a beautiful Valentine day full of love.

47. I probably don’t express my love towards you as much as I should. My bad. That’s why I’ve chosen this day of love to tell you that I love you beyond words. Happy Valentine to you, babe.

48. Thanks for choosing to stand by me when all others left me. You’re a friend indeed and you’re loved. Happy Valentine’s day.

49. Loving you is so easy. You’re not a difficult person and I cherish what we have. I always will. I love you, sweets. Happy Valentine.

50. I’ve told you this before. And I’ll keep telling you. You’re more than amazing. You’re a true friend and blessed is the day we met. Happy Valentine, dear.

Valentine Day Wish for Friends

Sweet Valentine Day Wishes for Best Friends.

51. That I love you is an understatement. More often than not, I don’t see a friend when I look at you. I see a sister. You’ve proven to be more than a friend to me. So, happy Valentine’s day to you, dear sister.

52. Man, thanks for standing solidly behind me, acting like a blood brother through it all. I love you, man. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

53. Indeed, a friend in need is a friend indeed. You’ve stood as a friend in times of lack and want when things aren’t smooth. Aren’t I grateful? Happy Valentine’s day, sugar.

54. Today, on this day of love, I want to make known to you and the world at large, how special you are to me. I plan on spoiling you when we meet today. I love you. Happy Valentine.

55. On this special day, may love surround you and yours. May you always experience and share love, dear friend. Happy Valentine’s day.

56. On this great day, I’m sending towards you, truckloads of happiness, joy, peace and most importantly, an abundance of love. Happy Valentine’s day.

57. With you, dear friend, life has been heaven on earth. Believe me when I tell you that I’ll forever cherish you. Happy Valentine’s day, dear.

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58. I still try to think of a specific reason why you love me. I can’t lay my finger on any. Thanks for loving me anyway, dear. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

59. Dearest, I wish you the very best on this Valentine’s day. May you experience love on all sides. Blessings and lots of love, my dear friend.

60. This Valentine, may every wish of yours come true and may you always be happy. I hope you receive love from every other person around you. Happy Valentine.

61. Just as you’ve stood by me through everything that has happened, I promise to always be by your side for as long as I live. Happy Valentine.

62. Babe, it’s till death do us part. We’re gonna remain inseparable as long as we both live. You’re indeed a dear friend. Happy Valentine’s day, darling.

63. That I have someone like you by my side makes me feel blessed every step of the way. Your company has been more soothing than words can comprehend. Happy Valentine’s day to you, my sweet friend.

64. Since you shower me with love on a daily basis, every day is like Valentine’s day to me. I love you very much, dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

65. On this day of love, I pray that nothing would ever tear us apart. We would remain immovable. Happy Valentine’s day to the best friend in the universe.

66. As we move on in our beautiful journey of a loving friendship, it’s my prayer that we would be supplied with the strength to stand up for and support each other. Happy Valentine’s day.

67. Hey dear friend! My life has changed since you came into it and touched it with your hands filled with love. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

68. Hey dear. I hope you do know that I love you. I love you more than you can imagine. Happy Valentine’s day to you. May you get all the love.

69. You love and care for me. You’ve shown me love and encouragement despite my many flaws. You’re even helping me work on my flaws. I love you, dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

70. Each second spent with you leaves me laughing and with joy unspeakable. Life is better with you, darling. Happy Valentine.

71. Till date, I still wonder what I have done to receive such a wonderful gift from God in form of a friend. Thanks for being a part of my life. Happy Valentine’s.

72. Today, love is being celebrated. And having a friend like you is just what I need to make the day more memorable. Happy Valentine’s day, honey.

73. I can never let you go because I know I would never ever get another friend like you. Happy Valentine’s day, darling.

74. My dear one who I can always run to. In good times and bad. You’ve been so nice to me. I really appreciate every ounce of love shown to me. Happy Valentine’s day, sugar.

75. Your presence excites me. And when you leave, I simply want you back. You’ve been the best friend I have ever had and that I ever will have. Happy Valentine’s day, dear.

76. Forever, you and our friendship will be treasured by me. And in my heart, I’ll store all the beautiful times we’ve shared and more memories we’ll make. Happy Valentine’s day, babe.

77. Love for you rises from the deepest part of my heart with the sun. A day doesn’t go by without thoughts of you. You’re precious to me. Happy Valentine’s day.

78. May you have every good thing that a special day like this brings with you because you’re so special and deserve the best. Happy Valentine.

79. You’ve done more than I could ever expect from a friend. Even from a sibling. You’re simply the best and I love you. Happy Valentine’s day, sweetheart.

