Long Text Messages for Him to Make Him Smile in 2024

Words are so effective in performing the simple magic we desire on the faces of our loved ones. When they’re well crafted, they walk their way deep into a lover’s heart to birth a smile that lingers on for a while and may be remembered for a lifetime.

Every girl loves to have those magic words at will. However, making up one may be the hardest thing to do even for the girl in love.

So, these long text messages to make him smile would come in handy for the girl who wishes to light up the face of her man whatever time of the day it may be. Show some appreciation and inspire genuine feelings in him with the help of these text messages.

A read-through would convince you. So, go ahead.

Long Love Messages for Him from the Heart

With these long text messages for your boyfriend to make him smile, you’ll be giving him the energy to go through the day elated and ready to face every challenge prepared. Copy and paste long love messages for him from the heart, written to make him smile, happy, merry and feel specially loved by you.

1. I could watch you all night long sleeping away from the stress of the day. Like an angel, I’ll await your gentle kisses till the morning so my wings can spread and fly. I could give you my all if only you’d share forever with me. Let every breath I take be by your side and every step I take be with you. Let us dance like warriors and kiss like passionate lovers. Let us sing like angels and hold hands like loyal partners. It is my deep pleasure to be yours alone and my dream to dwell forever in your arms. Everywhere is home as long as you take me there, my love.

2. You’re a quintessential lover, and I’m in awe of your wonders. Your love is a good gift from above, for you’ve given to me stupendously. My heart was soon transformed by your gentle kisses, my hope was blossomed by your loving words. Your eyes are piercing and full of the truth which your mouth speaks. I’m thankful to have an honest lover and grateful to be blessed with a selfless angel. Your heart was made of gold, and your arms of magnet, cause they stick with me in times of need. I hope to be a perfect lover to you, cause a perfect one is what you deserve. I’d toil to be just like you, cause your love has begotten yet another. I want to say thank you, but I want to also say that I love you deeply, my darling.

3. Like a tree, this love has grown. You’re a man of a different breed. Hence, I’ve fallen for you a million times. Your strength is mightier than the sun’s, so, I see that there’s nothing you cannot do. Seize this day to become the best of tomorrow. Take each step with the confidence of a lion. With faith, leap into your dream life. It can’t be so hard, cause I’ll be here to empower you, for my kisses are true and my words are pure. Whatever the circumstances may be, I’ll be sure to hold your hand through it all, cause I’ve never fallen so deeply in love with you until now, my darling.

4. My heart is illuminated by your love and I’m transformed by the goodness of your heart. I’ll travel a thousand miles to show you how much I care. I’ll write a million times that I love you on the sands of time. I’ll sing of our love all day long, and smile as I remember your face. Your muscles are well built, but your heart has the fittest shape. I’m proud to call you my own and I’m excited to answer your name. I do love you now, but I’ll love you even better tomorrow. Take my hand with you forever, for I’m willing to go even the desert with you.

5. Before the sun appears in the morning, my heart already beat of your love. Before it fades away into the night, I’m already swept away by your kisses. I desire a home in your arms to be cocooned all day long by your loving arms and be wanted desperately by your passionate kisses. I hope to make you smile until the end, I hope to wipe your tears with my loving words. No matter how tough this gets, I’ll ease your pain with every pleasure inside of me. Whether it’s dark or bright, I’ll be here to be your guide. I’ll do the impossible for you and even the stupid for you. My love has no boundary but in your heart, it’ll largely sit. It’s you or no one else, but it’ll be you forevermore. Sleep tight, my love. I’ll be glad to see you in the morning.

6. I’ll give you the all of me, just so you can have more of me. If the depth of hell is where you are, I’ll walk in to make you smile. True love, knows no season, it is timeless and unconditional. I love you more than I can wrap my head around it. I hope this makes you feel good in a thousand ways. With me, you can let go off your mistake, for I am ready to forgive your past and make the present untainted by the memories of yesterday. From this morning, let my glow be the light of your world. I love you, my moonlight.

