Best Valentines Day Wishes for Husband

2024 Best Valentine’s Day Wishes for Husband

Can you feel it? This year’s valentine smells delightfully special! It’s definitely because you’re here, scrolling through to find the perfect wish for your heart-throb (yes, old-fashioned word, but you know that’s what he is).

Yes, we all know that words are powerful and all, but you can testify to the power of a perfectly-timed, deep, valentine message.

Make this season the most special your relationship has ever experienced…yet, with these simple, yet powerful romantic valentine wishes for your husband, boyfriend, fiancé, or one lucky man somewhere on the planet.

So, yeah, scroll on! As we provide you with quality wishes that are sure to turn your man’s head right back to the deep meaning of this special season and of course, to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes Quotes for My Husband

Romantic valentine’s day wishes and quotes for him (husband).

1. The past years have gone by, and we have grown stronger and closer together. I pray that this Valentine’s Day will mark the beginning of a closer and stronger lifetime together, my dearest husband. I love you now and always, my darling.

2. Valentine’s Day always reminds me of how special and honored I am to have you as my spouse. I pledge my undying loyalty to you continually, my heartbeat.

3. My one and only husband, I truly wish valentine’s day was every day because the special treatment I get makes me feel so special. Please don’t wait till its valentine’s to show me how much you value me.

4. Happy Valentine to my sweet husband, you are a wonderful, mesmerizing package compressed into one sweet human body. I’m proud to be your girl.

5. I was asked how far our love would make it, I must confess I said, not very far. I’m amazed that we have come this far. And it’s all because of your endless devotion to our love. Happy Val’s day my adorable hubby. May today mark the beginning of a love that will become even sweeter.

6. Before we get carried away by the sappy displays today, let me remind you that you are my one and only Val. I cherish you, you lovely holder of my heart.

7. It’s Val’s day again and my song request is “I love you on repeat”. This is one repeat I’m never gonna get tired of. Honey, you are truly the best husband a girl could ever ask for.

8. Valentine’s Day is here again, and I want to say I love you not just because today is the celebration of love, but because you make every day sweet, my lovely valentine.

9. On this special day of valentine, I want to say; I am super sure you are mine. Nothing will ever change that. I love you, baby.

10. I am blessed to have you as my husband, happy valentine babe.

11. I know I am not the best of wives but I promise on this special day of valentine that I will do my best to be better for you.

12. Most precious hubby, you mean more than the whole world to me. Val’s day is a reminder that I must turn the heat up on our love. The years are about to get even sweeter with you.

13. I can’t be grateful enough for being your wife. Happy Valentine’s Day my day one.

14. May this valentine give us more reasons to love each other this year, I love you my one and only love.

15. Loving you is so easy because you are three-in-one: my man, my lover, my friend. Happy Valentine’s day, darling.

16. May the atmosphere of love that rises with this valentine, be sustained in our marriage, my lovely husband. I love you dearly.

17. Honey, I am willing to stay by your side through thick and thin. Thanks for always being there and working so hard for us too. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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18. The occasion of Valentine’s Day is a precious priceless moment with you my heartbeat. You are everything I prayed for in a man and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life showing you that.

19. There is one thing I want to always see in you dearest, and that is your sweetness. May this season mark an increase this season of valentine.

20. My dearest Val, when I remember how special you are to me, I can’t help but smile. I love you to the moon and back, my crown.

21. Happy Valentine’s Day sugar, I have a surprise for you. Come back quickly.

22. My husband, the sweet music to my ears, every Valentine’s Day reminds me of all you had to go through just to prove your love for me. I have never regretted giving you my heart because you keep it safe in yours. Happy Valentine’s Day my prince charming. I love you.

23. I love you every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year until forever. Happy Valentine hubs

24. You are my superhero, my champion, my friend, lover, father, husband, sweetheart and the one I cherish. Loving you is all I want to do till we’re old and all our teeth fall out. Happy Valentine, my valentine.

25. St. Valentine died all because he wanted to show how much he loved. Well, since I can’t die because you’re still on this earth (and I want to be wherever you are), this is saying thank you for all the love you give to me. I do have some love in store for you, husband. Do come back home soon, okay?

26. The day I met you was the best day of my life. Happy Val to the one that won my heart.

27. My love for you is timeless, I wish you my hubby, a happy Val full of good things from the ones you love. Don’t worry, I’m one of them and I definitely have good things in store for you.

28. To a man of so many great virtues, may this valentine be a time where you share some with me. Happy lover’s day, babe.

29. My daily desire is to love you more each day. On this special day, I just want to let you know that I would gladly devote the rest of my time and energy to doing just that.

30. The season is here again, where I go into deep reflection all the many things you have been to me. You are so special and so valued, I wouldn’t even trade you for pink diamonds (and you know how I love those). I love you, never forget that, my ever loving Valentine.