80. I know thoughts of you are what will fill my heart today because of how much you express and show love. Happy love celebration, dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

81. When others complain that they do not have a good friend, I become grateful as soon as I remember that I have you. Happy Valentine’s day, dearie.

82. I’m super glad and excited that I’ll be spending the month of love and this day of love with you. You’re very important to me. Happy Valentine’s day.

83. My love for you didn’t end yesterday. It extends into today and will be in my heart forever. Happy Valentine’s day, honey.

84. You’re in my thoughts in the morning and at night. Love for you fills me on a daily. Dear friend, I love you very much. Happy Valentine’s.

85. I stopped wishing we were not just friends but siblings when I realised you’ve done more than what a sister or brother would ever do for me. Happy Valentine, dear.

86. Today, I don’t just celebrate St. Valentine. I celebrate you too. Because like him, you’ve shown me what unconditional love is. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

87. I know I don’t say this often, but I really do love you. And henceforth, I promise to back up my words with more actions. Happy Valentine’s day, my love.

88. I’ve always wondered if there’s anything that is capable of tearing us apart. We’re meant to be together. I’ve always known that. Happy Valentine’s day, girlfriend.

89. No matter what, dearie, you will always remain loved, dear and cherished to me. You’re precious in my sight. I wish you a happy Valentine’s day.

90. I really do wonder most times if it’s possible for me to live life without you in it. You’ve become a very important part of me. Happy Valentine’s day to you, sweetheart.

91. I wish you the very best today. Lots of love plus every other good thing offered by life and people in it. Happy Valentine’s day to a special friend.

92. I’d rather keep our friendship than have a pot of honey poured into my bosom. You’re simply the best and no one else will do. Happy Valentine, babe.

93. To a dear, true and important personality, I wish you a hearty Valentine’s day celebration. May you have all that you desire and deserve.

94. When someone asked me what the gift I wished for Valentine was, I said I’d love that the love of our friendship never dies. I’m sure that wish would be granted. Happy Valentine to you.

95. May this special day of love be as beautiful and pleasant as you are. May you be filled with laughter today. Happy Valentine’s day, friend.

96. Even if you mean nothing to the world, you mean the world to me. Happy Valentine’s day to a very special one.

97. Forever, I’ll adore you. Lightening up my world and making me full of smiles is certainly not an easy task. I love you, dear. Happy Valentine to you.

98. I love you. I love you, dear friend. Thanks for being through all that you’ve been through for me. Happy Valentine’s day to you, honey.

99. Throughout this season, may you experience love and may undeniable joy be your lot. Thanks for your presence in my life. Happy Valentine’s day.

100. You’re in my life and it’s definitely better than it was when you came into it. Thanks for being the best friend ever. Happy Valentine’s day.

101. Today, on your behalf, I hope that everything that you aspire to do and become comes to reality. You deserve the very best. Happy Valentine’s day.

102. With you, I feel on top of the world, always. You’re a very very good friend. And I love you. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

103. With you, I’m stronger and better. You’ve been the best thing in my life. Happy Valentine’s day, dear. I love you so much

104. In ways unimaginable, you’ve been more than a friend to me. And you know you will always remain dear to me. Happy Valentine’s day, darling.

105. You’re the best friend ever. And I’m so blessed to have you in my life. And so to you, dear. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

106. To my beautiful, darling friend, I’m sending loads of love on this day of love. Happy Valentine’s day, darling.

107. The way you make me feel makes me think there’s no other person in the universe for you to pour your love on. I feel cherished and I’ll always treat you the same. Happy Valentine’s day.

108. Just as you’ve solidly been by me, I’ll reciprocate this love. Because you deserve nothing less than the best. Happy Valentine’s day, honey.

109. In your company, I feel so relaxed. To you I can rip my heart open and not feel ashamed. You’re awesomely loved, babe. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

110. What would I ever do without you? I never wanna imagine how void life would be if we ever get separated. I love you dearly. Happy Valentine’s.

111. Hey honey! Where’s the party at? Where are you taking me to? What gifts are you gonna get me? You can be sure I have a lot of things planned for you today. Happy Valentine’s day, honey.

112. I wish you are here with me always. I miss you so much, girlfriend. By the way, it’s Valentine today. Happy Val, darling friend.

113. The sight of you gives me joy. And I just want to love you forever. Happy Valentine’s day, dear.

114. My life changed the moment I became friends with you. You’ve taught me a lot and I have learnt a lot. Happy Valentine’s.