7. I love the long nights than the short days, for they give room for our love to witness the beauty of a starry sky in the company of true love. For our love, I’ll fight all battles. I’ll go on to send an arrow into the camp of our antagonists, so we may our an everlasting love. And in the end, we’ll blossom together and make the earth our little paradise. My love, I hope you treat our love as kind as the stars treat the sky by giving it her own in abundance. Even if circumstances hit us so lethally, I’ll stand by till the end, for our love is pure and dazzling white like the clear clouds.

8. No matter how much our love reveals to me about you, I’ll keep staring straight into the future ahead of us. I promise to love you till the end of time. A stalwart fence will I build around our love to protect it from prying eyes and the evilness in the world. Beside you lies my space forever, one that can never be overshadowed by anyone. My man, I’ll be the lady you have always wanted. See you in my dream. See you in my world. I’ll never get tired of beholding the man before me. I appreciate every breath you exhale, for it is beginning of life for me. I love you till my last breath becomes my beginning in the after-world.

9. As the sea jealously cradles the land, so will I do you as you rest on my bosom. I’ll treat you like a tender one who needs all the attention he can get. By loving you, I’ve found the true meaning of love. You reciprocating my desires for you is the best thing to have ever happened to me. “Lucky me,” the world may say. But with you, I count myself blessed for ours isn’t by chance nor a fluke. I’ll raise our love so high than the wall of China, I’ll make it infallible. Take your rest tonight, my love, for the morning comes with its challenges, yet I promise to see you through it all. Think of me, baby.

10. No matter how far you go, my shadow will always accompany you. I’ll be the light that supersedes the night and makes you feel entirely at ease. Let’s build a new life together, so carefully that it is nothing like our past. I love you, my heartbeat. Even when death yawns at me, I’ll still profess my love for you before I take my final rest. For the fun and friendship, you’ve given me, I’ll love you like you never failed me. Nothing ever called more true to my soul the way your love has. It tugged at my heart and has since never let it go. Hold me till eternity, it’s the only way I find peace and happiness. I love you, my man.

11. My heart flows of love devoid of pain and loneliness. I hope it lasts forever. For it is the only one I seek for myself all lifelong. I hope I get to feel your warmth even if the sun never fails to shine. Good morning, my love.

12. When life gets hard and throws a strange one at you, remember that you can always have my love; something you’ll always be familiar with. Because I love you.

13. You have nothing to worry about, cause I’ll be your strength when you’re weak and your hope when life is bleak. I love you, my boo.

14. When I look back on this journey of love, I’m forever thankful for all the hugs you gave and the stares you have blessed me with. I pray we last forever. I love you, my baby.

15. It would be such an honour to have your name and a pleasure to sleep by you forever. Good morning, my darling. It’s a new dawn with a new passion to give.

16. Your breath matters most to me. Your touch matters more to my skin. And your caresses give more pleasure than wine in this world. I love you.

17. How can I not love you when you’re the one my heart has chosen? How can I not be weakened by your kisses when yours are the purest of its kind? You’re my light, my love. And I’ll be yours forever.

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18. Life is yours to live, my love is yours to have and my kisses are to be savoured forever by your masculine lips. Have a sweet day, my love.

19. Your kisses are worth more than gold to me, adorn me with them and I’ll be the most beautiful that walked the surface of this earth. So in love with you, my love.

20. Good morning to the man who loves me dearly and whose love I’ll treasure in my heart with every ounce of passion in me. Enjoy your day, sweetness.

21. It feels so good to call your arms my home. Heaven lives on earth when I fall into your warm embrace. I hope this feeling of love lasts forever. Cause it’ll break me to be far away from your loving warmth. I need you, my love.

22. Love does exist, for it is what my heart feels for you and it is what I have seen in your eyes and have received from your hands. You’re the best thing I ever had, my love.