31. To remind me of all the special things you are to me, can’t wait to have you all to myself. Let’s make a November baby together, Hun.

32. I wish I had the opportunity to stand in every public place to tell the whole world what valentine really is; cos you have shown me what it really is. I love you deeply.

33. Why isn’t valentine every day? I am only comforted that you know how to make the memories stick till February next year. I’m all yours.

34. February 14th is every day because I’ve seen you willing to die for me more than once. I will join the host of your admirers (I’m their queen) to celebrate your loving and caring spirit,  everything love.

35. Happy Valentine’s Day my husband, don’t know what my life would have been if I didn’t have you. Thank God I have you, darling.
God gave me the best valentine resent ever- you! And I cannot thank Him enough. You are the best there ever was. I love you, darling.

36. Loving you is the best thing I’ve ever done and on this special day, I wish to shout to the whole world how much I cherish my hubby.

37. Valentine they say is lover’s day, but I love you every day so I’ll shout it louder than any other spouse. Happy Valentine’s Day to the world best hubby!

38. Your love gives me strength, and the special moments of days like this bring memories that can last a lifetime. Happy Val’s day.

39. Your love has won and this is the perfect day to show that to the world. Happy Val to the best man on earth!

40. You give me so much happiness dear husband. I cherish being your wife, may this season of love blossom in our marriage.

41. Happy Valentine to my world best hubby. I love you for everything you stand for, and for all the things you put away just so you can be with me.

42. I’m glad that it was you I chose all those years ago. You have won my heart, and I will love you till the end, my valentine.

43. I’m usually weepy mess on this day because I remember all the things that I did to make you go away. You, persistent as they come, refused to let go. Now I weep because I don’t know what I would have been like without you. I love you from somewhere too deep for words to explain. Take each and every form of love I have to offer. I’m yours forever.

44. Amongst a thousand men, you stand out tall, I love you deeply, my handsome valentine king.

45. Honey, you are the guardian of my territory, just want to let you know that.

46. Today’s valentine is special cos you are here with me, to celebrate our love, may our union keep springing joy.

47. You mean more than the entire universe to me, honey, you remain my valentine today and forever.

48. Today, may the message of love be our message as we mark this special season of love. Happy Valentine to my world best husband.

49. I admire your courage and strength my husband. I can’t possibly admire you enough. Happy Valentine to the lion of my heart.

50. There’s a place deep down my heart, that special space is yours, hubby. I love you with every breath in me. Happy Valentine, darling.

51. Being with you has made me realize the joy of loving someone, that joy knows no bound in my soul.

52. Let the whole world know; my husband is my Val. I love you my soul mate.

53. Every day of my life is not enough to appreciate God for giving you to me. I love you dearly.

54. It was the most hilarious thing, getting married on Valentine’s Day. I’m still glad your crazy self chose me to do this with. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else.

55. The entire dictionary has failed me. I wanted to find a word to say about you my husband but I couldn’t find any. I love and respect you, my dear husband.

56. My life would have been meaningless if you were not in it. Happy Valentine’s, my precious one.

57. The day I said ‘I do’ was the best day of my life, on this special day of love I want to say that with all confidence.

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58. I praise your courage, my husband, we have been through a lot together; and we’re still here. I love you, my friend. Happy valentine’s honey.

59. Seasons come and go but the message of valentine still lingers on and on in my soul, happiness is yours, my husband.

60. Our love is a beautiful thing, I love you my darling husband and I hope I can make this day count a worthwhile valentine’s day celebration.

61. There’s no way I will let this special day go without telling the most special person in my life how much I love him. Happy Valentine sweetest one.

62. I enjoy loving you my best friend. Always know I will continue to. Happy Valentine’s to my darling.

63. To the most special man in my world, I say happy Valentine’s Day; you are simply the best

64. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I say you are beautiful inside out.

65. Come rain come sunshine, I will always be there for you my one and only husband

66. February 14th is a day that carries love in the atmosphere, but the atmosphere of love you create is every day. Thank you for that dear, I love you dearest.

67. I am convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that you are a Godsend. Happy Valentine’s to my darling dearest.

68. Precious seasons like this make me desire you deeply, I want to be closer to you. Happy Valentine’s Day honey.

69. I will choose you again and again if I am asked to make a choice, you are my Val and nothing can change that.

70. I am amazed at the woman I have grown to be; and all this is because you are my husband. I pray that you live longer so we can grow together. I love you, honey.

71. My husband; am still searching for the best way to show my love for you. I am blessed to have you.

72. I really cherish all the times we spent together; they leave precious memories in my mind that cannot be erased by any circumstance. I love you my priceless one.

73. My superhero, the one whom I cherish more than anyone in this whole world, you make loving you so easy, but living without you is so difficult, I love you like crazy.

