You Are the Artist of Your Own Life Quotes

You Are the Artist of Your Own Life Quotes

Many of us, on occasion, give others far more authority than they deserve in our lives. Sure, we should surround ourselves with individuals we respect and admire so that we don’t go through life without accountability. That’s a dangerous level of extreme.

However, it becomes a problem when you are unable to make any major decisions without the input of others. This is an issue we have, particularly with our parents, who believe they must be involved in every aspect of our lives. It is up to us to put a stop to it, particularly as we grow older because no one can paint your life as you can. You are the only true artist of your life.

And you can’t rely on someone else to create the art. You are the only one who understands your requirements and deepest ambitions; they are the aspects that should be included in the picture of the life you construct. And you must not allow anyone to tamper with that.

Here are beautiful and inspiring you are the artist of your own life quotes to put things in perspective.

You Are the Artist of Your Own Life Quotes

You are the artist of your own life. Nobody can see the picture of your life as perfectly as you can. Nobody can create the masterpiece of your life as great as you can. When they try, let them know you are better at being the artist of your life than they can; use quotes to explain it if you have to.

1. You wield the paintbrush; make a masterpiece of your life.

2. You are the artist of your life, make the best of it.

3. The canvas is your life, the artist is you. Go on and create as far as your imagination can carry you.

4. You possess the ability to make a unique work of art of your life so get to work, you’re the artist after all.

5. Remember, the best, unique and most creative pieces are those who get recognition, so don’t settle for less, make something extraordinary out of your life, you’re the artist.

6. It doesn’t matter what others are creating, what matters is what you’re creating so focus on your life, you’re the artist, aim to stand out.

7. The best artists in the world also had their dark and challenging times, most of their best pieces were created in such a time so don’t despair nor give up, keep creating and making something out of your life.

8. Behind every work of art is a story being told by the artist, so conquer fear and start writing your story, you’re the artist of your life.

9. Every artist whose name and work have passed from generation to generation is so because they never gave up and neither should you, the world awaits your masterpiece!

10. An artist stops creating only when he doesn’t give way to creativity and imagination so don’t stop dreaming, you’ve got to make the best out of your life.

11. Behind every masterpiece is an artist who armed himself with creativity and courage so don’t cower, stand tall and paint away, your life depends on it.

12. The best and most productive ways are most times, not the easiest ones so where your life is concerned, artist, don’t be afraid to take risks.

13. Dear artist, your life can only be carved out and created by you. So don’t fear perfection, it is not the goal; start carving, start creating, start making the most out of your life.

14. Dear artist, the first step to creating a masterpiece is to start and the number one rule of creating a masterpiece is to keep going, so don’t be discouraged, keep creating and making the most of your life.

15. Right on the heel of success is taking risks. Dare to go beyond your comfort zone, stretch yourself beyond the borders of your known, you’re the artist of your life. Keep on creating until you make the most of it.

16. It is perfectly OK to be terrified, great achievements are born in the middle of fear, what is not acceptable is allowing the terror to paralyse you and keep you from achieving your dreams. So, break free, and paint your life in vivid, wonderful strokes of success and while you’re at it, enjoy the process.

17. The only limit to your life is you so stop limiting yourself. Dream big and dream wide, create the best out of your life.

18. Dear artist, be brave. You’re the artist of your own life.

19. It is not enough to just exist, it is not acceptable to just survive. You must thrive and flourish, you must make the best piece ever – your life.

20. Artists don’t wait for ways to be created for them, they create one with sure, masterful strokes of their paintbrush. Don’t wait on life to hand over opportunities to you. Create yours and make the best of yourself that you can.

21. You can only go as far as you can imagine, you can only see as far as you look, and you can only create as much as you allow yourself to. So shake off your fears, and create the best piece the world has ever witnessed; you!

22. Your life is your responsibility, make it work!

23. The greatest adventure of life is discovering who we are meant to be and doing just that. So start searching and start creating a masterpiece of yourself.

24. Fear is a companion of life itself; it never goes away. Therefore, don’t let it limit you in creating and making the best out of your life.

25. The best you can do when you’re broken is to create, for out of those moments comes great inspirations and the best art pieces.

26. Don’t wait around for someone to tell you what to do and how to do it, you’re the artist of your life, you determine the pace, and you get to choose how to do it, where to do and when to do so start creating and stop waiting.