23. As each second passes by, my heart becomes more desperate for your gentle touch and your deep stares. As each moment goes on like the waters of the ocean, I dread to live a moment without you, my love.

24. Strength and courage lie in your heart. Love surrounds it like the land around the sea. Never quit your dreams, my love. Your goals will help you achieve them whilst I cheer you on.

25. Treasures may come in gold and silver but mine has come in your name and with your face. You’re my world, sweetheart. I’ll barter you for nothing but you, my darling.

26. Of all the good things He created, you’re the best of them all, my darling. You’re perfect in the eyes of the one who loves you. And you’re treasured at each corner of her heart. I love you deeply.

27. There’s only a kind of love I feel for you; the one that flows and never ebbs, the kind that flourishes and never withers. My love for you will be until the end of time.

28. From your lips, have I heard the words of truth, out of your heart have I felt the genuineness of love. So, there’s nothing more I want in this world than you.

29. I’m committed to loving you because you deserve only the best from this heart of mine. I love how you love me. And I’ll love you the way that you want, my darling.

30. Glad I said yes to you. Thankful you asked me out on that sunny day. I wouldn’t forget what music it was to my ears to hear you say those words. I love you, superman.

31. From dawn till dusk, I’ll be aware of your love residing in my heart. Till the end of time, I’ll keep my promise of love to you. Good morning, my darling.

32. The hue of our love will not fade even if it lingers under the sun or stands beneath the rainy clouds; it’ll be colourful forever, my darling.

33. My words may be few but they’ll surely tell of my love for you. My actions may be great but they can only hope to express my passion for you. I love you, sweetheart.

34. Be ye confident in my love. For as long as the moon shines at night and the sun by day, it’ll tarry till the end and flourish just like the galaxies.

35. You’re the source of the light in my heart and the reason behind the smile on my face. I hope we stick together forever like the stars to the sky at night.

36. I need not ask how important I am to you, for your eyes say it all in the way words cannot describe. I’m thankful that you love me, my darling.

37. You’re strong, your peculiar and you’re amazing. After all, your heart loves like pain never exists on earth and your hands give like lack is but a myth. I love how unique you are, my darling.

38. I want to empty my love into your heart, my kindness into your bosom and surround you with the pleasure of my passion. I hope you give me a lifetime to do that, my darling.

39. Love is sweet because I have been loved by the kindest of men. Your lips bless me every day and your words adorn me with confidence. I love you, boo.

40. The journey of love may be tough but I’ve made a resolve to love you till every mountain on the surface of the earth becomes plain. I’m in love with you, sweetheart.

41. A look into your eyes sends me into the safest place on earth; your heart. A fall into your arms leave me wanting you all to myself the more. I love you.

42. I wish my words can express my love for you. I wish my eyes can tell the true feelings of my heart; for it is deep and overwhelming. But I need you to know that, I love you so indescribably, my love.

43. Nothing can come betwixt us; not men, not lies, not us nor any object. Our love will pass the test of time and sit upon the iron throne of bliss forever.

44. I’ll always have your back, for I’m more committed to seeing you prosper than anything else, my love. I’ll be sure to pick you when you fall, for I know that your love is true and pure.

45. Loving you is surely the right thing to do, for it brings peace and calmness to my soul and happiness to my heart. I’ll love you till the end of time, my darling.

46. Even when I’m weak, I’ll love you. Even when it’s hard, I’ll honour you. For indeed, you have loved me and I have tasted your love to be true. Sleep tight, my darling.

47. When the morning comes, my love becomes renewed and blessed with the strength and courage to love you even more than yesterday. Top of the morning to you, my darling.

48. Your kisses weaken me and I fall deeply in love with you all over again. Your caresses wipe away my pain and sorrow and I live a life of fantasy in the warmth of your arms. It’s you and I forever, my darling.

