Trending Weekend Quotes for Friends

2024 Trending Weekend Quotes for Friends

Every true friend seeks the way to bond better as friends. One of such ways is to create sweet memories during the weekends.

It begins with a well written weekend quotes for friends, the best one at that.

Be sure that with these super duper weekend quotes for friends in 2024, your friendship is about to be taken higher.

Go ahead and suit yourself.

Happy Weekend Wishes Quotes for Him or Her

When you have a friend that deserves the best for the weekend, these sweet happy weekend wishes, messages and quotes can pass for great greetings for him or her.

1. True friends gather during the weekend just to make it an unforgettable one. Happy weekend, dear friend.

2. Bonds are made tighter during the weekend. Have a great weekend.

3. I miss you during the week as you do me. But this weekend, I’ll make it up to you.

4. Let’s be grateful for the weekend, cause it only brings good tidings. Happy weekend, my friend.

5. Where you are is where I want to be during this weekend.

6. Weekends are for merriment in the company of friends.

7. When I think of the weekend, I think about my friends who always make it special.

8. It’s always a privilege to see another jolly weekend. Hence, let’s go all out and make it count.

9. Weekends are meant for friends and not for bosses. So let’s have a good time.

10. The weekend gives relish, especially when a friend like you is around.

11. My boring days are over because the weekend is here and a friend is here to make it count as well.

12. Every weekend, friends gather to be together. It’s such a beautiful thing.

13. Without the weekend, life will be short lived.

14. The weekend creates an atmosphere for laughter and happiness when true friends are around.

15. I want to be a friend that spends the weekend with her friends. Let’s do this together.

16. Weekends are for true friends, cause they create time to inspire and encourage one another. Happy weekend.

17. A good weekend consists of a friend and good music.

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18. Without the weekend, friends will have no time for themselves.

19. A good weekend is like a yuletide season. Happy weekend, my friend.

20. I love the weekend because I love my friends.

21. If there’s a weekend to live, there’s a friend to spend it with.

22. The weekend is here. Let’s make it about us. Happy weekend, bestie.

23. Weekends are not meant to be spent alone but in the company of great friends.

24. I’m thrilled that it’s the weekend but more thrilled that I have a friend to savor the weekend with.

25. I’ve grown weary of the weekdays. I only look forward to the weekend. Happy weekend, best friend.

26. I propose a toast to a happy weekend. Be my guest this weekend, dear friend.

27. Let’s go out and find love, peace and happiness this weekend.

28. Let’s relive our lives this weekend. Let’s make ourselves happy from the depth of our soul.

29. Weekends are pain relievers. Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

30. It’s the weekend. Let’s make our dream of happiness come true.

31. The weekend is for living and nursing no worries about tomorrow.

32. A good sleep during the weekend is all you need to come alive again. Happy weekend, my friend.

33. Weekends are for trying new things. Let’s ditch our old routines and make new memories.

34. We’ll be the best weekenders for the week. Let’s go out and make it happen.

35. Together, we can make each other happy and fulfilled this weekend.

36. Weekends are for celebration. Let’s celebrate each other this Saturday and Sunday.

37. Let’s make this weekend a bright and fair one. Happy weekend, bestie.

38. The best has been prepared for us this weekend. Let’s go get it. Happy weekend, my friend.

39. Talking to a friend like you will make my weekend. Wishing you a splendid weekend.

40. The best weekend getaway consists of a friend like you.

41. Look around you, you have all it takes to make the weekend fun and so much more. Happy weekend, bestie.

42. We’ll dance the stress away as long as the weekend lasts. Happy weekend, my friend.

43. I only need a friend like you to make the weekend special than usual.

44. Let’s have a festive weekend. All we need to make it happen are laughter, fun and music for the soul.

45. Let’s feel the beat of the music this weekend. And make our souls happy.

46. Let’s perform our weekend ritual once again by doing what we know how to do best; catching fun.

47. You don’t have to worry about spending the weekend by your lonesome, cause you have a friend in me to keep you company.