74. My world is crazy without you in it, I love you a whole lot about you, you inspire me to be me.

75. You colour my world with your smiles and your lovely face, I adore you more than you think. I love you greatly.

76. You are the reason behind the joy I experience in my life, I’m glad our paths crossed, I’m glad you’re the one I see when I look by my side.

77. Your love for me is deeply passionate. I am glad I’m yours.

78. You spread a fragrance of happiness when you come around me, happy Valentine’s Day, babe.

79. I love you is all I can say when words and expressions fail to convey what is on my mind about you.

80. Happy Valentine honey; times are precious, memories are priceless and you make both memories and time worthwhile.

81. Your heart is precious to me, I love and care for you specially. Happy Val
Dearest hubby. You are a precious gem. Just know it that you are loved. Happy Valentine.

82. You remain the best thing that happened to me. Please keep my heart safe in yours.

83. Happy Val honey. I am proud I gave you my heart.

84. Better days for our love are ahead of us dear. You are truly special, and I’m honored to be doing this with you. I love you, darling.

85. Valentine’s Day is just one of those sweet days in my life. I just want to let you know I am all yours, always, darling. Happy Valentine, my heartthrob.

86. To the most precious man in my world; I am deeply in love with you. Enjoy all valentine’s day can offer.

87. You are everything to me dear husband and I am wonderfully blessed to be your wife, have the best valentine ever dear.

88. Thanks for loving me so much dearest husband, today I pledge to love you more.

89. The most interesting thing about you is how you are crazy about me. I am even crazier about you too. Have a lovely valentine.

90. Happiest Valentine’s Day sweetheart. You are still the best friend and lover I have ever had and I’m grateful to be yours.

91. I appreciate all your love for me, you are my king and friend. Happy valentine’s day darling.

92. I promise you my undying love from today onward. Thanks for being my valentine yearly.

93. I fall in love with you a little more each passing day, especially today; happy Valentine’s Day my dearest hubby.

94. You really are my better half and loyal fan. Thank you for always being my cheerleader. I’ll wave the flag of our love even higher this year. Happy Valentine’s Day babe.

95. My husband, you make me a better person every day. You are my crown now and always, my love.

96. We’ve had hilarious valentine experiences. They get more laughable with each year. Let’s top this one with more awkwardness. I love that you do this with me all the time. Happy Valentine’s Day baby.

97. My personal pot of honey, I must confess that I enjoy loving you. It’s more than the butterflies in my stomach.

98. Loving me isn’t the easiest thing. I know how much I have put you through this past year. I make you a solemn promise to behave myself and not give you crazy gifts at the office. I love you babe, my serious chairman.

99. I love the fact that I am better because of you, thanks for letting me make you better too. I love you.

100. There are times when I just can’t find words to explain what you mean to me. I just love you for being yourself. I’m totally committed to making our love work.

101. I enjoy our early morning conversations, waking up by your side, you make the season of love a delight.

102. It makes no difference whether we are together or not. I am in awe of how much you have given me reasons to thank God for you. I love you my charming superhero.

103. I’m still as crazy about you as the first day I spoke to you on the ride home. You’re the yin to my yang and I do not want you to ever be unsure about how much I treasure you. Because I do! I love you my Val.

104. You know you’re a handful, but I love you like that. Keep being the best you have always been. Happy Valentine cupcake man.

105. I truly care for you, hubby, for all you have been to me, I say thank you. Please, do not give me any more cakes. Thank you. xoxo.

106. Thanks for being my friend, I just love you for being who you are to me. Thanks a million.

107. The way you treat me like a queen, is so beautiful, thanks for being my husband. Happy Valentine’s Day lover.

108. You shine brighter than all the million stars in my heart, so outstanding in all you do. I love you my dearest husband.

109. Just want to say happy Val to my hubby, the beloved of my soul. You have all of me from now till forever. Happy valentine’s sweetheart.

110. You promised me that every day with you is going to be a thrill. You haven’t gone back on that promise. I promised every day with me would be your best yet. I hope I haven’t slacked either. Happy Valentine’s Day darling.

111. Being there for you is what I enjoy doing. May your valentine be every bit as surprising as mine is going to be.

112. My amiable husband, you are my pride and joy; never you ever forget that. I love you deeply.

113. I can’t imagine life without you, I love you fiercely my darling husband.

114. If I didn’t have you, what would I have done? Caring for you is good business, the income is very rewarding. Happy valentine’s baby.

115. You must have been created on Sunday because God put his best into you. You are truly special, my valentine, I love you.

116. Distance is not a barrier, I love and cherish you more every day. Happy Valentine sweetheart.

117. You re nothing if not the best, and I love and wish you the most fun-filled memories this year. Happy Valentine Sweetheart.

118. I dread the day when I will be away from you on such a special day as this. But know that no matter where we are. I will find a way to make sure your day is as bright and colourful as mine.

119. Happy valentine’s darling dearest. I’m still really crazy about you.

120. May we always be the source of each other’s joy. I am loyal to you darling

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