123 Birthday Greetings for Son in 2024

Birthdays are never days to be ignored. For they are special days reminding us of who we are whilst exposing us to all the love there is in our tiny, little world.

It gets a little more interesting when the celebrant happens to be your own begotten son. So, as a mother or father, what are the best birthday wishes you’d like to thrill your son with?

Don’t even think for a second, as 123 Birthday Greetings for Son in 2024 are potently written here for your pleasure and his.

All you need do is make a choice and you’re fit for the day. Now, go make his day super special with these lovely greetings.

Happy Birthday Wishes Greetings for Your Son

Sweetest Birthday Wishes and Greetings for My Son from Mom and Dad.

1. You’re indeed, a good and perfect gift given to me by the Lord. Happy birthday, my son. I wish you an amazing new age.

2. Amongst the stars, I hope you shine like the sun. Happy birthday, son. Love you unconditionally.

3. Your eyes are irreplaceable and the intensity of your gaze I’d never forget. Happy birthday, son. Grow to shine and smile.

4. None of your years would go by without the memories of bliss and grace. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Do have a remarkable new age.

5. May your smile never fade away, and may your growth be in accordance with time. Happy birthday, lovely son.

6. I’ll never ask for another because you’re a son that surpasses the best. Happy birthday, darling. Enjoy your new age to the brim.

7. Whether the sun goes down or up, you’ve shine as light to your world. Happy birthday, son. May your days be blissful.

8. I’m proud because I am a mother of a king. Happy birthday, darling. You’re loved and adored. Do have a graceful new age.

9. Prosperity shall rest in your abode, happiness shall find its way into your heart. Happy birthday, my sweetest son.

10. I don’t mind being your mother again if I had even a third chance at life. Happy birthday, sweet soul. I wish you all that you wish yourself.

11. Parenting is easy because I have a son like you. Happy birthday, my angel. I hope you break new grounds.

12. May you enjoy and not endure these days of your life. Happy birthday, son. Longevity as the sun, I pray for you.

13. Joy floods my heart since the day you were born. Happy birthday, lovely son. A happy story, you shall tell.

14. May your whole life be an expression of God’s grace. Happy birthday, sweet son. Have a good time.

15. Today reminds me of you. So, I call on heavenly angels to guide your way and bless your heart with love. Happy birthday, my son.

16. Nothing in life is greater than the honour of being a father by you. Happy birthday, my son. May your heart never know sorrow.

17. Seeing you smile is joy, hearing your laughter gives peace. Happy birthday, son. May your joy remain unending.

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18. From up north to down south, shall your good news come. From the east to the west, may your joy abound. Happy birthday, my sweet son.

19. It’s a privilege to call you my own. And a blessing to be called your mother. Happy birthday, son. Do enjoy life to its fullest.

20. May all your wishes come true. May tears of pain never fill your eyes. Happy birthday, lovely son.

21. The world is a place to be because you’re my son to love. Happy birthday, sweetie. Remain blessed at all time.

22. Majestic shall your days be, the path of honour shall you trail. Happy birthday, my darling.

23. Amongst the many sons in the world, you’re the best there is. Happy birthday to my irreplaceable love. Wishing you nothing but joy.

24. Cause I have you, I have everything. Happy birthday, son. I wish you an amazing year of prosperity.

25. May your happiness matter to all and sundry. May you find favour where thence you go. Happy birthday, son.

26. It feels my heart with ecstasy to call you, my son. It gladdens my eyes to look upon you with love. Happy birthday, my son. May your days be full of light and love.

27. You made me love unconditionally. And for your sake, I’d do anything. Happy birthday, my son. May you soar higher than the eagle.

28. I am blessed because I am your father. Happy birthday, son. Grow gold and grow in wisdom.

29. Happiness is life because I am your father today and always. Happy birthday, my son. Goodness and joy shall become your identity.

30. My days are long and blessed because you’re my son even in the days of my absence. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you many more happy years.