49. Whatever happens on any day, be sure that I’ll love you still. For I love that I love you and I hate that you didn’t find me earlier, my darling. Have a sweet night rest.

50. You’re the best, my heart feels it and my lips say so. You’re deserving, hence, my love will be with you till I’m feeble and grey. Let my love shine forever upon you like the sun above, my darling.

51. Promises may have been broken but for the ones from my lips; they’ll last until forever and be made true until the sands beneath the ocean disappear. I love you, my star.

52. Your love has come to me like a dream. But I feel it all over my body. Upon it is a rainbow telling of the hope that your love has brought me in this hopeless world. I need you, my darling.

53. I’ll love you till every man on earth hears it and get jealous and say what a lucky man you are. I’ll love you till my heart has got nothing more to give.

54. Of all the things I ever had, I’m grateful to have your love and see the beauty of your gazes upon me any time of the day. Good morning, my love.

55. I’ll do the impossible for you because I love you. I’ll cross the oceans because I want you. I’ll travel far and wide because I need you. I’ll love you forever, my darling.

56. I adore you so much and so I sing your praise like a bird in love. The honour you’ve bestowed on me has made me admirable by all eyes. Believe me, I’ll be yours forever.

57. For you, I’ll smile from sun dusk till the awakening of the day. You’re the reason why my heart grows larger till it surpasses the width of the heaven above.

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58. You’ve been given another chance to live. I hope it inspires you to give your best in everything you do from the least of them to the most important.

59. My love, you’ll always reign in my heart, because you occupy the most precious part of it. I hope you have a good rest tonight knowing this truth.

60. For your sake, I’ll go back in time to make beautiful memories with you. If all I have in life is you, I’ll never be without joy nor peace to live this life to the fullest.

61. The beauty and love that linger in your heart make my world go round. If you should ask me to be yours forever, I will not hesitate to give you my hand for a lifetime.

62. Nothing is as precious as the love that flows from your heart to mine. Nothing is comparable to the smile you give. I’ll love you like there’s nowhere to empty my affection into. Have a sweet night, love.

63. I woke up just to thank you for all you’ve been to me. You’ve cherished me more than gold cherishes the flame that makes her valuable. Thank you, my one true love.

64. Knowing you brings me a great feeling of peace. Loving you is like experiencing the joy of a new dawn. With an outstretched arm, I’ll always reach out to you. Love you, sweety.

65. Good morning, sweety. No matter how the day goes, don’t give up on your goals. The heavens see your efforts and they’ll never go unrewarded.

66. As time ticks, the more I realize that every moment with you counts. My love, I’m not spending another second of my life outside your reach, I promise you.

67. You’re more than a perfect dream. You beat my expectation and continue to make my heart fall for you. There’s no man to take your place only you can make me feel this way.

68. Loving you lights up my world. It is my source of energy. I need not the illumination from above, yours is enough to keep me bright till forever. Have a good night, my love.

69. I promise to keep you warm in the coldest nights. My affections shall remain with you even when terror comes during the evil days. I shall love you and remain in love with you.

70. Like a night watch, I’ll guard you when you sleep and chase those nightmares away from your dreams. I love you, my king. Sleep like a child knowing this much is true.

71. I hope you believe me when I say that you’re my one true love. When the day becomes the night and the night becomes the day, until then will I stop loving you. But for as long as the sun rises in the east, my fire will always burn for you.

72. Forever, I’ll sing you a love song that tells of your kindness. I’ll live to appreciate this love you bestow on me like the oil that runs over a precious cup. I’ll love you better than I love anything else.

73. I need not travel around the world before I make it known to all men that you alone love so powerfully and yet tenderly. The way you love me is indescribable and thus, I remain in awe of it. This I can promise you that ours will be forever.

74. Kingdom after kingdoms, reigns after reigns, our love for each other will remain established, undisputed and undefeated. Good morning, my prince charming.