115. Dear friend, I feel we are so compatible. Do you realize that we hardly misunderstand each other? I love you, dear friend. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

116. Happy Valentine’s day to my dearest friend in whom I’m well pleased. Thanks for all that you are, darling.

117. My lovely and loving friend, how can I wholly express your relevance in my life and world. Thanks for being a light to me. Happy Valentine’s day, babes.

118. I was down when we met. And since you came into my life, I saw more than one reason to live and enjoy life. Thank you so much. Happy Valentine. I love you.

119. You’ve become a great part of my life that I can’t do without. I love you very much, darling. Happy Valentine’s day, sweetie.

120. Dearie, can you imagine? I haven’t got anything from you! I’ll wait till evening. Hope you got my gifts of love already. Happy Valentine’s day, darl. I love you.

121. For loving me with my flaws and excesses, I’ll always be grateful and be in your debt. Happy Valentine’s day.

122. With you, there is never a dull moment. Moments with you are always filled with laughter and joy. You’re loved, dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

123. You know, your type is indeed rare. Taking care of me like I’m the only one in the world. Happy Valentine’s day to the one who loves me dearly.

124. Grace helped us find each other. I wonder what my life would have become if we didn’t bump into each other that very day. Happy Valentine’s, darling.

125. Your friendship is a safe haven for me. I can run into you when I run into trouble and meet your arms open, welcoming me. Happy Valentine’s day, dear friend.

126. You engulf me in your warm embraces and shower me with undeserved love. I’m really grateful. Happy Valentine’s day, my love.

127. I bless the day we saw each other, with our gazes fixed upon each other as we both look up to God. Happy Valentine’s day, babe.

128. I’ll always adore, cherish, love and hold you, dear. Thanks for all that you do and all that you really are to me. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

129. On this special day, I wish you the very best, my darling friend. And that’s because you’re the best and deserve just the best. Happy Valentine’s day, love.

130. My joy skyrockets at the mere sight of you. And when we’re together, the best just happens. Happy Valentine’s day to a friend who is more like a soulmate.

131. That I’m this close for you gives me so much joy. I love being near you, that’s joy in itself. Happy Valentine’s day, babe.

132. I’m grateful that God created a Masterpiece such as you. As a matter of fact, I’m convinced God made you for me. Happy Valentine’s day, love. You’re really dear to me.

133. This friendship of ours will always be treasured by me. Never will I trade you for anything. Happy Valentine’s.

134. To have such an amazing friend like you is such a great advantage. I’ll never misuse it. You’re the very best. Happy Valentine’s day.

135. Someone like you will always be dear to me. How would I ever think of leaving you to sail this friendship boat alone? Thanks for being dear. Happy Valentine’s day.

136. Nothing can ever happen to us. Nothing can ever tear us apart, dear friend. Nothing. I love you dearly. Happy Valentine’s day, baby.

137. You deserve the very good and very best, Darling. How much I love you? That, honestly, cannot be quantified. Happy Valentine’s day. I love you.

138. My love for you didn’t begin today, but a long time ago. I’ve always loved you from afar before we became friends. I still love you. Happy Valentine’s day.

139. You mean the world, baby. You mean the world to me. I’d never trade you for the best thing because you’re the best to me. Happy Valentine, honey.

140. May you experience a beautiful season of love. May you have an overflow of love, joy, peace and happiness. Happy Valentine’s day to the one who deserves the best.

141. Months and years have been spent together with you and I’ve never had cause for regret. You’re perfect honey. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

142. My love for you has not dwindled one bit. Rather, it grows daily, faster than the grasses of the field. I wish you a blissful Valentine filled with lots of love.

143. For being you without any ounce of pretense is simply an answer to one of my prayers. That I have a true friend. Happy Valentine’s day to my true friend.

144. How do you feel today? It’s a day of love and love should be shared. Just like I plan on sharing my day with you. See you soon, babe. Happy Valentine’s day.

145. Why? We’ve been friends for less than a year and I feel like I’ve spent ages with you. You’re so special, darling. And loved! Happy Valentine’s day.

146. Looking into the future, I’m convinced beyond reasonable doubts that we would last so long a time. And I’m excited as you sure are. Happy Valentine’s day, bestie.

147. You know what, buddy? I feel I should have known you a long time ago. You’ve fixed a lot since we became friends and I can’t help but wonder how fixed my life would be if we’d been friends earlier in life. Happy Val, man.

148. We, who have been through past hurdles would face the future with a smile simply because we’ve got each other’s backs. Happy Valentine’s, buddy.

149. Words can’t even come close to emphasizing how sweet of a friend you have been to me. I love you very much. Happy Valentine’s.

150. I do not have much words, but on this day of love, I want you to know that I love you very much, my dear friend. Happy Valentine’s day to you and yours.

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