What To Do When You DonT Know What To Do

What To Do When You Don’T Know What To Do

Have you ever met yourself in such an emotional crossroad wherein nothing seems to be taking the upward turn? Maybe you’ve gotten to a point where you ask yourself, what would I do? It’s even very possible you have tens of tasks but then the “how to go about them” or how to take a step to achieving one leaves you appalled.

If your answer is in the affirmative, then I’ll tell you firstly that there is no new crossroad under the sun: I’ve been there too. One thing I’ve learnt so far in life is, to find a solution to a longing problem one needs to know the source.

Which brings me to “Diagnose, treat and Cure” pattern in the medical line. Need more help? Right now, you might be thinking How will I go about finding the problem when I don’t even know what to do, and everything seems like a mirage.

It’s simple: the first thing to do is get yourself out of the mood. How? You could take a walk, pick your phone and talk to someone you respect and can motivate you or you take a nap. Before you know, the possibility of you knowing what next to do will dawn on you in no time.

Let me help you Did you know if you don’t have set goals for the day, you probably going to find yourself in that realm? Goals helps you set yourself aright and help keep you apprised of the future which could be the next few seconds. If you don’t set daily goals, start today.

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