31. Birthing you was a privilege. Mothering you for ages stand out as the greatest achievement. Happy birthday, my dear. Be the best always.

32. May you never lose that which you love. May that which you love never lose you. Happy birthday, my son. Love and light to you.

33. Life is worth living because you’re my son and I am your father. Happy birthday, my prince. May your brightness never dim.

34. God is good, I know because He blessed me with you. Happy birthday, sweetie. May your days be prosperous.

35. On the day I had you, you came with love, joy, peace and abundance. May such goodness never depart from your path. Happy birthday, my son.

36. Nothing beats the joy of being your parent. Happy birthday to a special son. Do have a blissful new year.

37. You shine joy into my heart unlike the sun. You give peace into my world like a spring of water. Happy birthday, my son. Wishing you many more years of happiness.

38. Meaning and joy have you given to my world. Happy birthday, lovely son. May your days be glorious as gold.

39. Love found me when I found you. Happy birthday, son. Prosperity and peace to you.

40. A new age you have clocked as you have welcomed goodness and grace into your abode. Happy birthday, sweet son. Have a fabulous new age.

41. Today brings familiar joy into my heart. Happy birthday, son. Do have a beautiful new age.

42. You make a great son; I confess on this day. Happy birthday, angel. Wishing you many more years of bliss.

43. All that you wish for, I pray you have forever. Happy birthday, sweet son. Enjoy your new age.

44. You walked into my womb and never shall you exit my world. Happy birthday, son. I love you beyond words.

45. It’s a beautiful day and I can’t stop smiling. Happy birthday, my son. Wishing you many happy years.

46. I live to love you. I’d die to give you the best. Happy birthday, son. Wishing you a perfect year of your dreams.

47. All day and night, my prayers will be with you. For today is your day, my darling. Happy birthday, son. Wishing you all that you wish yourself.

48. It feels good to wish you, a happy birthday. May your days be glorious as the sun and may your night be full of happy stars.

49. Life is no bed of roses. But with my son, there’s an unspeakable joy in my heart. Happy birthday, my darling.

50. What is life without you? Nothing but a planet full of darkness. Happy birthday, my son. May your days be joyfully long and graceful.

51. Your children’s children shall I see. Happy birthday, sweet son. Wishing you a wonderful age of love.

52. In each other’s hugs shall we last. Happy birthday, son. I pray you have a year full of heavenly blessings.

53. You made me a queen cause you were born with regal grace. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you a breathtaking new age.

54. Your heart is made of gold and in your eyes, I see me. Happy birthday, sweet son. Wishing you many more years of prosperity.

55. I’ll always love you, because unconditional love, you’ve brought into my heart. Happy birthday, my special love. Wishing you a colorful year of abundance.

56. I see true beauty in your eyes every day of my life. Happy birthday, son. Wishing you a superlative new age.

57. May angels go with you wherever you go. May the higher power provide your needs where thence you find yourself. Happy birthday, son.

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58. You’ve beautified my world, like lilies in a field. Happy birthday, my son. Have a year shining with love and abundance.

59. Till the end of this world, you’ll have my tender affection and favour. Happy birthday, sweet son. Wishing you a blissful new age.

60. My sky is adorned with the rainbows of your smile. Happy birthday, son. May this new age be kind to you.

61. I’m a proud father of a great son. Happy birthday, my champion. Happier days shall you see, blissful days shall you live.

62. Your imperfections I do not see because, in my eyes, you make an excellent son. Happy birthday, sweet soul. Wishing you a lovely new year. Many more shall you see in happiness and peace.

63. May the angels drop all that you need at your doorstep. Happy birthday, sweetie. Wishing you a beautiful new era of gaiety.

64. Happy birthday, my king. You made me happy and blissfully teary years ago as you came through me. Many beautiful years shall you behold on earth, son.

65. Today is a happy day, cause I knew in-depth joy when I had you. Happy birthday, my noble son. This is the beginning of your success.