75. Don’t live this life with chips on your shoulders. Walk freely and be at peace with all, as much as you can. I love you, my baby. I promise to always be your muse when the sky is clouded.

76. At the sound of a trumpet, our love shall sing for joy. At the mewl of a child, our love shall be tender and fragile. There’s no better love than ours and thus, I desire to remain in love with you.

77. Beyond the heavens, there’s no love purer than ours. Beneath the clouds, there’s no vendetta soiled enough to taint our love for each other. So, let’s keep basking in this feeling, for we know it is timeless.

78. Good night, baby. Sleep knowing that you’re my one true love whom I appreciate with every fibre of my being. My honour belongs to you, my king.

79. My feelings for you shall remain steady, true and forever even in an ever-changing world like this. You can have faith in this confession of mine till the very end.

80. You’re like a mother to me; for my sake, you sacrifice your best for me. Like a father you are to me, for my peace and comfort, you give me the world. And like a lover, you make yourself perfect for me. I just want to tell you how much I’m crazily in love with you.

81. Step out this morning with the assurance that my love shall be waiting for you. No matter how long you stay away, be sure to find me at the door of your entrance. I love you so faithfully, baby.

82. My smile became broader the moment you stepped into my life. Never leave me, otherwise, I’ll become a shadow of myself. I dread to live this life without you, for you’re the beauty of it all.

83. No man has made me value my strength, beauty and honour as a woman as much as you do. Thank you for this rare privilege. I’ll trade it for nothing else. I love you for life, sweetheart.

84. Rest in my love tonight. Let it keep you warm. Wrap yourself around my thought so as to make you feel safe. I love you, honey. I hope you believe me when I say that.

85. I look unto you like there’s no hope for me elsewhere. I love you wholly as my all belongs to you. You’re the king of my kingdom and I promise to make your reign so honourable than the most powerful men of the world.

86. You washed away my pain one lonely night. I hope this confession of mine makes you feel good tonight. Sleep well knowing that a girl loves you more than she loves herself.

87. Slowly, but surely we’ll take our vow and keep to it like our lives depend on it. I love you, my knight in shining armour. Keep smiling, for it kisses my pain a goodbye.

88. You’ve crowned me with honour and you’ve given me a reason to cherish love till the end of time. No matter how dark it gets, I promise to keep your world lighted with joy and hope. I love you, sweety.

89. Each night I spend with you would go on to become the best of my life. I hope you know this so you may never forsake me at night again, my baby love.

90. I assure you, that nothing shall keep me away from you. When the mountains are ignited with fire, my love will still stick around like an everlasting oath.

91. I love you, sweety. This morning of our lives shall be as blissful as the joy in heaven. Rest knowing that I’ll bring no harm to you. What I have to offer you is nothing but true love.

92. I promise to make every moment of your night memorable. The darkness that comes with the night will no longer cloud your heart as I’ve come to illuminate your life till forever. I love you, my sweetheart.

93. I love you, my only one. If there’s anything you may need, ask of me and I’ll make it yours. If there’s anything you need me to be, ask of me and I’ll be all that and more.

94. I love how you love me. I appreciate every kiss you plant on my soft cheeks and every assistance you give to me. For this, you’re a rare gem, baby.

95. You’re an inspiration to me at all time. I hope when you feel weak and tired, you’ll find some hope in me as I do in you. I love you, my sweetheart.

96. Good morning, honey. Promise me to smile better, love more and laugh wholeheartedly today. These and more will make your life feel great, I can promise you that.

97. This night should remind you of my love for you. No matter what comes your way, I’m ready to stand by you and to keep you in focus. I love you timelessly.

98. I appreciate you for who you are. I love you for your kindness and more. You’re irreplaceable and I promise never to find another love.

99. Never give up. Always give yourself another chance. Happiness is true to those who want it. Never be overwhelmed by those negativities you see.

100. Gratitude makes the situation better. Always appreciate the little you have, for it will go on to become bountiful. I love you always.

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