Top 30 Sweetest I Love You Messages for Him or Her

Cute Compilation of Sweetest I Love You Messages for Him or Her.

1. Since there is no good hay without the sunshine,
If there is no you I can never be fine.
There is no better source of joy than your love,
I need you to survive my heart and my love.

2. Like there is no today without tomorrow,
There is never going to be me without you.
Without you my life is nothing but rhythms of sorrow,
Then to survive without you is the last thing I can do

3. I give others the red light
But I give you the green light
I am yours everyday, in the morning and even at night
And forever I don't want to keep your love off my sight

4. I'm happy you are my first and only love.
I'm not going to leave you for you are my fulfillment.
Nothing makes me glad than your thought every moment
Without you I would have been very far away from real love.

5. I will love you forever, I cross my heart
Your place in my heart will ever remain intact
I will proof my love and it will show through my act
And that I will love you forever is sure, not a mere fact.

6. I will be your hero more than Mandela
Come rain, come shine your umbrella
To love you will be my daily agenda
And I will make it real, not propaganda

7. I prayed, God have you to me.
I proposed, you accepted.
Now I know that I'm favoured above all odds.
You are my best miracle,
And I will forever appreciate you for it.
I love you real good.

8. What name may I call you?
An angel, my love, my all, my joy, my happiness?
Forgive me I can't get one that suites.
You re more than anything in the world to me

"Love could be crazy or could be mad or even blind
But No matter how it is... it is worth the care!
Love the one that cares for you".

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9. I love you and I can't fake it
If I ever leave you, I sure can't make it
Seeing you cry, I can't take it
Your love is the best, I can't forsake it.

10. True love is hard to find
And not many do have great minds
I found that special place for you in my mind
All because you're one of a kind!

11. As long as you are a love celebrity i will be your emotional fan
No matter what you give, I will give you more than
Others may be outdated but our love is modern
And loving you forever, that will be my daily concern.

12. Loving you outweighs reality
And I choose that over any social amenity
When you wrong me, I'll give you immunity
And our love will be till eternity.

13. Like I can't imagine how the earth will
be without the rain from above
So I can't imagine how my life will be
without your love.

14. Nothing seems or feels great than knowing you
When I think of my future, I'm always
glad it's going to be with you.

15. A word from you gives more meaning to my love
And if I'll choose anything, it's you my love
Take it or leave it, you're my very best
And together, in love, we will reach love's crest.

16. Your love is my daily freak!
If I don't get to see you, I might just fall sick
All day without you just make me weak
And without a word from you, all of me get bleak

17. You are closer that my friends and even my kin
Without you, so much trouble I would have been in
I am your king and forever you my queen
If our love is a faculty, you will ever remain the dean!

18. Your love flows in my veins and marrow
And it's great, knowing you're in my tomorrow
Love ecstatic with no sorrow!!
Sharper than two edged sword and arrow
Could give that million days in a row!

19. The beginning of the end of my sadness started with you
And the continuance of your joy will start with me
Together forever, in love, it shall be you and me.
Thank you for giving your love to me.

20. If you check my heart,
all you'll see is my allegiance
And a caring portion to make things right,
in time of annoyance
To you every morning and night,
I'll show my Obeisance
I will love and love you forever,
you have my assurance.

21. How much the feeling of your love that dwells in my soul!
To keep it glowing I don't mind setting a lifetime goal
Even if I'm empty, with you I'm whole
Loving you forever, baby that is my role!

22. I need you to survive I'm not lying,
Without you, it is like I'm dying.
You are my life, please don't make me cry,
Please come back and don't say bye.

23. I think about you all the time and I ask why!
I have tried to not miss you, but I failed.
Me without you is like I might just die,
without you, I'm like a train that derailed.

24. I thought I couldn't have what I wish for all the time
But I get more than I even asked for or thought this time
I wished for your love, heart, care, and I get all
I really promise to make us to, forever, stand up tall

25. Your love sticks to me more than the cloth I wear
If I'm not in your love, I'm no where
Being without you is like plying a road that leads no where
Dear, anywhere you are, I promise to be there.

26. I've seen romantic love but yours is the most romantic
I've seen cool love but your's is the coolest
I've seen cute love but yours is the cutest
Out of all the best, in my heart you remain the very best
And closer is your love to me than my heart to my chest.

27. A missing piece in my life's puzzle,
A great idea in my love pursuit.
My irreplaceable joy and unending ecstasy...
Is who you are, and you are more than mere fantasy.

28. Nothing do I want than your caring heart.
I choose this over my 3square meal,
And make it ever as a done deal.
Pls stay with me forever, and in my heart.

29. It took you so long to find me.
I wish you were here at the start of my life.
Now I can see why You're mine.
You're the sent one, and with you I'm ever fine.

30. I'll breathe each day with your love
I'll make every move with you in mind
I'll relish each moment in your untold care...
In all I do, I won't stop seeing  you.

"If anyone deserved to be loved, he is the one.
If anyone deserves to be cared for she is the one.
Completeness is found when you love as a team..
And here is my dynamic charge for you...
If He loves you, do your part to love Him more..
If she cares much for you, care much more for her too."