66. There’s no other day I’ll be more proud of myself than the day I gave birth to you, for you’re my pride and honour. Happy birthday, dear son. You shall continue to be the joyful soul that you are.

67. Yippie! You came into my life with a brilliant light that penetrated through my darkest nights. Your birth is such a miraculous thing and a beautiful sight to behold. Happy birthday, dearest song.

68. The sun shall never overshadow your brightness. Life will always treat you kind. Your glory shall never be dimmed. Happy birthday to a great son.

69. A thousand tongue is not enough to sing you a heartfelt melody. You’re divine in all your ways and your heart is so beautiful and kind. Happy birthday to the son that makes me happy.

70. Thank you for making me lost count of the times you’ve made me proud. Thank you for giving me the privilege to have you in my life. Happy birthday, my happy child.

71. Happy birthday, son. The happiest memory I have of my life is whenever you’re happy. This day shall bring you true joy and happiness.

72. You’re the only reason behind my smile and joy. You make me proud than I’ll ever imagine. Happy birthday, son. Your days shall be filled with a sense of fulfillment and joy.

73. The greatest privilege of my life is carrying you in my womb. You give me perfect peace whenever you’re around. Happy birthday, dear.

74. Many at times have you made me cry some happy tears. Without you, my world will be gloomy and hopeless. Thank you for being my hope and taking my despair away. Happy birthday, dear child.

75. I have no doubt, you’ll become so great. Everything about you emits splendour and glory. Happy birthday, oh child.

76. I’ll love to carry you in my womb again if given the opportunity. You’re God’s greatest gift to me. You paved the way for happiness in my life. Happy birthday, handsome son.

77. I look forward into your future and all I see is greatness and happiness. You’re one of a kind, my son. You came with a special grace on a very special day. Happy birthday, son.

78. In your life, you’ll be the glory of the world. Nothing, but honour shall you bring upon the family. You shall be the face of victory. Happy birthday, dearest song.

79. A day without you is always lonely, but I can never imagine a life without you, my dearest son. Happy birthday, child. May all your dreams come true, no matter how small or big they may be.

80. You deserve the best of everything. May true love find you. May wealth surround you and happiness shall fill you. Happy birthday, son.

81. You’re a year older, today. Your wisdom shall go deeper. Your strength shall be increased. Your joy shall be more sparkling. Happy birthday, dearest son.

82. There’s no greater blessing than having you in my life as my son. You’re the happiness I dreamed of. Thank you for coming to pass. Happy birthday, handsome.

83. You fill my world with the petals of happiness. You make me grow wings into perfect bliss. Happy birthday, my child. May this new year of your life make you great.

84. You’re such a golden treasure to your mum and I. You effortlessly make everyone smile even the saddest of all. I’m super proud of you.

85. You’re the reason I became a father. You bestowed on me the greatest title of my life. Happy birthday to you, son. None is like you. You shall continue to be exceptional.

86. You’re the world’s best. You made your parents the happiest when you came through us. Happy birthday to the most cherished child in the whole world.

87. Son, your growth is unbelievable. Your success is happening so fast. Your happiness is like a fire which is unquenchable. Grow in love, strength and honour. May you be fulfilled for as long as you live.

88. Happy birthday, love. You’re the type of son that makes every parent proud. My most precious gem is you. May happiness be your companion. May love ever live in your heart.

89. I cherish you from the womb to my arms. You’re the reason every morning looks bright and the night looks starry. Nothing beats knowing and having you in my life. Happy birthday, son.

90. I’ll always be the proudest of all fathers for as long as you remain my son. You give me the greatest reason to live life and be happy. Happy birth anniversary, my son.

91. Every birthday of yours makes me relive the fulfilling moment you left my womb for my warm arms; I’ll never find words to describe the force of joy and mirth that hit my heart and took over my soul at once and for a lifetime. Happy birthday, my child. You’re the son I’ll never trade for anything.