27. You’re capable of so much more, you’re able to create way more than you are doing. Don’t let life dictate how your life will be, dictate to life how your life will be and make it happen.

28. Dear life artist, as with all other artists, you’ll make mistakes. The magic is when you are determined to move beyond them and not let the past keep you from making the most of your future.

29. Nothing good comes easy, nothing exceptional is handed over to you, you have to possess the audacity to create the best piece of your life.

30. Your soul is the mirror that reflects what needs to be created. Get to painting; the world awaits you.

31. Your best inspiration is you. You are your own cheerleader. Cheer for yourself and create the life you want.

32. With every breath that you take, you’re an artwork being written, a masterpiece unfolding and an art piece being created.

33. Remember that for art or come to life, the heart, mind and hand must be in agreement and alignment. Therefore, let your soul, spirit and body be of one accord so that you can create a masterpiece of yourself.

34. Whether your life will take twists and turns, go in circles or maintain a straight path, full of surprises or predictable is really all up to you. You’re the artist of your life after all.

35. To wait on life to influence your moves in life is like an artist handing over his paintbrush and canvas to someone else. Stop waiting and start creating.

36. The canvas only finds purpose and fulfilment in the sure strokes laid on it by the artist. Your life will only become a masterpiece when you take matters into your hands.

37. What makes a masterpiece so is its ability to imprint itself on the hearts of all that behold it. That’s the goal you should pursue in your life.

38. Never be afraid to hand over the rein of your life to your inner artist, for it is in so doing that you begin to live – to blossom and thrive.

39. Artists simply keep on painting, keep on singing, keep on creating, keep on illustrating until they’re able to give the world a masterpiece that shall stay on, long after they’re gone. That is what you should do with your life.

40. An artist draws inspiration from many things but at the end of the day, his imagination gives rise to the best pieces. Never limit yourself to your surrounding, dream wide and paint your life in vivid, colourful stokes.

41. You’re the artist of your life, you’ve got only one shot at it, don’t mess up your canvas.

42. Every artist has a period where there is a blockage, the best thing to do in such time is to take some steps back, breathe, connect with your soul and let creativity seep through your bones once more.

43. Life is more meaningful when you take control of it. You’re the artist of your life, take charge!

44. Life is your biggest challenge and competitor, don’t let it win, own your life, you’re the artist.

45. Every masterpiece was preceded by mistakes, don’t be afraid to make those, just don’t stop creating.

46. Dear life artist, your present decisions and choices influence your future; to be a masterpiece or just another work of art? It really is up to you.

47. Life hands us paintbrushes opportunities and we get to make the most of them, so start painting.

48. Take the bull by the horn – it may leave you with some scars but don’t let that stop you anyway. Your life is yours, take charge.

49. Life only happens to those who not only desire it but make an intentional effort to work for it and own it, chart their own path and make their own art.

50. Don’t wait for life to happen to you, happen to live. Make your choices, live your life; you have the sole ownership of it.

You Are The Artist Of Your Life Quotes

You may have seen quotes that let you know you are in charge of your life and not believe it. But every man must accept that nobody can be their artist and no other life can be their canvas but theirs. It is up to you to create the life you want; you are the artist of your life.

51. We don’t always get to choose the paintbrushes – what life sends our way – but we get to determine what art to make it with, life will always send your way challenges and surprises, don’t let it take away from you the fact that you’re the artist of your life and you can make of it whatever you want.

52. Being your own boss is not about having your empire even though that’s good and enviable, it is simply owning your mistakes and making a masterpiece out of them.

53. Many times, we’re tempted to give over the wheel of our lives to life or others, forgetting that we’re the sole driver; the very artist of our life.

54. Own it, drive it, create it; it’s your life.

55. Many whose story was never heard, whose song was never listened to and whose artwork was never beheld are those who willed over their lives to life’s challenges and uncertainties. Don’t be one of them.

56. To make the most out of life is to indeed take total charge of one’s life, to know, understand act in a manner an artist does; bring to life what never existed.

57. Just like any established company, your life has several stakeholders – those with expectations and contributions – but at the end of the day, you hold the largest percentage so take over, you’re the artist of your life.

58. You’re the artist of your life, act accordingly and as such.

59. Every stroke, every dip, every line, every curve; all determined by the artist. So it should be with you for you are your own life’s artist.

