25 Prayers for My Wife

25 Prayers for My Wife in 2023

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord” Proverbs 18:22 Having a wife is more than just being married to a woman, it is a blessing and a beautiful gift from God. It is amazing having a woman to take care of the home and it is more important to bless their lives at every time. 25 prayers for my wife in 2023 is here to help you achieve this.

In every aspect possible, you should be ready to speak a word of prayer to your wife. It should be enough every day commitment. You wouldn’t want to see your gift diminish and praying for your wife is the best thing to do to keep her in the hands of God and there, she is secured forever. You are about to read 25 prayers for my wife in 2023 that will help your prayer be ignited for your wife. Enjoy the beautiful collection I have here for you.


Prayers for My Wife Today

Since you know that everyone needs prayers and you’ve decided to check some online for your wife, as a lovely and thoughtful husband that you are, this collection of 25 prayers for my wife were written with you in mind. Say them to your wife or send them to her as a show of your love.

Prayers for Promotion

Here are powerful prayers you can pray for your wife, for her to become promoted both spiritually and naturally.

1. Promotion comes neither from the east or west, but from the Lord who made the heavens and earth. I pray for you that God will promote you and make you great. Your life will never remain the same, my dear wife. Keep shining with success!

2. Darling wife, you will be the head and never the tail. God will lift you up among your equals and exalt you on high. I love you dearly and I believe God is taken you places you never imagined. Everything is working together for your good.

3. Be the best in everything you do because God has crowned you for exploits! You will have no reason to be demoted, but an aspect of your life, you will experience excellence and joy. You are strengthened for the top, keep being above only!

4. Be prepared for double promotion, my dear. All I ever want for you is that you excel. I ask God to give you an excellent spirit and the grace to do what you have to do accurately. You are meant for the top, no one will bring you down.

Prayers to Be a Better Wife

Here are prayers you can pray for your wife to become the best form of her as a good wife for you and a better mother to her children.

5. God has blessed me with the gift of you and I have been a blessing to many because of you. I pray that you will always be a good wife that will satisfy my heart and my children. God will give you the strength that we will take care of our home together.

6. Lord, keep my wife and protect her for me. Let her mind not be diverted from loving me and loving You, Lord. Let her desires be of me and You, Lord and I believe that this will keep her to be a good wife always.

7. My wife will not suddenly get weary of being the best wife for me. I ask God to help her emotionally and spiritually to keep our fire of love burning always. She won’t be a troublemaker in my home and around too. She is a good wife to me forever.

Prayers for Peace

Do think your wife deserves Peace on a day like this? Here are powerful prayers for Peace you can pray for her.

8. My wife will be an epitome of peace and no sorrow will ever make her less peaceful for me. I pray that she will always radiate with peace and the God of all comforts will comfort her heart to be a peaceful wife.

9. I ask for peace in my home, Lord. I ask that your peace will envelop her heart and soul to be always calm to handle all situations. Through her, there can be lasting peace, so I ask that she remains a wife of peace.

10. I want another name for my wife to be “Peace” Lord. If there is anything more that I want for her, it is a peace of mind towards every and any situation. I believe, God that you can grant her this, so I ask that you feel her life up with peace. Let it overflow.

11. I cover my wife with the grace to remain at peace now and always. She won’t have any reason to be bothered with life issues as grace will speak for her in that aspect. She will always leave her life in smiles and joy.

12. Peace, like Jesus Christ left with us, that’s the peace I speak into my wife this day. You will have a peaceful mind towards all things and your mind will be pure and free from trouble. Enjoy the peace that comes from above, my darling wife.

Prayers for Success

Let your prayers elevate your wife to success. All you need to do is to pick and send it to her.

13. You will be successful in all your life endeavor, my sweet wife. Circumstances will not make you get weary of your pursuit of success and you will achieve every dream of yours. None will ever be difficult for you as you experience divine intervention at all times.

14. Your success is my success, and I’ll see to it that you become successful. I will pray for you to always achieve your goals. Everything you need for your goals to be, God will grant it to you easily. You will be the head and not the tail.

15. Many women have tried this and failed, but I pray for you, failure will be far from you and you will achieve this goal easily. It won’t be stressful for you, neither will you experience any setbacks until you can boldly say “I am successful in this!”

16. I rejoice with you already, my darling. I believe you will make great success in life and I’m glad I’m your husband to share the love and joy with you. It will be a wonderful success story and by God’s grace, I’ll be beside you as we celebrate together!

17. Success will be easy for my wife in all her goals. She will call for one and thousands will answer. She will seek and she will find. As she knocks, the door is opened to her and failure and bad luck is far away from her goals! You are successful, my dear!

Prayers for Sound Health

Powerful prayers for good and sound health for your wife that will keep you and your wife amazed. All you need to do is to send it to her.

18. No affliction will come on my wife and her head will be lifted up above sickness. Her body is the temple of God and no sickness is permitted to dwell there. Health is my wife’s portion every day and she will always mount up like an eagle.

19. Father, I ask that you keep my wife in sound health. I reject every power of sickness over her life and I pray that You, Lord will keep her in perfect health every day. She will not be held back by sickness and no pain will harass her body.

20. Sound health, that is my decree over my darling and it will be for a lifetime. In strength, she is established and no power of hell will have dominion over her body. You will forever be in health and wellness. God will nourish every part of your body!

21. I will have no reason to mourn my wife because of sickness. No plan of the enemy to steal her health will come true. She is secured and sickness has lost the battle over her body and her life. Keep living in health, by the grace of God.

Prayers for Wealth

Here are powerful prayers for wealth, that you can send to your wife to wish her great success that will bring her unexpected wealth.

22. You will live in health and prosper, darling. You will never experience lack and every day of your life, you are blessed and highly favored. You will experience divine wealth and prosperity. You will never lack anything good.

23. Bless my wife, Lord! Give her wealth that she desires and the joy of her heart to be filled. May she never lack or beg. Her head is lifted up forever!

24. I want you, Lord to bless me financially, but most importantly, I also want you to bless my wife financially so she will be a source of blessing to others. Lift her up, Lord. Give her the wealth that will be a blessing to her and others.

25. I ask, Lord that you give my wife the sufficient wealth that is meant for her. I know Your sufficiency, Lord is overflowing from above. Make her prosperous and enlarge her to be a blessing always.

I believe this blessed your wife? Do share your thoughts below!


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