92. When I look into your eyes, I see the love in your heart – pure and true. You’re the angel the world knows. Happy birthday to such a beautiful soul who came into this world as my son.

93. You bestowed on me the oil of joy and happiness when you appeared to be my son. Happy birthday, child. I’ll always love you.

94. I lack words to describe my profound gratitude to you for making us your parents. Happy birthday, my son. For as long as you live, joy will always be your thing.

95. You shall possess the quality of the newness of a day. You shall be as fresh as a wine. You’ll grow to be wise, strong and happy. Happy birthday, my son.

96. I am overwhelmed with joy whenever you come around me. You are everything to me, my son.

97. My life will always be a beautiful day for as long as you’re in it. Happy birthday, my first and last son. You’ll always be the most important thing to me.

98. You’re the reason I’ll like to be a mum again, cause you make me proud. Every day of your life honours my presence. Son, I owe you a lot. Happy birthday, my child.

99. For as long as you live, you’ll never lose your earthly paradise. Everything you hold dear to your kind heart shall never be snatched from you. Happy birthday, my son.

100. You’re my source of happiness. I look at you and a tender and warm joy falls upon my soul. Continue to be you. Persist in making us proud. Happy birthday, son.

101. You’re the epitome of a good son. You shall attain a new height just as you’ve attained a new age. Forever, you shall be loved uncompromisingly.

102. You’re my breath of life. You hold my world together with your lovely promises and kind words. Happy birthday, my son.

103. You’re the reason my house is a home and my heart is filled with love. Happy birthday, my son.

104. When I behold your breathtaking face in the morning, I dream of living this life with you, till forevermore. Happy birthday, my son.

105. Your striking resemblance to your dad makes my heart beat more for you. Happy birthday, my treasure. May you live many more years.

106. May our bond remains supernatural and unbreakable. Thank you for making me cry those happy tears as you came into the world. Happy birthday, my son.

107. At the sight of you, my pain disappeared and my joy surfaced. Happy birthday, my son. May this new age bring you your dreams.

108. You’re the force that makes me happy. You’re the music in my heart that never fades. Happy birthday to a priceless son.

109. You’re my dream come true. Your presence brought happiness to the family, it remains so till this day. Happy birthday, son.

110. Happy birthday, my child. You’ve been the greatest of all sons. My love and respect for you shall never diminish but grow until the last day. May you live this life worthily.

111. You created heaven in my heart when you came through me. Happy birthday, son. You’re irreplaceable like the sun.

112. Thank you for taking away the darkness that lingers in my sky away. Happy birthday, precious gem. I’ll always love you; you can be sure of this.

113. My life is beautiful because of you. Nothing is more honourable than being your father. Happy birthday, son. Today shall bring you everything you ever dreamt of.

114. When you call me your mother, I feel so honoured. It’s the greatest title ever. Happy birthday, dearest son.

115. Happy birthday, son. It is my heart desire that you live happily for as long as you live. May today bring you true joy and happiness.

116. Happy birthday, dear son. May true love find you. May happiness never live you. Fulfillment shall describe your life.

117. Happy birthday, champ. You’ll remain my object of affection, come what may. You’re my treasure and as such, I’ll treat you kind and preciously.

118. Happy birthday, my dearest son. You make my heart beat for joy and you make my feet cheerful when I see you coming to me. May the days ahead of you be longer than the one behind you.

119. Happy birthday, dear son. May your days be full of joy and everlasting love. May today bring peace and happiness to you.

120. No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my child. I wish to throw you in the air happily waiting to catch you as you fall back into my lovely arms. Happy birthday, son.

121. It’s your birthday, my son. Every of your birthday bring happy tears to my eyes, cause you’ve always made me the happiest of all. Remain glorious, handsome and blessed.

122. I love to see you looking as bright as the sunflower. My heart will always be your home. Love will be the only thing I feel for you. Happy birthday, son.

123. Happy birthday, my only son. You’re the miracle I prayed for and the only answer to my many prayers. You’ll always be my source of happiness.

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