60. You make of life what you will, you have every right to.

61. The fate of our lives indeed rests on our shoulders, there’s nothing set in stone, our life is what we make of it.

62. There will always be opinions from others, if you keep on being led by them, then your life is not yet yours. Stick to your belief and whatever you make of your life is yours and yours alone.

63. The more you give room for other people’s opinions, the less your life becomes yours and that, will be a sorry thing to happen for your life’s artist.

64. A switch, as powerful as it is, needs somebody to activate its power. A canvas, as beautiful as it can be, needs, an artist to work on it. Your life, as full of possibilities as it is, needs you to take charge and chart your own path.

65. The only thing you owe yourself is to be your own artist, your own driver and your own cheerleader.

66. Nothing can be changed unless it is faced, you need to take over your life first before you can make a masterpiece.

67. To be one’s own life artist is to allow one to go through the process of life and grow through it all.

68. You might not be able to change situations surrounding you but you’re able to understand and change yourself – your perspective, belief, etc. It is indeed a hallmark of being the very artist of one’s life.

69. Your power lies in your ability to recognise and accept that you and you alone determine every aspect of your life.

70. It will be great folly to entrust one’s greatest treasure to another. Your life is yours, don’t leave it at the doorstep of others.

71. Life’s true meaning is in it being charted by the very person it was entrusted to – you.

72. You have only one life, live it to the fullest, you are the artist of your life.

73. When you take over and make of the chaos of your life, something lovely and shapely, then you’re making art.

74. Everyone’s journey is different, don’t look to another’s to guide yours, stay focused on the path you’ve charted for yourself.

75. The past can’t be changed but the future is a blank space and awaits you to paint it into being, so get to painting!

76. Your life is already yours, act as such.

77. On life’s journey, if you stumble, make it part of your dance. It’s yours, own it.

78. Don’t make a person the whole story when they only need to be a chapter. Take ownership of your life and write your story to the fullest.

79. Every day, life presents you with two palates; opportunities and oppositions. Choose which you’ll use to paint your life’s tale.

80. When you don’t quit, you simply Do It! That’s what you owe to yourself.

81. Chance is not the best to happen to your life for no true change is recorded through it. You’re the best thing that can happen to your life.

82. Stand up for yourself at all times. You’re the only lasting thing you’ve got.

83. You’re the artist of your life, let beautiful artworks burst out!

84. An artist doesn’t rest until he has created a piece that will forever remain etched in the mind of others. That is exactly what you should do with your life; you’re the artist after all.

85. Nobody else is walking in your shoes and knows exactly how it feels so you have to do right by yourself; lead your life on your own path!

86. Those who allow others to determine their pace in life don’t get to their destination quickly. Set your own pace, don’t let others have a say, it’s your life and you’re the artist.

87. Whatever you choose to do with your life, do it. The world will adjust.

88. The choices you make and their consequences should be solely you; if you fail, you’ll know it wasn’t for lack of trying and if you succeed, you’ll know it’s all you!

89. A life most miserable is a life completely dependent on others. You’re the artist of your life, you should take the brushes and make an exceptional artwork!

90. What is meant for you will make its way to you only if you chart the path for it to travel through. Take charge of your life today.

91. When you allow your past to influence your present and determine your future, you hand over the reins of your life to a slave master because your past only binds you to itself. Set yourself free and take charge, you owe your future that much.

92. You are all you have, really, so pay attention to your life and make the best of it.

93. There is magic waiting to happen, you only have to wield your pencil and create a magnificent artwork out of your life.

94. Paint is useless when it stays in the tube. Same way, if you don’t let your imagination lead you, you’re wasting your potential creativity!

95. Whatever has power over you is what you give power to. Only one person deserves to have total power over your life you!

96. Take whatever you have now and use it to create what you want – as far as you can, carry you.

97. To know life’s meaning and intent for you, you need to set out on a journey of seeking and discovery. Do it for yourself, no one should and no one will.

98.No matter how you try to get people to see from your perspective, you’ll not succeed all the way. So stop trying and do you; you’re your life’s artist.

99. Don’t look for motivation to get started, get started to look for motivation. Don’t wait on anyone to jump-start your life for you, it’s yours, create and carve it into existence – your dreams.

100. To become all that you dream to be, you must be willing to give up the past and walk a lonely path called self-discovery. Your life is yours, live it to the fullest.

I hope you enjoyed and have picked your choice from these wonderful and amazing you are the artist of your life quotes. Please, don’t forget to drop your comment and share it with your family and friends.

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