48. I’m happy to see the weekend, cause I’m happier to see you.

49. Let’s break a new record and make this weekend the craziest we’ve ever had.

50. I look forward to making a friend happy this weekend, and you’re the friend I’m talking about.

51. Countless weekends of fun in your lifetime. Hoping you have them all, my friend.

52. It’s time to take a break. Enjoy the weekend truly, bestie.

53. I’ll be a friend at any time. Hence, you can always call on me, even when it’s the weekend.

54. I hope we share a memory of a lovely weekend when we see again, dear friend.

55. Let the weekend inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

56. See the rainbow in your sky as the weekend passes away, dearie.

57. No matter what you do, enjoy the weekend, my friend.

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58. One thing I love about the weekend is the sensation that, you’re having a good time.

59. The best weekend of your life has come. It’s my wish for you, dearie.

60. Can’t wait to see you again after the separation of the weekend, my dear friend.

61. Do that which you love to do the most when it’s a weekend like this, my friend.

62. Run away to utopia. I hope you enjoy your weekend, sweet friend.

63. Do me a favour; savor your favorite meal this weekend, dear friend.

64. Free your mind of all worries and doubt. Let the cool breezes of the weekend take you away.

65. I want you to know every weekend is worth the fun.

66. Smile, smile, smile. It’s the positive thing to do when the week comes to an end.

67. The moon still does not cease to exist when the weekend comes, I pray your happiness too, my friend.

68. Build your hope to the sky. The heavens won’t dash them against the ground. Happy weekend, dear friend.

69. Truly, enjoy the company of your loved ones this weekend, dear friend.

70. If you have goals to achieve this weekend, I encourage you to do, dearie.

71. Being friends with you is a blessing. Happy weekend, dear friend.

72. Take advantage of the weekend, do what’s new and do what’s best for you, bestie.

73. I hope the weekend makes you feel brand new on your return.

74. As the weekend comes to an end, do not panic, for you have a friend in me always.

75. The weekend is here again, this time with your silent wishes and answered prayers.

76. When the weekend comes around, it is to wrap you in warmth and comfort. Enjoy your weekend, dearie.

77. I hope the weekend makes light your burden, dear friend.

78. Weekends do not last forever, but I hope it leaves indelible marks of love and smiles on you.

79. Cheers to the weekend, we’ll find peace and serenity in it.

80. I hope the loveliness of the weekend makes you healthier and stronger.

81. Prioritize your comfort this weekend, cause I know you deserve to be relieved of your struggles.

82. Enjoy the memories of our friendship, for I’ll do same this weekend.

83. Do not be deterred by the weather, this weekend will be fun and superb, my friend.

84. Munch on your favorite cake, enjoy every second of the weekend.

85. Break up with your fears and take up your courage this weekend, bestie.

86. Smile as sharply as the stars. For the weekend is your opportunity to have fun, my dear.

87. Be nice to my friend, oh ye weekend. Be good to her needs, for she’s an angel.

88. Eat healthily and play safely as the excitement of the weekend heightens

89. Love is the greatest even on a weekend. Give and receive love, dear friend.

90. May this weekend blow your mind away with goodies and love.

91. I just want you to know that I love you and will do still even when the weekend is over.

92. May your knight in shining armour cross your path this lovely weekend, my friend.

93. I hope that which you waited for, and which failed to come will make a graceful entrance into your abode this weekend.

94. Break out in singing every morning of this weekend. It helps to feel good, dearie.

95. May this weekend look good on you from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet.

96. Let the sun behold your lovely dentition. Smile as often as you can this weekend, dearie.

97. Absorb the positive energy of the weekend and let go the exhausting vibe of the others.

98. Happy weekend to the one who makes friendship feel like sisterhood. I love you to the moon and back.

99. The best of this weekend to you, my dear friend.

100. Knowing you’re living the weekend and enjoying every minute with me from afar makes me happy and glad.

Go ahead and leave an everlasting momentum in the hearts of your bosom friends this weekend with the help of my splendid weekend quotes.

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