2024 Bon Voyage Messages for Friends, Lovers & Loved Ones

What can be so expensive as wishing your lover or loved ones a safe journey as they travel? The fare? Maybe not. Nothing can ever replace the benevolence that is inherent in a caring heart.

Since you know that sending bon voyage messages to your friends, family or lover is lovely, you can use the ones on this page to your utmost desire… And you should consider sharing the bon voyage messages. Thanks.

Best Bon Voyage Messages for Friends, Lovers & Loved Ones

Sweetest bon voyaging messages for husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, family and friends.

For every step you take
With every move you make
I wish you the safest of journey
Good bye from me to you.

I pray the Lord will be with you wherever you go
His strength will be your strength in all your ways
You shall go safely and come back safely
And it shall be well with you.

For all the thoughts you engage in,
I wish you the best of out of them.
For all the wishes you wish yourself on this journey,
I wish you the most special out of it.

Through the deserts, over the hills and mountains,
May you be guided by the Lord
Safe journey to you dear.

May you find much more, wherever you need comfort.
May you find much strength whenever you need some.
Good friends along your way shall you see
Have a safe journey my friend.

Those you should not know shall gather to bless you
Help will come for you from the East, West, North and South.
Your goings and comings will be for safety.
This is my prayer for you on this very journey and the ones to come. Amen.

May you find peace amidst troubles,
May all your joy be doubled.
May you find abundance amidst scarcity,
May you find safety amidst all life’s dangers and perils.
May you go safely and be back home yet in safety. Amen.
Safe journey to you dear.

This is all I have to say about this journey:
You will go and come back as save as ever.
All your heart desires shall be met.
And all the goods shall come your way.
Wishing you safe journey.

Whether far East or West,
Whether through the North or South,
My wish is a journey that will go well.
And that is what I see happening.
Have a safe journey, from me to you.

Follow through with your plans to get the best out of your life,
Follow through the safest of paths to get you to your destination,
Follow through your heart desires to bring the best out of the journey for you.
And follow through God’s thought towards you and have a safe journey to and from where you are going.
Safe journey my dear.

I thought I have had enough of you,
Until I watch my heart breaking seeing you leave.
It might take a day, two or more for your journey
And the longer it is, the more my heart is hurt.
I will miss you, but safe journey.

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Little by little, I watch you go away.
Hard to cope with your absence.
Already feeling like I have an emptiness within.
And if you don’t come back on time,
You don’t have respect for my heart.

I found a place in my heart to keep you,
But the more away you go.
The farther in my heart I see you.
I see myself missing you so much.
Safe journey love.

I watch the night turned into day,
Couldn’t sleep well because you are not here
I never thought it could happen this way,
But now it’s happening and I can’t help it.
Safe journey anyway.

I am beginning to feel lonely,
And you are still here!
How do you think I will feel,
When you now go for real?
Safe journey love, I will miss you.

Patiently for you I will wait,
It might take seven days or eight,
But please come back before it’s late,
To see your lovely face, for that I can’t wait.
Safe journey my honey.

No matter how long distance will keep us apart,
I will hold you closely in my heart.
It’s so hard, so hard, to watch you go,
But so sad, I couldn’t have helped it.
Safe journey my dear.

I will miss you so much, no doubt about that.
But while you are away, please do this for me:
Please Call and text me as often as time would permit.
That will help me to cope without you being here.

Bon Voyage Messages for Her – Bon Voyage Messages to Wish Your Girlfriend or Wife a Safe Journey.

While you are away, I will keep your kisses for you.
I will record 20kisses for each time I think of you.
I hope you know how much that will be when you are back!
I wish you the best on this journey my love.

Such a rocky ride but the driver is great right?
Reminding me what a rocky lover I am!
No matter how rocky it may seem there,
It will be times ten for missing you in my heart.

If I will not miss you for anything,
I will miss you for the house chores.
I pray I can help it seeing myself in this situation.
Safe journey dearie, all will be well.

I know you will miss me, and I will miss you too.
But I beg you to be strong for me while you are away.
And promise to be back as planned.
I love you, goodbye.

How hard to see the love of my life walk away!
This is happening at a time I didn’t like.
I’m going to feel so helpless, knowing you are not here,
But I will try and cope until I see your lovely face again.

To not miss you that I can never do,
To miss you ever hour, that I will surely do.
I just hope I will cope for long…
Will be here waiting for you.
Goodbye, my love.

My heart is feeling like it’s going to fall,
And my body feels like it’s going to break.
Just Feeling like I’m lost in the world,
All because I will miss you, my love.
Goodbye, safe trip.

I have told myself blatant lies!
I used to think I can stay without you
And now you have not gone far,
And I am missing you already!
Hey! Please be back on time. Goodbye.

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